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  1. I've been using Now for a while now through my XBox and have had no problems, great for movies and sport. I'm using VM, but i do have the XBox running via ethernet.
  2. So, ticket prices aside, how was the actual game??
  3. Pretty sure i saw MK frames in Boots recently...
  4. I used to get my DL discs from Aladdins's Cave on Middlewood Rd 0114 234 4812, give them a bell.
  5. Been using CK for years but recently it seems to have gone downhill, had food from there a couple of weeks ago and it was all bland and mushy, we didn't enjoy it at all...
  6. I was thinking that, I think someone has been reading old newspapers...
  7. It's OK Web, he was referring to the Roy's View link I put up...
  8. I don't know, I hope so, that's the beauty of the Championship, doesn't matter where you are in the table, anyone can beat anyone, I'm not a person who will ever say us winning is a foregone conclusion, thats just silly...
  9. When have I ever said anything of the sort
  10. Sgt Dave, best not to rise to the bait matey, lets be better than that...
  11. I'll have a nosy later, can't imagine there not being knowing what fans can be like..不不不
  12. https://roysviewfrom.com/2018/05/06/the-pre-season-predictions-of-sheffield-wednesday-fans/ If you fancy a laugh..不不不
  13. I don't get that thinking, I know you post some strange posts, but why would a fan hope their own team loses, no matter what is at stake???
  14. Working over there next week, will have a look..
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