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  1. I know the lady who lived in the old dancing school at the junction of Prospect Road and Havelock Bridge, there's a photo of it on Picture Sheffield. The ladys name is Harriet Dowson , she's also has her photo on Picture Sheffield.
  2. If you are on a low income with a family £2 is expensive if you are in a family of four or five, it's looks as though you are working in a decent job so £2 isn't a big thing?
  3. Everyone has their own opinion on this thread, Brighton & Hove may have a £2:60 flat fare but are the wages higher down there? I think it must be hard for people on low wages to be able to cope with the fares that constantly rise, not by a penny or twopence but five or ten, it's no wonder buses are seen travelling empty? Don't forget not everyone has a car,
  4. I was betraying my age about the council taking back control of the buses, 10pence fare anywhere in Sheffield, the bus fares now are just crazy, over two quid to get to town from Leighton Road.
  5. Thanks, I now realise the 11A will use Leighton Road and down through Heeley to town, why do they have to mess with the routes, it was chaos last time, especially for the older people. It's time the council took control of the buses once more.
  6. I have but there's no mention of Leighton Road, all it mentions is the 11 & 11A will run to Herdings but it doesn't say which way it will run , could it be up Blackstock Road and down Leighton Road & vice versa.
  7. That was a deliberate act not caused by weather. Still a terrible loss of life.
  8. Check out the Bursting of the Dale Dike dam to see just what could happen to the people of Whaley Bridge.
  9. At one time drivers could be fined for leaving early, sadly today's service, which it isn't, is a complete joke.
  10. Perhaps the organisers might remove last years sign that was eventually smashed and just left, ten minutes of someone's time would have removed it. But good luck and I hope you raise lots of money
  11. Wasn't it on the corner of Charles St and Cambridge St ? I went there a couple of times, didn't you get a numbered ticket for you're place in the queue?
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