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  1. I see that "Little Sheffield " has now lost it's identity for China Town, our council would sell its soul to the devil, that's if it has a soul.
  2. lazarus

    Is Comic Relief racist?

    I'm sick to death of all this P.C. rubbish.
  3. lazarus

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    Yawn !
  4. lazarus

    Hay's Wine Rooms Spirit Vaults

    I had a black velvet in there in around 1962 and it was served in a small tankard, the real stuff . It wasn't a wine bar it was just a public house really, wine bars hadn't arrived in Sheffield then.
  5. lazarus

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    Attention you must be joking and what's trolling?
  6. lazarus

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    Totally PC.
  7. lazarus

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    So the new presenter who was given a years contract isn't British , no surprise there then, out of all the applicants no British white was deamed good enough. P C again.
  8. lazarus

    Liam Neeson Interview.

    But he did say if the rapist had been a different race he still would have followed the same actions. Seems that no reference to anybody being black can be talked about, yet the white race can be called any derogatory name.
  9. lazarus

    Child Genital Mutilation

    Just shows how these people still have primative ideas and we let them in the country, they are 300 years behind us.
  10. lazarus

    fake Paypal text scam ?????

    What's the problem? no account so just delete the message that's what I do.
  11. lazarus

    Sheffield s11 water pressure

    I live in the S14 area and the pressure Wendy up around 12 years ago, since then when we turn the cold water off at the sink or basin the pipes bang despite the stop tap being cracked right down, now for the past six years or so we get black slime coming out of the taps and just last year the pressure broke the ball **** in our toilet cistern, if we hadn't been in we would have been flooded out. Yorkshire water say the pressure is only slightly up but it's more than slightly and the council don't have a clue, even I know there's an external stop tap that can be turned down but the plumbers have no idea about them.
  12. lazarus

    George Butlers

    Does anyone know the whereabouts of Steve Goddard who worked at George Butlers in the late eighties into the nineties, he was an engineer, I think he left while he was working at Target Park at Tinsley
  13. lazarus

    golden Ball Inn

    You will find all the license holders of the Golden Ball on www.shefieldhistory.co.uk
  14. lazarus

    Old sheffield pubs

    Buy the book " A Pub On Every Corner" from Sheffield Scene.
  15. lazarus

    A new influx of boat people from france.

    I'm not bothered by any alternative reason, they just come here for the benefits that they are given, stop that and you will stop the never ending flow of these people.

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