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  1. Unfortunately it’s not about hose events anymore it’s a youth culture that sees it as an excuse to cause trouble.
  2. Well maybe ask the people in cars vans and busses on Abbeydale Road etc last week who were getting fireworks thrown at their vehicles and thrown in their busses. Or the people in the areas busses are no longer running thanks to “antisocial behaviour “
  3. It was described as a must win game on Radio Sheffield well it wasn’t a win.
  4. Put your post code in here https://www.myparceldelivery.com/hub/useful-stuff/features/our-couriers/hermes/hermes-parcelshop-dropoff-locator/
  5. He will be pushing a sofa round the Peak District next week. All the best Harry in whatever you do now.
  6. Even that stupid octopus’s garden song ?
  7. When the tank is full it turns a switch thing off is this stuck ?
  8. Long shot but have you tried removing the battery and cleaning the contacts ?
  9. I’m more concerned about facts that we can’t post on here things that happen in Page Hall the shootings and stabbing that are in the Star and on Sheffield Online that disappear from here things we all should be aware of if it’s a family forum people need to know what’s happening in this city.
  10. I’m surprised at that Patricia you’ve been here a long time and must remember it’s heyday when Jabberwocky etc made it a fun and interesting place to view it’s not a patch on that anymore and the community spirit here seems to be long gone.
  11. That’s exactly what I do for info now but I don’t think it’s that things that happen in this city don’t get mentioned they get removed.
  12. It may be hard but I would stop feeding the birds the food does attract them.
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