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  1. Mole grips on the body of the valve and spanner on the nut ?
  2. I could do without the free nelson Mandela jingle though .
  3. Even sadder it seems he was driving like an idiot.
  4. There was a retune for this a week or so back there were a few 4 channels that moved,I had to retune 5 times until I got Quest HD back and a week later Aljazeera has a retune message up,what a pain having to redo favourites and recordings again.
  5. You just can’t beat a bit of sweet Caroline.
  6. News says 6 children airlifted to hospital 2 people arrested .
  7. It says in the Sun today the guy killed is self with a drug overdose a week after failing the lie detector test.
  8. It may be easier to remove it and start again.You can get a sealant that can be over painted the one I saw was on QVC it was also is available in black.
  9. It sounds daft but hairspray on a clean cloth can help
  10. It’s been that long since I burned a CD or DVD I had forgotten about overburn.
  11. He really shouldn’t come on to your property and mess about with your light it would be falling out time with me. If your light complies with the law tell him to go get a life and not enter your property again. Maybe it would be better letting your son have a word with him.
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