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  1. Heaviest home defeat in three years according to Sky.
  2. I've had my postal vote come through, and for once I've posted it back, rather than walking round to the Polling Station. And before anyone says if I can walk, I don't need a postal vote, I hadn't planned to be in the NGH at the time of the referendum.
  3. Any ideas as to the manufacturer? That will narrow it down to a time period. Who's the shirt sponsor?
  4. Years ago there was a case of a United player being sent out on loan who played against us (and scored at the Kop end), and it did him no favours when he returned.
  5. Whilst this looks sharp practice on the part of SIV, you might need to contact SIV for clarification on this: Head Office For head office enquiries please contact us on 0114 223 3800 or email us.
  6. Having seen the queues on the Parkway approaching the junction in the late afternoon, I wonder how long it will take people to get on to the roundabout from the service area. Unless they put in traffic lights, I can foresee traffic building up inside the area. Let's hope they don't have ANPR cameras - they'll make a fortune if people can't leave the site.
  7. Baffling. The best team for years, probably the finest ground in London, and for their last home match some brilliant football - oh, wait a bit, that wasn't from Spurs.
  8. Probably better than having a message put on the electronic scoreboard...
  9. Pochettino has been sacked by Spurs. How long is it since the Champions League Final?
  10. Are we drifting off topic?
  11. While ever he was an MP there was always the (forlorn) hope that he might reform and do the job he was elected to and paid handsomely for. Now he is no longer an MP, surely the time has come to draw a line under his contribution to the life of the city and let sleeping dogs lie?
  12. What would you do in Berlin? It's a fair drive from Berlin to Auschwitz in Poland. It's a long way from Auschwitz to the Nurburgring (which is nowhere near Nuremberg) 700 miles +. Then around 400 miles to the Furka Pass. From there to Munich it's about 240-280 miles depending on route taken.
  13. Spurs second shot on target 1-0. 3 minutes 20 seconds for VAR, to chalk off a Blades equaliser according to Sky.
  14. I thought I saw a reference to a Woodseats road rather than Woodseats Road. But at a time of local crisis, if they claim to be a public service then I'd have thought there would be a case for lifting the restrictions.
  15. Please try and avoid Rivelin Valley Road. Between Malin Bridge and Rails Road there are several large floods which are very deep in areas.
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