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  1. Sporting would be if the fox had an equal opportunity to chase down and rip apart the dogs, horses and humans. Does it have that by any chance?? Sporting would be both sides being equal Does the cowardly human run after the fox on his own??
  2. To determine the success of the project some form of measurement of increased use by cyclists must be in place?? Or are they just using increased travel times as a basis of success??
  3. I was going on your claim to be wheeling, still I will let that slide. Up 5% eh. can you give the link to that report?
  4. I know that I am starting to sound like a broken record now but as none of the pro-cycle lane posters can be bothered to answer. Just how many MORE cyclists have started to use this route?? Is the lack of answer simply because there has been NO increase, or even, god forbid, a DECREASE????
  5. Go on, I know this is a troll, but I'll bite. Increased number of people cycling? So exactly how many MORE people are cycling on Shalesmoor now?? Will they still be doing it come December??
  6. Well what a surprise!! So, no one but themselves to blame for the complete pigs ear they have produced
  7. There I was, sitting in the traffic jam that is now Shalesmoor Road, hoping one day to get to Hillsborough, and I saw a cyclist!!!!! Yes, really a CYCLIST!!! It was on the other side of the road, also heading out of town. Was it on the cycle lane (all be it heading the wrong way)? Nope, it was on the pavement, of course it was, it was a cyclist. So thats money well spent then isnt it, one cyclist, on the pavement, on the wrong side of the road, going the wrong way
  8. So, having asked this question many times with no answer I suppose its pointless asking again. But here goes. How many more cyclists are using this route now its "safe"? Hundreds, tens, a couple? Or has it actually gone down??
  9. The emergency was that the council wanted to waste a load of money on something stupid and when they threw a dart at the map thats where it landed
  10. Good grief!! Of course not!!! Thats not the council way. Dont let facts get in the way of a stupid idea
  11. Theres one thing for certain, they will never be impeded by cyclists in that lane, be damn lucky to actually SEE one!!!!
  12. Its been mentioned that yet again there were NO cycles in the cycle lane. Now we were promised that there would be a massive increase n cycle use now that that lane has been created. Where are they, surely this claim wasnt a lie????
  13. But you are forgetting that bikes are wonderful, they are fantastic they are the solution to all known problems. But.....They dont use Shalesmoor road despite us being told by the cycle apologists that there would be hundreds using it from all over the north of England
  14. Obviously the fact that a previously 2 lane road was made a 1 lane road with an empty unused cycle lane next to it was purely coincidental
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