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  1. Shock, horror, software company expects its customers to pay for software!!!!
  2. Looked at the link, it seems it sets off to Brid on Friday at 1800, arriving 2000 and returns Sunday at 1600, arriving 2000. Begs the obvious question - why does it take twice as long to get back as going???
  3. Sounds like some bored jobsworth trying to justify their worthless existence. Ask to get it in writing from a named individual so when they complain your niece isnt in school you have a paper trail
  4. I am not aware that anyone is saying there is any extra advantage when you are in an urban environment and you know where you are. What we ARE saying that when you are in the middle of nowhere and all you can see are empty fields this method would be a tad more advantageous then telling the services you are in a field god knows where!!! If the emergency services are saying that it is useful and that they would like us to start having it available on our mobile devices then I think I might take their advice a tad more seriously than someone on an internet forum, otherwise next thing I know is that I will start thinking not vaccinating kids is a sound move!!!
  5. There is a tutorial in excel 2016 that is easy to follow
  6. They are simple words, for instance in the middle of Glen Howe Park, a large wooded area, one location is rests.goats.learn Good luck trying to guide them to that location!!!
  7. But would they have helped the emergency services getting to you??
  8. https://www.ippr.org/news-and-media/press-releases/new-transport-figures-reveal-north-to-receive-indefensible-2-555-less-per-person-than-london
  9. The problem you have there is that we are not London. London is where all the money tends to be spent, to such an extent that they are dreaming up schemes to spend it on.
  10. We do, but thankfully what we DONT have is a second amendment that allows the violence to reach such extremes. These common massacres are just the tip of the iceberg, dont forget the number of one off shootings that are just the normal routine in the land of the loon
  11. The ones who are REALLY to blame are the NRA. They are the ones that are obsessed with the damn things. There isnt a knife equivalent
  12. Way to go, roll out the irrelevant comparison. Americans kill Americans, lets ban Americans, Sharks kill Americans, lets ban sharks Lets guess what can be ACTUALLY banned that are not needed
  13. To be fair, they DID get local opinion, its just that it was all the SCC spending thousands saying that they wanted it in the city, despite ignoring the obvious point that Meadowhall IS in the city, just not the centre. All the infrastructure to support it was already in place at Meadowhall but the people of Dore didnt want to slum it
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