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  1. Don't know why people give her money for her shows,it's the media and the dumplings what watch her show who encourage her.
  2. If she gets blisters training she’s not fit to play,stick to modelling.
  3. Maybe tennis isn’t for her if she suffers from blisters,why can’t these people come out and admit the other player was better. Andy Murray says at 34 he’s getting past it,Nadal is 35,NoVac is 34.
  4. It’s as good an excuse,mental illness at Wimbledon,a blisters quite timid in comparison.
  5. Great rock voice and some memorable songs rip.
  6. BBC and sky news,troups in Ukraine border,mps being blackmailed,switched to itv,Adele cancels Vegas,speaks for it's self.
  7. She did have a blister,poor lass.
  8. Who knows,if they can pay June Sarpong £270k a year for a part time job doing who or what knows(it probably got Jenas and Scott jobs)they could be paying him millions.
  9. Can’t believe what I’ve seen,9 down for 60 runs.
  10. Looks like the target going to be pushing up to 300,with our fragile batting it’s not going to happen unless we can get Root or Stokes with a big score. Good start though 50 partnership.
  11. Sheffield double £200 from bookies,happy days though don’t get too many,
  12. I think Wolverhampton wanted to play.
  13. ukdobby


    Well they can concentrate on staying up now.
  14. Read today of an Afghanistan who raped a woman in our country couldn't be deported because the Taliban don't like rapist which would put his life in danger. You couldn't make it up.
  15. Yahoo got a draw,time to celebrate.
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