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  1. I thought only direct debit payers have had their refunds processed to date. DD’s go out on a fixed date, how was it 2 weeks late?
  2. Over 50 vacancies in SCC, all sorts of different jobs. Indeed are also advertising, Lidl and Aldi over £10 an hour. https://uk.indeed.com/jobs-in-Sheffield?vjk=b62fc22c855aa65e
  3. I made sure I was at the stop today in plenty of time to catch the 61, its hourly and super reliable. A 52a turned up. Result! The only display in Hillsborough is at the interchange, none of the bus stops have them.
  4. Waited yesterday teatime at Parkers for a 52a, two showing on tracker, neither came. Caught the hourly 57, it was heaving, but it got us up the hill. Lots of older people don’t go anywhere near the terminus, but its a real trek up to Far Lane, especially carrying shopping.
  5. Barnsley Council do some things really well. For instance, their online information about council housing is far simpler than Sheffield’s.
  6. Thanks for the link, I’ll give it a go. I think Wisewood and Loxley residents, in fact anyone who travels up Dykes Hall Road, would love the local services 6 and 6a to return. No cross city travel which is a major issue.
  7. Does anyone else use this service? From being one of the most reliable services, its a complete shambles now. I almost missed a hospital appointment at the RHH even though I set off very early. The electronic screen at Hillsborough interchange was showing arrival times that just didn’t happen! What is the point of having electronic notice boards if they are inaccurate? I also use the TSY tracker on my phone, but buses show as on their way, then disappear into a black hole.
  8. You’re right, but they are expected to be properly qualified, and experienced. No evidence of ability in different fields is required of elected members (even though they may have great qualifications and experience). Councils employ lawyers, social workers, engineers, town planners, registrars and other professionals, all of whom (at least in theory) are recruited for their expertise which councillors rely on.
  9. Committee style was the norm before the cabinet system was introduced. Was it any better? People still complained. Our long serving Labour councillor has lost her seat to the Greens, exactly the same as at the last election. I bet a lot of local voters haven’t studied their policies, their popularity may stem from them visibly organising and litter picks, and collecting for foodbanks. They also have a local online presence.
  10. Sorry to be pedantic, but council officers are public servants not civil servants. And control? Really? How would that work? The selection of senior employees with proven knowledge and experience in their fields is key to council success IMO. They must also have the right management skills to employ and develop staff delivering services. Councillors are mainly elected on the basis of the party they represent, and may have little experience of actually running a business, especially one the size of the council. In reality they rely on the professionals they employ.
  11. Its a proportional split to how much is spent on different services. My particular interest is in spending in housing. Sheffield spends proportionally 6 times as much as Barnsley. Barnsley social housing is managed by Berneslai Homes, an arms’ length management organisation or ALMO. Their tenant satisfaction ratings are above average. Sheffield Homes was a successful ALMO, but SCC in its wisdom, ‘consulted’ with tenants over its future, and all housing services were brought back in house.
  12. Shampoo, cut (style) and blow dry £25. Pensioner rate!
  13. Manchester had a parade, bouncy castles for the kids etc., all organised by volunteers. Perhaps its something to consider for next year?
  14. Perhaps the pubs that put on St Patrick day events don’t think they’d make as much money on St George’s day? Or did you have some other kind of event in mind?
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