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  1. Worked opposite early 70s at BSC Tubes Div,mate in office married Thelma who worked in brickworks office having seen her walking to and from work.
  2. My first few years were at 91 Helen Rd where my parents lived with my mums parents Bill and Lillian Shepherd until we moved to the newly built Ballifield estate in the early 50s.
  3. Has anyone found the Yorkshire accent a disadvantage or taken as someone living in the real world?
  4. Have you ever gone back to your old house or neighbourhood just to take in the nostalgia ?
  5. That was another interesting aspect to the journey,i think Wards had some connection to the Rootes Group and so we were given new Hillman Imps,at 6ft3ins it was quite cramped as you can imagine.
  6. Worked in the team of site supervisers involved in reclaiming materials from the railway branch lines closed under the beeching plan in the 60s.I was given Devon and Cornwall,quite a journey in those days,drove down the fosse way to the southwest.
  7. Worked at Record Ridgway,used it as a route home to avoid Parkway at rush hour.
  8. Remember in a pre test lesson I was busy changing gear and giving a hand signal when the instructer commented "it might be a good idea if at least one hand was on the steering wheel".
  9. Any memories of the brick works on Rutland Road.
  10. Mine was Stewart and Stewart armed with a list sent of all the requirements on top of the main uniform eg. house sports shirt,craft apron etc. and name tags to be made.It's only later you realise the expense put on our parents to give us a good education.
  11. Do you remember going for your school uniform and where you got it from back in the 50s/60s.
  12. Been going to Whitby 60s weekend for 10 years now,it's when we all get nostalgic and think we're 19 again until we try and climb the abbey steps.
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