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  1. Any idea on how to get rid or stop them please.
  2. Why do we need this stupid break in the best weather in early season .especially in the lower leagues where one or two players maybe playing for outer Mongolia or Scotland . Its daft and in Wednesdays case means no home football for almost a month.
  3. I keep getting dodgy emails from Russian ladies who appear to be very fond of me for some reason. I have been advised to put the messages into spam but I do not have a button that says spam . What intrigues me is how have these emails started when I at all times make sure that I only email known sites . Where is the spam button on outlook on a mac.
  4. Add to this all the wars and uprisings that are fought in the name of religion . The genocide that occurred in Europe and Armenia etc plus the leaders of these Countries who have all been propped up by their various gods .
  5. As an experienced club cyclist who has ridden fixed wheel on many occasions then riding on the road without a front break is riding like a maniac in my opinion .
  6. He is just a puppet ,all those grinning old men in army uniforms dripping in medals are pulling his strings and it is the army that keeps the people in order .
  7. sorry just checked it and it was in spam. replied cheers.
  8. Yes but you must have access to your old address to change it. I don't have it !!and so my time using this computer to reply and ask for help will run out soon . ---------- Post added 24-08-2017 at 19:40 ---------- so am I !!!
  9. I have been trying for the last 24 hours( no reply so far) so it may be ta ra to the forum due to different computer after today ---------- Post added 24-08-2017 at 16:10 ---------- You can't change password without old address which is lost. I have forwarded new email address to admin.
  10. I have lost my email address and password for the forum . Due to change of computer I need to log in again help.
  11. The tablet has a mind of its own, I recently searched for The Milky Bar Kid add on youtube and was happy to hear that old tune again complete with Milky Bar. The problem that every time I Google owt now I get the Milky Bar Kid tune in the back ground its driving me daft . Any advise on how to get rid of the little turd would be appreciated.
  12. With a chip in your neck no one could pretend they were you , Lord Lucan would be found instantly by the central chip bank, all doubts about wether Elvis was dead could be put to bed as the chip would still work six foot under . If the idea catches on then I claim the patent here and now on the World wide web.
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