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  1. Longy67

    Putting yourself 'On The Dole' ?????

    Sgt Dave, best not to rise to the bait matey, lets be better than that...
  2. I'll have a nosy later, can't imagine there not being knowing what fans can be like..不不不
  3. https://roysviewfrom.com/2018/05/06/the-pre-season-predictions-of-sheffield-wednesday-fans/ If you fancy a laugh..不不不
  4. Longy67

    Blades vs Millwall

    I don't get that thinking, I know you post some strange posts, but why would a fan hope their own team loses, no matter what is at stake???
  5. Working over there next week, will have a look..
  6. Yeah, big open coffee shop, not been there that long, must have been having an off day as i use it in my break now and again, same at NGH, suprised as staff are usually pretty good.
  7. Longy67

    New Ventures in Hillsborough

    Another new bar is opening in Hillsborough, hopefully at the end of April, in what used to be the old off licence just down from Specsavers, going to be a gin, rum and craft ale seller. Love how these little places are popping a lot now, licensee used to work for the Hillsborough Hotel so knows the trade, here's hoping for another successful business for the area...
  8. You mean AMT Coffee Shop???
  9. Longy67

    It's a harder run in than the Grand National!

    I know most Owls thoughts but I wonder what Chansiri must be thinking now about all of Jos's decisions on who to play and vice versa, I have no doubt they would be in a top 6 position already...
  10. Longy67

    Blades Awards

    Gotta agree with Speedy here, tbf, why are you asking Owls fans??? surely it's about what Blades fans feel. Me personally, loving the fact we have players and a manager winning these awards, just goes to show how far the club has come over the last couple of years, long may it continue, Sheffield has been off the football map for too long now, time for a change...
  11. Longy67

    Java Lounge (ex) Holme lane

    They had a stall in the Castle Market too...
  12. Longy67

    The will to win-the blades have it..

    Which, luckily, we didn't do today.
  13. Longy67

    The will to win-the blades have it..

    Surely it's all about the team that puts the ball in the back of the net...
  14. Longy67

    Leeds v Blades

  15. Longy67

    Leeds v Blades

    .... nuff said

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