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  1. I spend most of my tv viewing on YouTube these days... Recently watched the Obi Wan series on D+, I enjoyed it, now binge watching The Clone Wars series.
  2. The work should have been completed, but it appears that it wasn't as simple as first thought, the road had to be dug up and specially sealed as there are theatres and offices below the road and water would have leaked in, that's my understanding anyway, better to take more time and do the job properly.
  3. Always watch his videos, one of the more entertaining YouTubers, 'Controversial', alongside Danny on Rate My Takeaway'...
  4. Strange, it's saturday morning and I've already seen 3 consultants on our department that does work 24/7...🤔
  5. You can usually get them in B and M, vile sickly things, I'd wanted to try one for years after hearing John McLane mention them in Die Hard, never went back for more... Bring back Cabana Bar, like a Bounty with cherry pieces, or the original Boost bar in the red packet...
  6. Blimey, I paid less than that to see the real Whitney Houston...😆😆😆
  7. Has anyone actually contacted the club for an answer???
  8. Not gone through the whole thread, but i will hazard a guess its 3 pages of actual talk about the games and 10 pages of the same old 'my dad, your dad' inane drivel...🙄
  9. An old work colleagues husband witnessed this.... Saw him a few times in a pizza takeaway on Hillsborough corner before the shops were demolished, he'd come in with his 'heavies' and push to the front of the queue and demand he be served first, anyone questioned him it would be the old "Do you know who I am" line from behind his mates..
  10. I'm surprised at the Rawson Spring, staff have always been kind and courteous whenever we visit, keeps us going back (and the beer garden in nice weather)...
  11. Poor 1st half from the Blades, Forest seem so better organised, if not for Fodders it could be over as a tie, need to put in a shift 2nd half..
  12. Na then fella, all good ta, how's you???
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