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  1. has anyone recently had a stairlift installed? I need to get one for my parents, just a simple straight one, no corners. It would be good if I could get a rough ballpark figure as to cost, I know that they are all one offs and prices are are not fixed. could anyone help with an approximation as to what the cost could be? it would be very helpful. thanks.
  2. I recently saw rats in my garden. Has anybody any advice on the best way of getting rid of them?
  3. The Golden Perch (ex Albion) that I refer to was at the end of Earsham St., Next door to undertakers. It had been empty for some time until Ian Johnson took it over and opened it as a real ale pub (there was only the Fat Cat doing that in the old days. Incidentally, he named the pub after the one in the 'Lord of the Rings' that had the finest ale in the Shire. The hobbits tried to get there but got waylayed by Ringwraithes ( but that's another story).
  4. does anyone remember the Golden Perch pub ,top of Spital Hill? Suberb ale and somewhat eccentric landlord. It was formerly the Albion, latterly the Old Mill and now Asian retail units . It was right next door to John Heaths so at least the neighbours were quiet. Some great stories to come out of there.
  5. is it possible to access all posts by a particular member?
  6. When i worked at Thomas Turton in the 60s, I used to have to attend to wooden casting patterns which were kept in a former pub in Parkwood Springs. The pub had been called 'The Reindeer', does anyone remember this?
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