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  1. During the court case and his ultimate execution, Mrs Dyson whom Charlie lusted after, had moved to Harrington Road , all the houses have gone but just a short piece of the road runs at the rear of what was The Earl of Arundel and Surrey on Queens Road.
  2. If they don’t have a makers name they are no doubt imported and etched with your query names.
  3. I live on Gleadless Valley, and 6 minutes is a joke, just not true.
  4. No free view, so how can the two same presenters broadcast different regional programs at the same time? my aerial is fine, it’s the programme content that’s leaning towards Hull and East Yorkshire, nothing to do with aerials or regions.
  5. No, what Sheffield see, Leeds etc see in fact all Yorkshire as far as I know
  6. Has anyone else noticed that Calendar is now turning into a Hull local news programme? even the background is of the Humber bridge , I thought that the programme was to cover the whole of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, don’t get me wrong it’s not a very good news programme but come on , Hull !,
  7. Sadly retep is correct there is no listing for the courts only the number of the court, I could try another way if you give me the full name of the person that you are looking for and if you know, their occupation.
  8. If you can tell me a name you are looking for on Fitzwilliam Street and Thomas Street I may be able to help, in 1879 Sylvester Lane was a very short lane and the only businesses that were there are: CLEGG & BARTON SAW MANUFACTURERS CHARLES BLAKELEY SAW MANUFACTURER R. A HILL & CO ENGINEERS THOMAS CHARLESWORTH BUTTON MANUFACTURER HENRY PATTINSON SHOP KEEPER & COAL DEALER I have the 1893 directory and the 1901 directory, the ones ive mention and many more but sadly not the others you've mentioned but they can be downloaded for free from Leicester University web site.
  9. Yeah, he’s another contender, instead of noisy guns I imagine it will be designer handbags !!
  10. No I don’t like her either, it seems as soon as they gain their M.P. status they look down on the working class, the very people they represent, look at Diane Abbot, her episode on a journey drinking a can of beer, when challenged her reply was “ do you know who I am?”, they seem to forget who they actually are, they are our representatives in parliament but they soon forget the poor, the disabled, the pensioners .
  11. I watched the speech by Starmer, no passion at all, it was just like an audition for a part in a play and he read it very badly, his forced smile at the end of it was just that a forced smile. The Labour Party needs a leader who’s actually gone through the same life experience as the working class people that the Labour Party was supposed to protect but they’ve sadly lost their way, Dennis Skinner, Joe Ashton where as passionate as you could get when fighting for the down trodden of this country, I’d have more respect for a miner speaking in the chamber in all his dirt that the well suited leader we have now.
  12. Oklahoma! Carousel. Fidler on the Roof.
  13. The tenants that moved in were not trouble makers, they were just dirty, dropping litter and empty water bottles on the grassed areas, scrounging in the communal bins for usable stuff to sell, cooking outside over a colander, not a barbecue, washing just draped over veranda railings and left for a week. We looked after our home cleaned the windows every two weeks, fronts always swept and kept clean but these new tenants spilt rotting food outside our front door and NEVER cleaned it up.
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