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  1. I always thought that pavements were for cyclists who were scared of the road and dont give a damn about pedestrians Lets not start on the sodding electric scooters!!!!
  2. As it says at the bottom POSTS ON THIS FORUM ARE NOT ACTIVELY MONITORED. Enough said
  3. Its a programme on the Sky Arts channel. Sky are probably paying for the ad
  4. There are ads at the top, ads on the side and ads at the bottom. Now the ads at the bottom are getting covered by the extra pop up ads!!!! Soon the entire page will be one mass of ads, somewhat like the Star webpage
  5. Ahh, nothing like unsubstantiated comments to help improve the discussions Aha, a poor attempt at patronisation makes up for the previous rubbish, thanks
  6. You DO of course have proof of this accusation??
  7. I dont think it was the clock tower, i seem to recall that it was off one of the internal roads up some steps with the studio being a small room to the right of the entrance. I used to go before it moved to Lodge Moor while they were building the studio then for a couple of years after they transferred
  8. Unbiased???? I think someone has messed with your dictionary!!!!! The maps might be TBF. But the accompanying "explanatory" test??? OH BOY!!!!
  9. Well they sure as hell aint making them themselves
  10. Wow!!! Must be fantastic to be you!!! Knowing absolutely EVERYTHING!!!! Must make sure that you are the first one we ask next time theres a question!!!
  11. I think that it is a tad unfair to claim that Israel started a war that consisted of Egypt and Syria launching a surprise attack on Israel and then getting their asses whipped I agree, who is funding and supplying the Palestinians? With their lack of economy its sure as hell not THEM!!! Also, if you keep poking a tiger dont be surprised when it bites
  12. To be fair, looking at the past records, neither are Hamas All in all, along with India, its yet another shining example of the British cocking up their withdrawal from occupied lands
  13. Shes american so therefore doesnt understand the difference between telling the truth and lying
  14. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/14425980/meghan-markle-prince-harry-admit-did-not-marry-three-days-before-wedding/ Oh look, it turns out she LIED. What a surprise. What else were porkies?
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