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  1. Appreciate MWB isn't a virus scanner, but I also scanned with Bitdefender (which was still running when I posted!). Both clear. One file or folder accidently moved, I could understand....but 14?! The content range was interesting...a few mp4's, but from different folders (and drives, come to think). A few random jpg's...even a couple of ebook compilation files. Some used recently, some not in months. Confusing - just grateful I spotted them. Not the most helpful reply, but if it pleased you, so be it.
  2. Noticed recycle bin icon showed some content, so double-clicked and was just about to action "Empty" when I thought "Hang on..." 14 icons shown, a mixture of files and even 3 folders in there...none of which I'd chosen to delete. Some were from my C drive, some from external E...but no pattern. Obviously I restored them all, but I'm at a (worrying) loss as to why/how these found their way into the Bin. I've quickly googled the problem in case there's a virus going round that claims responsibility, but no takers that I've found. Ran Malwarebytes only yesterday, and no problems found. Anyone any clever ideas what's happened?!
  3. That's nice, especially for £20! Yes, the so-called "Emerlist Davjack" model if memory serves. Does Allan King pianos meddle? Can't think of anyone else locally, sorry.....
  4. Interesting, how the compiler manages to spell both "dehydration" and "Rhiannon" correctly, but then gets tripped up by good ol' "rhythm"!
  5. That was my conclusion, nikki-red... Thank you! You might've gathered that this isn't just a puzzle! It concerns real people, and it's been a ....erm.. "topic of conversation" in the house for most of the afternoon! We've even had a "step-aunt" suggested - the mere fact that nobody'd ever heard of one before was academic, apparently!
  6. A marries B, and together they have a female child, C. Female B has a sister, D. A and B divorce. A marries female E, and together they have a male child, F. C and F are therefore half-siblings. What relation - if any? - is F to D?
  7. Still exists, according to Google maps.
  8. After over 2000 posts covering 170-odd pages, hasn't the subject been done to death? Give them money/don't. Give them food/don't. Give them accommodation/don't. The posts are simply going round in circles, with relatively nothing new as regards possible "solutions" in them.
  9. I forgot to watch 2 and 3! So much for being impressed!
  10. You really should get out more! (And so should I!)
  11. Know the one you mean...and yes, it was a great track. Struggling to recall what it advertises though.... Edit...(only a few seconds later!) Zoe Ball's radio show, maybe? Later edit (but not by a lot!) Hmmmm....not so sure about the above now. I rarely watch anything other than BBC1, so I'm thinking along the lines of a BBC programme trailer as opposed to an (ITV) advertisement. As it turns out, I'm wrong and right at the same time! Yes, it was for Zoe Ball's breakfast show on Radio 2, but....it doesn't feature the music I thought it did! The track featured is by Calvin Harris and Rag & Bone Man...
  12. ....and according to one source, she's already on her way back to Canada! You deal with the flack, Harry! I'm off!
  13. Runningman does, according to the Forum's search facility!
  14. Just heard this on the BBC radio news... A member of the public has saved a Belgian Shepherd dog from drowning in the River Trent. The dog had been thrown in with a rock somehow attached to it. God help us...
  15. Wow. Not the place to eat your fish and chips! ;-)
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