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  1. Does it really matter what certificate the BBFC give a film of this vintage? I doubt the film would be shown in a cinema these days (where BBFC classification would be needed), but it could be seen on TV.
  2. This was the furthest Hallam had reached in the FA Vase; the previous record was the 4th round. To go out on penalties was a sickener, but to force the game to penalties was an achievement, Heroes all, Boldly going where no Hallam team had gone before. And attracting good gates for that level. Ten year ago they were lucky to get triple figures. Well played Hallam! p.s. They're at home Tuesday night.
  3. It took me over an hour to get from Meadowhall to Firth Park this evening. I started the journey at just after five and it was gone six when I reached home.
  4. Cirata shares have lost something like 95% of their value in the past 12 months...
  5. It saddens me to see this is a story in the Daily Mail. I was hoping it might be a Sheffield Forum exclusive.
  6. Is there any reason why a referee, after looking at the monitor, can use his common sense and suggest the VAR is misguided?
  7. A surge in the Hydrogen market could be good for ITM in Sheffield.
  8. I sometimes wonder if anyone graduated from Central University...
  9. It's a pity that there is no universal sign language that could be taught. BSL is fine for the UK, but what about other countries? Does the country have enough teachers to teach BSL?
  10. No! If you're sending cards, you might need to put the card in the envelope and lick the envelope to seal it. Of course, if you wish to lick your received cards, make sure they don't come with glitter. (Not Gary!)
  11. You've not mentioned the practice of selecting different views of the place so that there were no duplications - not that the recipients would ever see anyone else's card. Can't write more - I'm doing my Christmas cards...
  12. Should Sheffield Eagles get promoted to the top tier, their admittance would depend on having a suitable stadium with at least 5000 capacity. Even after promotion, I'd be surprised if they would attract 3000. One point that hasn't been mentioned is that during the week the car park at the new development would be used as a park and ride which should ease the congestion through Woodseats. The suggestion of redeveloping Hallam FC's ground would mean losing the cricket pitch and levelling the football pitch which has a pronounced slope away from the road. They certainly don't have the space up there for a Meadowhead typr development.
  13. I'm waiting to see the first shop to have a sign in the window advertising: "Three Santas - No Waiting"
  14. Tickets available via https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/thelanternsheff/boeing-boeing/e-jgljvb
  15. If the DWP start investigating claimants' bank accounts then any card payments will show up. This could mean benefits being stopped.
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