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  1. I thought the word Blindness may have given you a clue!, I must add it's not what you could call an advert as such, it's more of an appeal.
  2. The little girl playing football who's shouting out to her dad what she's doing on the field, "Ive got the ball dad" but misses the goal, her dad's blind and he can only imagine her playing, it really brings home the blight of blindness. It's a brilliant ad.
  3. The only reason footfall has increased is because of the nearly total shutdown of the old market area.
  4. There was a backlash but the council just ignore us, the present clowns in the town hall have ruined Sheffield , the Moor is terrible as is the Market, it's not a patch on the old Market.
  5. I'm at a loss to understand just what the police decide is urgent and what isn't, only yesterday two officers arrived on Spotswood Close after the owner of a car reported that his car had been scratched by kids, from the car getting damaged to the police arriving only ten minutes elapsed, a scratch on a car just isn't urgent. Also on Spotswood Close the police and Ambulance visit the house of two alcoholics at least twice a week, one day they attended twice, just how much is this costing? yet they ignore thefts of cars and motor bikes.
  6. I just can't understand why they refer to postcodes, for over ninety years the areas designated names have been used, then students arrive and change things. There's an Apple tree growing at the bottom of Myrtle Road, it's full of apples but that's S2 !, Heeley.
  7. I lay in bed at night dreaming that the world would run around me and to get wet nursed brilliant, I would like to know just what's wrong with criticising a bus driver ? When I was in N Ireland the Seargent certainly did those things he wouldn't let me go on patrol just in case I was shot.
  8. So Busdriver 1, how many times have you seen twelve people waiting to meet someone alight from a bus, which again is a stupid statement, coaches have never ever stopped there, mind reading! more like he should have a scan to see if he's got a mind, were you the driver? By the way I've found out since a young woman going to work did put out her hand and quite rightly she's made a complaint as she lost an hours pay.
  9. Why bring an question like that , it's nothing to do with hardship the driver should have stopped its as simple as that and before someone brings OAPs into it nine of the passengers were going to work.
  10. Surely seeing a bus stop full of people on a fine morning must give a hint that they are waiting for a bus, that in itself must dispense with putting your hand out.
  11. Just when are they going to sort out the destination board on the new 11A , it shows the destination Heeley when it's going up to Herdings, seems every time the driver tries to type in Herdings it's Heeley that appears. Two old dears in Cumberland St on Monday wanted to go up Leighton Rd so when the bus did eventually arrive with Heeley on it they didn't get on as they rightly assumed it was only going to Heeley. On Monday around twelve people were waiting for the 11A on Leighton Rd, the 09:31 bus was missing, a bus did arrive at 09:43 but because nobody put their hand out it went straight past, we don't have another bus on Leighton Rd so just what did the driver think we were waiting for? he did wait at the next stop around 150. yards away but only the younger end of us waiting could run down to catch it, result we were waiting over 40 minutes for a bus. Surely the words Bus Stop and not Request Stop means it should stop. The driver was an idiot.
  12. His people lived in poverty and he died a multi millionaire, tyrant and thief.
  13. But it could be that's the point, all this council want to do is kow- tow to the companies that want to destroy our old buildings and replace them with flats. We do have Kelham Museum but that's not open on a Saturday, where's the sense in that, there's enough places in and around Sheffield that hold lots of interest for tourists.
  14. That says it all " Old Tourist Office" there's no proper Tourist Office in Sheffield, could you see York, Chester or Edinburgh closing their offices.
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