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  1. Supposition on your part. Chat closed. So according to your observation if someone is shot, you have to actually see the bullet enter the body. Im not interested in your childish views.
  2. Seeing a person leg raised then bringing it down sharply on someone on the floor isn’t “Walking on Sunshine”
  3. Uninformed ? Seems that word implies someone told me I saw the incident, Stamping on any one just isn’t right whether I’m a fan or not,
  4. I don’t like football at all but fans should keep off the pitch away from the players, the thug that assaulted Billy Sharp got his just desserts and quite rightly so, there’s been plenty of talk on Facebook about him but what about the other thug that stamped on a fan, seems United have a thug in their team too, Mr Ollie McBurnie, will he get the same prison term as the Forest fan.
  5. That’s vomit land. Working and trying to provide for my family.
  6. Not all people want to celebrate the queens milestone, how many years have we been subject to watching her living in the lap of luxury, I’ll give it a miss thank you.
  7. I can’t understand why 90 odd year old woman is still clinging on to her “job”? Charles is well into his seventies and should have been crowned years ago when he was in his fifties. I’m not a royalist at all, it maddens me that most of the children of the hangers on, even Charles sons are multi millionaires, some of them not really working. Elizabeth should step down and stop taking the millions of pounds she gets every year, most of the land these so called royalty including the lord’s etc has been stolen from the real owners down the centuries, how come the Duke of Norfolk still owns vast tracts of land in and around Sheffield, it makes me dislike the royals even more.
  8. That was more a repairs and rent office.
  9. I remember the same depot but with horse and carts that were the norm for the street cleaners. This was in the late forties / early fifties.
  10. This man leaves me cold and he’s as funny as a broken leg.
  11. What ever Boris does or wears he’s dammed, he’s in a no win situation.
  12. You’d think with all their money he would buy a suit that actually fits him.
  13. That’s true, no idea who they are.
  14. Oh dear! I’ve committed an offence,I’ll write 500 lines, I must read each and every post.
  15. There’s plenty of those in the Town Hall.
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