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  1. So true, people don't agree to disagree anymore, they just complain that they don't like things and whoever had got the loudest voice gets heard.
  2. And also on bankings trees help to hold the banking back, remove the trees and the bankings will start slipping onto the tracks.
  3. All ward managers have to have been nurses first. They don't usually have their own set of patients but will come out onto the ward and be hands on if required.
  4. I work in the nhs and the ward managers are qualified nurses at a band 7 role. So they do have qualifications.
  5. Seen some of the uber taxis that have stickers for both uber and bolt on, noticed this more in last few weeks.
  6. Not just me then, when I've recently tried uber it was going to be half an hour before they could get me a taxi and best part of 20 pounds for a 10 minute journey. Then it came up saying no drivers in your area.
  7. It was at the other side of the crossing heading towards Norton Hotel side.
  8. We must have seen the aftermath as didn't see any cars around him but at least half a dozen people surrounding him, so hopefully one of them will see your post on here.
  9. Did the taxi driver stop. We were passing in traffic on the other side about half six, quarter to 7 and saw a man on the grass next to the pedestrian crossing with a group of people surrounding him, but no ambulance or police present.
  10. Mark addy was the borathian king in game of thrones.
  11. May have to tell your facebook following lol.
  12. Deadpool 2 with the unplugged acoustic version of take on me, when he tries to join his girlfriend on the other side.
  13. Does anyone know what has happened on low edges road this afternoon, police have got ends of Lupton road closed off.
  14. My grandad used to say if brains were made of dynamite they wouldnt have enough to blow their cap off. My dad used to say it says bisto on back of buses doesnt mean we sell it.
  15. It's called television and showbiz.
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