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  1. I grew up at Walkley in the 50's and always called Crookesmoor Park Weston Park.
  2. Free Easter weekend on Ancestry Friday to Monday
  3. Had to smile, Paul Newman did visit Castleton, picture outside the Peak Cavern showing his visit there. Did a fan feel compelled to re enact the scene? Paul Newman apparently visited Matlock quite frequently. Don't know how true this is
  4. My first job was nearby and whenever I passed the girls would be singing the songs of the day. It seemed a very happy place to work.
  5. There's a huge amount of owner occupied on Gleadless Valley. It also covers a huge area. Whilst I agree there are pockets that may be undesirable there are also pockets which aren't. The fact people are quick to point out it's inadequacies leads to all areas being tarred with the same brush. Houses are ranging in price from £75,000 to £120,000 and the lower priced one is in what I know to be a decent part. I'd say to potential buyers, go and look, make enquiries and make your own mind up.
  6. Ancestry index shows a Kate Racksham in the 1881 census. On looking at census copy it does look more like Rackshaw. She is shown as being 9 years old living at no 6 Gilpin Street, Sheffield. Her father's name is Christopher L Rackshaw occupation lead chaser. It looks like only family by that name living in Sheffield.
  7. I went on to secondary school, no comprehensives then, and as previous poster mentioned felt as though I was swimming against the tide. 42 in the class and one teacher teaching almost all the subjects with the exception of PE and RE. The RE teacher simply wrote on the blackboard and we copied it. Can't remember any discussion. I did envy the grammar school kids having a different teacher for different subjects. I did remain top of the class. There was a 13 plus at the time. The only person put forwards to take it was the "teachers pet" and the only chid to wear the optional school uniform. She passed and joined City Grammar but had to go into a form with kids a couple of years younger. Fortunately there were night classes and in the 70's/80's day classes aimed at adults. Lucky enough to take advantage of these.
  8. This happened to me, widowed mum, I was top of class, was put straight into junior 4 from junior 2. I was only 10 at the time I took the exam The only 2 girls in my class to pass, were probably middle of the class in terms of test results. They were very good friends and spent all their time together. One of their fathers worked at the "Education" as we called it. Not only did they pass but went to the same grammar school. We as 11year olds were quite cynical about this. I obtained Degree of Nursing in my forties but do wonder what might have happened if I had passed the 11plus.
  9. One been sat on the perch for a while now
  10. My vinyl flooring was sealed with transparent sealant. Can't notice it's there unless look closely. I've found sometimes quite easy to remove.
  11. There's one in Castleton houses a defibrillator
  12. Could the fact there are now child protection staff in all schools be a reason things appear to be worsening? More identification leading to more reporting of abuse.
  13. Think that's where I saw it. I'm very interested in local history and particularly that area. I'll have another look now.
  14. I have a vague memory reading about this somewhere. Apparently nothing to do with itinerant household utensil menders-tinkers, but to do with Tedbar Tinker man who lived in the area. Still exists as a company. #
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