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  1. Bailed on this half way through the first episode.
  2. Yes that would be about right I remember my mother went to the top rank bingo and parked the car in that car park had to suffer bingo for a few weeks to accompany her because she didn’t like going in alone anymore.
  3. Hmmmm just thinking rocking chair and little fingers.
  4. Yes he does but had to stop listening when he started calling himself DJ Sillyboy.
  5. Sarah Cox is diabolical so is Zoe Ball,do listen to Ken and Jeremy but Steve Wright gets on my nerves so give him a miss but if Craig Charles is sitting in for him I do like what he does.
  6. Run away and don’t look back.
  7. No input for this but will keep watching to see how it goes for you, we also don’t like Virgin but it’s the only supplier with 100mb here.
  8. Yes block it or just ignore it never press any buttons,try googling the number.
  9. Well you got some good news it happens put it down to experience and learn from it,enjoy your Sunday now pal.
  10. There were air cadets at the door of Lidl last year.
  11. It probably sorted its self out when the power went back on and you restarted it,if all is running fine I wouldn’t worry about it.
  12. A bit like Whisky millions of different ones at 40% all get you drunk all different in one way or another it’s horses for courses.
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