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  1. What about the 24 and 86 as they both serve that area.
  2. Is the festival still on tomorrow, as weather not looking too good at minute.
  3. I loved it, paddy and freddy bounce off each other, reminded me of the original top gear.
  4. I was wondering the same thing about walking and lounging.
  5. Bat out of hell Show must go on Who wants to live forever Knockin on heavens door - guns and Rose's version.
  6. Glad it's not just me who thinks that.
  7. I've googled it too and cant find anything about it and would like a link to the story.
  8. Wasn't it you don't get nothing for two in a bed.
  9. The claremont is nearer to thornberry than the hallamshire.
  10. Was it the Martin Lewis show that was on Tuesday night, Have Got it on planner to watch.
  11. Havent they given you the choice of Hallamshire, day Surgery unit is great there.
  12. I doubt they will replace her as viewing figures have increased since she's been on.
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