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  1. Back in the earlier part of the football season, I often saw traffic going towards the Parkway along Derek Dooley Way at around 6-15pm on a Saturday. I suspect there will be more complaints caused by this constriction when Hillsborough opens to spectators again.
  2. Were they to finish this season in the bottom 3, then the points deduction would be applied next season. I think they are safe from relegation with their current points tally, but the 12 point deduction would place them 2 points lower than Luton. This offers something of a lifeline for Barnsley.
  3. Try https://www.hillsboroughsteelstock.co.uk/
  4. What colour is it? Any distinguishing paintwork? I suppose it could be anywhere, but what part of Sheffield did it go from?
  5. An appeal has been set up: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/archerfire (From the justgiving page)
  6. If you know the name of the bank, google XXXX Fraud department and this should bring up some contact details for advice.
  7. The power of Sheffield Forum strikes again!
  8. There's a story about local dressmakers making scrubs for the NHS, but to find where to send donations... That's right, it's behind the paywall. So here it is: www.crowdfunder.co.uk/scrubs-supporters
  9. Bottom three at the end of the season: Crystal Palace 27 points Sunderland 26 Wednesday 25 Another difference in those days was that Goal Average was used rather than goal difference. Goal average means the number of goals scored divided by the number of goals conceded. The end of season goal averages were Crystal Palace For 34 against 68 GA 0.500 Sunderland 30 68 0.441 Wednesday (actual) 40 71 0.563 Had Wednesday won the last game 1-0 then their GA would have been 0.5797 - still better than Palace. Crystal Palace was a much longer trip from Maine Road.
  10. In those days the gate money was split and so City would have picked up a nice amount. It wouldn't have cost that much to get over the Pennines so many would have made the trip.
  11. Would it be feasible to excavate behind the station and create 2 new platforms (9 and 10) and put Sheaf Street traffic above this?
  12. A few years ago I drove past the house where i grew up and saw it was for sale. I obtained a brochure and saw how much it had been changed. Whilst it is interesting to see a former well-known place, I'm sure it can be boring if there's someone with you. Three years ago I visited a town where I used to spend my school holidays. I'd not been back for 25 years. There's another place I've not been to in a much longer time. Google Streetview can be very useful!
  13. Nothing to stop you getting a second opinion.
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