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  1. No its perfectly logical. I really enjoyed Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix and now Drew Barrymore and Timothy Ollyphant live with me
  2. Why are people assuming the worst? Maybe they've decided its a bad thing to make people wait a long time to be paid between december and january and are standardising it. Its not necessarily a sign that hes going to be out of a job
  3. I'm not reading the thread because I can't be bothered and it'll make me splutter. We've got a 2 and half year old daughter and we often dress her in boys clothes. Not because of any political reason or because we're hipsters or SJWs or any stupid reason like that but because we don't want our daughter dressed mostly in pink with such low aspirational ideals as wanting to be a princess. Boys clothes simply give us more choices, colours and better messages and at her age it makes no difference. For many people clothes are gender neutral anyway. I've not had a hoody or a thick, knitted jumper yet that my wife hasn't stolen or borrowed. Same for tracksuit bottoms and a few other things. Admittedly it rarely goes the other way but thats because She looks cute in oversized stuff and i'd look absurd in her much smaller stuff. I doubt we're the exception to the rule
  4. The asbestosis claims are going through court so they can't be discussed by media for fear of influencing the case. Its not a question of the media silencing the white working classes its a legal requirement that its nots discussed until its resolved and a decision has been made. Presumably once it has compensation will be paid in the same manner like it was for COPD and VWF
  5. The problem with WMC's is twofold firstly they are the product of a bygone age and they mostly refuse to move forward. I'm the generation of the 90's and I don't want to sit around and play bingo and drink John Smiths Smooth and buy tickets for the meat raffle and worry about the politics of seating because Alf's sat there since 1968. If these places refuse to move on then its no surprise they are shutting. Why would I go? Theres nothing there to interest me. That said there is a WMC near me and when I moved here 12 years ago I attempted to join. The guy on the door looked at me like i'd asked him if he wanted to walk to Mordor with me. You'll need to get someone to recommend you he said. Like who I asked? An existing member. I'd just moved to the area, I didn't know anyone. How was I going to get an existing member to recommend me when I didn't know one? I explained all this to Gollum. He recommended I talk to the secretary. Fair enough, where was he? Not in yet, come back and he'll be able to sort something out. I didn't go back. Its just too much hard work. All I wanted to do was have a few beers, maybe meet some people, spend some money. Why do they have to make it so difficult? Either they want people or they don't? Why have members at all? Its not about it being the last bastion of 'proper sheffielders' or a dying relic its about part of an industry thats dying on its arse because it stubbournly refuses to change
  6. I wonder why thats always the first defence - "if you don't like it then leave" well, how about no? Whats wrong with wanting the city to be better? We live here, our kids go to school here, our friends are here and while Sheffield has plenty of fine, redeeming qualities in others its way, way behind other cities. Theres nothing wrong with wanting to upgrade your surroundings and be better, it seems to be a uniquely Sheffield thing to take pride in lagging behind and being decades behind. I was in Liverpool a couple of weeks ago and we were in the city centre on friday night at 7.30 and everything was open and busy and most of it was way more impressive than Sheffield. We were in Leeds a couple of months ago and Saturday night at 8.00 and, again, everything was open and, again, most of it much better than anything Sheffield has to offer. Its like Sheffield thinks it'll turn into a pumpkin at 5.35. One of the biggest cities in the UK and after 6pm just about the only thing to do in the centre is go to bars or restaurants. Its ridiculous. We're way behind everywhere else and we shouldn't be.
  7. I'm going to post this and only this. https://www.youtube.com/shared?ci=jeAI-8eoC-k Some of you need to think about it very very hard
  8. Exactly so. A coincidence, they do happen. Who gains out of it being staged? Not Ellie Goulding
  9. Although i'm not a child (hard to believe I know) I am epileptic and it took a while but I haven't had a seizure for over two years i've got them firmly under control. The beginning bit is the worst bit but it will get better, take the support thats out there like epilepsy nurses and as another poster advised get in touch with the epilepsy society because they really do know how best to help you quickly. Also PM me if you need someone who's been through it and you feel like you need a bit of advice or someone to lean on
  10. Common Room is the place, they show it live and you can reserve a booth and get table service with pitchers and wings for a fixed price for a certain amount of you. Its a decent night. They also do something similar for superbowl
  11. I was able to obtain footage of you at the pub
  12. So its acceptable for you to get slaughtered but not them? Not in the town centre because thats terrifying. Somewhere civilised where you can sit quietly and harumph about how dreadful everything is
  13. still funny that it happened to a miserable joy vampire like you
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