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  1. Theres one thing for certain, they will never be impeded by cyclists in that lane, be damn lucky to actually SEE one!!!!
  2. Its been mentioned that yet again there were NO cycles in the cycle lane. Now we were promised that there would be a massive increase n cycle use now that that lane has been created. Where are they, surely this claim wasnt a lie????
  3. But you are forgetting that bikes are wonderful, they are fantastic they are the solution to all known problems. But.....They dont use Shalesmoor road despite us being told by the cycle apologists that there would be hundreds using it from all over the north of England
  4. Obviously the fact that a previously 2 lane road was made a 1 lane road with an empty unused cycle lane next to it was purely coincidental
  5. Remember counsellors, getting rid of roads and replacing them with cycle lanes is a vote winner, so close all the roads in Sheffield and replace them with cycle lanes and sit back in the sure and certain knowledge that a few hundred cyclists will vote for you. BTW, the far more overwhelming number of car drivers wont, neither will the business owners that have to close because of the inability to get deliveries or customers. Still, thats a price worth paying isnt it for a few cyclists to ride to work.(that may no longer exist)
  6. How about a longer quote that might actually be more informative? Apart from a handful of adult singers, the current choir is drawn largely from private schools in the Sheffield area and mainly performs music from the Anglican choral tradition. Peter Bradley, the cathedral’s dean, said: “The city is changing pretty quickly and we feel cathedral music needs to have a wider reach. We want to be more ambitious, and that means engaging with a wider group of children and reaching parts of the city we haven’t reached before.” In future, there may be more than one choir drawn from larger numbers of children and university students, he said. The population of Sheffield and the surrounding area is growing, getting younger and becoming more diverse, and in recent years, the cathedral had welcomed refugees and supported people living on the streets, Bradley said. “We need to be engaging with people who are part of this changing city. We believe strongly in equality and giving as many children as possible the opportunity to sing at the highest level.” The appeal of church music was wide but sometimes “presented in a way that can be seen as elitist”, he said. Bradley acknowledged the decision to close the current choir would “cause genuine grief”. He hoped that some of the existing choristers would become members of a new choir, which will be formed after the appointment of a new canon precentor this summer. The new choir will continue to perform music from the Anglican choral tradition but will broaden its repertoire, he said. “This sort of change in our sort of institution can be immensely painful, but that’s not a reason not to move forward. My view is that many cathedrals will be making similar changes over the next few years. “It’s going to be a bit torrid for us, but we’re not going to sit in a bunker.” The decision to disband the choir was not related to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has threatened the future of some cathedral choirs, said a source. However, the recent lockdown, during which choirs have been unable to sing or rehearse together, provided an opportunity to institute radical change. “Choirs have very fixed patterns, and we didn’t think that a gradualist approach would allow us to move quickly enough,” said Bradley.
  7. I had cause to use this marvellous bit of engineering today and I was ASTOUNDED to see the cycle lane packed with cyclists, so packed indeed that I could not see the actual road surface for them
  8. Oh its VITALLY important to them. HUNDREDS of cyclists use it every day to ride back and forth
  9. Now we are a couple of weeks into this fiasco is the new cycle lane being swamped and indeed, overrun, by the hoards of desperate cyclists that the cycle apologists on here said would descend on it like a swarm of ravenous locusts??
  10. You mean that car free lane that the ambulance couldn't get into? Yep, VERY useful THAT was!!!!
  11. Was it in a locked filing cabinet in the basement, where the light was out and the stairs broken, behind a sign saying beware of the tiger?
  12. I suspect that no one would be able to see anything!! What?? Not even onewheel??? Surely not!!!!
  13. The cycle apologists keep telling us that hills dont matter as cycles have gears so hills are simple!! And as if by magic Are all these frightened cyclists in the north of the city and desperate to ride down Shalesmoor ? The only thing stopping them is the traffic?? Still wondering how many this is, the last figure was thousands, which quite frankly I find hard to believe!!!
  14. I suppose you could ask the Poundland ex-employees that would lose their jobs Its always useful to have that type of opinion when its not likely to affect you. Unless of course you work for Poundland and are offering to give up your job??
  15. I suspect that the REAL reason that "most cyclists" avoid the area is that they dont NEED to use that road and that there isnt the number of likely cyclists even if the road was made into a purely cycle only road. I keep asking, what ARE the number of cyclists in the north of Sheffield that would use that road all year long if it was traffic free. Just a ball park figure? Thousands? Hundreds? A dozen??
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