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  1. janie48

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    I agree. When I first saw the interview I thought she appeared cold and unfeeling, but then it occurred to me that the reason for that was because she was severely traumatised and incapable of showing emotional feelings. I now realise she is one of the many victims who have been groomed by ISIS propaganda. They are very skilled at manipulating young people because they've been trained how to operate.
  2. It's the current leadership position of the Labour Party thats the problem. But I am hoping that other Labour politicians who feel their voices aren't being heard will stay instead of leaving, because for the party to have a future they are needed.
  3. I have always considered it a good thing to have a broad church Labour Party, so I'm very dissapointed these MPs have resigned, especially Chuka Umunna.
  4. janie48

    Climate Change thread

    Well the teenagers I heard were mature, confident, and very well informed, who certainly didn't seem the types who would allow themselves to be influenced or controlled by any of their teachers political views.
  5. janie48

    Climate Change thread

    If they were influenced by their teachers, the teachers deserve to be congratulated. Google"we are presiding over an ecological apocalypse "channel 4 news - if you haven't seen the studio interview, and judge from that. They weren't actors or politicians uttering memorised rehearsed lines, they were intelligent articulate schoolgirls who were deeply committed.
  6. janie48

    Climate Change thread

    It's a pity you can't give them a little credit for their efforts in raising awareness. I watched a group of schoolgirls being interviewed on the Channel 4 news earlier and was very impressed with their passion and dedication.
  7. Perhaps it's because in 2019 most of us don't object to having a monarchy and aristocracy, as long as they don't have the power to issue orders. In society today its those inverted snobs that look down on anyone who has less, that should bother us.
  8. I agree with you about John McDonnell being a hothead. He shouldn't have made that comment denigrating Churchill, who is regarded as a great leader of the time to so many. Jacob Rees Mogg who I rarely agree with spoke about the subject on Question Time earlier, what he said about Churchill was worthy of praise in my opinion.
  9. janie48

    Happy Birthday Cressida

    I'm too old to want to be reminded. 😂
  10. janie48

    Happy Birthday Cressida

    Belated Birthday Greetings Cressida Glad you enjoyed the day. 🙂
  11. janie48

    Gordon Banks RIP

    The thread link explains the matter of confusion concerning the exact part of Sheffield where Gordon was born, it mentioned that it was a street off Abbeydale Road that is no longer standing. It would appear that Gordon's earliest memory is of his life spent in Tinsley. View the other thread again. Incidentally, I thought of him yesterday as I passed the walk-of- fame area outside the Town Hall and stopped to look at the lovely bouquets of flowers that had been laid at Gordon's plaque there.
  12. janie48

    Gordon Banks RIP

    There's an old thread about him some may not have seen. Gordon Banks Birthplace https://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/topic/104126-gordon-banks-birthplace/I I particularly noticed post 30 where Hillsbro having done some research and informed Gordon received such a polite reply of appreciation. I knew he was popular world wide and was aware of his achievements on the pitch, but what I have heard and read about him today has increased my admiration and respect for him.
  13. janie48

    Gordon Banks RIP

    R.I. P. Gordon. Born in Sheffield too. I heard so many lovely tributes expressed about him on the radio earlier.
  14. Yorkshire has a lot of Viking history. Though apparently those despicable foreigners were made welcome eventually.
  15. Well you should class yourself as European as well as English. You might even be descended from Viking or Roman invaders

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