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  1. One quick amnesty on Sheffield Forum and the Sheffield Football section sinks back to the old and boring 'my dad, your dad' playground drivel...🙄🙄🙄
  2. Not for much longer though, heard that free parking was ending at the end of April.
  3. What a sorry state Sheffield football is in at the moment 😐
  4. Cheers for the info Ghozer, never let me down...👍👍👍 As the socket is Openreach, I'm still able to use it for other providers???
  5. I've recently moved to a new property and want to set up the internet, the house has 2 sockets, a normal phone line socket and a BT Openreach socket. I have looked at 2 providers, Now and EE, now when I have gone to the sites and they have done a check to see if my property is able to get broadband, both coming up as positive, what I need to know is are they checking if the sockets are actually live and ready, I dont want to sign up and find out I can't get anything through them, or do I need to contact anyone else, is the BT socket able to be used by any provider barring Virgin???
  6. People have been swimming in it for a few years now, used to walk through on my way to work and there was always a few swimmers, no matter what the weather...
  7. Talking to a couple of people I know in bands and they aren't expecting to do any live gigs till 2021...
  8. My experience of drinking out last Saturday was very positive, we didn't go far, just to my local Wetherspoons and a couple of independent places. Wetherspoons was by far the best for following all the new guidelines, we were greeted at the door and invited in, a quick fill of a card leaving contact details, then shown to a table, which were all spaced out well with some perspex screens Prices had gone up a little, but that was expected, ordered our first drinks at the bar, but used the app after, can honestly say it was an enjoyable experience, much like drinking out abroad, and it was good to see all the friendly staff back, a couple of them saying they were glad to be back after sat at home twiddling their thumbs for weeks, I'm lucky enough not to have been furloughed like them, I would have gone mental. All in all a good night, not too busy due to restrictions, but definitely going again..
  9. So, if I get an old sky box, I can just plug the wires into it from the dish to watch freeview stuff, I just need a card???
  10. I do, as does my family, we all love it, especially with steamed salmon...
  11. We are experiencing difficult times that are changing day by day in Radiology, but I can assure you that we are trying our very best...
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