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  1. That's good to know Mort. I pop in occasionally, glad I spotted this.
  2. Sorry, thats too simplistic. Families often survive because they are not enclosed together 24/7. Statistics around divorce and domestic violence over Christmas holidays bear that out.
  3. True, but now doctors and nurses pay for their degrees. Changing times.
  4. Why would that happen? We all pay for the great system that is the NHS. If some people buy services privately, and therefore don't use the NHS, that strikes me as beneficial to the rest of us.
  5. He doesn't have a sign saying he's homeless, he may have somewhere to sleep, but no money. Not all beggars are technically homeless, there are so many reasons why he may be sitting outside, in the cold, every day.
  6. Excellent. Shelter can support you if you need them. You can get an idea of your rights on their website. https://england.shelter.org.uk/get_help/local_services/sheffield
  7. Have you approached the council re the threat of homelessness? I'm assuming you are registered with them. It could also be worth checking if there are any housing associations who take direct applications. You might also want to contact Shelter if you don't find something soon.
  8. I agree. I'm well over state pension age, and I count myself lucky in comparison to previous generations in retirement. If he is of state pension age, which he well may be, he shouldn't need to beg if he's getting his entitlements. The Archer project offers so much help. However, if as Catmiss says, he's resistant to help, then its his choice to brave the elements.
  9. Not sure its the same man. The chap who has been outside BHF recently looks over retirement age.
  10. That's what I assumed. He's very well prepared. He's moved to the side of the BHF shop now. I was also told he's not homeless. As catmiss says, he'd be classed as vulnerable if he is genuinely homeless, because of his age. Just round the corner is the advice centre in Proctor Place. I'm sure they could give him advice about claiming benefits he's entitled to, so he wouldn't have to sit out in the cold all day.
  11. Libraries are still valuable. We're lucky in Hillsborough, we still have a staffed library. Its rarely busy, but the computers are often in use when I visit, usually once a week. I grew up with libraries and my grandchildren have memberships where they live. Its interesting that some community libraries are thriving, and seem to provide a great service, whilst others are failing. Perhaps the formula for success can be shared with the failing groups? i can't sign the petition, I'm realistic enough to understand that other options are available, ie ebooks, and the council does not have endless resources.
  12. If pass holders of any type got priority when getting on buses, it might speed up the process. Always being last to get on might encourage more passengers to get passes, smart card or otherwise. 😉 It would also give passengers who like to wait til the bus comes before soeting out their money time to have it ready when they get on instead of holding up the queue. 🙄
  13. True. I was on the SL to Middlewood yesterday, then had to walk to Hillsborough as there were no trams.
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