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  1. Some people never wear a vest but it makes a big difference in this weather, because its a thin layer of fabric right next to your skin.
  2. Yes, but how long was the leasehold for, and if it was a short leasehold, you would find it very difficult to sell, and possibly to a cash buyer only, paying less than you paid for it.
  3. Life would be so much easier, for both parties.
  4. It's unheard of down south to have a leasehold house, so why is it more common up north?
  5. If you only put one central heating radiator on in your property, would that reduce your bill, compared to if you had all your radiators on? Surely if the water is running through your pipes at a certain temperature, why should it cost more to have the other radiators on?
  6. I ask because Auction houses & Estate agents also ask for passport or driver's licence if you purchase a cash property, despite the fact that you have your own solicitor who would have all your ID details.
  7. If you don't have a passport or it is out of date, and you don't have a driving licence, what other form of ID would be acceptable to purchase a property?
  8. I used to leave off but now leave low. What do you do?
  9. I provided the full address on the HMRC website. But it says property details incorrect/not enough information. The property is a leasehold maisonette built in 1970. But because it is leasehold, would that preclude the website from providing the leaseholder's details?
  10. I find red too sweet for a bacon sandwich.
  11. Tangy brown for me and must be HP.
  12. Well the house is freehold, & worth 200k. The person to whom it will be gifted has no property or savings. Will that person have to pay CGT if they sell in a year or so, as it is their only property?
  13. Can you transfer property to someone if money does not change hands, and when such transfers do take place, are SDLT or any other charges still payable?
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