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  1. Have you had no help or advice from a local councillor? They are usually the first point of contact before an MP as they are responsible for council housing in the city.
  2. Went down to station this morning (as advised by the national rail phoneline last night) as the train I'd booked, the 8.08 wasn't showing as running or cancelled. Decided not to go as Monday is no better, too much hassle. Now the joy of trying to get a refund! Feel really sorry for anyone flying from Manchester this weekend.
  3. Thank you Annie and Andy. It depends I suppose if I can use my prebooked ticket! I used to go to Kidsgrove before my sons family moved, and I'm sure I went via Derby once years ago, same line as Congleton iirc. I plan to go to the station and see what the score is in the morning as I've rung National Rail again and been told again some trains are running to Stockport.
  4. I'm going to Holmes Chapel. I could go to Congleton. Either is convenient, not sure how I get there except via Stockport!
  5. I've rung National Rail this morning and been told that the train I've booked from Sheffield to pick up my connection in Stockport tomorrow is running. Confused now.
  6. There are two male councillors in Hillsborough as well. What would you like them to do to show they care? Try and catch the perpetrators whilst in flow? Hopefully there will be a post Tramlines residents' meeting. Last year residents were generally happy with how the event was managed, and expected the same (or better) this year, especially as there was more money from increased ticket sales. Not the case unfortunately.
  7. Lets not forget raising money for charity also. Unfortunately some people hate change of any kind. At 70+ I realise its inevitable, and I actually thought Mr Magid was a breath of fresh air. He probably attended as many functions, raised as much money, and carried out his duties equally as well as other, less flamboyant mayors. Sheffield is a diverse city, and to see someone who came here as a non-English speaking child,, not only make it to University, but to become first a councillor then Mayor should be an inspiration for us all. Even if it only a few young people are encouraged to succeed, then IMO, he'll have done well.
  8. Meadowhall was such a sensible idea. No wonder the rest of South Yorkshire are reluctant to be part of the Sheffield City Region when Sheffield can act so selfishly to insist on Midland Station.
  9. Its too late now, but it might have been helpful to Mr O'Mara to speak to the two other MPs who have similar disabilities. Regardless of their political stance, (both MPs with cerebral palsy are Tories), they might have been able to offer some support and advice about coping with the job. Paul Maynard not only has CP, he also has a speech impediment and epilepsy, and has been re-elected.
  10. They are certainly on the list of things that MPs can help people with. https://www.writetothem.com/about-yourrep 'How can your MP help? MPs are generous with their help and advice, and they will generally try to assist their constituents with a wide range of problems. There is no job description for an MP and it is up to an individual MP which cases they take on. However, MPs are more likely to be able to help with problems concerning central government services such as: • Benefits, pensions, national insurance, and other matters dealt with by the Department for Work and Pensions; • Immigration and other problems dealt with by the Home Office; • Tax problems involving the HM Revenue and Customs • Problems with the NHS; • Problems with the Child Support Agency; • School grants and closures'
  11. I think the local Labour party who selected this candidate must take some responsibility. Its all a sorry mess for any Hallam resident who needs the intervention of MP. As 1978 says, the man needs help. Ash, you may well be right about the rules being changed in the future, but as things stand only an election will bring necessary change.
  12. I went into town early and the tram was half full. By afternoon they were getting really busy, so I got on a bus, 52a. That was pretty empty, unlike recently when they've been rammed. I can imagine its been difficult for people with mobility issues, as an oldie I don't like the stairs, but have had little choice recently as the downstairs fills up quickly. One of the reasons I like the tram!
  13. I live on a controlled road. Its very different to last year, mainly I believe because people are saying they are coming to visit someone in the street and just giving the address. Some have been parking early too, before the marshalls were there. The checks were more stringent last year. We've not taken our car out today because we didn't think we'd get back in. It was good to be able to get on a tram again today, and there was a great atmosphere round Hillsborough. The two policemen on the bridge were relaxed and smiling. (Yes, only two!). Quite a different buzz to match days.
  14. The moral responsibility most of us feel, to pay our debts, certainly not to leave friends out of pocket, not to expect to live rent free etc., seems to have bypassed a minority. However, if someone is in seriously poor straits, it seems pointless to spend money sueing.
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