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  1. I don't think we'd invented courgettes back then.
  2. Don't see that £58-50 is making music accessible.
  3. When my old HP printer gave up the ghost recently, I decided it would be better to buy a replacement rather than pay for repair. I bought an HP All in one deskjet 2700e which has proved a complete waste of money. It has proved impossible to install with my system running Ubuntu 20.04. I've tried upgrading to Ubuntu 22.04 and this is no better. Has anyone had any success with 22.04 and HP printers?
  4. Our railways are a disgrace. Compare the following: It takes an average of 2h 3m to travel from Paris to Lyon by train, over a distance of around 243 miles (391 km). There are normally 35 trains per day travelling from Paris to Lyon and tickets for this journey start from £9.11 when you book in advance. Sheffield to St Pancras - over 2 hours 160 miles fares from £37 up to over £100 single
  5. I know years ago you had to be careful choosing your interval pub as the bar was crowded with members of the orchestra's brass section.
  6. A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police said: "Emergency services were called to the Diamond Hand Car Wash on Burngreave Road at 6.45pm yesterday evening (March 29) following reports that shots had been fired. "A man was taken to hospital but was sadly pronounced dead a short time later. A murder investigation is now underway."
  7. As of Tuesday evening, Hallam FC are virtually over the line to become champions of the Toolstation Northern Counties East Football League Division One. By beating Worsborough Bridge Athletic tonight by 4 goals to 0 they pulled six points clear of their nearest rivals, North Ferriby with only two games each left to play. I doubt it will come down to goal difference as although North Ferriby have a goal difference of 61, this pales into insignificance when compared to Hallam's. The third goal tonight put Hallam's goal difference into three figures. Hallam's goal difference is currently +101 from 38 games. The last two games of the season are against the bottom two, Clipstone, who are as good as relegated, in a match at Sandygate this Saturday and then they are away to Teversal who are already down.
  8. Whatever the decision reached on the memorial, there's no getting away from the fact that the Sheffield climate is unsuitable for marble memorials. Marble is porous so water can get in and white will soon get soiled. Take a look in other cemeteries at the condition of marble memorials for examples.
  9. I don't know if any of the "gigantic memorials" in Sheffield General Cemetery were erected when it was the Council making the rules. I thought the SGC was started as a protest against the Church of England rules at that time.
  10. Looking at the map of the Birmingham Clean Air Zone (at https://www.brumbreathes.co.uk/info/25/welcome-2/1/welcome-1/2 ) The zone is the area within the ring road, but not the ring road itself.
  11. I'm not sure this is a good idea as access for the large HGVs at this point is going to be a nightmare. I know that M&S have large vehicles backing in to their loading bay, but at M&S the access is easier.
  12. Absolutely. It's easier to send money to the crisis areas for the charities already there to buy supplies locally. Loading up a van and driving across Europe, although laudable, means spending money on fuel for the van (and local taxes/duty). The DEC Honorary Treasurer has links to Sheffield.
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