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  1. ...and before somebody leaps, I did mean the harness, not the dog...
  2. Tried Bluetooth Proximity Advertising many years ago with (very) limited success. Conclusion was that it would antagonise folk more than bring business in!
  3. Sure it's legit? Fakes were mentioned on Watchdog - or the other similar programme - some time ago...
  4. Think it was Firmachrome that used to have a van with a large chromed ball on the cab roof? Only problem was that it was rusty as hell!
  5. Mini Babybel cheeses must take some beating as regards excessive packaging! Individually enclosed in a red skin, then wrapped in coloured cellophane, and if that wasn't enough, enclosed in red plastic netting!
  6. Christmas?! Our local McColls has already got gold-foil chocolate coins on sale, emblazoned "Let It Snow"! Ye Gods....
  7. Yup...mine has one. It's a right ol' slab. Ironically, it supports an "under counter" size fridge!
  8. If you mean 'butchered', maybe. If you actually mean 'slaughtered', probably not!
  9. Sheriffs aren't fools. They'll have seen every trick tried in the book.
  10. Talking of cellars, I've lived in my current house for almost 20 years and in that time I have been the pet human to three dogs. They would not leave my side for any reason, save for me going down the 10-or-so cellar steps. They didn't appear agitated in any way, but follow me down the steps? No chance. The bravest of the three would lie at the top, with his head and front feet just in view from downstairs, but no tempting would ever get him down.
  11. Yes, we do, but as other posters have written, it's all a bit half-hearted as regards checking whether someone is still fit to drive. I decided some years ago that 70 would do me nicely - my reactions can't be as fast as once were, mental agility might be fading...and so on. I've been eking out the car for the past couple of years - hopefully it will last until D-Day!
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