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  1. I agree if born male or female that’s what you are,I think it goes a lot deeper than being transvestite though,in the people’s mind they feel that gender but this person is always going to have an advantage when competing with women.
  2. And sometimes if you were really lucky you got pink custard.
  3. Not because of where I live more because they have gone but I would love a bag of Nibbets and a Taggy’s ice cream.
  4. Me and my missis both have accounts here on the same IP I seem to remember having to contact a mod about it and all was good.
  5. Have you tried an Ariel booster ?
  6. That doesn’t even rhyme there’s no wonder the group is wandering lonely as a cloud.
  7. Well the burglar is now a presenter he does Family Fortunes.
  8. Or burglars that break into your house at night and steal your prized expensive guitar …. Gino D’Acampo.
  9. They don’t stand a chance against the spaghetti eaters.
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