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  1. It did go up from around 200 to over 600 @ one point.
  2. If the copper is guilty he should be sentenced to live the guy who put the teaser at the side should have been given life but not all the cops are racist,like I've said 21 cops shot dead in 17 weeks this year,would you take any chances? Have a look at the guy with the knife in the Sun today,being a copper is not easy.
  3. When you reach for a weapon. Have you got the stats?
  4. So because I ignore people it makes me racist. ---------- Post added 02-06-2018 at 12:37 ---------- It could help save them,I also believe they would shoot a white guy in the same position.
  5. Show me where I have denied racism exists?you say it's only one way,totally wrong. I'm saying if the blacks did as was asked they wouldn't have got shot.
  6. Tell us how many police officers have been shot this year or are you just one way,racism exists all over the world and both ways,the article shown was over a year ago. I'll tell you 21 in the 1st 17 weeks of 2018,would you be nervous if a blAck guy reached in his pocket,you wouldn't last 5 minutes in the job.
  7. Shut happens sometimes things don't work out how they should,you have shown us one instance but how many black people comply and walk away alive?
  8. I've lived in Sao Paulo and Joburg and learnt quickly if someone with a weapon asks for your money you give it them,same in USA,if a cop with a gun asks to search you,let him/her,you'll walk away alive.
  9. So how manys been proved guilty by a court?
  10. I honestly don't think we'll get far,if we get through the group we will have done better than I thought.
  11. They get killed because they resist the law,they run away when unquestioned ect,if they answered what the law asked they would not get killed you make it sound as though the police murder them just for the sake of it.
  12. When he fails he'll come back and get paid bundles to talk about football like Gary Neville has.
  13. Don't think at that price people would buy for a joke.
  14. No voice man is funnier and that's saying something.
  15. Rooney done nothing special for the last 3 years,well not 300,000k a week special. Seen Sterlings new tat,is this guy all there?.
  16. Yeah great city mate,little bar in the centre of the Marina is my favourite bar sat in the Sun. As for winning the bronze I suspect you earned it with graft not handed on a plate,loads of respect to you mate.
  17. Used like him at Hillsbrough just not quite good enough for the championship.
  18. There's a thread about beggars and they should be kicked out,if only one tries to rob someone Its one too many,being lenient with these people only encourages them to take a step further.
  19. Came on Queens road tonight and it looks like Bramall Lane was shut and taped off around the cycle shop,anybody in the know to what's gone off.
  20. Well the daughter who didn't get on has even more reason to report it,the question was why didn't they report it when it happened.
  21. Once again why didn't the women report this when it happened?
  22. Have I seen it right,Boots the company charging nhs £3200 for tablets what can be bought for a quid,who is sanctioning this payment.
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