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  1. Or ring 111 for advice? https://www.england.nhs.uk/urgent-emergency-care/nhs-111/
  2. I'm not far off the age that previously meant a free TV licence. Its £3 a week, and it won't break the bank to continue paying for it. We are by no means well off pensioners, but we don't qualify for Pension Credit. However, there are pensioners, often single, whose income is only marginally more than they'd get on PC. People who have tried to provide for themselves, sometimes from quite low incomes, can feel hard done to because if they hadn't saved, the state would be giving them far more. I was pleased when the basic state pension was raised by around £40 a week in 2016 to what was the maximum Pension Credit level, meaning anyone retiring after that date with even a small extra pension will be better off. It removes the need for means testing. It probably also means that no-one retiring after 2016 will ever qualify for a free TV licence. 😳
  3. Perhaps they were the only passengers upstairs. Even during the day most people seem unwilling to climb the stairs on a bus nowadays.
  4. Years ago there was a booklet, divided into areas, detailing how many properties of different types there were. I don't know if it was ever updated, but it might be worth an email or a visit to Howden House or one of the local housing offices. it was very useful for staff as well as customers. All I've seen on line is properties that are available for bidding on, and lists of recent lets.
  5. I was shocked when I saw the photos of the young women. What a horrible experience.
  6. I am blessed with a sensitive nose. 😷 I also use public transport regularly. Very occasionally a person can infest a bus with unpleasant odours. Stale smoke, b.o., wee, unwashed clothes and the overpowering small of deodorant or cheap scent which doesn't mask the lack of washing. Keeping clean must be difficult for anyone who is homeless. But having grown up in the days of flannel washes between weekly baths, whats anyone else's excuse these days?
  7. And the difference any of the previous mayors made was ....?
  8. Thats how it feels to me too. We are pensioners, pre 2016, and our income would suggest we are on the cusp of relative poverty according to statistics. But thats not how it feels. We eat well, heat the house, drive (old car low mileage) manage the odd holiday and treats for the grandchildren. If we had been in the more recent cohort of pensioners, we'd be quite a bit better off, as the current state pension makes having a small private pension really worthwhile. Its around £40 a week more than the previous basic. i suspect there are lots of people like us who don't consider themselves anywhere near poverty!
  9. The taper is 63%. And, dependent on various factors, some groups can earn up to an applicable level before any reduction. I'm aware there are problems in the system, but when it works, claimants should be better off. On JSA I understand only £5 a week was discounted before 100% applied. Working even a few hours a week is surely beneficial in most cases? https://www.entitledto.co.uk/help/Work-allowance-Universal-Credit
  10. Elderly people don't have to exist on £73 a week thank goodness. See my previous post, its more than double if they are claiming all their entitlements. Still not a fantastic amount, but with housing and council tax benefits, free prescriptions and travel its a bit more maneageable.
  11. A single pensioner on Pension Credit, or on the new State Pension (introduced in 2016 for new claimants) will receive around £167 a week. Council tax and housing benefits will apply if they are claiming Pension Credit or dependent on income if they retired after 2016. I'm not sure if that equates to poverty. Everyone over state pension age is eligible for a free travel pass, free prescriptions, and the winter fuel allowance.
  12. A lone parent on benefits receiving child maintenance from the other working, non resident parent will not necessarily be poor. I was surprised to learn child maintenance payments are not counted when benefits are being worked out. A lone parent in that situation could be substantially better off than if they were married or co-habiting.
  13. That's why I think its important that people who are in hardship get support to claim their entitlements, help to get into work, advice and support to help manage debt, housing and budgeting advice. I understand the need for foodbanks, but they should really only be necessary in an emergency, and some do offer benefits advice etc. And of course, whenever there is anything on offer, the usage will grow. Single workless adults and childless couples under pension age actually get very little in benefits. I've met some women recently via my volunteering work, who after years of being stay at home sole parents, realise that perhaps it wasn't such a good idea. Once the youngest child is no longer eligible, the benefits drop considerably, if they are in social housing they face the bedroom tax, and its much harder to find work if you've not done any for 20 years or so. I've just seen the post above, by Mister M, that should never happen. Its a disgrace.
  14. Some food banks offer benefits and other money advice. A family living in the right sized low cost housing getting their full entitlements should have enough to manage. But money for a sudden emergency, or a sanction? Not a good situation long term.
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