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  1. *Fingers Crossed* She is doing really well. Her medication is causing occasional headaches and twitching. Happy to hear successful stories
  2. thank you for the reassurance. I do know that things get better with time. Its just the waiting around that I'm struggling with at the moment. It is all new to me. Going to keep my self busy ill invest in a baby monitor and attempt to make a suitable bed guard
  3. Great idea.. I haven't even been thinking like that my head has been all over the place. I was thinking about getting a lower bed that is near enough on the floor. As for the dog.... She is a very stubborn old little lady I don't think there is a way around that. ---------- Post added 07-03-2016 at 21:39 ---------- She has only had 2 seizures one when she was awake and her second I'm not sure because i only went in to check on her and found her having a seizure so i don't no if she was awake or asleep when that one happened. With her last seizure lasting over an hour I'm wanting all the safety i can get. Also waiting 40 minutes for an ambulance when i had no idea what to do in the situation has just made me feel even more **** about my self Got someone coming over on Thursday to show me what to do 'if' it happens again.... every minute day and night i just feel like I'm sitting around waiting for one to come along
  4. Thank you for your reply. No i haven't yet contacted any epilepsy society. She only got diagnosed on Friday even thou is was kind of expected. Ive been waiting around all day to near from hospital hoping i would get some advice of their epilepsy team.
  5. Hi Hesther. My Daughter had wooden bed guards built on her bed and on her seizure on tuesday night she was hitting her head on the wooden guards. I've now took them off. i can't find a bed guard that is fully padded. I can only find the fabric ones but they still have a pole in them that isn't padded. I have thought about a dog but i already have a dog who is very old, now blind and she doesn't get along with other dogs. Need to find something I'm waking up every hour to go in her room and check on her. There are so many different baby monitors with webcams i don't even no where to start. She is usually sick before a seizure so I'm relying more on the sound of her being sick to wake me up but webcam would be useful also
  6. I'm looking for some advise regarding my 4 year old daughter. She has recently been diagnosed with epilepsy. Her most recent seizure was late at night in her bedroom was only by luck that i went in to check on her and found her having a seizure. Ive been really worried leaving her in her room incase i miss anything and she ends up hurting her self. Ive been told epilepsy monitors are not very good and often set off false alarms. Somebody suggested a baby monitor... Does anybody know what baby monitor would suit this situation? Also if anyone else has children with epilepsy and what other safety measures have you taken? Any advise would be really helpful Thank you
  7. It's closed today because it opens on the 11th of April. Its the 11th of March today. Did they get caught last time? I heard about people trying to damage to store but did not know it was true
  8. WAIT!!! You are turning 18 in April and you have been a user since 2006??? So been a user since you was 10-11 years old?
  9. Could have been watching Jeremy kyle.
  10. Hope you have a lovely day/night x
  11. Same!! He signed a contract which will say he has to attend all appointments....... he broke the contract so he got a 4 week sanction. Simples
  12. You are very cool I might do this for my **th in July
  13. My mother was the same, but if I kicked up a fuss because I wanted something at home or in the shops I wouldn't have got anything. I think its all about boundaries with your children. If you have a child that cry's every time they want something and get it that child will be crying to you till its in its late 30s
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