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  1. What time of day was this we travel back from Northern general to lowedges after 6pm when I finish work and it takes similar amount of time, usually get caught in traffic on prince of Wales and gleadless Townend.
  2. She was also madge in still open all hours.
  3. I am away otherwise I would have gone and shown my support for it, appararently my neighbour has received a leaflet protesting against it.
  4. Running extra clinics to try and catch up.
  5. I didn't know sufc got that much match day traffic from meadowhead
  6. I live just round the corner from it and when it's built can't wait to see what evening gigs are held there.
  7. Bonfire night might be once a year but fireworks don't seem to be and some people just let them off regardless with the possibility of scaring pets.
  8. Especially when there is a pound land round the corner.
  9. I live not far from it, to be fair not noticed a shop lifter when I have been there and if I did I would probably try and stop them like I did when we were in devon. A lot of people probably wouldn't bother as nothing seems to happen to the shoplifter
  10. I thought poundland would have had it.
  11. Has anyone else noticed that the standard of some tram conductors has declined. I get on the tram infrequently these days, but when I do there don't seem to be many that bother walking the full length of the tram particularly in rush hour. This happened again yesterday even when the crowds had thinned out at arborthorne, the conductor just seemed to stick to the front end of the tram and didn't even attempt to walk down into the middle of the tram or the back of the tram, don't know how the company make money if they employ staff like this.
  12. Not all of us nurses can afford nice expensive houses, I live in a council flat.
  13. Rest in peace PT, valued our chats on Facebook messenger.
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