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  1. There’s this but you would lose data https://www.hardreset.info/devices/nokia/nokia-301-dual-sim/faq/rem-code/
  2. I think it means doctor teacher something like that.
  3. It means hope that helps.
  4. What about Boney M Brown Girl In The Ring is that ok because they are black ?
  5. I would check the Ariel and maybe do a retune.
  6. Welcome back it’s changed here quite a bit recently mostly for the good.
  7. It sounds awful I’m wondering what the chemical is if the man was so desperate to get out he jumped out of the window and it seems to have effected the officers pretty damn quick.
  8. As Capt Jack Sparrow said not good not good.
  9. I’ve heard loads of people here say aye up me duck or something similar.
  10. Have you put your details in a comparison site for your house or car insurance in the past ? If so your details have been sold on.
  11. There was a council worker parked his car on our road some time ago every other day he would arrive in the Amey van and take a couple of plastic petrol cans out of the truck and put them in the boot of his Astra it went on for months I debated dobbing him in quite a bit but never did.
  12. If you do a bit of digging and read the depraved things he did and made the girls do be prepared for a shock.
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