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  1. I have a 2 x 12 guitar speaker cabinet, both 8ohm speakers are wired in parallel to give a 4ohm load. I wanted to change the wiring so that both speakers worked independently on their jack sockets, each giving an 8ohm load. Having taken out the link between the two speakers so they do work now independently, expected to be able to plug into either of the jack sockets and just have one speaker working...........No. Both Speakers are still active despite the fact they have no link, I disabled one speaker by taking off its cable connection and tried that, but still both speakers were coming on. How can a speaker work when its got no signal going to it ? Has the title states:- I am totally confused.
  2. My wife and I now in our sixties were reminiscing about the times we use to go to the Top Rank Suite has teenagers on a Tuesday night, and all the good songs that had us freaking out on the dance floor - maybe some of you will remember these songs and be able to add your own favourites: Hickory Hollers Tramp We'll fly high in the sky (Amen Corner) Soul Finger The Clapping Song Wooley Bully
  3. So many good things about the 60's................................. I use to buy my clothes from Sexy Rexy's near Furnival Gate, remember buying a pair of black crushed velvet flared trousers that I use to wear with a 2 inch wide white belt, platform shoes with the soles and heels that high you could put scaffolding up to them and a granddad vest which was the fashion those days. Along came Austin Reeds at the opposite side of the road selling mod gear, I'd buy bits and bobs from them then go to Burtons at the top of Dixon Lane to get a double breasted suit on the tick.....I was kitted out then has a Mod. The groups at that time were marvellous - I cannot say who my favourite group was, has there were so many: Small Faces, Dave Clarke 5, Hollies, The Beatles to name just a few. A few people on here have mentioned a 'Special Song' - San Francisco - one of my favourites was 'Monday Monday' by The Mama's and papa's.
  4. In response to what Halibut said about me being daft in my being annoyed....... If they had given me £10 for the pedal I would have been satisfied with that and they would have still made 100% profit on the resale. Secondly, I read on their site that items put for part exchange against other items would command a better price, that's why I took the pedal in the first place to try and get a reduction in the item I intended purchasing - if I had just took the pedal to sell it instead of putting it in part exchange they would have probably still given me £5 for it..........................still think its a fair deal ? The pedal I sold is a popular make of pedal and I know for definite they wouldn't have any problem in selling it. If the pedal didn't have its original packaging, instructions and shown signs of wear, I can understand their reluctance to give me more for it, but the pedal had hardly been used and was has I've said already 'AS NEW' Regarding trying to sell anything on here, theirs more chance of Nelson getting his eye back......all you get on here is either Timewasters or people who bicker about the price the item is advertised for !
  5. Thursday 21st March, I put a guitar effects pedal ( had little use and was packaged as new ) in part exchange against an amplifier I was going to purchase from a local music store, I was offered £5......Yes £5 for the pedal and although reluctant to accept this did so because I wouldn't be using it anymore having purchased a better model. Whilst browsing the music store's secondhand stock, saw the pedal I had sold them and been offered £5......it was offered for sale at £19. It annoyed me that they had offered it for sale at almost 200% profit - I understand that they are in business to make money, but at 200% profit ........not very fair is it ? Would you be annoyed ?
  6. Hobbing Foot: I've still got one and still use it to repair my wife's shoes and my own. Got a bit fed up taking my boots to place like Timpsons to have the soles replaced at a cost more than the boots were to buy, having the soles replaced and the boots heeled was looking at a £27 price tag. Ordered the soles and heels off Amazon did the job myself at a cost of about £11. Don't think it takes that much skill in using the hobbing foot.....all it is, is an extra pair of hands to hold the shoe in position whilst its being repaired.
  7. Every time I check the emails in my inbox I find I'm getting up to 20 spam messages, most of which are relating to Bitcoin or Meet Asian women. How do I prevent these messages from arriving at my computer ( in simple terms ). My ISP is Virgin Media, I have tried checking different boxes as to where to send the messages to but to no avail. In settings Virgin Media ask you to give the name and address of the sender, without opening any of these messages and risk getting a virus or whatever, how do I block these messages from coming through - I'm on the computer twice a day and each time I have this problem with a load of spam messages. Not being a computer person I don't know if this helps but I running Windows 7 SP1
  8. Way back in May of this year ( 2018 ) I had a professional gardener visit my home to cut down and remove a bush that had grown between a stone wall and my garden fence. The bush had grown to an approximate height of 8 feet and covered an area of approximately 20 feet in length, thick roots had made their way under the fence and into the garden and above the surface of the lawn. The bush was cut down and taken away, but before the gardener took it away, he hammered two copper plugs into the top of the newly cut off stump - copper plugs being of 25mm diameter by approximately 13mm in depth. He told my wife and I, this would kill off the stump but would take a few months to do so. Very recently, I have noticed new shoots growing off the stump and have removed them, I have asked at gardening centres if copper does kill off stumps - some have said Yes and other's have said No. Apart from chemical that are available to kill off the stump, I have read that Epsom Salt or Rock Salt if poured into drilled holes in the stump will kill the roots off - advice welcomed please.
