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  1. This is dreadful news R.I.P. David Amess appears to have been a very caring compassionate politician.
  2. Was Boris really struggling with the umbrella at the Police Memorial Service, or was he looking for attention I wonder?
  3. You're right, I should really be more supportive of my fellow sisters. 😀
  4. I'm reminded of the saying "Behind every successful man there is a strong woman". 😂
  5. From what I have been reading in the press it appears we have a Prime Minister who is ruled by his wife. She certainly seems to have an influence on his political decision making.
  6. That's funny, but I prefer this. 😉
  7. If David is the pal I think you may be referring to he had probably sent Tom on a recruiting mission.
  8. U2 With Or Without You. The Irish singer Bono has such a great voice.
  9. Didn't intend to cause offence, but these days I sometimes find it difficult to tell the difference.
  10. Have you ever thought of joining the British Communist Party?
  11. Benadictus from the great Welsh composer Sir Karl Jenkins who has performed all over the world. Wont be to everyone's taste but you dont have to be religious to appreciate good music. Also the choir performing at the end add something special to the performance.
  12. Tony Capstick was such a character.
  13. Apart from the Balfour declaration and all the other history, I think the Holocaust played a significant part in why so many Jewish people went to live in Israel after the second World War. Many of the thousands of Jewish refugees, that had survived and were left homeless had to go somewhere and many were often refused entry to a country where they would be have felt welcome and safe. This country limited their access yet refused to allow them to go to Palestine etc until 1948. So maybe it is a degree of antisemitism to some extent as to why so many decided they would be better living in the place they consider to be the land of their ancestors
  14. I've also learnt more about him from a programme I've been watching today. I knew a little about his childhood from something I'd previously read, and there was a programme on a few weeks ago about his mother Princess Alice I found interesting. She was born deaf and learnt to lip read in a few languages, but she suffered with a mental illness in adult life, and Philip as a child was separated from her for a few years and sent to live with various relatives when she was forcibly admitted to a sanatorium. Later in life she became a nun, but before then during the Nazi period, she had risked arrest by hiding some Jewish people in her home. In Israel she is among those on 'The Righteous Amongst the Nations' list of honours.
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