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  1. I'm OK with leccy goes off I use light on fridge to see
  2. All previous mot look OK had 3 failures through its life brake pads and suspension top bushes both sides had words with garage and finally got him to do 12 month mot before cars delivered was a nightmare getting that far
  3. I've been offered a car on finance all gone through I got reg today to do some checks its got mot till start of Feb I've asked for a full ticket they say Feb is a fair amount what do u think forgot to add the car cost 5k
  4. Hi is this same as a normal pc psu fitting wise and connectors
  5. I've got a 6th gen i3 hp pc failed on everything needed for win 11 took me 2 mins to google workaround I now have fully functioning win 11 and have not spent a penny doing it anyone buying buying stuff to make it work need head testing
  6. Got a weird problem with car every week or so I get a metal banging from rear wheel brake pedal pulsates does this for 10 mins then abs and eps lights come on then nothing it goes quiet no issues lights go of after engine restart thats it for a week or so then it will do it again any suggestions welcome
  7. i have an nvidia gtx 660 i can do a clean install with card using hdmi all fine but soon as windows installs driver hdmi dont work ive installed latest drivers rolled back to older drivers but nothing no hdmi dvi works vga works strange thing is hdmi works in bios just fine soon as windows loads i get black screen and monitor says no input found anyone any ideas of what to try before i bin it
  8. looking online for a car stereo fitter i want to supply all stuff stereo and fitting kit just need someone to fit but im struggling anyone have any recomendations willing to pay decent price
  9. Just ordered a code reader from amazon so touch wood it will reset or atleast have the code tried under seat all seems well
  10. Cheers ill have a nosey do u mean loose connector or faulty
  11. My hyundai i20 2011 has airbag light on anyone have any ideas to what could be cause any common issues or where to start looking mot due soon so need it sorted
  12. Anyone know of someone renting caravan in Ingoldmells must be near Market area 24th July for a week tried them on gumtree no joy not sure where else to look its for 2 adults no kids no pets
  13. I'll have a try tomorrow is this something that virgin engineer would have done when they came out they been here 3 times
  14. I have smart bulbs and smart plugs that only work on 2g so its not to easy the tivo box we can't use catch up we just get message that says WiFi signal is to weak we get spinning circle same as smart TV just feel something isn't right we had no issues with sky everything worked tied to an 18 month contract and can't use half the services had virgin out to look at it they just said they won't guarantee WiFi speed
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