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  1. Update - I'm in Hillsborough, my neighbours' green bins have just been collected. 2 minutes ago.
  2. I agree entirely. And looking at the flats now, against what they were 20 years ago and not anyone's first, second or even third choice of social housing, there is no comparison. They are airy, bright, with fantastic views. And people obviously take pride in them.
  3. More social housing has been needed for a while. Scotland and Wales have done the sensible thing and removed the Right to Buy, but it doesn't look like stopping anytime soon here in England. People need homes to rent long term from responsible landlords, at decent rates. If housing associations and other social landlords built decent retirement housing (we can't all afford McCarthy & Stone) I'm sure more older people would downsize to the right accommodation, freeing up family homes for younger people.
  4. I don't think people should be forced to wear masks, but unless they are exempt, they shouldn't go anywhere where masks are required. Simple solution! The train I was on last week for instance was an example of a group of louts totally unconcerned about the wellbeing of others. I've abided by the mask wearing rules, more out of respect for others than for my own safety even though I'm in a vulnerable age group. I've had both vaccinations too. Good points muddywolf, if the pandemic has brought one positive, its surely the raised awareness of hygiene.
  5. Me too. Well done to your daughter.
  6. I wish someone had told the idiots that were on a busy train from Doncaster to Sheffield yesterday. A whole group of lads doing the macho loud posturing stuff, swigging lager. Not a mask between them. Signs stating masks must be worn with hefty fines for non compliance, but no enforcement. Not a pleasant journey, it was obvious that a lot of passengers were not comfortable. No-one even checked tickets, probably avoiding a confrontation. Who are these people who don't respect simple rules which are for everyone's benefit? It's the first time I've used the train in over a year. I won't be repeating the exercise soon.
  7. Have you tried the public sector? Sheffield city council's job adverts state: 'We are committed to fairness and social justice and welcome applications from everyone. We value our diverse workforce and aim to work together to make the most of our differences. Under the Disability Confident Scheme, disabled applicants, who meet the essential criteria of this job, are guaranteed an interview.' I've worked for more than one council and other public sector bodies and I've always had colleagues with disabilities.
  8. I would qualify that to- A measure of a successful society is that all people who can (not want to) work are in work. over 20,000 vacancies in the NHS for starters. 😮
  9. I worked as a wages clerk in a Remploy factory in the 1960s. There were men working there who had been injured in the war, and people disabled by polio, by cerebral palsy, by epilepsy, just a few of the conditions. It was a good place to work. Electrical circuit boards were produced in our factory, as well as heavy fabric toolbags. Some factories produced furniture. Benefits were different then, but the employees were full time workers paid at similar rates to semi skilled workers in other factories. Nowadays, those workers would qualify for PIP or DLA, just like several colleagues I've had over the years. DLA and PIP are not affected by earnings.
  10. You might be right, but I thought it was because it looks like a boat.
  11. One earner bringing in over £50k is penalised, two earners in the household each earning £40k then the family becomes eligible for CB. Income tax is nearly always applied to the individual, whilst means tested benefits are based on household income. 🤔
  12. Child benefit is no longer universal. If one parent earns over £50k their eligibility changes, and they may lose part of it. https://www.gov.uk/child-benefit-tax-charge/your-circumstances-change
  13. My understanding of UBI is that the tax system would kick in so the wealthiest would see no increase in their income, the middling workers would probably retain a bit extra, the lowest paid would see the biggest benefit, ie it would be financially worth while to take temporary, part time and zero hours jobs, leading to fewer people being completely benefit dependent. Those who didn't work wouldn't be sanctioned, but their living standards would be basic, as now. There would have to be special allowances on top, enhanced for disability, for children etc. Simpler than the current system, and much less reliant on means testing.
  14. The Metro Centre was built a few years before Meadowhall. We stopped there a couple of times on our regular journeys up the A1 to Scotland. I liked the idea, but I'm not a fan of the reality, I prefer being outdoors between shops. I might visit Meadowhall three or four times a year at most..
  15. What did they get wrong that you expect to improve now there is NOC? So many people complain, but don't say why.
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