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  1. The BBC's Martin Patience. A Scottish accent, but with exaggerated, harsh vowels. Dreadful and grating...
  2. 'Tis also the season for mushrooms/toadstools. Appearing almost overnight, I've got bloody hundreds of the damn things in the grass....
  3. I have the same thing during the summer, with blue tits and chaffinches "attacking" the window. As others have said, it's usually territorial...or sometimes they're after a mate! (Woo-hoo!) That said, I remember one old boy in our local coming out with a similar story, when a jay was spotted doing the same, balancing on a window recess and really having a go at the glass. "Mark my words", he said, "no good will come of it. Death in the family...." etc., etc. He was right, too. (Mind you, it was about 4 years later!)
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6a_weyzkY4 Bird and Fortune...from 1996. (Some things never change!)
  5. I wish I had your faith in our MPs. Don't overlook that it's a job, not necessarily a vocation. These same people initially applaud your intelligence in voting for them as opposed to a different candidate, but then suggest that they know better when it comes to the nitty-gritty.
  6. A good 6 months ago, I wrote "It seems obvious to me that the referendum was given to Joe Public because there would/could be only one outcome... it never occurred that we would have the timerity/audacity to vote for anything other than "remain". Almost three years later, farce after farce, the bunch of charlatans and cheats have managed to derail a democratic vote, pretending concern for "the country" by using every trick in the book and then some. I call them charlatans and cheats, because that's exactly what they are." I've seen nothing since that changes my mind.
  7. What a shame that Brian Rix is no longer with us!
  8. Yes, it went past our house at 11-something this morning, but I was too late to the window to identify it. There was one last Saturday as well, but I couldn't trace that one either.
  9. Excruciating... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AdH7AZrdNY
  10. I've a problem as well - I use an old password manager - "KeyWallet" - for the obvious, but also licence/serial numbers and the like. After the upgrade, KW is claiming my entry password is invalid. Thankfully I'd kept the original installer, and managed to restore the passwords etc. from a backup. I haven't noticed any other problems/missing files.....yet.
  11. I realise that this thread started a good 8 years ago, but for those unfortunates who are suffering - or God forbid, STILL suffering! - I sympathise! I developed plantar just before Christmas last year, and it progressively worsened. I put up with the "stone in the shoe, just under the heel" sensation for some months. The GP suggested going to see a podiatrist, but I was going to have to wait for over 3 months just to see if anything could be done, so I started looking at alternatives in the meantime. There's a Youtube video by Jeff Cavaliere entitled "How to fix Plantar Fasciitis (No more heel pain)" which explains why you've got it, and how to get shut. I tried the exercises for a couple of weeks, and noticed a difference very quickly. A month after starting - 10 minutes a day? - the affliction had disappeared. Try it. It does actually work. Good luck.
  12. Just caught a news broadcast saying that the donation has been refused. Astonishing. Mind you, it would probably have been "redirected" to other causes anyway from what you read...
  13. I wasn't belittling the climate situation. Only a fool and the US President would do that. My point was that a solution was subsequently found. Ironically, the "solution" - the invention of the petrol engine - became an integral part of today's problem.
  14. The "end of days" business has been around for quite a while! The Great Horse Manure Crisis of 1894 makes for interesting reading!
  15. Yes, I may well have disturbed her nail painting/discussion about Eastenders/looking at Annie's baby photo's!
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