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  1. RiffRaff

    1967 Lambretta Scooter,

    You could contact this bunch, maybe? https://vehicleenquiry.service.gov.uk/ConfirmVehicle
  2. RiffRaff

    Milk deliveries?

    Cheers, both!
  3. Bottom of East Bank Road on any milkman's round? Would appreciate name and contact details... ta.
  4. As well as the Robin Hood along the road, or is my memory playing tricks?! Horns gone now, more the pity, and replaced by some rather nice (?) cottage-style housing at Buck Palace-type prices. Travellers still there as you know, but a Thai restaurant...
  5. Ron's parents used to own/run the Robin Hood pub in Holmesfield. A private house now....
  6. RiffRaff

    Mind blowing image of a black hole.

    Not to mention that it's "15 million trillion kilometres" away. My mind can't cope/deal with that....
  7. RiffRaff

    fixed blade bending?

    Have a word with Alex at Dronfield Lawnmowers - he's messed around with mowers for 20 years plus, so I dare say he's come across the problem before. Busy time of year, don't forget, so he might ask you to drop it in to have a look. Can't hurt to ask!
  8. RiffRaff

    Mind blowing image of a black hole.

    Wait for it! "Studio mock up!"
  9. RiffRaff

    Music Thread (with Youtube)

    The Gillan band with "Mr.Universe". The late Bernie Torme on guitar.
  10. RiffRaff

    Retro Chocolate Covered Mint/Orange Bars

    I used to buy these during the '60s in Belfast, but I don't think that was the brand name then.... Description is spot-on, though - a poor man's Crunchie. Maybe 10 minutes to eat, followed by an hour digging it out from between your teeth!
  11. RiffRaff

    RIP, Bernie Tormé

    They were keeping it "in the family" , as it were. Gillan himself owned Kingsway Recorders at the time, and Paul Samson and crew recorded there. Both outfits used the in-house engineers, Chas Watkins and Bob Broglia, so it made sense to all tour together. The Sweet were also regular studio users at the time, but were actually frustrated rockers - what you heard and saw on ToTP was the commercial side of them that the record company wanted you to see.... The scary bass player description gives the game away, I think! Unless Osbourne's bassist happened to be bald at the time, Gillan's your answer!
  12. RiffRaff

    RIP, Bernie Tormé

    Yes, for a while, but in my opinion he shone when with Gillan. The big bald guy will have been John McCoy.
  13. RiffRaff

    RIP, Bernie Tormé

    Only heard today that an old pal of mine, Bernie Tormé, died last month. He'd been suffering from double pneumonia. We'd lost touch too many years ago, so the news has come as a complete surprise. A brilliant guitarist and a lovely bloke to boot. RIP, mate...
  14. RiffRaff

    HMRC Fraud charge scam...

    Ah well.... she probably IS a wrong 'un! 😉
  15. Got the call today... I'm up for HMRC fraud, and liable to be arrested at any time. They need me to call them straight away apparently, in an effort to settle the case and avoid arrest. Mentioned it to my mate this morning, and guess what? He's wanted for fraud too! I knew he was untrustworthy, but really?! Turned out that he must be in cahoots with Jerry in the pub, because he's been busted as well! Imagine my stunned surprise when I also heard that his sister - yes! The lovely Anthea! - was also obviously 'on the take' in some fashion, and also faced imminent arrest! I knew the country had gone to the dogs, but can we trust nobody these days? If anyone else wants to confess, I have their phone number. It's in my blocked list, rather than listed under "H"....

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