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  1. Why don't they just exhume the victims bodies and do a retrospective DNA on them and compare it to the suspects?
  2. You forgot to mention this property which is solely his. Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, has found a buyer for his luxury Swiss ski chalet, after settling a £6.6m debt on the Verbier property to help fund his alleged sex abuse case, i has learned. It is understood that the buyer has agreed to buy the chalet for roughly £17.5m and is proceeding towards completion.
  3. Err, have you ever thought of doing your own homework, by googling what he said?
  4. Unbelievable, the man who cast aspersions upon the dead at Granfell Tower.
  5. Jacob Rees Smugg!!! Now I know you're joking. 🙄
  6. In this cold weather, do you leave your central heating on low, throughout the night and at what temperature?
  7. Great, we've organised a party.😀
  8. Does your reponse apply to those life-long Tory supporters who have now disowned him? It's to do with the morals of the man, not Right or Left politics. Oh, and I think you meant black shirts for Italian fascists and brown shirts for Mosely's British fascists. 😊
  9. We've had 'clap for carers,' so why not 'Boo for Boris nights, on Thursday at 7pm?
  10. If an Assured tenant or 1977 Rent Act tenant, discovers the landlord's EPC is grade 'E', meaning the property should not be let. Knowing this, could an unscrupulous landlord use this as grounds to evict the tenant, or would the landlord just be forced to bring the property up to a decent standard by the local council?
  11. Thank you both for your replies, especially re . the issue of the undertaking. That important point has answered my question.
  12. If a seller's solicitor can't be bothered to claim £500 owed for his client from the buyers solicitor, can the client claim back the money from the buyers solicitor instead?
  13. Really? Which room are these tiles in? Can you send a photo of the type you are looking for?
  14. At Auction, the vendor is hardly going to volunteer information when trying to off- load a dodgy property. However, I'm surprised Caveat Emptor applies to even non auction properties which requires far more stringent checks by the Buyer's solicitor.
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