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  1. I remember Punky Paul we used to drink in the Wyvern with him,remember he once said I just got a Sex Pistols demo and we all went eh ? Who ?
  2. Home advantage may go for them.
  3. There’s one on our road goes off at 2:58 until 3pm every single day you could set your watch by it.
  4. Didn’t he lie to police ?
  5. Yes not even seen him for years but do remember he was ill,he was an excellent entertainer way above the club circuit level,don’t really know why he didn’t get the tv breaks.
  6. Plenty of places on the net to get them ahem cheaper .
  7. I hope whoever the house belongs to sorts him and his magnificent art out.
  8. Dollypeg what speed do you get please ?
  9. Nice to have a good news story for once.
  10. Supermarket fuel keeps coming up on forums I avoid them.
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