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  1. If pass holders of any type got priority when getting on buses, it might speed up the process. Always being last to get on might encourage more passengers to get passes, smart card or otherwise. 😉 It would also give passengers who like to wait til the bus comes before soeting out their money time to have it ready when they get on instead of holding up the queue. 🙄
  2. True. I was on the SL to Middlewood yesterday, then had to walk to Hillsborough as there were no trams.
  3. Disadvantaging the residents of Hillsborough yet again. 🤥
  4. Northern Customer Service is pretty poor. In November, travelling home from my son's on a Sunday, the unmanned station noticeboard showed my train cancelled. The next one, an hour later was also cancelled. That meant I couldn't get my connection from Stockport to Sheffield. Fortunately, I was able to contact my son to pick me up, and stayed another night. Obviously I had to buy new tickets the following day, and as they weren't pre-booked, they were more expensive. I filled in the claim form on 13 November. Northern sent me a letter on 6th January, with a couple of vouchers for £6, and a 'complimentary' return voucher. I don't know where I can travel on the return voucher, it wasn't in the envelope! Emailed them back on Jan 13th, ringing is a waste of time, not heard back yet.
  5. The Modern Committee System that has been proposed could involve people with expertise in areas such as homelessness, as well as community groups (as mentioned above) along with councillors. Of course, the final outcome would still be down to the majority party. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-49798209
  6. Diet and exercise don't work for people with the inherited condition in the link below. It runs in my husband's family. Early death, early heart attacks, including his at 49. Because one of his brothers died in his forties and the other (a keen sportsman) had an attack in his early forties, my husband was eating a diet of mainly fish, vegetables and oatmeal, and had cut out nearly all saturated fats. He was very slim, but none of that helped. He's been on statins for about 25 years now. However, he has had side effects, and our GP has changed the specific type more than once. He's now on one that seems to cause fewer side effects. I'd be very wary about telling anyone to come off them. https://www.bhf.org.uk/informationsupport/heart-matters-magazine/medical/familial-hypercholesterolaemia
  7. The Star has announced some front runners for the leadership. I only know one of them, Bob Johnson, he regularly turns up to Hillsborough Area Forum meetings, and he comes across as a moderniser with a decent brain. We'll just have to wait and see.
  8. Zero hours suit some people. Perhaps a person whose partner earns a reasonable income but they still want a few hours. Students? Early retired? However, I agree that those types of contracts must make coming off benefits worrying.
  9. No idea, but City of Sanctuary started in Sheffield in 2005 when Jan Wilson was leader, long before Julie Dore's spell in office. Although Sheffield was first, it is now part of a huge network across the UK. Most of the money comes from various charities, and grants from local authorities will be a small part. Much of the support is from volunteers. Putting in a Freedom of Information request to the council could give you the information you want.
  10. I agree re bus drivers. Most I've come across are helpful, and I think the job has become more difficult, not just because of the attitude of some passengers, but also other drivers. There's a bus stop on Dykes Hall that often has a car parked on it, just one example.
  11. I've not seen anything to suggest its a charity shop.
  12. I'm in my 70s now, and can see myself relying on the dwindling, unreliable bus services more as I become less fit. We are an aging society, isolation and loneliness is a big issue for older people, being able to get out is so important for our mental and physical welfare. Very sad for the lady you helped, she will be fearful of going out as often if she worries about being able to get back home. The S6 service was a godsend, sadly missed.
  13. Since I moved to Hillsborough 15 years ago, the bus service has declined noticeably. I walk into HB and catch the tram to town, but coming home, like a lot of older people I want a bus service that goes up the steep hill that is Dykes Hall Road to Far Lane. 13/14 went, S6/S6a, (great local service) went, 31 went, and probably some more. Travellers were told the very frequent 52a would replace the other services. Then the Stagecoach 52a stopped going further than Crookes, leaving only First. Two 52as came together again tonight, people had been waiting at the stop for a considerable time. Others were waiting for the 57, it was also late. I try and co-ordinate with the 61 which is once an hour. Its the most local, not having to traverse Crookes, Broomhill, town and right out to Woodhouse. These cross city service are doomed to fail at busy times, but they must be considered cost effective? Andy, as the resident expert on Sheffield public transport (and I've appreciated your posts for years) why does the TSY tracker on my phone tell me a bus is due (usually a 52a) only for it to disapoear from the screen with no bus in sight?
  14. You quoted my second post where I accepted that the info on the SCC website. Still helpful IMO to mention that when 'Sheffield Libraries' is searched the top hit is the one I linked to. Especially if others are using similar devices to me - the individual library pages on the council website wouldn't load on my iPad. I'm not a technical expert, I assumed that all the info on the link was current.
  15. You're quite right Willman. I've looked via SCC website now, (my Ipad wouldn't link when I was looking earlier, I'm now using a desktop). Just thought that others might make the same mistake as me, and see the front page only as in this link. https://www.google.com/search?q=sheffield+libraries&rlz=1C1GCEA_enGB786GB786&oq=sheffield+libraries&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l5j69i60l2.6087j1j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
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