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  1. Grenoside has had an unreliable poor bus service for some time, now it appears its going to get even worse.
  2. That's one of the problems with social media, some people read about shocking sensational scandals in the gutter press and believe everything.
  3. Procol Harum A Whiter Shade of Pale
  4. I doubt it will have enough support which is the impression I got on hearing about the reaction to Jeremy corbyn's plan. But If its possible I'm in favour of the idea if it prevents a no-deal Brexit.
  5. I've always liked With or Without You by U2 but recently I've enjoyed listening to this version of the song.
  6. My pleasure, knowing how much you enjoy those musicals I had wondered whether you were aware it was on TV. I'm looking forward to seeing it later.
  7. I've just been looking at the TV listings and Oklahoma is on BBC2 tomorrow at 1-45pm That has some lovely Rodgers and Hammerstein songs. Ive seen it before but not for quite a few years so I'm going to record it to watch later.
  8. I'm not a Brexiteer or a fan of Boris, though I expect he has some good points and is not all bad. Events will determine the future anything could change in a short space of time. You must have heard the saying "A week is a long time in politics".
  9. Whether we like him or not we're stuck with him for a while now and there's nothing we can do about it.
  10. Well I realise Boris has only been Prime Minister for about a week but so far he doesn't seem to have done so bad. He's certainly getting out and about a lot. I expect the girlfriend is feeling a bit neglected, has she moved into number 10 with him yet?
  11. The Third Man is regarded as being one of the greatest films of all time. Its been on TV a few times. It didnt really appeal to me enough to want to see it again but I acknowledge its greatness. Here's the Harry Lime theme from the film. I rather like the sound of the zither.
  12. I went to see the stage performance of West Side Story in Sheffield a few years ago, it may have been the same touring theatre production company you saw in Newcastle. Ive seen a few Rodgers and Hammerstein stage musicals too I really enjoyed, the best one was South Pacific. Another favourite musical is Fiddler on the Roof.
  13. Oh that's good. I shall look forward to seeing the remake version, but I hope they don't make too many changes especially with the music.
  14. I had forgotten I'd posted on this thread. I watched West Side Story again recently. This is one of my favourite dance scenes from the film.
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