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  1. But her daughter is not paying any rent, therefore is her daughter technically sub-letting? There is probably no tenancy agreement or contract of any kind and money has never changed hands. It is just a member of the family, flat sitting temporarily.
  2. Well that's cleared that up. Thank you Jeffrey.
  3. I rang planning today. Even though planning lapsed only three weeks ago, all plans have to be re - submitted. Even then, there is no guarantee you will get planning again. Laws have changed in the interim, other buildings have been erected and planning for other buildings may be in the pipeline. However, it sold at auction from £33K to £155k.
  4. I know this, but why a 999 year leasehold, why not a normal 125 years?
  5. It's odd because the Citizens advice website states that planning permission can last 5 years!
  6. 🤔 Now I am confused. So this must be why leaseholders in flats, sometimes have the opportunity to purchase the freehold, after so many years.
  7. I don't know who originally classes a property as one or the other, just that it makes a big difference when purchasing property. It surprises me how common it is for houses in Sheffield to be leasehold!
  8. Yes, I may just ring planning out of curiosity. I discovered today that the roof space was in the auction last year while planning was still valid, so I don't understand why they allowed it to lapse. By Re-submitting it, to get planning, it would be worth far more.
  9. If a 999 lease is classed as freehold, why isn't it just called freehold? What is the difference? Also, if you have a 999 year lease, why does the 'official copy of register of title,' include all other leasehold properties which are in the same building?
  10. Well, I wondered if there was any exceptions for planning that had only lapsed for a short period. In other words is it common for councils to extend planning permission under such circumstances, rather than go through the whole process from scratch? Re. Retrospective planning, why would such laws exist if they weren't to be used? Especially in this case when planning only lapsed a month ago!!!
  11. The planning permission only lapsed last month, but is it possible to have pp extended? Could there be any repurcussions or reasons for the Council to object, if the same plans were submitted, albeit the original plans have lapsed? ... Or could work still go ahead, then apply for retrospective planning permission?
  12. Thanks for that link Jeffrey, it provided me with the original price of the land for just a £3 fee.
  13. How can I find out the price the previous owner paid for land, when the auction legal pack has blanked out this information?
  14. Down South, you wouldn't even have a choice, let alone Gravy.
  15. What makes any cake moist is more oil/butter. The more oil, the moister the cake. One other tip, buy a coconut and grate it. Once you've tasted fresh coconut, you will never go back to desiccated.
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