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  1. Image if the world put all its weapons in a land fill and regurgitated them into something beneficial for the environment. Image if the Pentagon's resources were actually used for sustainability / curing diseases instead of mass spying paranoia?
  2. A simple answer, do not join the army!
  3. This is an alarming question, how come one land can be civilised while another is a war zone? It cannot be genetics it has to be causality, influences, learned behaviour, nobody is born to kill.
  4. Agree, so do the Nazis, oh wait different period
  5. Of course, humans could be kidding themselves and we are actually creatures who have amassed deadly weapons over many many centuries and have used these devices to systematically kill each other like locusts instead of being savages like jackals and ripping each other apart with our bare hands and teeth. I think there is something to be said about human psychology, nature v nurture, behaviourisms and influences! If the state gives kids weapons, says the world is the enemy, puts people in churches, tells them there is some fabricated god that they must abide by, tells people to line up and give their lives for some hallow fabricated cause that have been perpetuated from generation to generation, no wonder the world is screwed!
  6. There is a lot to be learnt from ants and ducks!
  7. Errr, I think paranoia is one of the root causes of everything nowadays only amplified by the world wide web. I think things will get worse as a species because the more information people know the more they will revolt. In both world wars large portions of the world practically reinvented themselves into rational nations / states. While the rest of the world has kept that paranoia and the media does not help with its vile propaganda machine! Yes we may be more advanced technically in being able to create wonderful things, a shame our compassion for others has not quite progressed but even technology should be light years ahead nowadays if not for the resulting aftermath of the industrial revolution which instead of progressing at this speed it was stopped by the monitory system and having to make money on things instead of providing things for the hell of it without a regard for petty monitory regards! The fact that charities exist anyway is a sign the world wants to be seen to try and fix things when in fact it's barely scratching the surface and I have never paid 1 penny to any foreign aid cause as we all know, what did Live Aid achieve except concerts and an Xmas song?
  8. Will we ever live in a modern world of peace, unity and harmony or are we doomed to war forever. It seams that there is no end to war on terror so long as enemies are constantly fabricated and made up! There will always be wars stemmed from proxy, religion, politics, power, corruption, segregation, scarcity, elitism, selfishness, bitterness, greed, jealousy, ownership and the best of all, total and complete brainwashing at the most systematic and damaging levels that a revolution is even not enough to stop this putrid filth from killing our world. If aliens were to come down to earth and saw the state we are in and where the world is failing at the most primal bedrock levels and for aliens to study humanity like humanity studies colonies of ants and seeing at first hand the damaging way we live not only to ourselves but to the environment, social and ecological state of affairs, we truly are F.U.B.A.R.ed
  9. It will happen when everyone is on the toilet Then **** will really hit the proverbial turbine
  10. I find people seeking donations a rather sad state of affairs Most of these people are volunteers yet are seeking money It's rather sad this is allowed yet I am also a volunteer as well So should volunteers be used as slave labour insurance agents
  11. Maybe the Pope is correct and has insidious insider information I think we have been in a world war already for many decades Only thing is it's a proxy war by people in power that nobody knows There is no end to war on terror as long as new enemies are fabricated
  12. No not 4K so probably the GTX 970 would be best bet or even a much older GTX 750 TI 2GB card My budget would be around £150 for the biggest screen possible with stunning colour / sharpness!
  13. Going back to the old Talk Radio days here's a few more... Ian Collins Nick Abbot Mike Dickin James Whale Tommy Boyd Carol McGiffin Plus a few from other radio stations around that time period... Sara Cox John Peel Roland Rat Scottie McClue Johnny Vaughan Dominik Diamond
  14. So as I see it then, IPS is best for desktop use while LED / LCD / Full HD is best for gaming ???
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