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  1. And just to add petrol onto the fire, I always walk on the outside of my wife when we walk on a footpath (well I did when I could walk) and I always used give my seat up to a female, and would willingly open a door for a female and let them through first. In my naivety I always thought all men did this. But after reading this post I see I am in a minority. And we wonder why youth crime, stabbings and shootings are rife. This post describes exactly why. LACK OF ANY PARENTAL CONTROL. Just to add, "Manners Maketh the Man." Angel1.
  2. Man and woman argue, as they do and no doubt as they always will. Nothing to see here, just move on. As has been said, more important is his performance in his desire to be the PM of our Country. I think dire at best would be the word to describe it, that's when he appears on camera which is rare, very un Boris like. So we have a remoaner and a neutered Boris to choose from (if you are a member of the Tory Party only) to get us out of the corrupt EU. It's not looking good at present is it. Angel1.
  3. I agree, it's disgusting behavior. I would be having a word also. There may be places where effing and jeffing is ok, male only company maybe. But never in earshot of Ladies or children. Angel1
  4. What are the qualifications required to be President of the European Commission. I suppose they must be mighty impressive. Angel1.
  5. I think you might have the wrong forum whatsit, Top Cats Hat does you no justice, been an infant prodigy, maybe Einstein would be a better choice. Angel1
  6. Evidence of the above, if you have any. Angel1.
  7. The Police have looked into this case, there was no domestic violence, the Police are happy to leave it be. Nothing to see here, move on. Angel1.
  8. In your dreams only. If he did the only beneficiary would be the Brexit Party as Boris's opponent is a remainer at heart just like May. Angel1.
  9. Biggest problem with 'Tarn is the drug problem. Spice I believe is the drug of choice. I have to use the bank in Barnsley now our local bank has closed, and it's a real eye opener, folk laid comatose on the footpaths (bottom of market hill) with Police, First Responder and Ambulances , yes two of them in attendance just for druggies. The sight of these comatose individuals laid prostrate on the ground is a regular event, pictures are often shown on face ache book. The comments posted cannot be put on here for obvious reasons, language. So that rules out Barnsley for me, sorry 'tarn. Angel1.
  10. Quick query, that the fool Prescott did have an egg hit him, does that absolve him from any action regarding physically assaulting the egg thrower. By your reply I can only assume you think so. A very strange opinion if you don't mind me saying. Angel1.
  11. No "assault" took place. That's the big difference, as you say. Angel1 No, my view would remain the same. Angel1.
  12. So it's ok for a Labour Deputy Prime Minister to actually physically assault a member of the public on camera, but a Conservative member of the Government is not allowed to eject a protester by holding their neck from the rear and helping them outside of the room, and is subject by Labourites that he should be charged with assault. Double standards of the highest order here methinks. Regarding my defending him, simply because he did no wrong in any way. Why he apologised is a mystery to me, he deserved praise not criticism. Angel1
  13. Get a grip on reality. There was no "throat grabbing" as some report, the only grabbing was to the rear of the protesters neck as he bundled her out. Actions have consequences, the protester was in the wrong, and got what she deserved, throw out with very minimal "violence". As to the Field should face charges levied by the snowflakes, get a grip, no one was maimed for life, just a clown who was shown the door. I wonder if any of the flakes taking the protesters side here and "demanding" charges be brought against Field, demanded Prescott should be charged when he did actually assault the egg thrower. He launched a two fisted attack and landed punches on the guy. If I remember correctly, Prescott escaped any kind of a charge, and his actions were10 times worse than Fields ejection of the protester. Angel1.
  14. I didn't know I had intimated that the Labour activist was going to be the next PM. I simply posted to show that the Labour Party has its own idiots in its ranks. Angel1.
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