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  1. I have always joked about NRA sponsored mass shootings, although to be fair I also sometimes wonder how much of a joke that really is!!
  2. You seriously believe that all those wannabe rejects from the armed services will actually stick around to do any proper fighting do you? When the going gets tough the "tough" start running
  3. So when was the last time an idiot used a car to run amok in a school killing 21 people? Take your time we can wait..... Might help if they didnt allow the full and free use of assault weapons. But its OK, use any pathetic excuse you can to justify the killing, no, MURDER of 19 kids. It DOES NOT WASH!!!
  4. No, what would happen is a massive increase in spoiled papers. Other than that nothing would change. It would still be the donkey in the local colours
  5. Might be worth checking what would happen if you put in a claim and couldnt produce dashcam footage when they had sent you a dashcam for that purpose. I dont think telling them you couldnt be arsed to fit it would go down well In my experience insurance companies dont spend money for no reason if they can avoid it Look out for the small print
  6. Not doing a great deal of travelling then are they
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-61018584?fbclid=IwAR0sxP1D-lMfV-hs6l-7hgYwhAejgG3AxYMxdsvF_Y3JXKD7uGRKSZYWr3Q Just thought I would toss this live grenade in here and saunter quietly out
  8. Ive been asked to look into setting up a hosted mincraft server and I was wondering if there was any help and advice out there as to the best host and what I should be looking for / avoiding? Please feel free to push this into the right section if this is the wrong place
  9. Same as an Aldi in that you walk in for a pint of milk and come out with a welding kit, trolley jack and blow up flamingo, but not the milk
  10. Of course it didnt. LOSER would never threaten to bomb his close mate
  11. If hadnt have gone there in the first place he wouldnt have. He went looking for trouble with the intent to kill someone, only in America could that have been self defence
  12. Teachers should be teaching critical thinking, to look at both sides of history and examine peer review literature and articles to make up their own minds. Teachers pushing their own opinions and doctrines could end up with students believing that the holocaust was justified, Stalins purges were fine and Trumps racist attitudes were acceptable etc. Both left and right wing fanatics pushing their own agendas will merely promote the attitude that the internet is right and experts aint Teachers pet opinions and beliefs should be left outside the classroom It is possible that the childs only hot meal that day is at school, so yes, she IS forcing them to be vegetarian
  13. I suspect that he has a mental condition, he just finds it impossible to tell the truth and not lie about everything. Perhaps we should actually feel sorry for him and put him into an institution to cure him? NAH!!!!! Just sack him
  14. Liar Boris is trying to be the British Trump. Just wait till he starts coating on the ronseal Have you got your train ticket booked and your slot in the Boris asslicking rota?
  15. Liar Boris is head of the government, and your point is??
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