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  1. I hear he's given it up as a bad job! (Not exactly the phrase he used, but this is a family forum...) Apparently a "solution" suggested by the website originators involved accessing the site's pages on his PC, somehow saving them as epubs (?) and copying them to his Kindle by USB. He managed that, but then found out he had to upload them to Kindle Books? (I may have got that bit wrong. My knowledge of Kindles is scant, and he was a gibbering wreck by this time!) Anyway, he found that he could access the site pages - without needing to connect, so they were saved' locally' - but it turned out to be the text only... some graphics were OK, some were missing....and none of the tutorial videos were copied over. I think this must link back to my original post, and the reference to 'mixed media'...
  2. Probably. I think the disabled bays there are simply wider than the norm, to allow car doors to be opened wide(r) if required.
  3. The full address is being typed. That's the point! (And out of interest, there isn't an enter key on the screen 'keyboard') If you adjust the search settings to 'Verbatim' - which, of course, makes all the suggestions disappear and leaves only the original address entered - the screen proudly announces that it "did not match any documents"....
  4. He reckons he's been all through the settings but can't find any reference to parental controls/similar. If it helps, it's a Kindle Fire HD7, "Amazon Tate" model, Android 4.4.4, CyanogenMod version. (Just repeating what I'm told! What it all means? Pass!)
  5. erm....sorry, but that's exactly what he is doing!
  6. That's the curious thing - none of the website suggestions show the site requested! From what I gather, imagine copying the sheffieldforum address as currently shown above, entering it on another PC, but then having results shown for other cities (perhaps) or other Sheffield sites...but no mention of sheffieldforum! I'll mention your ideas re parental controls and the like...that's a good idea of yours. Thanks...
  7. My nephew has purchased a training/tutorial course which he accesses by entering a username and password on a "members" section of a https:// website. Each tutorial section features much text as you'd expect, but also images in the form of diagrams, and occasional video with audio, on html format pages. Up to this point, no problems... but he'd prefer to access it on his Kindle Fire instead of his PC. When the exact same address is entered on his Kindle - using Firefox/Google - various site suggestions are listed, but none represent the address entered. My knowledge of Kindles is virtually nil, so I'm at a loss as to how to help... in fact, even the course producers don't understand what the problem is either. A suggestion I eventually came up with was for him to download/save each page to his PC and then copy them to his tablet. That would give him the advantage of not having to be online to access the course content, but apparently that "won't work because of the mixed media content on each tutorial". I'm not sure I understand that - hence why I'm here! Any ideas?
  8. A 30' artic carrying thousands of tins of red paint has collided with another transporting many hundreds of tins of blue gloss. Police are in attendance, but are marooned in the middle...
  9. Neil Moss, in the Peak Cavern. They'd tried so hard to get him free, but eventually had to give up. As a child, I remember thinking how horrible it must have been for anyone to die in such a fashion, but then to hear that the gully had been filled in order to stop anybody else getting stuck gave me nightmares for a while.
  10. Good point. "Rocking chair and little fingers" = Rocking chair and BIG fingers!
  11. You might try breaking violent wind two or three times - that may well do the trick. ;-)
  12. You manage to get all that in an eggcup? 😉
  13. Paddy Maguire goes for a building site labourer job. "Need this job, sir," he said at the interview with the foreman...."Wife, 8 kids and another one on the way..." "Good grief", thought the foreman, "you should get another hobby." "Look, Paddy - this is a responsible job, so I need a good worker. I read that you left school early with no qualifications, but I'm willing to give you a shot given your circumstances. Just a little IQ test first, so that Head Office don't kick up a fuss...OK?" "Yessir..fire away..." The foreman nodded towards some PPE gear on his desk.... "OK...what's got 5 fingers, and is usually made of leather?" he asked, again nodding towards the desk. Paddy thought for a moment, before smiling and replying "I don't know, sir. You've got me there, sure enough..." "Well, it's a glove, isn't it?! Look - on the table. there! 5 fingers, made of leather..." "Oh, roit sir...gotcha now. I see, yes, yes...." "OK...another one... what's got 10 fingers, and usually made of leather?" Again, he nods at the table. Paddy thought for a moment, sucking at his teeth and shaking his head showly. "No sir...you've got me again" "Oh come on! It's two gloves, isn't it! 10 fingers, made of leather...." "Oh, roit sir...gotcha now. I see, yes, yes...." The foreman thought of Paddy Maguire's wife and kids...Christmas was coming, and he could see laddo was desperate... "OK...I really want you to get this job, so I'm going to give you a really easy question this time... Who's the Queen of England?" Paddy thought for a moment, before asking "It's not three gloves, is it?"
  14. "Good God, man!" exclaimed the GP.... "What on earth have you been doing?!" "Just using a ball-type deodorant, doc. Just followed the label instructions... "Take cap off and push up bottom...""
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