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  1. Agree,one of my top 10 movies.
  2. That that she lost?so you don’t like a debate when they lose,let’s talk about Rashford,is he as good as the media reckons,or Grealish ditto or Maguire?could go on for ages,I just say it as I see it,no racism involved as you try to accuse me of.
  3. About what?currently in Italy and got bored.
  4. Can we change the thread title to HHR 's obsession to Ukdobby saying it how it is about Emma Raducanu.
  5. Whats up with the yanks?my heart grieves for the dead and parents.
  6. There was some good teams in South York's them days,Steel inn,Crows nest,Arber EA,Hoyland ect ect.
  7. He rammed the ball into the forest players midrift,not a good example to set.
  8. He should get a long sentence,United's manager should get a fine too.
  9. Got to give it to them for team work,didn’t allow one man to miss on their own,they all missed.
  10. Forest are awful United will win.
  11. 17 year old with 1 first team game,chances of him making a lot in football is slim but being the 1st gay in years to come out could make him a good living.
  12. Just goes to show Europe doesn't hate us,put a decent performance in and bingo.
  13. For us who’s had enough of Jermaine Jenus to put itv on.
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