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  1. Poor manager with poor record,been saying it ages,nice people don't get given points.
  2. Did he play 3 centre halves or did Hutch play midfield?
  3. We have a poor side and manager,how much longer do we give them,season will be over before long.
  4. 11 goals in 3 games,surely Brewster scored.
  5. Only mate he has now must be Joan Collins as he's done her twice on life stories,oh and Rupert Murdoch.
  6. Agree 100%,he was big mates with Trump and Meghan until they palled him out and then he never said a decent word for them,horrible bloke. Went abroad for holidays then flagged others off for doing the same,horrible horrible bloke.
  7. A lot of failed managers come on and try and tell us why the teams are losing ect,I like Keane but a poor manager,Neville was the biggest failure as a manager,Souness probably the best pundit managerial wise but at least they tried.
  8. RIP off prices at United are the topic.
  9. Does this thread read Wednesday rip off prices?
  10. She is British,my jest was with all the nationality in her she could win the international award too.
  11. No problem at all,does speaking English doesn't make her British,know loads people who do but they're not British.
  12. Caught about 10 mins free of the one show,what an awful programme with shocking presenters.
  13. It takes a year to earn what Billy gets a week.
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