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  1. An Alsatian called Mr. Snuggles.
  2. That was an oppotunity to reclaim your life.
  3. I was recently listening to some tape recordings my uncle used to send me in the post; the themes in these monologs were always varied but the underlying tone always left me feeling troubled, extremely bored and quite stifled. However, on one of the tapes he told a story of taking his mother to the doctors and how they misdiagnosed her common cold for pleurisy. As I listened I could not help but see parallels between his story and when I had to take Simmons, my flat-faced brindle miniature lurcher, to the vets for his teeth to be de-scaled. At the time we’d had Simmons for two years, I’ll admit that he had some odd habits but in general he was almost the perfect pet. He never barked, spent a lot of the time during the day fast asleep (usually on aunt’s lap) and hardly ate any food. He was also extremely agile and had an amazing sense of fun and would play for hours with my balls of wool. During a cold winter I noticed that Simmons’s teeth were quite scaly so I decided to take him to the vets, well teeth were the last thing on their mind when I was finally seen by one of the nurses. She insisted that Simmons was a cat and not a dog; I could not believe my ears. Where do they find these people, are they not supposed to have taken some type of test or something to become a veterinary nurse? I think I’d prefer to get pleurisy like my grandma than go and see one of those so called vets. I would just like to recommend to the other readers that all the help and assistance they need is available in books and other locations, where do you think these specialists get there information? Never pay for something you can easily do unassisted, it’s simply a case of putting yourself out there and doing the right thing.
  4. Obama wins in early-voting towns http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/us_elections_2008/7707667.stm
  5. http://www.fivestarrecipes.com/v/Brussels-Sprouts-In-Beer_6163.html 4 servings 1 lb Brussels sprouts; fresh 1 x Beer; any brand, to cover 1/2 t Salt 2 T Butter Trim and wash sprouts. Place in a medium-size saucepan and pour enough beer over them to cover. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes or until tender. Add more beer if needed, as liquid evaporates. Drain; add salt and butter. Serve hot.
  6. http://sheffieldwriters.ath.cx/SFStoryArchive/1225475182.doc
  7. Does anyone one here know when snake season officially starts this year?
  8. Is it possible to become a policeman if your not good on the phone?
  9. http://sheffieldwriters.ath.cx/SFStoryArchive/1224777530.doc Slighty amended version... http://sheffieldwriters.ath.cx/SFStoryArchive/1225475917.doc
  10. Which reminds of a time when I took barge over to the Faroe islands, it took three days to cross the forbidding waters. All I had to eat was a chunk of whale blubber that was attached to the main mast with a rusty six inch nail. I had decided to take the trip over to the Faroe’s to see the national team play Wales in the 1952 world cup qualifiers. Preparation for the trip had taken over a year as I needed to grow seven giant Jersey cabbages – I utilized the leaves to fashion some rather striking sails and used the ten foot stems as masts, harpoons and stilts.
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