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  1. I've been to the cafe a few times without visiting the animals.
  2. For anyone else wanting to know the name of an MP for somewhere, if you go to https://www.theyworkforyou.com/ and put in the postcode, the information comes up.
  3. I think the reason few remember Thompson in goal (I'm not sure how he spelt his name0 was that he was a temporary loan player after Hodgy was injured in the first team and Widdowson was injured the same day in the reserves. Regarding the Old Trafford match when Best scored that goal. The queues were quite orderly but formed a giant S shape. We joined the back of the queue and then the police horses pushed everyone out of the way so those ahead of us in the queue, but further away from the turnstile found themselves in the wrong place.
  4. If Leeds don't get promoted, I suspect that Bielsa will move on and be remembered for his sportsmanship rather than his team coming third in a two horse race.
  5. 30140 If you go to the BBC website and find the scores, click on the match and look on the line-up tab.
  6. It's official!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Anyone know a pub showing the game in north Sheffield?
  8. Might it be that they were hired to support a Labour MP and were Labour leaning? It may be that they are still Labour leaning, even if their employer is no longer a Labour MP.
  9. If he's got rid of all his staff, then he won't need to claim expenses for them. Or have I misunderstood the concept of fraud?
  10. Thank you for your opinion, but it's misplaced as I found it on a West Yorkshire Twitter feed along with other comments:
  11. There’s always one team that makes a late run for the play-offs and this year it’s Leeds.
  12. Is one of your planks going to be the lack of nursery places in the area? If so, don't bother with this when you visit the local care homes. Do you have any supporters? If so, tell them what you want: "We need better nursery provision." Then: And then email this into your chosen local media.
  13. Get someone to check the spelling on it. How many will be helping you? What local issues are important? What was the turnout like last time - how many votes will you need?
  14. http://scarboroughsmaritimeheritage.org.uk/article.php?article=213 suggests you might be entertained for a time.
  15. If Chris Grayling is going to be his new driver, he's going to want his licence back ASAP.
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