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  1. I cant read the whole article as its behind a paywall but Farage doesnt seem to be happy with Bojo LOL https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2019/08/20/hope-wrong-boris-johnson-fear-great-brexit-stitch-up-coming/
  2. GREED, MEAT, pure and simple, they need the land for cattle, it takes far less land for grain.
  3. lol yup, he hasnt had one of those since he woke up the day after the referendum and got so worried he hid
  4. you only have to look at trumps actions with other trade deals to prove we WONT get a good deal, it will be good for the US yes
  5. Wow let's destroy the economy for a couple of pork pies to get into the us
  6. you do know that theres 28 countries that share the money out, not just one do you think we'll keep, receive, or pay out more to countries like the USA, Peru or India?
  7. Arnie had some advice for trump fans etc recently https://theweek.com/speedreads/719202/arnold-schwarzenegger-who-grew-around-broken-defeated-nazis-some-blunt-advice-altright-trump
  8. exactly, its nonsense all this it will be cheaper, we will get more, free trade bobbins...the BEST deal we have is the one we have
  9. hahahaha jesus its like living in an altered reality there was NEVER a vision, there still ISNT a vision, just nonsense
  10. Identity fraud, they either steal your payment details, or enough details to open one on your behalf
  11. All it takes is one wrong word, and we know Boris is full of wrong words
  12. Haha twist and turn as usual, I just knew you would bring up the issue of no deal instead of answering my point
  13. Believing in anything is fine, even fantasy. But when it veers into hurting and killing people then it should stop and people put in jail. the trouble with conspiracies then is they start perpetuating the myths that the authorities are hiding things and we were right, sigh. It's a mental illness
  14. Possibly shutting down a Democratic parliament to ram something home without people being able to do anything about it is NOT democratic, no matter how you spin it
  15. Depends what you use it for, if you post personal stuff then they will know personal stuff about you. I share music with friends and stay in contact with friends including school friends I haven't spoke to in over 30 years
  16. Then he turned on the head of the central bank when he dared say there's economic risks to a trade war......which there is.
  17. pity its behind a paywall the first bit was interesting, anybody got a decent copy?
  18. i know, im immersed in the scene, specially both speccy and C64.....the speccys commercial life did end in 91 though (just checked, 92 apparently as Dalek attack is thought to be the last proper commercially released game, and now is worth tons)
  19. The media, and people like farage peddling lies for decades
  20. anti democratic and anti british are those millionaires / billionaires that will willingly sell us down the river to make a buck, and all those idiotic sheep that swallowed the decades of lies to such an extent they cant tell fact from fiction and willing to go along with them. traitors the lot of em im actually now tired of being nice
  21. exactly, the zx spectrum only really commercially ended in like 1991 i think, last officially released games etc
  22. theres a new matrix film coming out soon...i think we ARE in the matrix sigh
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