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  1. The self isolation just isn’t getting though to the African, Malayan immigrants where I live, the Africans are going out two or three times a day visit their friends just over the road, the Malayans are going out shopping every day in groups of two and threes. One bloke goes out in his car several times a day, not taking out anything or bringing anything back and no he’s not caring for anyone. Families are letting their children out in close proximity of older people. The immigrants can’t grasp the situation and the whites just aren’t bothered.
  2. Have you looked on picture Sheffield?
  3. Why must the pensioners and over seventies have to get to the supermarkets at 07:00 ? Why not 11:00 to 12:00, it means having to get up early, which most of them do but they can’t use their bus passes. Today a female shopper went round Sainsbury’s on the Moor, she bought a basket full of goods, she went outside gave the shopping to a friend and came back in to get more goods, it’s as bad as looting.
  4. The “panic” buying should have been stopped by the supermarkets as soon as it started but I suppose they were rubbing their hands at all the profits, so they are as much to blame as the selfish shoppers.
  5. Went into the Body Care shop on the moor today, two Asian women had a basket each full of toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouth wash, deodorants, bottles of shampoo, body lotion etc, at the tills one of them had six packs of toothbrushes each with three brushes in them, ten tubes of toothpaste, had to go so didn’t catch what else they had. Incredulous to say the least.
  6. I do not make things up, repeat I do not make things up. Why should they report it on here? the people who bought the cobbles and the scrap noticed, the J C B driver they noticed , sadly the events happened years ago now.
  7. A few years ago Amey were re-laying the whole of Arundel Lane, it runs at the side of the Rutland pub, they were laying a fresh new asphalt surface, it was a untouched cobbled lane, so all the fantastic cobbles were removed and the Amey workers were selling them off for £50 a load plus when the Wicker was being redone, they found all the tramlines that were still in situ, they job was dragged out until all the tramlines were removed and sold for scrap by the workers.
  8. Henry’s is or was the Barleycorn.
  9. Look I was told by one of the people who was running the place, who has since moved down south. Some time ago one of Amey’s managers stole around fifty feet of stone slabs that topped a wall on Gleadless Road and when I complained to them and the council the lies that Amey spewed out was unbelievable, they said most of them were missing to start with, which was a lie,none had gone missing in fifty years, another excuse was they were removed to a secure compound and they were stolen, my question to them, did you report the theft to the police, answer well no, the result was ordinary paving slabs were put on the wall, I complained again and in the meantime someone else who was annoyed at the slabs smashed them all and the result was imitation stone slabs were put on the wall, not as good as the ones that were stolen but they are adequate.
  10. When the Bethel Chapel on Cambridge Street was taken over by some independent organisation, the council told them that the electrics had to be checked over, Amey came checked them and said the building needed re-wiring at a cost of £30,000, they new owners brought an independent electrical contractor in to re-check Amey’s findings, they found the wiring was sound and the building didn’t need any re- wiring done at all.
  11. The very reason I do not watch them.
  12. Also , like and know what I mean and cool!!! I love watching documentaries about the medieval age, just to listen just what a brilliant descriptive and well spoken language we had.
  13. Because I have a book about words that were common parlance of the time, when did “ five and twenty past or too” stopped being used when telling the time, my father used those terms in the fifties.
  14. If it was possible to go back to the early 1800s or later in Sheffield , you would find it hard to understand the heavy accent that was spoken then.
  15. The black cab I had on Saturday night was driven by a Somali, no older than twenty one and could barely speak English, hows he passed his taxi test.
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