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  1. QUICK, lets get out the violins out and organise a charity drive for the poor MP's You DO of course have verifiable proof to substansiate this thoery??
  2. So basically what you are saying is that council heads are seriously overpaid?? They should let the public decide
  3. ANOTHER bloody pay rise??? Thieving sods
  4. How DARE they oppose the gods that are academics????
  5. This is something we suffer from as well, only from the cold tap in the bathroom however. I have taken to once a week rubbing my finger around the tap grid to remove it
  6. The last thing we need on the pavements are those e-scooters. Its bad enough and dangerous enough already by letting the cyclists on the footpaths
  7. May I point your gaze across the Atlantic where it is starting to unfold in exactly the same way?
  8. Wait till one of them gets killed and then this forum will be full of posts blaming the motorist, and if the cyclist kills a pedestrian it will of course be the pedestrians fault
  9. I agree with the PM's stance. You want it, you pay for it. Personally I dont understand what all the obsession with one particular clocks striking machanism is about
  10. Thanks for all your responses. Im glad to have had it clarified before something serious occured
  11. In Rotherham there is a junction where the road veers to the right with a left hand straight on "turn" that for reasons best known to the planning bods is light controlled. I have always assumed that these lights are only for the side road and continued round even whe they were at red, however a couple of times recently I have been behind drivers who have stopped here when the lights were red then when they turned green continued round to the right. So, who is right? Those drivers or myself?? Here is the junction https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@53.4251992,-1.3587771,3a,75y,22.65h,83.56t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s4tRcbQgoIRbRMznIYT_9iQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  12. Shock, horror, software company expects its customers to pay for software!!!!
  13. Looked at the link, it seems it sets off to Brid on Friday at 1800, arriving 2000 and returns Sunday at 1600, arriving 2000. Begs the obvious question - why does it take twice as long to get back as going???
  14. Sounds like some bored jobsworth trying to justify their worthless existence. Ask to get it in writing from a named individual so when they complain your niece isnt in school you have a paper trail
  15. I am not aware that anyone is saying there is any extra advantage when you are in an urban environment and you know where you are. What we ARE saying that when you are in the middle of nowhere and all you can see are empty fields this method would be a tad more advantageous then telling the services you are in a field god knows where!!! If the emergency services are saying that it is useful and that they would like us to start having it available on our mobile devices then I think I might take their advice a tad more seriously than someone on an internet forum, otherwise next thing I know is that I will start thinking not vaccinating kids is a sound move!!!
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