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  1. lazarus

    'Stood like Clem'

    My dad used to say " don't you lig in bed all day"
  2. lazarus

    'Stood like Clem'

    Clemmed means hungry, the word Clemmed or Clemming was used when animals were due to be slaughtered, they were put in a Clemming house so their bladders and bowels would be emptied overnight or longer, using a Clemming house stopped all the effluent going everywhere during slaughter. I have book on Hathersage and the "Clemming" house is explained inside .
  3. lazarus

    Samsung S6 help

    I went around four weeks ago, it didn't cost us anything because it was software fault that Samsung have known about for over two years but never addressed.
  4. lazarus

    Samsung S6 help

    Take your phone to the Samsung shop in Commercial Street and ask them to have a look.
  5. lazarus

    Why is a house called a drum?

    It was brought here by British soldiers returning from expeditions to Africa, the native huts resembled upturned drums.
  6. lazarus

    Gees decorators merchants

    My sister Winnie Dolby worked there quite a long time.
  7. lazarus

    The Derbyshire border?

    Meers Brook that runs through Gleadless Valley was once the dividing border of Yorkshire and Derbyshire.
  8. lazarus

    Ukraine elect a comedian.

    Sheffielder's have been electing clowns for years to run the City.
  9. lazarus

    Explosion in Gleadless 20/04/2019

    A Land Rover caught fire in the Wyvern car park at 02:00 , the burnt out shell was removed less than 12 hours later, it was said that the car was from Liverpool and they were probably up to no good.
  10. lazarus

    Statues in Fitzalan Square

    It was Queen Victoria on top of the Crimea Memorial, and she was named Peace. Bits of this memorial are in Upperthorpe and copies of the mythical animals that adorned the memorial are outside Poundland on High Street, the rest are in storage somewhere but the council say they don't know where, I don't think they've ever looked for them, what a Town Hall full of clowns.
  11. lazarus

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    I may be wrong and no doubt I'll be told if I am but I've always had the idea that the majority of listeners are middle aged and over and probably lots of pensioners who have to be careful with money ---- yet some expert was on extolling Cocktails, just how many of listeners drink Cocktails? this is just one of many topics that just waste air time, also this week, some expert advising on how to de-clutter.
  12. lazarus

    Sex education in primary schools

    Children are not left to be children, they are dressed as young adults from around six months old to replicas of their parents by the time they can walk, now they are trying to rob them of their innocence, crazy.
  13. We've lost numerous industrial buildings that could have been used or intergrated into the planned living spaces, red light district it may have been but that's down to the council letting it get to that state, seems to many Sheffield people these new build like Kelham are for the professional types and are totally out of reach of the low paid.
  14. I don't know who started all this "Quarters" rubbish, why invent something that's never existed? Kelham Island development is not my cup of tea especially when know what's been sacrificed for these so called Young Professionals.
  15. lazarus

    What the actual ..... (Breast ironing)

    And we are asked to embrace these people.

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