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  1. For me, he just needed to conclude his post with "QED" and I'd have been 100% convinced...
  2. Well he's clearly not the first one because that bloke has kept hold of his mobile rather than giving it to his child to throw onto the tracks...
  3. Why are you quoting a potential cost of £25,000? I thought you could get an exemption if you could demonstrate that the necessary improvements would cost more than £3,500?
  4. Anyone who feels sorry for Nadine Dorries should read this thread:
  5. I might be missing something, but I'm not sure you've got that calculation right... Surely the fact that 1150kWh was diverted to hot water is no different to if the same amount had been used to charge an electric car or power your washing machine or anything else - it's still usage. So I think the calculation for nett usage should be - imported + (generated - exported) Which gives you - 3400 + (3300 - 1300) Which gives a nett figure of 5400 kWh
  6. I believe some benefits also give you NI credits which count towards your State Pension, but the best way to check your position is to get a forecast from here: https://www.gov.uk/check-state-pension You'll need to have a Government Gateway ID to use the online service (if you don't already have one of these you can create one from that link) or, alternatively, there's a link to apply by post. The forecast will show you details of contributions and credits for each year, plus give you a forecast of what you'll receive when you reach state pension age.
  7. Given some of your recent contributions on other threads, I think the most appropriate response to that is : "**** off, man up".
  8. Prize Payment 3 is the reference used by The National Lottery if you get 3 balls. The prize for that is usually £30 but there was a rolldown on 1st October when 3 balls paid £89. So assuming you play the lottery via Direct Debit I suspect that's probably the source.
  9. Full details here: https://www.scottishpower.co.uk/ebss Basically, if your DD is less than £66/£67 then they'll refund the full DD amount and credit the difference to your energy account.
  10. Thanks for another entertaining read. The idea of piping water from one part of the country to another is something the Victorians came up with - they built an aqueduct (some overground and some underground) to pipe water from Wales to Birmingham. It runs entirely by gravity and amazingly it's still in use to this day. https://www.elanvalley.org.uk/discover/reservoirs-dams/birminghams-water https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-37472263
  11. This might be a bit obvious, but I'll raise it anyway... Our solar meter has three trip switches - two labelled "PV Generator Isolator" and one labelled "Meter Protection". I remember some years ago a lady who came to read the meter warned me that if those switches tripped then the meter would stop incrementing. Do you have the same (or similar) switches and, if so, are they all in the "On" position?
  12. That would be Ecclesfield Community Orchard; some details about it here: http://www.ecclesfieldpark.co.uk/Creating the Community Garden.html I believe the orchard was well maintained when they first created it, but it does seem to have been left to go a bit wild over the last couple of years. I've never been entirely sure if it's ok to just help yourself but, as you say, there's a lot of fruit there that appears to be going to waste so it seems silly not to.
  13. I'd suggest that most people live in a parallel universe relative to the one you appear to inhabit...
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