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  1. My adult son's just turned up, having had an altercation outside his local Aldi store. Apparently most people were being respectful of the distancing regulations, but there's always one, isn't there? And this leads to an obvious difficulty with the social distancing idea - you can and will, but it doesn't mean that others will! Laddo was keeping his distance from others, but there was one bloke - on his mobile - who kept approaching him and others in the car park. (He was one of those who wheels about while talking) Eventually sonny-Jim said "Oi! Don't the distancing rules apply to you?!" The bloke grinned at him, before responding "<removed> off". And there, dear reader, is the problem. You can be as careful as you like, but all it takes is one moron...
  2. Let's hope that Joe Public gets the message re distancing...but let's also hope that the Boys in Blue adopt some common sense as well... https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-derbyshire-police-dye-buxton-blue-lagoon-black-to-deter-gatherings-11964966 No, not the main Blue Lagoon story. Scroll down to the Golders Green episode...
  3. I went into our local McColls last night. They have adopted a similar stance as the big boys, allowing only 3 people in the shop at a time, and have a clear sign outside advising you. So far, so good. Once inside, they have marked the floor in front of the tills with the required distancing, the staff were wearing gloves, and request that you pay by card to avoid handling cash. Again, all good and commendable. As I entered, there were two drunks standing right next to each other at the till. Loud, totally ignorant of the current regulation - or perhaps, simply totally ignorant, full stop. They eventually staggered off together, only inches apart. I eventually got to the till, and respectfully waited for the till bloke to signal me forward. As I stood waiting to pay, another bloke came in, walked so close to me that our clothes touched, just to get to the booze display at my side. He wasn't drunk (then), but obviously didn't care that someone was "in the way". You don't need many cretins like these to make social distancing a problem...
  4. Hmmmm....maybe Nadine Dorries was allowed back in a bit too early!
  5. Apologies - missed it. "More important things" doesn't usually bother certain people on this forum! ;-)
  6. Yup - just had this one too! Not a coincidence obviously, but my earlier ones - BT, Netflix and now TV licencing - have all been sent to a "secret" email account/name that I use for a particular specific purpose...and that's what gives the game away in my case. Checked the pwned site for info - looks like it's the data breach 4/5 years ago on the 000webhost site...
  7. No mention of Prince Charles and the speed of his testing and result yet on the forum yet! I'm amazed!
  8. Gregg, the market boy on that BBC cookery show that seems to be on for hours every bloody night. If I heard "Go, go, go, go!" the way he shouts it, I think I'd be seriously tempted to chin him....
  9. We've had a long-tailed tit desperately trying to make babies with his/her own reflection in our kitchen window for four days now! Bless..... Rejection's an awful thing!
  10. Sorry, but is this meant to be helpful?! People like Duffems are trying to solve problems now - telling folk what you achieved 4 years ago isn't really any use, particularly when you add that new registrations aren't being actioned. It's a bit like saying that I had an absolutely stunning holiday in Senegambia a few years ago, but - oh dear! What a shame! You can't now! I'm glad you're safe and secure.
  11. Your number is no doubt correct, but we're talking about deliveries to aged/infirm/vulnerables here, not everyone in the UK.
  12. And Good Luck to you as well, squire! Incidentally, a bit of an update for you...and a bit of a backtrack from Sainsburys. To qualify, you now have to registered along the lines of vulnerability, not age. There's a slight change on their website stating that they are now acting in conjunction with this - https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus-extremely-vulnerable In other words, your mum can be any age you can think of, but if she's not suffering from one of the afflictions mentioned as you go through the gov.uk site, she's not classed as "vulnerable" in Sainsburys eyes...and therefore won't get preferential deliveries. Looks like you're up and down the M1 again, Duffems...sorry.
  13. Correct, matey - a totally ludicrous attempt at solving a large problem. One number, for the whole of the UK. They must've suspected what was going to happen - they should have at least given an email address as well. They wrote on their site "Tell us if we got it wrong". Yup - You got it wrong!
  14. Indeed it is. We already have an account with S's, and with 2 addresses tied to it - ours at home, and aged mother-in-law's. Where it all falls down is that they don't ask any (now) pertinent questions (age, physical condition, etc.) when you sign up initially, so as a consequence, our 93 year old has, to use their terminology, "slipped through the net". The only way to add the old dear to the "vulnerable" list is by ringing the 0800 number....and you know the rest!
  15. I've given up. They originally claimed there was going to be an online form on the site yesterday (Mon) morning, where you could advise them that X had slipped through the net....but the form never appeared. Been trying for 2 days on the sole 0800 number - must've tried literally 100's of times.
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