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  1. The only way rust forms on stainless steel is during manufacture the steel is burnt and the molecules are rearranged and any saline solution, salty water, will cause rust. That’s the reason on some cheap imported kitchen knives show spots of rust after a few weeks of use because the blades were scorched during the grinding process and once the rust starts it cannot be stopped.
  2. To remove the browning on an irons face plate, plug it in on hot and rub the area with a Paracetamol but don’t burn your fingers. It works.
  3. First I would like to give all politicians an real insight on what it’s like to live on less than £18,000 a year and for them to pay for everything they have out of their own salaries. I would also like to give the homeless the ability to try and help themselves. Final gift would be a bus service for the people of Sheffield instead of the joke they presently have to endure.
  4. To much of a bind as you are speaking to call centre in India.
  5. How long have City Taxis been charging to take cases? my wife and two friends were charged £5 to take three cases from Gleadless Valley to Hartshead.
  6. Just because they have all the trappings of wealth doesn’t mean that they are different to anybody else, I have no admiration for any of them, the only thing they are good for is that they bring lots of tourists in the country.
  7. I’ve finally got back on the site as a member. Thanks.
  8. I’ve tried to rejoin this history forum after forgetting my original password, after rejoining etc I’m still waiting to be accepted after two days, I’ve already had around 2,000 posts before I forgot my password, why the wait, I can’t even contact them to ask “why”.
  9. Saw my first Christmas tree all lit up yesterday 15th of November, they are getting earlier and earlier, it was on Spotswood Close.
  10. Too true, the decorations are absolutely abysmal as well.
  11. Idiots who live here cause problems plus other idiots come here from Arbourthorne , the Manor estate, the council has given homes to loads of immigrants that bring its own problems, litter and fly tipping is a problem, if only you could have seen the estate fifty years ago it was brilliant, you can only blame the council for letting it get in the state it now is i.e. giving properties to teenagers and problem families. Sadly its the same everywhere these days.
  12. Amey!, that says it all, when they worked on road improvements on Gleadless Road one of their managers stole over £2,000 worth of stone wall toppings, then lied through their teeth when I complained. They eventually replaced the stolen slabs with something resembling stone. They are the biggest skivers ever, I wonder just how much the contract is worth.
  13. Ive never known a regeneration of an area take so long but then again it's the council, if it was being done by a private company for a private individual it would have been finished six months ago.
  14. I now like the ad where the schoolgirl is quoting the opening to Dickens Tale of Two Cities, she strikes me of greatness ahead, she's a natural.
  15. A regular visitor to the food bank on Gleadless Valley, takes his free food and sells it to buy, scratch cards, drugs etc. he's a regular visitor to the Wyvern car park , the Red Lion and where he picks up cigarette ends and cadges money , you can see him in the Carlton club where he cadged money for beer and bingo, he's a fit around 40 and he's never worked, his excuse is stress yet you can see him in the bookies watching his daily picks run, how stressful is that. He's just an idle scrounger.
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