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  1. They from 3 different places they all charge it up so can't see them being faulty im going to purchase a genuine lead and try that really odd though
  2. That's where I got 2 from rest were amazon and eBay can't figure we're im going wrong
  3. I've bought a ipod nano came with a lead that's taped up but still works thought I'd buy a few leads as spares all leads charge nano no probs but not one lead works in I tunes ipod just doesn't show the taped up lead works fine any one know what lead I need I though they all same very confused its the large plug not lightning lead
  4. It has a low fuel audible warning which works fine gauge seems to work fine just light don't come on anymore was fine till it had cambelt done might have been a coincidence though
  5. Is that in tank I've no idea with cars
  6. Anyone have any clues as to why my petrol warning light don't come on when low on fuel light works when ignition is on it lights up till u turn car over not a big issue just curious what can cause it
  7. Model hp 22-b060na I'm wanting a 240gb I've looked on YouTube at DIY looks awkward think I'd sooner pay someone
  8. I have an hp aio pc and want an ssd upgrade no windows installation needed any recommended places to take it and maybe an idea of cost cheers
  9. I have a fiat 500 with a odd problem petrol gauge works fine but low fuel light don't come on eventually I get an audible warning for low fuel just no light the light illuminates when it's first started so bulb is fine surely if it was sender in tank gauge would be faulty so no idea where to look maybe someone on here has had this problem with another brand of car to give an idea where to look
  10. I think your right I will just top up with 5w 30
  11. That's more for twin air engine mines not that one If I check euro car parts they are 5w 40 if I check halfords they are 5w 30 ebay is both but mostly 5w 40 I have a new bottle of 5w 30 but don't know what to do
  12. I thought handbook would but read every page no mention tried Google but I get those 2 options just scared of doing damage if its wrong oil
  13. Need to top up my oil but getting confused some sites say 5w 40 others say 5w 30 is there any difference in them its for a fiat 500 1.2 petrol 2014 any advice appreciated
  14. I have my pc running a m.2 nvme on a pcie add on card is this going to be slower or faster than a standard ssd through sata any help appreciated thanks
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