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  1. The usual tactics for a university faced with budgetary problems (in this case paying over the odds to lecturers) is to cut back on support staff. So whilst a limited number of staff with an over inflated sense of their own self importance get a pay increase others loose their jobs and then the lecturers complain that they are then expected to increase their admin workload to cover those cutbacks then want more money to do this etc
  2. Without students it would not be a teaching establishment and would therefore cease to exist. If the "lecturers" stopped lecturing then they would not be lecturers but researchers and would be working in a research establishment paid for by research funding. If they dont want to teach then surely they should leave the universities?
  3. I DID answer the question, it just wasnt the answer you wanted. Sorry mate. when you resort to attempting to use insults to win an argument youve lost. Still, if it helps your ego, go ahead i can take it
  4. I answered you, the fact that you dont like the answer is not my problem its yours. Dont like an answer, dont ask the question
  5. Because there is more of them? Its a thing in life that the balance is towards the majority
  6. Are we talking different roads here? I am looking at the one that closest fits that picture. Which road was the truck going into?
  7. Here is the junction on Google https://www.google.com/maps/@53.3876378,-1.4752092,3a,75y,316.39h,72.11t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sYGi5p2CnWb0l_2z7hJNtMw!2e0!7i16384!8i8192!5m1!1e1 To me that looks like a perfectly acceptable and legitimate left turn. Are you saying that under the restrictions that that left turn would no longer have been available?
  8. Is the claim being made that if the restrictions were still in place then the cement truck would NOT have been turning left? I am assuming that it was turning left for a reason not just for the heck of it?
  9. I must admit that it struck me as a bit strange that she is supposed to be living in a refugee camp where everyone is below the poverty line and yet there she is, sunglasses on top of the head, smart clothes, looking decent. Just like she has been dropped in from martinis round the pool with the jet set Hard to believe her im afraid
  10. Ahh, a tick box exercise, thats OK then, im sure that fixed him!!! Oh, hang on.....
  11. I always thought that pavements were for cyclists who were scared of the road and dont give a damn about pedestrians Lets not start on the sodding electric scooters!!!!
  12. As it says at the bottom POSTS ON THIS FORUM ARE NOT ACTIVELY MONITORED. Enough said
  13. Its a programme on the Sky Arts channel. Sky are probably paying for the ad
  14. There are ads at the top, ads on the side and ads at the bottom. Now the ads at the bottom are getting covered by the extra pop up ads!!!! Soon the entire page will be one mass of ads, somewhat like the Star webpage
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