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  1. Thank you so much for the info.
  2. Can anyone advice on filling in the online state pension form please? I have been seperated from my husband for over 16 years but there isn't a section on the form for seperated people just a divorced section, which is baffling me...! Thanks in advance
  3. Can someone tell me the route from Hillsborough to Chapel St Leonards with no motorway involved please?
  4. Hi Does anyone know who can collect a fridge freezer that doesn't cost the earth ?
  5. Anyone know how much it would cost to have a TV arial supplied and fitted please ? In the Hillsborough area.
  6. Is there another bus other than the 52 that takes you to the children's hospital from Hillsborough ?
  7. Can you still claim housing benefit with ESA ?
  8. I was recently made redundant and then was too sick to work so i claimed ESA for the first time. I have now got a job and want to sign off but when i rang they said i can still make a claim for ESA but a work related allowance as this wouldn't affect anything else i may be claiming as long as i worked under 15 hours a week which i will be. This has totally baffled me. Does anyone on here know anything about it please ? I'm a complete novice at this sort of thing Thanks in advance
  9. Anyone know of a mobile Chiropodist in S6 area at an affordable price please ?
  10. I happen to be a good driver wouldn't do it if i wasn't I'm just thinking about the poor bloke involved in the accident and nothing else right now Arguing the toss about the crossing is irrelevant at this moment in time
  11. It's a terrible crossing i live close by and as a driver it is very confusing Iv'e heard it's quite a bad accident, thoughts go to all involved
  12. Does anyone know what happened at Hillsborough corner this morning ? Loads of police cars which stopped most of the traffic ?
  13. Many thanks for your'e reply and info
  14. My partner is due any day now for bladder removal due to cancer were both worried sick as he lives in Manchester ( Where the op will take place ) whilst i'm in Sheffield He will move over here after the op for aftercare My question is...Does anyone know what sort of aftercare is involved and can i leave him alone for a couple of hours each day ? This is all mind boggling and were just looking for a bit of support via this site or somewhere else if there is anything out there ? He's due to see a stoma nurse this afternoon which he's dreading, poor thing Now it's just a waiting game as to when the op might be Many thanks in advance
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