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  1. Thank you both for your replies, especially re . the issue of the undertaking. That important point has answered my question.
  2. If a seller's solicitor can't be bothered to claim £500 owed for his client from the buyers solicitor, can the client claim back the money from the buyers solicitor instead?
  3. Really? Which room are these tiles in? Can you send a photo of the type you are looking for?
  4. At Auction, the vendor is hardly going to volunteer information when trying to off- load a dodgy property. However, I'm surprised Caveat Emptor applies to even non auction properties which requires far more stringent checks by the Buyer's solicitor.
  5. Again, this is for a cladding thread, however, prior to Grenville, the issue of cladding was purely under the pretext of improving properties by preventing draughts and making the flats look aesthetically better externally. Why would leaseholders consult their solicitor's over something which gave the impression of improving their property?
  6. I think the issue of cladding is for an entirely separate thread.
  7. Believe it or not, one of the presenter's from 'Homes under the hammer!!! " Yes, one of the presenter's. 🙄 Unbelievable. https://ascotmortgages.co.uk/blog/home-hammer-presenter-not-follow-house-buying-advice/#:~:text=One of the presenters of,of the property auction trade.span widgetspan widgetpan widgetspan widget
  8. 'Sexy beast' starring Ray Winstone and Ben Kingsley. Ben plays the best psycho ever. To think this film was actually based on real life characters.
  9. I wondered if anyone has had a PIP telephone assessment and what their experience of it was?
  10. Does 'Caveat emptor' only apply to auction properties, whether viewed or not? Some buyers could buy an auction property not knowing who the tenants are or when they last paid their rent, or if there are squatters in the property, or even if there are any keys. A ceiling may even collapse after purchase. Does it matter if this information isn't revealed in the auction legal pack? This can't happen to normal house buying so WHY only auction properties? Surely you would expect some redress, even from a safety point of view?
  11. Believe it or not, it really isn't that uncommon for councils, not to know just how many properties they own.
  12. But, would it make any difference if the landlord decided to live in the property himself? Could he just issue the tenant with a section 8, requiring the tenant to leave, despite T being a sitting tenant?
  13. But no doubt, the statue of limitation act, will only require the resident to pay only six years of the twelve years council tax.
  14. If a squatter, claims ownership of a council property after twelve years, and provides proof through utility bills, would he also, have to pay twelve years backdated Council tax?
  15. If a tenant has been issued with all the relevant paperwork to leave the property, but still refuses to go, is it illegal for a landlord not to repair or buy, a new boiler? My argument is, that if the gas safety engineer is given access, then disconnects the boiler, why should the landlord have it repaired or buy another boiler, for a tenant that shouldn't be in the property?
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