  9. Remembering things my grandma use to say.................. Have you heard of these: San Pisall.........meaning: to strike someone. Soft brasened........meaning: being cheeky in either the way younger people address the older generation / or in the way they conduct themselves.
  10. No the body is not removed from the coffin..... 30 odd years ago, whilst employed with an electrical contractor we had a contract to do some work at City Road Crematorium, me and my mate were working in the crematoria and whilst in there saw the bloke operating the furnace waiting for the coffin to arrive from the rollers as the curtain shut. As soon as the coffin appeared, it was pushed into the furnace, the door closed and the gas taps turned on and ignited.......after a few minutes, the operator would shove a long metal pole ( 3 - 4 metres in length ) through an hole in the furnace door to break up the skeleton.
  11. As a young lad during the mid 1950's, I would be playing out in the street with my mates and when getting close to dinner time my nan would call me in, she would have just taken the roast beef joint from out of the oven and wiped a thick slice of bread around the inside of the meat tin to give me, before sitting down to our Sunday dinner. Whilst having our dinner, the radio would be on and we would listen to Billy Cotton's Band Show, then after dinner sit round the telly ( a very basic one with just two knobs on it - one to change the channel and the other to turn off / on and volume) to watch films like: Old Mother Riley, The Dream Of Olwyn, Legend Of The Glass Mountain. Times were a lot simpler then and a lot better than today !
  12. Thought I would treat myself to some Kentucky Fried Chicken today (5th April 2018 ), went to the local one and was in the process of ordering my usual meal, which includes 2 portions of large fries - we don't do large anymore I was told. How big are the normal bags and how much per bag......99 pence I was told. Now I'm not exaggerating, but you would be lucky to get more than 10 fries in that small bag so to get anywhere near the number of fries I use to get in the two large bags, I would have to buy at least 4 x small ones: cost £3-96 ( that's just for the fries ) - told them to cancel the order and I walked out. At my local fish and chip shop, I can get a bag of chips for £1.20 and there's that many you can't eat them all and have to throw some away. Shame I won't be having any KFC again......but I'm not paying those prices ! There's no listing or advertisement over the back of the counter has there use to be either showing extra portions that are available.
  13. My wife and I go to the Moor Market once a month for our monthly supply of fresh meat from our butcher, then into the Poundland, Sainsbury's and Boots. If anyone knows of a carpark whether it be an indoor one or outdoor one that is close by to this area, reasonably priced and you can pay by coins, it would be appreciated it you would let me know, has we don't really fancy taking the bus - but, if this is what's required in having to avoid paying extortionate prices to park our car for a couple of hours or so, then we will be taking the bus.
  14. Saturday 10th March 2018, went with my wife food shopping in the city centre and as usual parked our car in the Q Park at the bottom of Dixon Lane. On entering, saw notices had been put up stating: Payment by card only That in itself is bad enough - what happens if you have entered the carpark and forgot to take your credit/debit card with you, there's no attendant on duty........you can't get out ! My wife and I go in town once a month and always park in this carpark - although it goes through me to do so, has we find the cost of parking there increases Every Month. On the 10th March, when we came to pay at the machine with our card, whereas last month it was £6.00 for up to 3hrs parking, it was now £7.00. I hate using the bus, but will be doing so in future......a lot cheaper.
  15. My wife and I have two set top boxes supplied by Virgin Media - both of which have an 100% strong signal, one set top box controls a television in our dining room and the other set top box controls the television in the lounge. Both Televisions are of good quality and were not cheap models. The problem channels affected by out of sync subtitles are other than: BBC1, BBC2, ITV, CH4 and CH5. Since placing this posting, I have found some info out having googled the problem and it appears that Offcom have had numerous complaints about this problem over the past 3 years and have been in contact with the people whi put the programs out.
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