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  1. Banjodeano, a honest question starting from scratch so to speak. In light of the result for Labour, in light of the number of honest Labour MP's who have now come out against Corbyn. Was this man, Corbyn, Prime Minister material in you opinion. I also realise that the Labour Party have a monster problem looming on the horizon, who to elect as next leader, a Corbyn clone like, Long Bailey, Abbott, Thornberry, Rayner or Starmer or a moderate sensible candidate like, Ashworth and - Angel1.
  2. No matter what is in Boris's deal to us now. Now Brexit is assured it's down to the elected Government to sort it out, get the best deal available and bring it home. Boris's landslide over the old geezer will strike terror into the EU, no longer can they ride roughshod over this Country as they have been doing. if they want our £38 billion they are going to have to talk turkey. Angel1.
  3. Very simple answer, red traffic light means stop, as per the Highway Code. Angel1.
  4. Maybe all those punks back in the day are now too embarrassed to admit it Nic. Angel1.
  5. Politically the landscape may have changed, but if Scotland does not have the brass and cannot meet EU legislation that would allow them to join, then it matters not what the political landscape is. Angel1
  6. Correct in every detail, she has more sense than some who imagine that Corbyn could deliver £58 billion out of fresh air. As she says, she has never had it, so it's not missed. Angel1.
  7. Nice to see that everyone of the dolts who left their Party's to join others, some more than once all are now on the dole. Karma has come home to roost. Every centrist MP who defected from Labour and the Tories looks to have lost their seat at the general election. Over a dozen parliamentarians left the two major parties, most citing Brexit or antisemitism. Some of the MPs stood as Liberal Democrats, others for the new party Change UK, and others as independents. The three most high-profile Lib Dem defectors – Chuka Umunna, Sam Gyimah and Lucinia Berger – failed to win their London target seats, as did the other defectors. in Altrincham and Sale West, former Labour MP Angela Smith came a distant third running as a Lib Dem, while former Tory Philip Lee came second in Wokingham. Sarah Wollaston lost to the Conservatives in Totnes. Among the remaining Change UK MPs, and despite hopes that their personal votes would help propel them over the line, Mike Gapes came a distant third in Ilford South, while Chris Leslie came fourth in Nottingham East with 3.6 per cent of the vote. In Broxtowe, Anna Soubry shed over 20,000 votes to come third behind Labour and the new Tory candidate, while other defectors such as Heidi Allen declined to stand. Angel1.
  8. The economy of Scotland had an estimated nominal gross domestic product (GDP) of £180 billion in 2018. Since the Acts of Union 1707, Scotland's economy has been closely aligned with the economy of the rest of the United Kingdom (UK) and England has historically been its main trading partner. Scotland still conducts the majority of its trade within the UK: in 2014, Scotland's exports totalled £76 billion, of which £48.5 billion (64%) was with constituent nations of the UK, £11.6 billion with the rest of the European Union (EU), and £15.2 billion with other parts of the world. A bit more digging gives this, "in the immediate aftermath of the EU Referendum (2016) the SNP reopened the issue of Scottish independence, arguing that since Scotland voted to remain, it should become independent and continue its membership of the EU. It's since become clear that automatic continuation would not be permitted, so Scotland would have to apply from scratch. However, any application would expose a fundamental problem - that its economy and public finances are in no fit state to join." Full Story Here. https://www.adamsmith.org/blog/why-scotland-cant-afford-the-eu So it looks like Scotland cannot afford to join the EU. Looks like the EU will not want Scotland either. These results from 2016, but things cannot have changed that much in 3 years surely. Angel1.
  9. Maybe, just maybe some folk who were not blind Labour followers and were WASPI women simply realized that £58 billion to pay them out which was totally uncosted by the way and NOT in their manifesto was just pie in the sky and undeliverable. Thank goodness not everyone was taken in by Corbyn's false promises, which could be describes as lies to gain 3m votes. ps, my missus is a WASPI, she did not vote for Labour either. Angel1.
  10. While I would prefer Scotland to remain as part of the United Kingdom, why would giving them a second bite of the cherry and maybe getting Independence be such a terrible thing for the rest of the Union. Even if it were to make Wales want to go the same way, have we the right to deny them the choice. I realize NI is different as it would entail the reunification of the Isle of Ireland which is very difficult territory. Angel1.
  11. Wish I was clever enough to have written that, absolutely 100% on the money, well said. I suspect the truth hurts, so don't expect many positive reply's. Angel1.
  12. She came over as a hectoring school mistress. The end, oh, and her end as well. Angel1.
  13. 1) Labour will allow Diane a free hand in doing the NHS accounts, problem solved. Billions and billions and billions will be pumped into it. At no cost to the voter. 2) Doubtful the labour shortage will be the main concern, the money to build the Hospitals and houses will be the main worry. 3) Diane may be able to do these books 2) as well as number 1), problem solved. Billions and billions and billions will be pumped into it. At no cost to the voter. Wow, solving the money problems we have is so easy to remedy, if you have a Diane in reserve. Angel1.
  14. Well done, that is the only way to protest, don't give them custom. More of us should do the same. Angel1.
  15. Agree 100%. At least he tried to defend himself, which failed dismally if you read the transcript or listen to the clip. Banter, never in a million years, just an honest view of Corbyn. Angel1.
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