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  1. May have to tell your facebook following lol.
  2. Deadpool 2 with the unplugged acoustic version of take on me, when he tries to join his girlfriend on the other side.
  3. Does anyone know what has happened on low edges road this afternoon, police have got ends of Lupton road closed off.
  4. My grandad used to say if brains were made of dynamite they wouldnt have enough to blow their cap off. My dad used to say it says bisto on back of buses doesnt mean we sell it.
  5. It's called television and showbiz.
  6. Anton finally in the judges seat. I dont find him smug at all.
  7. The public will do as he is scared of everything.
  8. There are 2 universities, university of sheffield which is a Russel group uni and sheffield hallam uni which as already mentioned is the old polytechnic. I have studied at both. I did my advanced diploma in nursing studies at uos and my return to practice course after being out of nursing and deciding to return at collegiate campus of sheffield hallam.
  9. I would recommend Richardson's too, we have bought all different kinds and sizes of wood from them over years, my other half is one who has worked with wood over the years so when he comes in later I will ask him if Richardsons do what you are looking for.
  10. Me neither, wasnt he also indy's dad on Indiana Jones.
  11. I hope not too. I hope you arent unfortunate enough to need them.
  12. Do you mean weils disease, I'm sorry you know someone who died from it but it is pretty rare, I think less than 100 deaths per year. It isnt just rats that carry it though, also cattle, pigs and dogs.
  13. Make that 2 feet, got 2 pet ones in a cage here.
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