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  1. Not sure but thought I read she was locked up for murdering her partner!What chance did this little lad have?
  2. No we don't do it but as I say she is an argument for doing it,there's too many folk in this world who have kids they can't afford to look after and feel that hurting them is the norm.
  3. Deer Hunter great film when De Niro was worth warching.
  4. BBC results,yawn where do they get these pundits from. Talking pundits why do womens football only have women pundits but mens football have both.
  5. Just seen she was pregnant again,what's up with people?she's had 4 kids took off her,if there's a case to sterilize someone she's it.
  6. I would say over the last 30 years or so every sports club has had someone who’s done it said something which is deemed racist today,they just haven’t had someone who’s raised it.
  7. It's not retraining its common sense,this woman had 4 kids taken off her,the one she has had numerous reports the little tot was ill treated,think it tells us something.
  8. So they can’t make the same mistake.
  9. Not checked what Blades crowds were but I would bet similar to ours.
  10. Her past history speaks for itself,social services are stretched,no excuse we all have too much to do but this story hits you in the face,heads should roll but they won’t,when labours in charge it will happen again.
  11. When are the people responsible for the cruelty to kids going to be brought to task?and I don’t mean only the parents though they should be put down. yet again another poor kid has been murdered after numerous warnings to social services and police.
  12. It's the lack of talent on normal tv,saw an advert where do called celebs will wish you happy Xmas for a fee.
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