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  1. alchemist

    Were the moon landings fake?

    This is one of favourite conspiracies Says SO much in very many ways
  2. alchemist

    Were the moon landings fake?

    I think ive missed that one, do they claim that Australia does or does not exist? On a flat earth is Australia underneath?
  3. alchemist

    Were the moon landings fake?

    They dont have to, Hollywood has already done it for them
  4. alchemist

    Were the moon landings fake?

    The problem with idiots like that is that there is none so deaf as those who wont hear. No amount of proof, logic or just sheer common sense will ever sway them from the determination to be thick
  5. alchemist

    Accident that wasn't my fault.

    I usually start off asking them where they stole my number from and wont go any further until they have answered that. They will give me the usual BS about a fictitious department so I inform that that as that doesn't exist and that they are handling stolen goods. Dont normally get many persisting after that, curiously enough, they never say goodbye when they ring off. I have had a couple swear at me however
  6. alchemist

    Should vaccination be compulsory?

    The main reason for vaccination is ensure that those diseases you mention STAY rare and uncommon. Measles was officially eradicated in this country after years of hard work, and look what a concerted effort of stupidity has brought about in just a few years You can never relax where diseases are concerned as someone stupid enough can bring about their return
  7. alchemist

    Should vaccination be compulsory?

    Not posting a link that doesnt exist, what a surprise. I DID ask WHO, I posted the link!!!! 2017 is out of date????? The only one trolling here is you "mate" I HAVE talked to Russians and it will come as no shock to find that they have NO idea of what you are on about!!!! Unlike you I use google to get the facts not find places that print their rubbish on toilet paper. You say that Russia predicts a 2% rise over the next 6 years and you believe them?!? Having a proper "discussion" with people like you is impossible, no matter how much proof you get that the earth is round you will still say its flat. Again you use the term "proven" yet you are unable to produce that proof. Give us the peer reviewed credible sources and perhaps we can have a proper talk about it
  8. alchemist

    Should vaccination be compulsory?

    Didnt you know? The ignorance of the internet and social media far out trumps scientific qualifications
  9. alchemist

    Should vaccination be compulsory?

    You can of course produced authoritative peer reviewed reports to substantiate your claims? Oh, BTW, if you read this report from WHO you will find that Russia has 98% immunisation cover so if you cant get THAT simple fact correct it does seem to make the rest of your claims somewhat spurious It could be argued that that is what it takes to get the point across There is NO evidence that Russia does not vaccinate their kids, in fact, quite the opposite!!
  10. And of course dogs dont defecate or urinate on others property do they? That dog crap I see on the paths is a figment of my imagination isnt it, or damn big cats
  11. Nature tends to work on the basis of survival of the fittest, so if a bird fails to dodge a cat its not fit enough to survive. Harsh but true. Also, I had a dog that would catch birds and rats, there was NO way I was going to try and keep him in!!!
  12. alchemist

    Accident Spital Hill 24/04/2019

    In my experience that road running from the crossroads down to the lights often has people just wandering across without looking out for traffic, cars pulling out from the abysmal parking without looking or indicating, vehicles just randomly stopping, again without warning. Virtually all the worst examples of poor driving can be found on that road regularly. Thats without taking into account that parking occurs on both sides of the roads and the buses stop in the middle of the road. Yep, its a miracle that accidents dont happen every hour!!!
  13. Beware the ides of April
  14. alchemist

    Sheffield Cathedral, Barclays, HSBC

    Well, obviously you like spouting off about things that you know are not going to get an answer from the people concerned without enquiring as to all of the facts. So, tell you what, write all that down in a proper letter, mail it to the cathedral and if you get a response let us know. On the other hand, you can continue to be a keyboard warrior happy to spout rubbish, safe in the knowledge that the people you are attacking are unlikely to defend themselves. I bet you feel SO proud that you have now showed it to the man How many points does that get you down the local? Perhaps you might actually believe it yourself, or are you merely repeating the words of some manifesto parrot fashion? Actually, I am not interested
  15. alchemist

    Sheffield Cathedral, Barclays, HSBC

    Ahh, Camp Casper. How we all remember that farce, organised by Tedious Tarquin and his life long faith partner Pointless Petunia. An event so much of a jolly wheeze that we were expecting the Famous Five and the Secret Seven to turn up anytime! A protest supposedly against the banks, so they squatted a wannabe shanty town on the forecourt of that well known bank, Sheffield Cathedral. When asked why they hadnt camped outside an actual bank the brave determined band of stop at nothing "protesters" said, "well we dont want to get arrested do we?" So dedicated were these middle class losers that as soon as it got a bit chilly they went off home to their nice warm centrally heated beds, paid for by these very same banks, leaving the tents empty at night to protest on their own. The camp was soon taken over by the homeless and drinkers so at least some good came out of it for a while. Still no determined protests against the banks mind, that might have got them in trouble and how could they show their faces down the golf club after that? I presume that these bored paper warriors went on later to protest about trees in middle class streets You ask why the Cathedral didnt support them, well perhaps if they had actually ASKED, instead of invading private property they might well have had some support. But no, lets not let common sense get in the way of a rant against someone who you yourself have said you dont expect to defend himself.

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