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    Rotary skeleton automatic watch water resistant etc as new in vgc wanting to swap for phone or pc parts monitor ssd drives etc try me would make nice gift rrp £200


  2. To prove a point i bought a win 10 netbook and ill be damned its exactly the same wifi is worse than ethernet but neither are good maybe I'm missing something but that to me says its a virgin issue
  3. I've bought an ethernet lead no difference its both ethernet and wifi issue just formatting pc for third time don't expect any difference only thing thats original is op system its win 10 Pro education but surely that op system wouldn't be the issue never mind ive canceled direct debit and ordered sky they can whistle for payment
  4. This is second pc first replaced cause engineer said it was pc ive wiped this one and put new windows on it so chances of being pc now is nill
  5. Virgin been today to try again engineer spent 10 mins checking said its one of 2 things ethernet lead? Like I've not tried that a dozen times or its the pc again already replaced pc for new one as we had same prob originally if anyone could tell me where to take this further it would be appreciated tried area manager suppose to ring me early today no sign of that
  6. Its been unplugged and reset that many times its getting dizzy when I had sky last year I got the full speed and modem was in living room with pc in bedroom virgin has never worked from first day it was installed last October they just keep making up excuses its also had router replaced 3 times
  7. I have a brandnew pc using virgin 350mb Internet all I can get on pc is 50mbps at the most sometimes less things I've tried wifi extender usb dongle inbuilt wifi now a 10mtr ethernet direct to modem no difference at all originally router was in living room virgin moved to to bedroom no difference I've tried more than one pc with same results on mobile I get 290mbps anyone any idea what to try next virgin just say its pc at fault
  8. Everytime its wet on roads i get 2 lights on abs and esp never seems to do it in the dry atleast not yet just turn ignition off and on it goes away for days had codes scanned nothing shows really bugging me now had car 3 years and it only started 3 months ago anyone any hints where to look
  9. I tried it recently on super unleaded it was better ill try fuel filter see if that helps cheers
  10. Problem with car hyundai i20 petrol 1.4 2011 model exhaust rattle and a knocking from somewhere in engine when cold decided id chuck some cataclean through it hey presto no more knock or exhaust rattle problem is it only lasts a month then needs more cataclean by this description anyone any clues to cause I've asked a few garages they not a clue any help welcome cheers
  11. I'm with virgin i have 100mbps broadband the router is in bedroom at on end of room pc at other i have a new tp link dongle 300mps and all I can get through wifi is 25 to 30 mbps on phone I get 110 mbps if I move pc next to router and use ethernet I get over 100mbps is my dongle to blame or something wrong with router I should add this is second router we had to cure issue
  12. Anyone like to explain what if an old person further up rd took ill or something and needed an ambulance or a fire perhaps do they wait 2 hours also common sense is needed
  13. What idiot turns round in carpark drives onto a rd and stops and blocks entire rd for 2 hours when it was easier closer safer and more sensible to use carpark
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