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  1. I’ve had an iPad that would only charge with a real Apple cable.
  2. Do they have a Facebook page or something ?
  3. To be honest I don’t think The Full Monty has worn well over the years since it came out I’m predicting the new one will be big mucky old pants.
  4. No I just pass it now and again.
  5. There’s a place on London Road maybe able to help did a Google and this is the website. https://www.shirtprintsdirect.com/
  6. Don’t know of a particular place for you but designer stuff seems the same as jewellery and cars once it’s second hand it’s worth nowhere near what you think it is.
  7. Why should United manager get a fine ?
  8. Disgrace what happened to Sharp last night.
  9. Mines all rainbow I thought it was an LBGTQ+ thing.
  10. Well not so much 😀but welcome back strangely enough last week I went in the crap newish market and got some whelks really expensive now good to see you here Jabberwocky 👍
  11. Only details I’ve seen is police in hazmat suits going in a house.
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