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  1. Such a beautiful cushion.
  2. His mother should have put her notice in thirty years ago and given Charles the job, why did she hang on till she was over ninety, perhaps all the heating allowances?
  3. I’ll be thinking about my Irish great uncles from Dublin, one died in the Easter rising in Dublin in 1916 and was hailed as the Hero of the Bridge Street siege fighting for his country and his brother died in Belgium at the Mousetrap Farm, fighting alongside the British, his body was never found but both fought and died for what they thought was right.
  4. I lived on Spotswood Close for 54 years, it ended up like living in an African village.
  5. Sorry but PLAYING was a typo, it should have read “placing “ I’ve edited my post.
  6. I knew Alan Beedham when he was 17/18 years old when he was a regular in the Snooker Hall under the Manor Picture house, he was a very good player, far superior to the rest of us BUT he always had to win, he even sunk to cheating on occasion by placing by hand a red closer to the pocket and easier to pot, he had no reason to do that but he did.
  7. So if you got burgled, you wouldn’t ask the tenant if he caught the burglar on camera ?
  8. Just why bother ? When there’s people like you who deny the truth.
  9. Because the person reading it could work out for themselves it was a true statement but truth seems to be ignored here. Not an imagined percentage rate.
  10. I still think back handlers drove the felling of the trees.
  11. It has Handsworth on the plinth because that’s how far the area of Handsworth covered.
  12. I’m always been of the mind that once you’ve retired after working 50 years, you’ve paid all the tax that’s due ,
  13. Mr Lineker should have any of these immigrants living next door to him, not a mile away but feet away, like we did and because of their lifestyle which wasn’t left back in Africa and Europe, after 54 years living quite happily in our council maisonette, we couldn’t put up with it any longer, quality of life left us and we had to move. I’ve enjoyed the the company of Arabs, Jamaicans, Poles and Egyptians socially and at work but the new immigrants that came here were here for the benefits and not legal work.
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