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  1. Absolutely, but my point was whether screens negate the need for shop staff to wear masks. That was the basis for the row I witnessed.
  2. Witnessed a row this afternoon, after a customer complained to the sales assistant - small supermarket chain - that he wasn't wearing a mask. The bloke behind the till stated that he didn't have to, tapping the counter perspex screen between him and the customer. He reckoned that the branch manager had clarified the rule with their head office, and if the customer didn't like it, "other shops are available". Right or wrong? Personally I think he - and his head office - are wrong. I don't recall anything about screens being an alternative to masks.
  3. Another nasty new one - to me, anyway -in the inbox this morning, reckoning that my McAfee security software has expired, and yes! I can renew simply by clicking this button and entering my payment details! Fancy! If you fancy bombarding the cretin in question, you can help fill his mailbox - linked to a well-known search engine beginning with G - by sending gigantic volumes of rubbish to sdcsdc.634164@...
  4. Not sure, but probably something to do with the Harland and Wolff shipyard. Everything else there is....
  5. How ironic. Both parties to have been involved on bombing campaigns...
  6. Can't see anything like that, I'm afraid. Might it be in an enclosure, I wonder?
  7. Is there another country that's not Corvid free? For example, this morning alone I've seen crows, a couple of jays, a magpie, and a pair of nuthatches...
  8. Yes, we had it serviced 4/5 months ago as well. In fact, the F22 problem started appearing sporadically a few days afterwards, but has gathered momentum since having the heating on. I gather that Vaillant aren't a particularly 'respected name' to those in the trade, so perhaps 5 years is about their limit. The thing with the bar magnet in? All cleaned and flushed out during the service, and we do it every 3 months-or-so as well.
  9. Minister of Care, Karen Whatley. Does she ever answer a question properly?
  10. Does the 'circa 7 year' white goods life span also apply to boilers? Our Vaillant has been showing an F22 error every morning for a few weeks, and needs filling to get rid of the 0.3 (bar?) warning. It's just over 5 years old, and has only been controlled by a thermostat, rather than the rather erratic timer.
  11. The voice of sanity. Glad all OK for you.
  12. My only objection to wearing one is that I've noticed that my mouth corners, and the area immediately under my nose, tend to sting a bit after wearing one for any length of time.
  13. Been in a Premier store and a small newsagent this morning - neither assistant wearing mask. Are we supposed to say something?
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