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  1. Nothing "dramatic"! Giving my laptop away, so I'm going to be incommunicado for a good while, that's all!
  2. Yes, it's farewell from me to the Forum and members....it's time for us to part company. A member since sometime in 2004, I suppose I've read many thousands of posts over the years, sometimes with admiration, sometimes with amazement, and not always in agreement! But that's what a forum is for, is it not?! Continued success to the new forum owners, and good health to all the many members.
  3. That's fantastic, SFBeca! Thanks very much! Gladys really is a star, and a credit to her employers and her profession. That's terrific news. Many thanks to the SF team.
  4. RiffRaff

    Fancy A Run?

    And even more creepiness! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71hDy4Hhuso Looks very strange....
  5. Today? Both "Truth" and "Beck-ola" albums by the Jeff Beck Group, and "Long road out of Eden", Eagles....
  6. I can confirm that the over-65 with no underlying health problems Mrs.RR had her first Pfizer jab last Tuesday, and doesn't play for Chesterfield FC. That said, she may be better than most of their current squad....
  7. Chicane : a piece of bondage paraphernalia. (So I understand)
  8. Yes...my better half had her first Pfizer last week.
  9. The safest way to deal with an incoming call which might just be genuine - for instance, if they're asking you to confirm a reference number - is to consider that they already know what the information is, and who you are, otherwise they wouldn't be ringing. In that case, agree with them that you'll give (say) 2/3 letters or numbers and make them confirm the others. Any errors, then put the phone down. If it's a genuine call, it serves two purposes - it proves to you that they say who they are, and proves to them that they haven't mis-dialed the wrong person. Same if your address is requested - give them partial information, but insist they give you the rest. If they refuse, or are unable to complete, cut 'em off.
  10. Soporific : A really scary slice of bread dipped in gravy.
  11. RiffRaff

    Fancy A Run?

    Steady boy...steady.... 🦴
  12. RiffRaff

    Fancy A Run?

    Don't fancy having a crack at it, then?!
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