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  1. If a seller dismisses his solicitor due to incompetence, could the vendor personally take charge of the solicitor's work (providing he was capable), and most important of all, would the buyer's solicitor be duty bound to accept this and any correspondence between vendor and the buyer's solicitor? I ask because I have known a buyer's solicitor to completey ignore the vendor's instructions that they have dismissed their solicitor, and the buyer's solicitor has continued corresponding with the vendor's solicitor re. the sale of that property, regardless!
  2. Whether someone has a mortgage or has paid in full, is it possible to arrange for a charge to go on the deeds of someone's property if they owe you a substantial sum of money? Also, how is this done, do you need a solicitor or do you have to go to court?
  3. What if you are a student and you live in an HMO that states your rent is inclusive of CT, are you still expected to pay the inclusive rent or can you demand the landlord reduce the CT from the rent? The actual CT bill is addressed to and paid by the landlord.
  4. Better still, there's a whole hour on this very question, during the last hour of this phone-in, on the brilliant James O Brien show, this morning. You can podcast it for free. Oh, and the radio presenter, went to a posh fee paying school. https://www.lbc.co.uk/radio/presenters/james-obrien/
  5. This photo in this link and this analysis from a caller, tells you the real reason why he's been alleviated. And to think this was two years ago, to chief whip, so well before he got his knighthood. Look what's on his desk in the photo! https://amp.lbc.co.uk/radio/presenters/james-obrien/gavin-williamson-whip-on-his-desk/
  6. Royal protection officer talks of the selfishness of Prince Andrew. 2.49 mins
  7. The minimum price set by auctioneers is £50,000, but it is expected to go for more as it was bought for £103,500 in May 2017. In other words the guide price is just to get you through the doors.
  8. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/feb/17/londons-smallest-microflat-up-for-sale-at-50000-for-7-square-metres
  9. This has been very useful, thank you Jeffrey.
  10. When a tenant refers the landlord's 'proposed' rent increase to the Rent Tribunal, can the landlord legally, retrospectively charge the tenant the 'proposed' rent in the interim, or does the landlord have to wait until the Tribunal make their decision?
  11. Why don't they just exhume the victims bodies and do a retrospective DNA on them and compare it to the suspects?
  12. You forgot to mention this property which is solely his. Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, has found a buyer for his luxury Swiss ski chalet, after settling a £6.6m debt on the Verbier property to help fund his alleged sex abuse case, i has learned. It is understood that the buyer has agreed to buy the chalet for roughly £17.5m and is proceeding towards completion.
  13. Err, have you ever thought of doing your own homework, by googling what he said?
  14. Unbelievable, the man who cast aspersions upon the dead at Granfell Tower.
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