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  1. It's a 2011 plate hyundai i20 middle and rear are new about 6 months ago
  2. got a strange issue with my car just wondering if someones had similar as garages have no idea car is a petrol it starts drives briliant alls well till it warms up then exhaust from front of car rattles like mad sounds really rubbish does it mostly going up hill very rarely on flat let car stand an hour its fine again somedays it dosent do it really getting on my nerves its a nice car other than that any suggestions appreciated apart from scrap it car has 47k on clock with full dealer history so its well cared for
  3. I messed up a paypal payment put email wrong on paypal it's been saying pending 3 days now and this morning they took payment from bank how do I cancel it and get money back it's not a fortune only £18 but it's enough to want it back or have I lost it any help appreciated thanks
  4. its a safe house for xmas doughnuts they need to stash them somewhere
  5. Mint tintz on Facebook does good job decent price does headlight tinting roof wraps windows etc give him a try wont be disappointed
  6. Have to attend barnsley hospital next week no idea where it is any recommendations as to best way to get there taxi bus train are my options thanks in advance I'm going from sheffield s5
  7. if theres no log book it has to be taken off rd for upto 6 weeks while new owner details are updated thats what happened to me this year took 5 weeks has t be on a drive or garage
  8. Cheers will try that anythings worth a shot
  9. We have an upper flat which is over run with mice clearly coming from another property we're catching 5 or 6 a night council are useless they want £100 to put poison down which is what we're doing does anyone have any advice what to do to get council to help or how to get rid were at a loss what to do
  10. Got an Huawei p20 Pro only had it a week and I get constant advert pop ups like I've won a galaxy s10 where do I want it shipped to and loads of others too its a nightmare never got any with Samsung is this a hauwei trait or do I need to install something to stop it
  11. Has anyone got an Hyundai i20 1.4 petrol mine ticks on tickover I'm convinced it's not normal really low millage so can't see there being a big issue just curious if it's just normal noise goes quiet when u set off its the first gen i20 2011 plate or if someone mechanically minded could listen to it id pay for your time
  12. Got to have laser treatment on both eyes to correct high pressure anyone had it done painfully painless after effects any info appreciated cheers
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