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  1. Just received this scam email, if you click on the link you have to confirm your email address but more importantly they want your password. Dear Outlook User, We are upgrading our EMAIL database at the moment so you are required to Upgrade your account as soon as possible in order to get the New Mail Features because you are using the old version of Outlook which will be Disabled in 24HRS. CLICK HERE TO UPGRADE TO THE NEW VERSION NOW All upgraded users will have an addition of 10GB to enjoy the new service NB: FAILURE TO UPGRADE ONCE YOU RECEIVE THIS MAIL WILL LEAD TO EMAIL DEACTIVATION AND IT TAKES FEW HOURS TO GET THE UPGRADE COMPLETED. THANKS. OUTLOOK TEAM
  2. I’m glad to say my school never had uniforms or homework.
  3. There’s a full list of pubs and their licencees on History Sheffield, not much on the history of pubs though but you just ask a question about the Royal Standard and someone may come up with information for you. Royal Standard 156 St Mary's Road, S2 Open 1833 Closed Span 175 Comments Earlier 1841 James Hodgson [ Leadmill Road ] 1845 James Hodgson (172 St Mary's Road) 1849 H Pigott 1851 Henry Pigott (census) 1852 Henry Pigott 1854 Henry Piggott 1856 Henry Pigott [ 2 St Mary's Road ] 1859 Charles Elliott 1862 to 1865 Charles Elliott 1868 Charles Elliott 1871 Charles Elliott 1876 Charles Elliott [ 156 St Mary's Road ] 1879 Charles Elliott 1881 Charles Elliott 1883 Charles Elliott 1887 to 1890 Edward Rowland 1901 to 1903 Edward Rowland 1905 Edward Rowland 1907 Edward Rowland 1910 to 1913 Percy Wild 1916 Percy Wild 1917 Arthur Edlington 1919 to 1923 Arthur Edlington 1924 - 25 James Flood 1929 James Flood 1931 to 1933 James Flood 1936 to 1938 James Flood 1939 Frank Green 1942 Frank Green 1944 Frank Green 1948 Frank Green 1951 Frank Green. No entry after 1951.
  4. You could try Chimo holdings on the corner of Eyre Lane but they are in shutdown at the moment because of the virus, but I would think that someone would be manning the phone.
  5. You said it yourself, hundreds of years ago, not now, my own ancestors were treated exactly the same, they were murdered, starved and denied but I don’t expect the things the “ Black Lives Matter” people are demanding.
  6. When are we going to start burning books? Leave the past alone, it’s history, I can’t understand why people are apologising for things they’ve said and done in the past, I.e, Little Britain, black people white up on African tv shows, no demonstrating there.
  7. That’s debatable, Whataboutism a word made up to suit the occasion, like notseeingthepointism .
  8. No such word as “ Whataboutism”, I very much doubt that no furore would follow if the man killed by police was white.
  9. Seems people forget that the Africans and Arabs were responsible for capturing Africans tribesmen and selling them, was that ok as nothing is said about that.
  10. The people who pulled down the statue in Bristol should have been stopped one way or another, you cannot change history. Why didn’t black lives matter when the thousands of blacks were getting massacred by blacks in Africa, why didn’t black lives matter when young black men are getting murdered by other blacks in this country, yesterdays events in Bristol was just a day out for them and as for the statue it should be retrieved and put back on its pedestal, don’t let rioters win.
  11. “Donkey Stoning” the front doorsteps ended when women and men stopped taking a pride in their houses, you could have nothing of note inside the home but the spotless exterior gave a very different message, I live surrounded mainly by young families , 19 and up, they never clean their windows, they haven’t taught their kids about not dropping litter, if they have gardens most of them are just turned into rubbish dumps despite the council stating that gardens and properties should be kept in a reasonable condition, the council is just a toothless lion. When some of these families move to other areas, the council descend on the properties and spend thousands on repairs on the damage caused by the last tenant. My mother, grandmother took a great pride in their homes and never once took money off the state unlike today when that’s the first thing that a good majority of people do today.
  12. I’ve never had any problems , it did go off line this week but that was only to ring the chicks.
  13. You must be joking, it’s the responsibility of the tenants.
  14. Sorry I’m thinking of Stuart White.
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