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  1. Don Valley Stadium was a great venue for Athletics. The only problems were that Athletics rarely attracts full houses and there aren't enough top ranking athletes to justify holding events week in, week out. As for using the stadium to host football or rugby meant having the pitch so far from the stand that it was difficult to watch at that distance. Chuck in that behind the goad fans would be even further from the action and it was a non starter. I think there was a plan for Sheffield United to move to Don Valley, but the club turned it down. The only covered seats were in the main stand, with the rest uncovered. From what i remember the only space for a TV gantry was at the finish line, so it would hardly have been suitable for TV coverage of ball games
  2. https://www.petemckee.com/news/typical-wednesday-t-shirt These will only be available for a limited time. This time next week they'll be collectors' items.
  3. I think the nearest hotel is probably the Best Western Plus Aston Hall Hotel , I don't think the Duke of Leeds has rooms. I don't know about Kiveton Park.
  4. Doesn't this come under the WEEE regulations? See https://www.gov.uk/guidance/regulations-waste-electrical-and-electronic-equipment
  5. There was a story in the Yorkshire Post at the weekend of someone who took a MINI E to Tesco to charge up. This took longer than the permitted three hours in the car park and he was charged £70 for overstaying. It seems supermarket charging points are only for topping up rather than full charges.
  6. Next season the Blades and the Owls will be playing in a lower league. The matches may be less of a challenge, who knows? I went to three matches last season and enjoyed the football. It may not have been Premiership standard, but it was entertaining. Scores of 6-2, 4-0 and 4-2. The team? Sheffield FC Reserves. League Winners.
  7. I suspect that the other clubs in League 1 will experience their highest crowds when Wednesday play at their grounds, though many Owls fans will visit rather than paying into Chansiri's pocket.
  8. Spurs were charging £60 to watch them lose.
  9. And if you're contacting potential employers and they give advice, drop them a letter of thanks and when you apply there for employment, remind them of the previous contact (including the thanks).
  10. What would you do following your A levels? Supposing you wanted to study XXX at a University, contact the University to see if they have any opinions on the teaching at A level by your chosen 3.
  11. Someone worked out that an anagram of Neil Warnock gives the name Colin something. I think a referee might have come up with this. The other alternative is that he'd be on the phone to a caterpillar cake.
  12. Add up his minutes played and it's the equivalent of just over ten and a half games. Give the lad a better chance!
  13. I think for many Sheffield fans, the important thing is for Hotty to make a full recovery rather than anything on the footie field.
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