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  1. stpetre, I am in full agreement with your late dad,I saw Tommy Lawton play, an old fashioned bustling centre forward, and remember in those days it was heading the leather ball. fond memories
  2. Many years ago I was in the company of some police officers and the subject of police dramas on TV came up and what was the worst and the answers were unanimous "A Touch of Frost" and they all agreed David Jason was too small for the part of a policeman
  3. The Glossop Road Baths used to close in the winter, the large swimming pool had a floor put in over the pool and dances were held not just tea dances but evening dances too, particular Saturday nights which were well patronised this would be around the late forties.
  4. Wow, what memories, I first started having my haircut at Toms when I was demobbed from the RAF in 1950 after National Service, and I decided after two years of RAF haircuts, one style fitted all; especially when it was CO's parade. So went I to Tom's for a decent haircut, what a change, seven chairs all smart barbers, bright and airy, clean floor, wonderful. All my workmates could not believe me "Afe a crown for haircut, tha must be barmy" when they were satisfied with the back street barber, wreathed in cigarette smoke, ankle deep in hair cuttings, and yes again one style fitted all, short back and sides, probably nine pence or a shilling, old money of course As has been stated on entering one was give a raffle ticket and you waited until your number was called, if you wanted a certain barber you said "Waiting" and it was ascertained who you were waiting for. Of the seven barbers I remember the Orio brothers, Arthur Holmes, and of course Steve, and I think his name was Bdjala, and he was the top stylist, always plenty "Waiting" for Steve and the latest styles, the D A for one. When you had a shave it was with all the trimmings, cut throat razor, hot towel, face massage and fancy after shave, wonderful, incidentally being shaved with a cut throat is the ultimate shave. At that time John Spitzer manager of the Empire theatre was a regular customer, and if you were waiting for his barber you had a long wait because he always had the full treatment. When John Fantham opened his salon on Division St and Steve went with him and so did I. Nowadays it is the norm to have nice barbers ,unisex, and excellent, but in those days they were a luxury. Oh yes I remember Toms very well
  5. Have look round for any specialist collectors of this type of thing, some time ago I discovered a Sheffield Wednesday programme left to me by my grandfather, for the first game 1929/30 season and asked around if it was worth anything and someone who claimed to be knowledgeable about these things told "About £30 quid" so I looked around and a dealer said he had a collector who would pay £200 pounds for this programme, and he did. I know football programmes are highly collectable So be patient and see what you can find.
  6. Many years ago I lived within the area close to the Somme Barracks and there were commemorative plaques on the walls, and as I do not live in Sheffield now on a recent visit I passed the Barracks and noticed the plaques had gone and the places plastered over. Does anyone know what happened to those missing plaques?
  7. Have a look at the website The Fellowship of the Services it's all on there
  8. Sailing Close To The Wind, Reminiscences by Dennis Skinner. Brilliant!, informative, autobiographical, humorous, a down to earth story of the life of a marvellous MP. Highly recommended
  9. All this talk of St Silas cubs, does anyone remember when Joy Senior was Akela?
  10. I have some very happy memories of the shows at the Empire, queuing for hours to get into the "Gods" to see Laurel and Hardy, what a memory, also a double act Ted Andrews and Barbara, who as part of their act, introduced their teenage daughter, think about it, Andrews. teenage daughter, add the name Julie and what do you get? another well remembered double act were two young men who had a song, dance and comedy act whose work on the halls brought a very wonderful reward a few years later, yes Morecambe and Wise I and my late sister went to the Empire for many years, up in the gods seeing many acts and entertainers and some who would become very famous over the years. Wonderful memories
  11. When I was demobbed in April 1950 after National Service in the RAF the price of a pint was, hold your breath boys! one shilling, but having said that my wages were three pounds seventeen and sixpence.
  12. We are in Turkey at the moment and enjoying a lovely time as we have done for many years and there is no sign of any trouble, concern or mention of possible fall out from outside sources. After over 20 years of holidays here we have many Turkish friends,yes the staff of restaurants can be very persistent in wanting your custom, in many cases we have found this gives way to humour and jokes when passing them regularly, the Turkish people are friendly and sincere. Do not be afraid to holiday in Turkey, the only advice we would give is choose a resort more on the less commercial side,and do, do, try and see the many wonderful things to be seen here.
  13. As Jimmy Greaves said years ago "It's a funny old game"
  14. Sorry Willybite I think your memory is playing tricks. there was a barbers called Percy's just round the corner of the bottom of Aberdeen St on BroomHall St, I know because my dad took me there when I was about 5 years old. I am not certain but I think Springfield School is now a protected building, what I do know is two or three years ago I wrote to see if I could have look round, explaining my connection, and my wife and I spent a wonderful morning with one of the teachers as our guide looking round the school which has changed very little over the years and our guide was delighted to hear my memories, and showed me records of myself and sister Joy, a lovely experience . Joy is a widow now and was 80 years old last September, and gave up being Akela at St Silas cubs when she was married. Mention of Scouting and the Reverend Haythornewaite is worth mentioning he was very enthusiastic about scouting and the church always had a very active Cub and Scout Group, and I along with my best pal in those days, the late Kenneth(Curly) Wild were cubs, then Scouts together, and of course the Group had a band, and Ken wanted to play the bugle, and nearly busted a gut learning to play, and he did, taking his place in the band. I remember Dr Ainscow well and his predecessor was a Dr Bradbury, who was well known for his care and attention, and probably saved my life. I developed a very sore throat and Dr Badbury lived on the premises on Clark St, still there, and my dad took me to see him, knocking on his door on a Bank Holiday morning, yes that happened in those days, and I was diagnosed with Diphtheria, a killer in those days, and whipped into Lodge Moor smartish, and my parents were told the Dr's prompt action probably prevented the disease from getting very serious and probably saved my life. Reading of all those names and places brought back many happy happy memories, anyone remember Pinders the Bakers just above St Silas church hall? Albert Pinder was a Master Baker and people came from all over the district for his bread, cakes. and pastries. I am now searching my memory and will probably come back with more.
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