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  1. And leave his "family"?! Sound idea, but I bet he wouldn't go. I'm sure he'd consider it a brilliant honour and be very moved, but his heart is in that park. His dedication is astounding, but as he's pointed out many times, he's not "in it" for himself. What a man.....
  2. RiffRaff


    Used to know a Lynn Sayles many years ago. Can't remember much more about her except I think she worked in a city travel agency.
  3. Well said. Did you know that, on the (no doubt, very) odd occasion that Tony can't make it to the memorial, his son visits instead? What a credit that man - and his son - is to us... Let's hope that today's commemoration assuages some of Tony's 'guilt', bless 'im. Fancy carrying that burden for 75 years....
  4. Yes, was at the same school as them, Jordanthorpe at the top of Dyche Lane. Both a bit older than me, but well respected even then.
  5. RiffRaff

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    Groomed by whom, though? I remember the furore when the three did a runner, but I don't recall anybody getting pulled in and investigated as regards grooming her/them. Think I'm right saying that they attended an ordinary state school? Were any of the teachers questioned at the time? Were the parents questioned? Her attitude does her no favours as regards the UK accepting her back, and her intimation that the State will fund and look after her offspring is like a red rag to a bull, especially as she's not contributed a single penny into the system. Blunt, granted, but...
  6. RiffRaff

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    Married within 3 weeks of arrival, it's claimed, and she's already lost two other children to illness. Wasn't it late 2016 when they disappeared? 3x9 = 27 months.... Edit : My calendar's a bit off. They left the UK in Feb '15, not late 2016.
  7. According to the Beeb, one of the three girls who scarpered to Syria in 2016 wants to return to the UK. Nine months pregnant, she thinks the baby will be better cared for back "home". She added that she had no regrets at joining IS. I thought that they'd had their citizenship rescinded at the time?
  8. RiffRaff

    Horse-drawn hearse...

    Saw one this morning. A white hearse, drawn by four white horses, complete with white plumes. A very moving, but equally beautiful sight. Obviously a tremendously sad occasion for their friends and family, but what a send-off for someone... My condolences to you. RIP.
  9. RiffRaff

    Prince Phils driving exploits.

    Who? Princess Anne or .....?
  10. RiffRaff

    Wanted Acer Tree

    Nikki-red's right - they're not evergreens, peteh1, more's the pity. We've got many different varieties in our garden, in an effort to keep some different coloured foliage from spring through to autumn. Lime green to dark purple, they cover the lot! They don't like the (cold) wind, though, so try an locate 'em out of a direct line. Check your soil type too, especially if they're in pots....you need ericaceous by rights. Does pay you to do your homework to ensure you care for them properly - you can easily pay three figures for a plant (although we rarely have!) p.s. There's an absolute stunner - but not at present for above reasons! - at Ferndale Garden Centre. When the sun's on it, it looks like it's on fire! £450 plus a few bob for a suitable pot....
  11. RiffRaff

    TrackOff Elite...anybody?

    Yes... £34 for 1 year, covers 3 machines.
  12. TrackOff Elite. Anyone using it? Reads well, but then any advert does...
  13. Had the pleasure of going to the Da Vinci exhibition in the National Gallery a few years ago, when it featured the largest collection of his works ever assembled. Bought the "Inventions" pop-up book when we were there, just to round off the visit. Fascinating man, centuries ahead of his time. Truly a genius.
  14. Not quite the same situation, but my disabled m-i-law required a ramp building to her front door which has a step above 12". She qualifies for a 'Disabled Facility Grant' courtesy of SCC, but note that it is 'means tested'. The grant amount depends on savings held, and if memory serves me, the threshold is about £6k. (?) In her case, the ramp (full) cost is approaching 5 thousand, and if all goes ahead, a firm called EasiAccess (?) will be called in to do the work. I imagine that the council 'force' you to use their appointed firms if you qualify for any grant. (Better point out that m-i-law is not a council tenant - she's a houseowner.)

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