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  1. Richer Sounds are well worth a look for TV’s.
  2. It was scraping the barrel last night as Patricia said the Chase’s Jenny was the best on it she took me by surprise. Almost the same thoughts there.
  3. Someone on the radio compared his achievement to the moon landing,good as it is I don’t think same ball park myself.
  4. I’m no expert but I would say complete fresh install and get an anti virus.
  5. I had to fast forward Norton to the red chair at the end it was that bad .
  6. Doesn’t look good for old Ginger he gave Keith Moon a run for the mad as a box of frogs rocker crown in his day. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/creams-drumming-legend-ginger-baker-20240634
  7. And all the while she was diddling John Major.
  8. Had a Samsung laptop that did this cleaning the battery connections on the battery and where it sits in the laptop sorted it out.
  9. Radio Sheffield didn’t want it ? I found it light hearted and entertaining.
  10. I thought it only said that when the power was below a certain level.
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