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  1. Horrific. There are some very sick people around. I hope the culprits are identified.
  2. Considering their last faux pas in Sheffield they'd be wise to leave well alone!
  3. Its Hillsborough and Brightside, but you're right its a very safe seat. Its all one constituency since the boundary changes split up S6. I think Ms Furniss is a decent MP. However, I admire Caroline Flint. She supports Brexit because her constituency voted 68% Leave, and she is honouring that vote.
  4. I worked for SCC for a few years, leaving in 2006. There was a pretty decent call centre then, as well as staffed enquiry desks in Howden House. It might not have been perfect, but the level of service was better than currently. Tried to get through to Environmental services today, gave up after 15 mins on hold.
  5. One of the options for rehousing now is to offer private rental. There are family size properties on FCFS as you mention, but they nearly all tend to be maisonettes in Gleadless Valley, Lowedges, or Middlewood. Not a lot of choice.
  6. I've been reading the Shelter website, and private housing is an option for the council to offer these days as a solution. It will be interesting to hear from Resident if the family get any help from Shelter, and how their case with the council progresses.
  7. This is the first year we haven't watched Strictly. Its about the only show on TV with a live big band, fantastic musicians and singers, and the producers ruin it by encouraging the audience to clap along. Some wonderful music loses all subtlety to moronic, onbeat clapping. Plus, the show used to attract some really interesting celebs. 😕
  8. Similar here Alch. I've not been fixed to one party, although the only time a local vote has Reflected my vote was when we had a Lib Dem councillor in Hillsborough. I think our current Labour MP is OK, but not the party as a whole. I've no idea how I'd vote, but doubt it would make much difference in such a stronghold. I found this article interesting. Some of her comments resonated with me. https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/politics/jackie-doyle-price-how-i-went-from-a-sheffield-council-estate-to-being-a-tory-mp-in-essex-1-10034038
  9. That's around my area. We never leave doors unlocked, even when we are at home. All the large windows are locked, upstairs as well as downstairs. If we are out in the evening (rarely) the lights come on. What other actions can we take? Is this a general warning, or have some properties already been broken into?
  10. They will be eligible for social housing (unless there is a reason like arrears for instance), perhaps not for a full homeless priority. Its difficult to tell without knowing exactly what they have been advised. I can imagine if there is a shortage of council housing in the area they want, private renting as a quicker option may have been suggested. https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/content/dam/sheffield/docs/housing/council-housing/Allocation Policy (430 Kb) .pdf Page 23 number 4.6 of the policy (above link) suggests they should have priority, as they were moved out of their home by the council who said it was unsafe. There are housing workers on this forum who may be more familiar with the current system, but nowhere in the policy have I read that an income of £30k precludes anyone from a council tenancy. If I were your friends, I'd take all the information from the council to Shelter. https://www.homeless.org.uk/homeless-england/service/shelter-sheffield-hub
  11. Not in Hillsborough then! I live up a hill, in my seventies now. If I have to go out, i wear snow boots with a good grip. The road is often less icy than the pavements, but watch out for cars. 🚗🚙 And go slowly!
  12. Perhaps the problems in Hallam will prompt government to look at future situations where an MP no longer does any of the work they are paid to do. This has been an unhappy situation for all concerned, and whilst O'Mara may be financially better off for choosing to hang on, his reputation is at rock bottom. He may or may not care about that, but its a reflection not only on him, but his family. That's usually where one's moral compass develops.
  13. I guess the traders in Orchard Square no longer want the responsibility of maintaining and paying for the toilets. My ever decreasing visits to the city centre usually involve some shopping or a visit to the Central Library, and all the large stores, the library and the Millennium galleries/Winter Gardens have loos. I try and avoid Marks, as Autumn says there's usually a queue, plus the toilets in there smell weird! Horribly weird.
  14. I hope your mum and dad are ok steved. I also hope the thief is identified and dealt with. What a horrible thing to do.
  15. I have a senior pass, so the cost isn't an issue for me as it would be for younger people who have to pay. The issue is more about reliability. I use the TSY tracker, and that, like the electronic signs on bus stops (none in Hillsborough so far), regularly show a bus to be on its way, then due, then it just disappears. I'm not clear how that works! The 61/62 is pretty reliable, if only an hourly service in each direction.
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