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  1. slotter47

    Company Sports Clubs

    Jubilee Sports on Claywheels Lane,got a crate of beer in the changing room.
  2. slotter47

    Company Sports Clubs

    Hi Hibbsy,played for Handsworth St Josephs cricket team originally in High Hazels park but then moved to Dormer Tools ground at Jordanthorpe,which later became Boundary Club and then moved to Davys ground Prince of Wales Rd.
  3. slotter47

    Millhouses swimming pool in the 60's

    You did and got a rubber band with the number on it.
  4. Remember this before the lido when the water was cold and dark straight from the hills and the deep end was deep.
  5. slotter47

    Anyone play football for Club 62

    Hi Hibbsy,some fond memories of those matches on Handsworth rec. an old mate off the Ballifield,John Bingham,lives in Canada at Gravenhurst ON,he posts on here as Joe Bloggs,who would we know you as?
  6. slotter47

    Geoff Young, Club 62

    Hi Geoff,Pete Carr here "Slotter" good to hear from you I posted some time ago asking for lads who played for Club 62 and got some replies you could look at ,happy days.
  7. slotter47

    Brown & Tawse friends?

    Hi guys,worked in the sales office mid 70s with Jack Watson,Philip Winfield,Pete Rice,Madge on stock control....happy days.
  8. slotter47

    Sheffield sportsgrounds.

    A few of the grounds I played cricket on were Brown Bayleys on Olivers Mount,BSC,Aurora,Phoenix on Bawtry Rd,Dormer Tools later Boundary Club at Jordanthorpe,Civil Service Ecclesfield,Davy Loewy Darnall all great venues.
  9. Remember when the major steel firms,and others,all had a great sportsground.
  10. slotter47

    Anyone play football for Club 62

    Hi mate,thanks for the photos brings back some great memories and good to catch up on what happened to you.Still in touch with a few of the lads still in the area,only thinking about the team the other day as they are demolishing Woodhouse Mill WMC where we used to change,all in the name of progress.Seem to remember Ernest Booth had a spell at centre forward and scored a hatful,think we all remember the lads from any team sport we played,special times.
  11. Norfolk Arms,Ringinglow.....Roundhouse and we all know the Mucky Duck.
  12. High Storrs 1958-1963,picts,saxons,normans,spartans,jutes and others if anyone can remember.
  13. slotter47

    A teenager in the 60's.

    Great stories guys,Padders who do I know you as ?
  14. slotter47

    A teenager in the 60's.

    Great to hear your stories,i'm sure we all look back on those times with selective memories but it was special and we had proper childhoods without modern technology when we just went out and played.As teenagers we had a few bob to go out on and joined that music scene that will never be repeated,i'm off to Whitby tomorrow for a 60's weekend who would have thought these groups,although not all original members,would still be earning a crust.
  15. slotter47

    A teenager in the 60's.

    Hi Jack,good to keep in touch,they say we've all got a book in us,best of luck with yours.

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