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  1. Anyone know what year the Roman Ridge shut? Im guessing around 1999??
  2. I'm trying to find out when the Barrow House (Dallas Bar, Engineers) closed for good. I think it was around 2000 and it was demolished by 2004 but I cannot pin down a date. Can anyone help?
  3. Does anyone know what year the Horseshoe shut??
  4. Does anyone know the year the Old Mill/ Golden Perch/ Albion shut for good?
  5. Does anyone know what year the Huntsman shut? I think it was around 2002
  6. Thanks for the reply. I got the dates from the licensing records but I was wondering if Joan took over the licence from Ronald after he died ( as was often the case for landladies ) and if so if she was landlady 1949-1994 it would make her one of the longest serving in the city. Any help appreciated and if your sister has any pictures I may be able to use them in the book I am working on. Thanks
  7. Does anyone remember the landlord of this pub- Ronald Lambert? He was the licencee 1949- 1974 and Joan Lambert follows him until 1994. Was Joan Ronald's wife? Just fact checking a few bits for some research I am doing.
  8. I'm trying to find out when the Garrison Hotel/ bar opened? I assume it was around the same time as the supermarket...? Any ideas- mid 90s??
  9. Hi- Was your aunt married to Michael Fagan? I have him as the licencee at the Bridge 1940-1961...
  10. Is this the Green Dragon at Attercliffe? Was she there when it shut around 1975?
  11. I am seeking names of landladies of Sheffield pubs during the above period. I have been working on a book for a few years and nearing completion and whilst I have a good breakdown of licensees (usually a man) the wife/ landlady has been lost in the midst of time as they do not appear on licensing records as it tended to be the male that held the licence. Can anyone share their memories of landladies either on here or by pm or emailing me sheffieldpubs at outlook.com - thanks in advance!
  12. Is the Jack in a box still shut? I haven't been down that way for a few months but I think its been shut for about 18 months or so...
  13. Cheers Ash- I think you're right with the first picture.
  14. Hello! I'm looking for info on this pub and I wondered if anyone remembers it? I think it closed around 1980 but I could be wrong and it was a John Smiths house. Any help appreciated!
  15. Cheers- looks like I’m already a member. I’ll have a good look and hopefully find something I can use
  16. Hello! I am looking for photos of the Broughton Inn rockabilly nights from the late 1970s to use in a book on Sheffield pubs. Does anyone have any or able to point me in the right direction? Please pm me or post a reply if you can help as I may be able ti use them in the publication which is due out soon.
  17. I wasn't sure tbh- it certainly seemed to be different to other 'pubs' at the time. Was it upmarket?
  18. I'm looking for info on this wine bar? that shut around 1968. It was situated in what is now 'The Ruskin Building' next door to the Head of Steam on Norfolk St. Does anyone remember visiting it or anything about it?
  19. Thanks for the info- I thought this was the case when I have looked at old maps prior to the refurb. I think the Dutchman was Bill Hoffmann and Vic- Vic Atkinson landlord 75-81.
  20. I'm trying to find out about the history of the Stone House. I understand the 'themed' Stone House opened in 1971 with the earlier pub being around on the same site before that. Now this is the bit I'm not sure about- was the old pub heavily remodelled to incorporate/ extend the new pub with the famous cobble street scene etc or completely demolished and rebuilt? I know further changes came when Orchard Sq was built but I'm struggling to find any info about the earlier Stone House and what happened when the new themed one was opened. Can anyone help?
  21. Anyone know what year the Cannon Hall shut?
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