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  1. Mooks, get thisen t' Lane and watch some proper footy (if you can get a ticket that is, like rocking horse poo at the mo...)
  2. Hi Mooks, yup, that was me, I just thought there can't be many Boro fans living in S6 🤣🤣🤣...
  3. https://www.justpark.com/ Try Justpark, a friend of mine uses it to find spaces where people with a drive rent it out, I think rjmahan was pointing out, there might be a few round where you need.
  4. I need to lie down after that.....
  5. Well that failed after watching Owls fans vocally abusing Barnsley fans on the coaches at Wadsley Bridge after the match..
  6. Isn't it the actual kit that the players wear, not a replica, made of better material, sure they did it last season too.
  7. Just heard the sad news that Olga has passed away aged 92, lovely woman when I worked at the Wap for a while back in the 80's.
  8. I reckon the club will be desperate to quickly make an example of someone as to bring others in line, would anyone risk having a season ticket revoked or a stadium ban for the sake of a smoke???
  9. Glad you're still enjoying it...
  10. I was worried about the traffic tonight after my shift at NGH, we'd already had an email about possible delays to the H1 bus, but it sailed through with no problems, even though people were heading to the event, so i think people are avoiding going that way, probably the same all weekend.
  11. As he's apparently resigned, would Weds get any compensation???
  12. Hi all, thanks for the replies, all sorted now, icloud resets itself after about 10 days so she is back on now, first thing we did was go into the settings and change the phone number for verification codes to her new one, not going to disable the 2 step verification on it, as Happ pointed out, don't want to open her phone up to any intrusion, just wish we had known about all this when she upgraded her phone, oh well, least we do now...
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