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  1. Thanks for thee replies, all useful.
  2. I've tried following the gov.uk site for this but that just leaves me more confused! Perhaps one of our retired members could help/explain? I receive a works pension of £12,000 and a state pension of £8,000 (figures rounded for simplicity}. I realise that state pension is paid without deductions but that it counts as taxable income so the pension plus works pension totals £20,000. So I assumed £20,000 minus the tax allowance of £12,570 leaves £7.430 to be taxed. But the tax code I've been given bears no relation to the tax allowance, I thought it would be 1257L. Am I missing something? Any help glady received.
  3. Thanks for all the replies, great info.
  4. Can these be used on the tram system? These are the passes you qualify for when you reach a certain age after 60. Cheers.
  5. https://photos.app.goo.gl/v14m1rug6A8orAPx6 https:/ Looking for any info on the strange looking building on the corner of Hoyle St and Doncaster St. Only the facade appears original with what appears a corrugated tunnel behind and attached to the facade. What was its original and subsequent uses? Cheers.
  6. Has anyone seen any flour, plain or bread flour, in any shop?
  7. How much are tilers charging these days? Presumably by the sqm? Excluding materials, 3 courses of tiles, 5m run, into window reveal.
  8. Cheers Swarfendor again. I'll try the third suggestion tomorrow, have tried the others with no success.
  9. Cheers swarfendor but the mac recognises the TV but the TV says no signal. I had tried the suggestions on that mac forum but no success. I actually had Samsung repair the TV a couple of months ago when the problem first stated and it worked for a couple of weeks but has again stopped. Mac doesn't work on other TV's so possibly the El Capitan update is the problem.
  10. When I connect my Macbook to my TV via the thunderbolt cable to HDMI3 the Macbook recognises the TV but the TV says there is no signal (same result with HDMI1 and 2). It has worked in the past, though didn't work yesterday when I tried a different TV. HDMI3 works fine with the pvr and dvd player. No problem with using Google Chromecast to cast to the TV. I am using OS X El Capitan ver 10.11.6 (15G18013) MacBook Air (13-inch, Early 2014) In my ignorance this seems to point to a problem with the laptop (I have renewed the cable), is it repairable or is it too expensive to bother ?
  11. Advice/recommendations needed to unlock galaxy 5 from EE. Anyone in Sheffield do it and what rould be the cost ?
  12. The family of a retired Sheffield carpenter who died of a lung disease caused by asbestos is appealing for his former colleagues from the Sheffield Public Works Department to help investigate his death. Derek Cousins developed asbestosis during his retirement after breathing in asbestos dust and fibres 20 to 40 years earlier while employed as a joiner with the Sheffield Public Works Department. More info http://bit.ly/1NBvR6v
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