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  1. This could have a financial impact on travellers between Rotherham and Sheffield who have bought a monthly tram pass. I can imagine it will hit Parkgate shopping centre too, and just before Christmas!
  2. Supported housing such as the type your friend works in is great, for those who have it. As a volunteer in a charity, I meet people in exactly those circumstances. The level of care differs according to need, and the result can be independence and a reasonable quality of life. Its expensive, but the outcome is usually worth it. That leaves those with undiagnosed/unsupported learning difficulties and/or mental health issues, living chaotic lives. Those are the people who can't deal with benefits, bills, housing etc., and may end up on the street. Universal Credit has not helped people like them. Listening to a doctor on TV recently (I think it was Panorama), he said the system had had to change, because it was so open to abuse. I can't disagree with that view, again through volunteering, I meet people without mental or physical disabilities who just haven't worked for years. Changes to the rules have meant that now they at least have to try to find work. Unfortunately, its the most vulnerable who have become the real casualties.
  3. I've met several people who live on Winn Gardens. Their circumstances are varied, including one who has bought her property there through Right to Buy. She has lived there happily for years, as do a couple of her adult children. As has been said the location is a big plus. Local amenities plus the tram. Winn Gardens Community facebook page might be worth checking.
  4. You're right I believe Ash. Even if the Conservative candidate in this seat was squeaky clean, they wouldn't get in. Apart from the huge traditional Labour vote, Brexit and Ukip are fielding candidates wich will split pro Brexit voters.
  5. I believe in the jury system. I'm sure there are incidences where juries have made the wrong decisions, at least in in some people's opinions. However, its the best we have. The man has been tried by a jury and found not guilty. What do you think should happen now?
  6. The lack of indication is amazing. From Sainsburys to Wadsley Lane I'm usually the only one signalling, or signalling before changing lanes. I also think the speed of some drivers on heavily parked roads is dangerous. What ever happened to 'drive to the conditions not the speed limit'.
  7. I saw these words together, and they made me laugh. I don't think they meant to say 'perfumed trousers', but that's how it read to me. In this vein, does anyone know Chester Draws? 😉
  8. Do the Labour activists really believe that their stance on immigration will encourage anyone other than themselves to support Corbyn? I suspect if its part of their manifesto it could have the opposite effect in many constituencies. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/nov/10/labour-activists-call-on-jeremy-corbyn-to-push-radical-stance-on-migration
  9. Could be interesting in Altrincham. The sitting Tory MP who is up for re-election is a Leaver. He has a fairly solid majority, even though the constituency voted Remain. https://confidentials.com/manchester/battleground-alty-constituency-could-be-an-upset-in-general-election
  10. Candidates need ten constituents as nominees. Will they be queueing up in Hallam? https://www.thurrock.gov.uk/elections-and-election-results/nomination-process-to-stand-as-candidate
  11. If the OP's son lives anywhere in the Hallam constituency, he'd be much better talking to a councillor.
  12. I wouldn't contact an MP with regard to a council problem, I'd get in touch with a local councillor. They are the people we elect to run the council and if a service is not functioning properly then they should look into the why.
  13. My oldest grandchildren can't get to school without being driven. They're fairly rural, no pavements, no bus close enough. The younger one is driven on days when both parents work, but walks or bikes on days when mum is off. They all do extra curricular stuff, sports, dance, park runs, walks with the dog etc. None of them has an ounce of spare fat. Unlike moi 🙄
  14. I think you are referring to the Roma, most of whom in Sheffield come from Slovakia. Although some Roma come from Romania, they are spread over central and Eastern Europe.
  15. In the fifties there was one fat child in my class. Her parents were big people, and her brother and sister were pretty large too. Her dad was an opthalmic surgeon, the family was much better off than most of us. How times have changed.
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