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  1. On Meadow Bank Avenue. On the village green in the middle, they use to have a large bonfire every year for Guy Fawkes night. It was great with everyone welcome
  2. Most Chippys use Non Brewed Condiment. They buy it concentrated in 1 gallon tubs. Dilute 8 to 1 or 16 to one. depends how much they use.
  3. I saw Psycho there. I was underage and sat in the Gods
  4. That sounds like them. Stanley Taylor who was hit in the head with the gun-butt and wounding his friend Mr Lawton who was shot in the thigh
  5. The Sheffield Mob, weren't so gentle. In fact they were brutal. I think they did a house somewhere just over the border in Derby shire and also a house on Cavendish Road in Sheffield which belonged to a market (Potato) trader called Stanley Taylor. He was at home with his wife and a friend when they burst in and brutally savaged them all, looking for cash. But if I recollect correctly, they got away and sped off in a car down Lyndhirst road
  6. The Gas Lamp that Roger Moffet referred to and eventually he painted it, was opposite the top of Union Road on Brincliffe Edge road at the side of a police box which was built into the wall.
  7. Does anyone remember a gang of guys who wore Robin Hood hats and use to rob large houses and terrorize its occupants in the late 50's / early 60's. Rumor was that they originated from London or the SouthInsert image from URL
  8. Does anyone remember the Pond Street car park attendant murder. Was it ever solved?
  9. It obviously seems to be a trait of Rowlinson. I was there in 1955 to 1960. And there was a little "B" called (Todge) Askam. He would be prosecuted today for his cruelty. I think he was a Geography teacher, plus assistant head master. The Head Master the was C V Kay who was also a sadistic SOB but not quite as bad as Askam. They have clearly left their Psychological marks on people including myself.
  10. Anyone heard of Danny Harmon & the??, Forget the bands name
  11. Anyone wear a Balaclava as a kid Anyone have to wear Thermogene as a kid?
  12. I also tried to get my fathers War/Army records. I applied to the Records office in Glasgow who sent me the forms to fill in. But they required 25 pounds and a copy of his birth certificate of which I cant get, as I live overseas and I have no idea where to find it.
  13. The Hot Roast Chestnut men around Pinstone street (Many were bad, but it was dark and you didnt notice them). Going to the Hippodrome in the "Gods" or trying to sneek in the Lyceum to watch the Easter Follies.
  14. Farthings, Threpenny bits, Silver Threpenny bits. Large White 5 pound notes
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