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  1. Is there a Dennis Edge in your family at all?
  2. Zero ad same top and bottom, get rid of them .
  3. Why have I suddenly started to get pop up google ads? If this is the way forward I would rather leave the Forum.
  4. The old Sheffield I knew and loved has long since disappeared, the city centre is a mess, seems all that get built is cafes, restaurants, pizza palaces, hotels , flats for the affluent and flatulent, the supposedly homeless, alcoholics and beggar numbers seem to get bigger everyday, shouting and swearing, generally making a nuisance of themselves. The friendliness of people on the housing estates between neighbours has also disappeared, what were decent council homes are now ruined by the minority, windows smashed, bedsheets as curtains and never taken down from the day they are put up, children left to run riot. It was the highlight of my week going into town with my dad on a Saturday for a walk round the fish market, Woolworths and standing in Fitzallan Square listening to my dad chatting to someone he knew and even in the early sixties that visit to town on a Saturday I continued with my mates all of us sixteen years old. Memories I have will always be my look on what Sheffield was.
  5. No I don’t think so but I will keep an open mind.
  6. Anyone hear the explosion at 05:25 this morning? Quite loud in Gleadless Valley.
  7. It was resurfaced a couple of years ago and speed bumps put in place but they don’t seem to deter the idiots.
  8. It’s the same problem on Leighton Road, cars and idiots on motor bikes.
  9. It’s because they don’t have enough delivery drivers, it’s the same problem at the Coop and the Newsagents on Newfield Green on Gleadless Valley. Nobody wants to get up at 03:00 in a morning to deliver papers, gone are the days of newsagents being open at 06: 00 as nobody seems to be working now, plus the fact it’s only the older people who seem to buy them and since you can’t charge them up or put batteries in them the younger end give them the elbow
  10. I won’t use the self checkout system, not when Sainsbury’s ( on the Moor ) are making staff redundant, I suppose other Sainsbury’s stores are doing the same, I couldn’t in all honesty see hard working staff lose their jobs then the store expect me to use the self checkout without a thought One of the female staff, worked for them over twenty years was suspended and ultimately sacked because she had the temerity to question a very young supervisor, the lady was wearing a mask but was told she should wear a different one, she asked why she should change her mask when the supervisor who was berating her, why she wasn’t even wearing a mask, result suspension then dismissal, no common sense was used, several people thought it was just an excuse to get rid of her.
  11. Carr’s make excellent cutlery as do British Silverware, Wrights too BUT BEWARE some of the cheap end of goods sold by other so called manufacturers are just cheap foreign imports, they are unpacked roller marked and repacked and sold on. David Mellor in Hathersage import at least 95 % of their cutlery, mainly stainless steel, e.p.n.s. Ready for silver plating are also imported, roller marked, plated , finished and sold, they have Chinese and Japanese knives for sale in Sheffield Shop, which they don’t like anyone to know, they are also sold in the Millennium Gallery, who ignore the fact. The black fibre handled kitchen knives are very good but they are imported from China Electrolytically etched and repacked, the large kitchen knives were bought for under ten dollars and sold at over sixty pounds, they don’t have a large enough workforce to produce the amount of cutlery they sell, so buyer beware.
  12. I remember this place, if it was the one on Greenland Road, we used to walk down Prince of Wales road or down Strawberry Lane to have a good play around in the troop carriers and other stuff ready for scrapping, I did find a couple of little sausage shaped bags in one of the carriers one day, it had a draw string and it contained some kind of crystals. I was around nine or ten years old, happy days.
  13. In the sixties I worked in a cutlery firm on Portobello just opposite St George’s church, the area from here reaching down to Wellington Street roughly a square half mile-which was filled with many cutlery firms that produced first class cutlery and hollowware all of which produced many smells, I could smell the burning of steel from knife blades being ground, the smell of polishing compounds, the silver plating and chrome plating plants I could never forget, antlers from deer and other animals from Indian when they were worked on had its own odour some of which had to be dyed which was a pungent smell but one you’ve worked in a cutlery firm you never forget the smell, small engineering firms and steel stockists using soluble oil to produce their goods, the oil had an odour that hung on the air, sadly the cutlery square mile has gone swept away for car parks and flats, no food smells thank god but one fantastic smell albeit a bit away from West Street was the smell of roasting coffee beans from Pollards on Charles Street, even that incredible smell has been lost.
  14. In the forties and fifties the hammers of the steelworks could be heard all through the night as could the trains in the marshalling yards, all very comforting to a you lad back then.
  15. I was there from 1950 to 1959, and it was MISS Artindale never MRS , I remember all the teachers mentioned, I disliked The headteacher Miss Camm, she always had her favourites, my sister was picked on by her in the 1940s, so as soon as I reached 9 or 10 it was my turn, none of the teachers helped or encouraged me all the time I went through my “education ?” , I though I was stupid but later life I realised I could have done better things with a bit of nurturing by the teachers, don’t try and put the onus on me I was willing to learn but never asked why I wasn’t doing very well, I was a very quiet, shy pupil.
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