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  1. Strange how they seem to have improved without a manager. Was listening to football heaven yesterday lots of people blaming the owner for Wednesday’s misfortune.
  2. It’s a good idea well done him,the picture looks like it could be Heeley City Farm.
  3. I agree Patricia I’m no Kieth Allen fan he’s a good actor but I’ve heard not a nice guy still got last nights to watch today it has indeed been the best thing on for ages why didn’t they put it on at Christmas ?
  4. Isn’t that in the hand book ? Click on the Scala and put in year etc or put your VIN number in. https://manual.skoda-auto.com/004/en-com/Models
  5. How many times has Chubb’s retired ? He must be desperate I loved his comedy but for years now he’s just not been funny.
  6. This is my speed right now have you tried unplugging the router for a while then plugging back in ?
  7. You can get a Gorilla case for your phone with a gorilla glass cover that goes over the screen they are a bit bulky but I’ve found they do protect last one I got was about 14 quid on eBay.
  8. The remarks the Chasers make before the contestants play is just portraying a character like they do in wrestling they all seem perfectly pleasant with the contestants after they have won or lost and praise some of them highly.
  9. Looks like he made a right mess of the car and the other ones he hit. instagram view full size
  10. And if it needed to get worse a player has been arrested for drink driving after crashing his Lamborghini into parked cars. From The Star Sheffield United has issued a club statement today over reports Lys Mousset’s Lamborghini supercar was involved in a collision in the city in the early hours. Photos circulating on social media today are believed to show the centre forward’s three-year-old orange Lamborghini Aventador, worth around £300,000, after a collision on Abbeydale Road South this morning. South Yorkshire Police said an orange Lamborghini was involved in a collision with a number of parked vehicles. Two men in their 20s were arrested on suspicion of drink driving. They were later released under investigation after police questioning. It has not been revealed whether anyone was injured in the crash. South Yorkshire Police said: “Police were called at around 12.10am this morning following reports of a collision on Abbeydale Road South, Sheffield. “It is reported that an orange Lamborghini was involved in a collision with a number of parked cars. “Two men in their 20s were arrested on suspicion of being over the prescribed limit. Both have been released under investigation while enquiries continue.” In a statement, Sheffield United said: “Officials at Sheffield United are aware of images circulating on social media and are currently making internal enquiries.” Mousset signed for the Blades last summer from Bournemouth in a £10 million deal. The 24-year-old Frenchman was signed by United on a three-year deal. He was born in France to a Senegalese father and a French mother and is eligible to play for both countries. He made his France U20 debut on the international stage in 2015.
  11. Keep the manager get rid of the team.
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