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  1. Ms Macbeth

    New Ventures in Hillsborough

    People will shop where they choose. Some want to support a specific charity, others just look at prices. Paperbacks in BHF are in good, clean condition and pretty new. However I sometimes buy books elsewhere if I see one I want. CDS are sometimes 3 for £1 depends on what they are.
  2. Ms Macbeth


    Condensation is often confused with damp. Damp conditions then encourage wood lice (silver fish). What did the council say about the problems when you reported them? Have you taken all the actions to prevent condensation and mould that the council suggest in their leaflet? https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/content/dam/sheffield/docs/housing/council-housing/Damp and Condensation Leaflet.pdf. It may be worth checking with neighbours in the same type of property to see if they have had the same problems with their homes, and what action the council took, if any.
  3. Ms Macbeth

    On the fiddle.

    Although lots of the super rich British born may no longer live here hence don't pay UK income tax, they may be providing many jobs, paying business taxes etc., all of which helps our economy. Being mega rich opens up opportunities to live where you choose. Don't see how living elsewhere is considered to be on the fiddle.
  4. Ms Macbeth

    New Ventures in Hillsborough

    When a charity shop receives an expensive item as a donation, its a bit of an insult to sell it for next to nothing. For instance, a named leather handbag comes in with a price tag label still attached £180. What do you suggest would be a fair selling price? I bet that hoodie wasn't an H&M, it was probably Superdry or similar. I was in that shop today, there was a sign (if I'm not mistaken) 3 DVDs for £1. St Lukes often have lots of items for £1, but you can bet their best stuff goes to their other shops and is priced much more realistically. Some people like buying good quality or designer goods, and by checking out the charity shops they can afford them.
  5. Ms Macbeth

    getting a council flat

    Was she bidding on available properties all that time? I can't remember exactly when the system changed from simply putting your name down and waiting for an offer, to looking at what is available every week and putting in bids for suitable properties, but I know its more than 12 years ago. There are properties available every week, but it can take years if people want specific areas.
  6. Ms Macbeth

    Shamima Begum

    https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/feb/14/former-mi6-director-says-schoolgirl-shamima-begum-who-joined-isis-should-be-given-a-chance He seems to have more experience of terrorism than anyone here, some good points made.
  7. Ms Macbeth

    Kilner Way Retail Park thread

    Having a coffee in a fairly busy Costa. Quite busy in the car park too. What a shame not all units are in use. Where are you Matalan, M&S food, Boots/ Superdrug etc?
  8. Ms Macbeth

    Problem Neighbour

    wade, you could also cc Councillor Jim Steinke into your email. He is the current cabinet member for housing. jim.steinke@sheffield.gov.uk Good luck.
  9. Ms Macbeth

    Women who swear in public

    About 4.30 today the bus queue outside Parkers jewellers in Hillsborough was treated to a diatribe by a young woman. She was loudly berating someone on her phone, and obviously wanted to share her feelings with all and sundry. Her use of a certain adjective starting with 'f' was prolific, interspersed with street. She made several references to brethren, but I don't think she meant religious types.
  10. Ms Macbeth

    Safe areas for a single mum

    Perhaps also look at local schools before deciding on area.
  11. Ms Macbeth

    my window got smashed

    This booklet, which every tenant should have, says the council will be responsible for repairing broken windows. Under repairs and maintenance, 1h. https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/content/dam/sheffield/docs/housing/council-housing/DP19683 You and Your Home.pdf
  12. Ms Macbeth

    Fish and Chips in Sheffield thread

    We liked the fish from the chippy on the corner of Dykes Hall Rd. The owners have recently changed but we thought we'd give it ago. Open 11-9 on Saturdays the notice said, but at 5pm it was closed. Perhaps not the best way for new owners to encourage custom.
  13. My young neighbours moved to a semi here, Hillsborough, from a flat in Kelham Island. They really liked it there, but with a child they wanted more room, a garden etc. We chose Hillsborough when we moved here a few years before we retired. Its extremely convenient, and although I'd like an M&S, Sainsbury's opening at Wadsley Bridge is a plus.
  14. Ms Macbeth

    Big lips and botox. why?

    Im glad I was young a long time ago! I understand why people make the effort to look their best, but the lengths that some go to now seems extreme. Especially the lip fillers.
  15. Ms Macbeth

    Women who swear in public

    Using a swear word in certain situations and conversations has become more acceptable across the spectrum, sometimes employed to illustrate an emotion, make a point, or be amusing. My experience suggests people who have a decent grasp of language will sometimes include swear words into an otherwise erudite conversation, after judging the appropriateness. Using the same swear word(s) constantly, regardless of topic, audience or surroundings is very different. That shows a complete disregard for others, a lack of vocabulary, or perhaps unawareness or habit if its been the norm in someone's background/upbringing. Thats the kind of swearing I've heard some adults use around small children, sometimes quite aggressively. It always sounds unpleasant in those circumstances.

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