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  1. Should someone in reasonably high office who may one day be part of the Government be punished for drinking alcohol on Public Transport, where it has been deemed illegal to do so. I would say yes, pay the fine and eat humble pie. We are all equal in the eyes of the law, aren't we. Angel1.

    Can my neighbour alter my security light ?

    Why would any one want to light their property up from dawn to dusk, a bit daft if you ask me. Much better the motion sensor light which comes on when billy bobbins walks up to the property, much more likely to scare him off. As for a neighbour who would choose to illuminate my house from dawn till dusk, I would have a quiet word to try to resolve the matter, which is just common sense. If the light pollution persisted I would notify the Council and ask for their assistance in getting a reasonable result to my complaint. As it is a civil matter the Police would not take action of any kind I would guess. Probably too busy clearing London of the great unwashed any way. Angel1.

    Local remapping and EGR delete recommendations

    As REmaps are getting more and more popular it could prove a costly mistake if the Insurance company did check the engine map for its authenticity after a claim. If the original map is altered and not declared, no doubt they would not pay out. Angel1.

    Local remapping and EGR delete recommendations

    Yes I certainly did, my insurers were Adrian Flux who specialise in 4 x 4 insurance and the more oddball type of vehicles. https://www.adrianflux.co.uk/4x4/ They kindly sent me a revised insurance document listing the engine remap and underneath on the next line, Cost £0. They did not require any payment for making the changes either. They are a good company to deal with. Angel1.

    Climate change protests

    Thank God someone agrees with my description of these mucky looking buggers, Angel1.

    Climate Change thread

    It would give sting and geldoff summat else to campain for. It gives multi millionaires a good feeling preaching to the masses. Angel1.

    Climate change protests

    Time to play hardball with these fools, bring on Boris's water canon unless they were sold off. Give these unwashed fools a nice bath of cold water, it will probably do them good as most of them are an unkempt lot, whatever class they are. Angel1.
  8. Posted my vote and decided not to spoil my paper, only four candidates on it, 3 that I know, Labour, Tory and Libdems and one completely unknown to me The Yorkshire Party. Sadly even though it is a local election there was no mention of a Brexit Party. The unknown Yorkshire Party got my vote. Angel1.

    Climate change protests

    Just watched these clowns on the news, a good steam clean, a good haircut or hair do and some clean clothes and these folk would be back in the 21 st century. What a load of complete numpties is a generous description of them. Lets go back to horses to get about, tallow candles for light and horse apples for burning, then they would be happy I suppose. It has escaped these wazoks that we as a country make less than 1% of the planets pollution. Better if they spent time lobbying the real planet polluters, China, USA, India, Russian Federation, Japan and guess who, Germany. Angel1.
  10. Not at all, just an honest appraisal of how the EU dish out money. Which part of my post was gibberish do you think. I am not a Brextremist either, just a voter who chose to leave the EU rather than stay in its clutches, paying large amounts in and receiving little out. We have schools who need more money, we have a health service that needs more money, we pay our pensioners who have worked for 50 years a pittance of a pension. There are 3.5 million children allegedly growing up in poverty who could do with more money. Cold weather kills 20000 a year, many of them have to pick either heating or eating, they could do with more money. Charity should begin at home, not sponsoring the EU to spend our BILLIONS on their pet schemes. Angel1.
  11. You may be on the money, if you are talking of those who pay little in, but take a great deal out. As a regular visitor to the South of Ireland, their roads have benefited greatly from EU money (11 billion of our money each year) if you please. No doubt there are many other Countries who pay pepercorn momey in and are rewarded with swathes of EU money to fund God knows what schemes. Angel1.
  12. Not so, I have met her and she seems to be well informed. Angel1.

    Local remapping and EGR delete recommendations

    Cheers for the reply. Angel1.

    Youtuber Patrick Dickinson

    That's one interesting fellah, well done, well worth watching. Angel1.

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