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  1. My first love. Anyone know anything about Barbara or how she is? Fred xx
  2. Oh, Bob Moat. I "speak" to him often on Facebook. Don't know if it's mentioned on here before but Nozzie sadly was killed in a car accident a few years ago. Funnily enough, after finding each other on here ,me Noz and Bob met at the pub on Queens road for a few pints before a Blades match about a year before old Noz died. Luckily i got the chance to see him and all because of this forum.
  3. How you doing pal. Long time no see. I live next to the school on Fircroft Avenue, been there since 1978 after i married our lass. Who is Bob by the way? Hi Paul. Our kid is fine, lives 200 yards from me. As for Foxy, he lives 50 yards from me and is on then the committee at the Hartley House club. We all play snooker every weekend in the club.
  4. Hi Paul. And i remember you. Ian played in the school footie team with me and he then had a few games for the Horseshoe playing in goal. Are you both still in Sheffield?
  5. Yes Paul, i did. My best mates were Dave Newton, Nozzie, Danny Wall and many others. Thought Jennings was a **** until the 4th year when he suddenly changed.
  6. I reckon around 2002/03. I kept going in right until it's closure. Changed from a wonderful pub into a drug infested ****hole. A real shame. Over 30 years spent in there playing for the footy and snooker teams making a hell of a lot of very good friends along the way. Great times.
  7. A dog called Porky Does acupuncture cure pins and needles?
  8. Yes when i was a kid, out of the bedroom window with a toy parachute. I now have bowed legs! Does acupuncture cure pins and needles?
  9. Twins who went to Hatfield House Lane school in the mid 60s. Just wondering if anyone knows what happened to the girls . I went out with Barbara for a while and would like to know if she has had a good and happy life.
  10. I was born on Woodside Lane in 1953, and we left in 1958 during the slum clearance and went to Sheffield lane top. We moved to Foremark Rd and are the Hawnt family. I made friends with the Rowberry's , mainly Alan and barry but remember the other 3 lads Johnny, Peter and Christopher. Any of you guys reading this or anyone who knew us please get in touch .
  11. Had a pint (or 6) with Graham today. Will pass on your regards if i know who u are.
  12. Thanks for your replies guys. I am not computer literate so here is what i know. I bought the computer 1 year ago and have had no probs. Over the last 2/3 weeks a blue rectange keeps popping up with the words , "Windows license will expire soon" and underneath it says "Go to settings or close" When i go on settings and "Activate" a blue box comes up asking me to enter a long key number. Also a faint command has appeared in the bottom right of my screen saying "Activate windows" Does anyone know what i should do next or know where it's best to get this key number . Thanks. ---------- Post added 01-10-2018 at 20:06 ---------- Forgot to mention it's Windows 10 enterprise.
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