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  1. theimposter

    Travellers Pub- Smithy Wood Rd Chapeltown J35

    Did the travellers reopen?
  2. theimposter

    Fisherman's Rest, Attercliffe

    Cheers Ash- I think you're right with the first picture.
  3. Hello! I'm looking for info on this pub and I wondered if anyone remembers it? I think it closed around 1980 but I could be wrong and it was a John Smiths house. Any help appreciated!
  4. theimposter

    Broughton Inn Rockabilly Nights late 1970s

    Cheers- looks like I’m already a member. I’ll have a good look and hopefully find something I can use
  5. Hello! I am looking for photos of the Broughton Inn rockabilly nights from the late 1970s to use in a book on Sheffield pubs. Does anyone have any or able to point me in the right direction? Please pm me or post a reply if you can help as I may be able ti use them in the publication which is due out soon.
  6. theimposter

    Hay's Wine Rooms Spirit Vaults

    I wasn't sure tbh- it certainly seemed to be different to other 'pubs' at the time. Was it upmarket?
  7. I'm looking for info on this wine bar? that shut around 1968. It was situated in what is now 'The Ruskin Building' next door to the Head of Steam on Norfolk St. Does anyone remember visiting it or anything about it?
  8. theimposter

    Stonehouse Pub memories

    Thanks for the info- I thought this was the case when I have looked at old maps prior to the refurb. I think the Dutchman was Bill Hoffmann and Vic- Vic Atkinson landlord 75-81.
  9. theimposter

    Stonehouse Pub memories

    I'm trying to find out about the history of the Stone House. I understand the 'themed' Stone House opened in 1971 with the earlier pub being around on the same site before that. Now this is the bit I'm not sure about- was the old pub heavily remodelled to incorporate/ extend the new pub with the famous cobble street scene etc or completely demolished and rebuilt? I know further changes came when Orchard Sq was built but I'm struggling to find any info about the earlier Stone House and what happened when the new themed one was opened. Can anyone help?
  10. theimposter

    Cannon hall pub firvale

    Anyone know what year the Cannon Hall shut?
  11. theimposter

    The bulldog public house at attercliffe

    Hi- what are your sister and husbands name?
  12. theimposter

    Old Pubs of Broomhall

    Evening! Im looking for info on the old pubs of Broomhall. Landlords, stories (pictures?). Theres not much out there at the moment! Be interested to hear about Aberdeen House, Albany, Bath Hotel, Broomhall Tavern, Brunswick, Derby Hotel, Dog & Gun, Domino, Ecclesall Tavern, Hodgson Arms, Lincoln City Arms, Milton Arms, Poplar Tree Tavern, Scarborough Arms, Sheldon Hotel, Sportsmans Inn, Sunny Side Hotel, Vine Tavern! Cheers sheffieldpubs at outlook.com
  13. theimposter

    Former Barrow Boys Pub Might Be Reopening.

    Any progress on this place? Also- what period was it opened in the 80s? I've heard it was only open for 3/4 years and shut around 1989?
  14. Hello! As part of my research I wondered if anyone has any info about the Alexandra? It was run by William then Emily Hattersley between 1953-1983. Were they married or was Emily another relative? Any info appreciated!
  15. How was it? Not much out there about the Crows Nest- I think I've only ever seen one picture!

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