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  1. hello Mark Do you remember sending me a photo of George hawksworth in drag a long time ago now. George and ada were your grandparents and they were my great aunt and uncle.do you have any photos you could send me.do you know where George was buried. Whats your full name Mark. Is your Sister on Ancestry or Genes Reunited .because somewhere along the line we are linked to the same f amily. My email is petehyatt@hotmail.co.uk if you would like to get in touch.
  2. My wife was telling me something about the ritz roof so we drove past on saturday the 2nd .It has now been demolished ,the ritz is no more.its been derelict for years ,im suprised its not been pulled down long ago.I bet they build flats on it now.
  3. hi guys The greenhill annex was part of jordanthorpe comprehensive school.In my first year at jordo boys near meadowhead we joined with the girls school near batemoor and became a comprhensive and greenhill annex was part of jordo. So we used all three buildings for different lessons.So we did a fair bit of walking between them.
  4. been in there loads of times in my younger days
  5. I think it would be petre street.thats if we are talking about longest road in sheffield
  6. I remember getting my first (lambretta tv175) scooter when i was 17 in about 1974 for about £50 from the Empire Garage on empire road.the freedom it gave you was great .
  7. hi guys does anyone remember the (Tea Gardens) on grimesthorpe road. i remember my parents ,aunts and uncles going there in early to late 60's. Its still standing all on its own and its in a sorry state. My first memory of the tea gardens was when a large crowd were walking up ditchingham road after coming out of the pub.they were helping a woman up the hill in an black astrocan coat .turns out it was my mum beingg helped by the family .first time i had seen anyone drunk before .
  8. All good methods guy's ,just make sure you dont load the line on too tight.
  9. hi am doing my famly tree and i was told by a relative that my great uncle george william hawksworth was thought to be gay.that he was a drag queen and variety artist and that he married ada .if you can post any photos of her that would be great,do you have any of george at all. i have photos of his brothers and sisters but none of him .regards pete.
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