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  1. I can remember being warned about using 'offensive' language just for the sake of it, with the added comment that swearing constantly showed a limited intellect and vocabulary.
  2. Did I suggest that? No, I didn't. It stands to reason that if the rule is going to be applied to such small margins, it's bound to lead to more arguments and time-wasting, waiting for a decision. Imagine having to stand around for 7 minutes - as in the example somebody mentioned above - in the middle of a typical February match. It's a boring development, and as somebody else pointed out, should only be used to check goalmouth scrambles, penalty claims and such like.
  3. Remember the Jasper Carrott (?) joke about Sun readers? How they didn't care who ran the country, just as long as they had big breasts? Well, we've made it.... Two of the biggest **** going.
  4. Watched as much as I could take last night. Ye Gods... what a crew. Old Teresa must've been chortling away in her living room, listening to them waffle on. Reminded me of Bird and Fortune from many years ago....
  5. I was always a bit ...erm... late buying my licence back in the day. Thinking about it, the only licences I bought on the due date were for the dog and the metal detector!
  6. Like the BBC3 rubbish which is being switched to BBC1 at 10.35 most nights! What a load of garbage!
  7. I've just read the Wikipedia page about it rather than try and watch 6 hours plus, but think I'll give it a miss.... But thanks for your suggestion!
  8. Didn't watch the first series, and only watched the first half-hour of the new episode before I realised that I hadn't a clue what any of it was about!
  9. In my day, "offside" was only given if there was a visible gap between attacker and defender, decided by the linesman's line of sight. To pare it down to millimetres seems a backward step to me. Same with the "hand to ball" v. "ball to hand" problem.
  10. Talking of BBC gaffes, remember the Radio 4 "the turds are gathering on the Kurkish border" many years ago?
  11. I'm likely! £8, just to utter 2 words?! No thanks!
  12. Just another couple of attempts during the evening. It's obvious the caller assumes that he is known to me, as he still isn't saying who he is and presumably is expecting me to recognise his voice! He's local - he has a strong Yorks accent. He's getting very irritated/annoyed that his reverse call isn't being accepted...in fact, he sounds like he might be a nasty piece of work. In the few seconds that he had to announce his name, he instead decided to shout "This is your last chance to bring...." before the system cut in with details on how to accept the call. If the caller happens to be reading this - or you know who he is! - tell him he's got the wrong number!
  13. "Number withheld". Once you answer, you get a recorded message asking if you want to accept the call/charge. What should - should - happen is that the caller, having gone through the 0800reverse business, also gives his/her name. When you, the recipient, hears "It's Fred!", you know it's your best pal in a spot of bother, and accept (maybe!) the call. In this particular case, all I've heard is "'Sme!", which let's face it, isn't particularly bright/useful!
  14. Is there a way of tracing somebody who was trying to contact me using the '0800reverse' system overnight? He/she tried my mobile no fewer than 18 times through the night, but I wasn't going to foot the (minimum?) £4 bill to accept the call as the caller didn't announce who they were. A new scam of some sort? EDIT It's still going on! Another 3 attempts in the last half-hour! If it's not some kind of scam, it can only be someone who's got an incorrect number?
  15. Takes me back to when my '74 Midget failed a MOT only because of a clevis pin hole no longer being round. I was very ****** off about it at the time! Reluctantly sold the car before child #1 came along. Great little cars. Remember spending many happy hours trying to balance the twin SU carbs!
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