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  1. We are CLOSED between 23rd Dec-14th Jan Re-opening Saturday 15th January 10am-4pm OPENING HOURS OPEN Tuesday – Sunday 10am-4pm We are CLOSED Monday’s except on Bank Holidays Our phone line is getting extremely busy, any enquiries you can either email loxleynurseries.enquiries@gmail.com or text 07846146204
  2. And last posted on the forum January 31, 2017? We should hold a 5th anniversary party working group to celebrate this.
  3. https://mubi.com/de/notebook/posts/traces-a-conversation-with-peter-nestler (Just the part relevant to Sheffield) GRENNBERGER: The Sheffield of Ein Arbeiterclub in Sheffield [1965] reminds me of the German cities in Ruhr, like Duisburg and Essen, so there’s a connection back to your earlier films. What was it that tempted you to explore this milieu in Sheffield? NESTLER: It was made for the German public service channel ARD and the TV-station SR Fernsehen in Stuttgart, and the head of the documentary film department there, Heinz Huber, told me that in Sheffield there were residential areas like the ones Friedrich Engels wrote about in The Condition of the Working Class in England. And he thought that such an industrial city would be good for a film. I had never been to Sheffield before, only to the coastal cities of England. But I knew what the type of milieu—the steel industry—looked like, and how I could eventually arrange the film. When we got there, we went to this club, and realized that this could be a platform of sorts in the way it branched out into the factory halls, buses, markets, schools and such. GRENNBERGER:Ein Arbeiterclub in Sheffield is a film that in many ways sticks out from your films of the 60s, not only because of the different geographical context, but the cut-ins, the ways the different image-milieus correspond with each other; the music, the bars and the industrial landscape create an unusual complexity… NESTLER: Jean-Marie Straub said that this film has more doors. That is, it can be liked by more people than any of my other films, which perhaps can be closed to some. RAMSTEDT: Is this a problem for you? Would you, considering your political agenda, like to have a bigger audience? NESTLER: No, it’s important that I make my films in the way I think is correct and to probe what I enter upon.
  4. I think the Creme Eggs appear on Boxing Day. Personally, I don't know what Dalek Advent Calendars have to do with Bonfire Night and Halloween - apart from they all seem to be in the shops at the same time. There were shepherds in the fields watching their flocks by night. And the angel appeared unto them saying "Get these sheep sheared, for it is the time of Christmas pullovers."
  5. The early bird bets the worm, but I prefer a meat pie myself.
  6. Don't forget the Araldites! Sticking with their team through thick and thin.
  7. The largest crowd number for Sheffield FC this season was 879 for the game v Dunston. Normal gates for games are half this figure.
  8. The proposed station at Sheffield Meadowhall would serve South Yorkshire and is located near the Meadowhall retail complex. The high speed rail line would be on a viaduct, at approximately the same level as the upper deck of the existing M1 Tinsley viaduct. There would be 4 high speed platforms, which would be arranged as 2 islands. Two additional central tracks would be dedicated fast lines for trains not stopping at the station. The station entrance and forecourt would be located directly below at street level and the main station building would be about 250m from the Network Rail station at Meadowhall Interchange. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/sheffield-meadowhall https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/381967/HS2_Phase_Two_Sheffield_Meadowhall_station_factsheet.pdf
  9. I see Talking Picture TV are showing this tomorrow morning 18th October at 07-20 Businessman Charles Peace leads a double life--by day he's a respected local businessman, but by night he's a professional thief who lets nothing, not even murder, stop him from getting what he wants.
  10. I have to commend the Council for considering this proposal. I was sorely afraid that their attempts to run the city centre into the ground had stalled. Since the pandemic began I've parked in town three times. Why should I jump through an extra hoop and buy a fancy mobile just to park for a couple of hours? I rarely went into the city centre before the pandemic, if this becomes the policy, then I for one will give the city a wide berth. I've already found alternatives to the city centre; I suspect many others will as well.
  11. We need to decide what Woodseats is. Is it a corridor or is it a residential and commercial suburb? The problem is it can't be both. I've looked on an old map and found a few benchmarks. Whilst it is easy to draw a line on a map, there are problems with altitudes. Supposing we dig a tunnel from The Coach and Horses (460 feet above sea level) to come out at Lidl on Chesterfield Road (246 feet above SL) That's quite a gradient. Starting at the Bowshaw roundabout would be better as it could link to the Dronfield By-pass, but this would start at 535 feet above SL. It would be a shorter but steeper tunnel. There exists the possibility of cars queuing inside the tunnel, belching out fumes unless the tunnel is electric vehicles only. Put a tram track up Chesterfield Road and it will solve some problems as the disruption will close many businesses in Woodseats; after this no-one will be visiting. You have only to remember the constant complaints from West Street retailers when the tram tracks were laid. There there were alternatives (Broad Lane or Division Street). These alternatives don't exist for Woodseats unless you force all traffic along Abbey Lane and right at the roundabout or right at Bowshaw to go via Jordanthorpe. Extend the Herdings tram line to go along the Ring Road to the Norton Roundabout would mean widening the Ring Road, putting the tram tracks in the centre like Netherthorpe Road. To get maximum usage, you'd need a Park & Ride facility somewhere.
  12. There's a fairly new helipad close to the entrance to A & E. I believe there is a sloping path from the pad down to the doors. (It's easier to push a casualty downhill.) I recall there was a fundraising appeal for this helipad a few years back. It was operational in August 2016.
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