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  1. Emeli Sande singing Read all about it to a studio audience in France. She was very popular there and and in other Countries some time ago, but that was before Brexit.
  2. Just been watching him discussing Guess Whose Coming To Dinner on YouTube someone may like to see. I haven't seen Lillies of the FieldI would love to see that. As Cressida has described him " a likeable person" One of the reasons he is getting a lot of tributes is not only due to his acting skills but also because he appears to have been such a decent man.
  3. Yes he was a great actor R.I.P. I've seen a few of his films and enjoyed them all. Guess Whose Coming To Dinner was one of my favourite films ever.
  4. 😄 Don't be putting ideas into people's heads. They may not have thought about going to those extremes until reading your suggestions.
  5. Exactly, they have no political power, and that's how it should be.
  6. No not "take take take" give give give, because those royals who are committed and dedicated to their duties are doing the job right.
  7. Totally in agreement with you. Not all Republicans are the same, but some appear to be so full of hatred and and malice towards the Royal family, that's what l don't understand None of us choose what class we are born into.
  8. Yes, but he is very much respected by people all over the world and that's the main thing.
  9. Such a great man,so worthy of praise and admiration. RIP Desmond Tutu.
  10. Por Una Cabeza from Scent of a Woman. If you haven't seen the film with Al Pacino you've missed a treat.
  11. This is dreadful news R.I.P. David Amess appears to have been a very caring compassionate politician.
  12. Was Boris really struggling with the umbrella at the Police Memorial Service, or was he looking for attention I wonder?
  13. You're right, I should really be more supportive of my fellow sisters. 😀
  14. I'm reminded of the saying "Behind every successful man there is a strong woman". 😂
  15. From what I have been reading in the press it appears we have a Prime Minister who is ruled by his wife. She certainly seems to have an influence on his political decision making.
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