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  1. There is no getting it back, there is no money tree, what about all the trade we lose? all the businesses leaving? all the GDP the government AND OUR ECONOMY will lose? what if the economy gets smaller, jobs dry up, people cant afford houses, rent, food? what if people are thrown on the streets? dont YOU have any common sense?
  2. LOL that doesnt mean we dont have any money cos we are sending it all abroad, it just means their governments have done something about it more than our successive governments have, youll be sticking it on the side of a bus next
  3. actually thats just taken it in a large circle sigh....that doesnt give a valid fact filled truthful honest reason why we should leave, that just shows plenty of people swallowed the same lying **** that is masquerading as the truth
  4. we have plenty of money...just the tories have taken most of it, blaming the EU is a smokescreen, again, you have given nothing to make me think its a well thought out reason for leaving the EU
  5. total crap as usual, that isnt an excuse to us needing to leave thats claptrap spouted by brextremists. and once you start with the term MSM you instantly lose my interest we pay money to the EU so what we pay more than some, less than others so what we help lesser members so what we have a bigger economy than most so pay more...thats fair. you still havent given a proper reasoned fact filled reason for leaving the EU and possibly making us poorer in the process just a boohoo story. and ive seen your week filled arguements on other threads so i wont be spending weeks "debating" with you
  6. the 39 billion isnt to leave, thats money thats already promised we'd pay generally you dont generally reign on your debts? as for why ask the question...one simple reason, Cameron thought by asking it he would placate the eurosceptics in his party and that he'd win...stupidity. BUT theres still not one valid reason any brexiters have given that stands up to scrutiny as to why we actually should leave and possibly make ourselves poorer. Everything given is based on lies, halftruths, soundbites and personal fantasy metered out by extremists.
  7. melthebell

    Alcohol On Public Transport.

    it is on the bbc site? i checked the main news page, uk news, politics news and saw nowt lol
  8. melthebell

    Alcohol On Public Transport.

    any link to the story so we can have a clue? doesnt seem to be on the bbc site at a look and ive been at work all day so not really heard any news? i presume its a labour person?
  9. lol you just cant make it up somebody has a tenner a week and loses a tenner they have nothing, whereas somebody with 100.000 a week loses a tenner Oo which one will suffer the most, hmmmm lemme think about it for a while
  10. Cant read it all cos its behind a paywall, feel free to find a better page https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/let-american-firms-run-hospitals-urges-free-trade-group-5rxxd9tb8 so one of the arguements for brexit was being under the thumb of a foriegn power.........to me all this certainly looks like people wanting us to be under americas thumb, if we arent already
  11. making everybody worse off (any amount) based on lies and nonsense should be counted as treason, there was NO valid truthful facts on why we should actually leave
  12. melthebell

    Climate change protests

    Because people would rather argue the toss against rather than take on board the message
  13. melthebell

    Climate change protests

    It's also close to the none fascist anarchist symbol
  14. melthebell

    Harsh punishment?

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-47523268 Birmingham City fan jailed for pitch attack, Jailed for 14 weeks, Banned from Birmingham City FC for life, £350 costs (only £100 goes to Jack Grealish) He was obviously stupid but would anybody else get similar punishment for similar stupidness?
  15. Think he needs to read up on recent world events and whos friends with who and who might be enemies with who and what can happen
  16. melthebell

    Ukip. All discussion here please.

    just a play on "their" words
  17. melthebell

    Climate change protests

    and you lot still focus on 23 years ago He runs marathons these days bet you cant get out of bed
  18. melthebell

    Ukip. All discussion here please.

    UKIP, the true party of rape
  19. melthebell

    Britain First banned by Facebook

    LOL and goodbye more right wing hate preachers https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-47974579
  20. LOl, well done https://www.yorkshireparty.org.uk/european-free-alliance-manifesto/ i can see that right up your alley https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Free_Alliance
  21. melthebell

    Climate change protests

    i just find it funny it annoys butthead, schoolboy citizen smith and Alf Garnett so much LOL
  22. melthebell

    Climate change protests

    Theyre showing the brexit muppets how to properly organise civil disobedience
  23. Just watched Farage and Gerard Battens speeches at the EU the other day lol Batten first talks about independence and freedom and not being subservient to a foreign power and then talks about signing up to WTO terms......it baffles me, arent the WTO a foreign power? they certainly arent a british sovereign nation.

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