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  1. Luckily well not for the guy on amazon his arrived with a broken plug and he posted a picture. niagara university phd
  2. Could you Google your jump starter see if there’s a picture of it with the charger or some info on it’s electrical needs that you can match up with a charger you have ?
  3. iPads are are more expensive to buy a Samsung Tab A does all it can do far cheaper.
  4. I think they work from a script for each particular problem and as we know with computer things one thing can affect another they were probably covering all bases.
  5. Why change from Rachel ? We won’t be able to tell the difference.
  6. The techy type guys will want info on the processor ram etc I would think 🤙
  7. For white shirts etc put a scoop of soda crystals in its about 80p a kilo from places like Home Bargains.
  8. Also Patricia if you put your mobile number in any online order you’re number may well sold on.
  9. As memory serves the very first one was an Al Martino song. I don’t mean I remember it at the time lol.
  10. I had a huge pile of Q’s most of them mint then was given a load of old ones including No:1 No:2 and No:3 I think there was only No:4 and a couple in the 20’s that we’re missing. Then Q went downhill the humour disappeared and I think Mark Ellen left and I lost interest. Many years later they were just taking up room and I couldn’t find anyone that wanted them so they went in the bin had to do it over 2 weeks they were that heavy and of course we hadn’t even heard of recycling back then.
  11. Don’t you click on the photo in the email and it gives you options such as save to files or photos ?
  12. I test mine and the carbon monoxide detector quite often.
  13. Excellent win though got to be happy with that.
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