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  1. We're talking about a 4 wheeler sit down thingie rather than an electric 2 wheeler?
  2. The programme is available on the BBC website for the next 29 days. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p08s3tqp
  3. South Yorkshire Police have tweeted: 2 boys aged 15 and 13 have been arrested https://www.southyorks.police.uk/find-out/news-and-appeals/2020/october-2020/two-arrested-after-bus-incidents-in-firth-park/
  4. Make that September 30th. There's a football match on Wednesday night they want to cover.
  5. Have you thought of writing to the new owner c/o the auctioneer and asking if they'd sell? Enclose a covering not to the auctioneer.
  6. I heard today that my reading of Urban Voice is going to be on the BBC Upload show (Radio Sheffield 23rd September at 9pm)
  7. I saw somewhere that in the US only 2% of new cars are manual.
  8. I wonder if Morrisons are just tenants at the barracks and the landlord is another organisation.
  9. Some of the stories may not be the most up to date. I've just found:
  10. seems to be the mood on Football Heaven.
  11. The waterway is the canal, not the river.
  12. There needs to be some sort of cut off date (e.g. January 1st) where any wrongdoing before this date results in a deduction that season, but anything after will be punished the following season. A team needs time to be able to gain the necessary points for staying in the division.
  13. There was no need. I've seen one clip which shows the linesman standing on the line. Why he didn't draw the referee's attention to it is a mystery.
  14. So Villa beat Arsenal tonight and move out of bottom three. Cries of "Foul!" from Watford expected...
  15. Phew! What a corker!
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