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  1. People seem to think lowedges road is a racetrack and have little regard for other road users and pedestrians.
  2. Got it explained exactly, this is exactly how meat loaf explains it in vh1 storytellers.
  3. They did change the taste, when the sugar tax came in they cut down on the sugar in the recipe.
  4. You hit the nail on the head it's like that over here in s8 as well as the rest of Sheffield.
  5. What about the 24 and 86 as they both serve that area.
  6. Is the festival still on tomorrow, as weather not looking too good at minute.
  7. I loved it, paddy and freddy bounce off each other, reminded me of the original top gear.
  8. I was wondering the same thing about walking and lounging.
  9. Bat out of hell Show must go on Who wants to live forever Knockin on heavens door - guns and Rose's version.
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