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  1. *Wallace*

    Can my neighbour alter my security light ?

    He really shouldn’t come on to your property and mess about with your light it would be falling out time with me. If your light complies with the law tell him to go get a life and not enter your property again. Maybe it would be better letting your son have a word with him.
  2. Well at least you missed the cars.
  3. It was on Calendar a couple of weeks ago.
  4. *Wallace*

    Debenhams goes into Administration

    I don’t think there’s anyway back for the high street for all sorts of reasons,it’s dead but no ones told it.
  5. *Wallace*

    Faulty laptop

    Try a fresh install of the operating system ?
  6. *Wallace*

    Hillsborough verdict

    Sounds like Orgreave.
  7. *Wallace*

    Section 8 and Section 21 Notices

    No it’s the best place to ask TC H as it happens I’m a specialist on this subject what he needs to do is serve them with a section 105b but back it up with a section 328c paying particular attention to paragraph 5a exhibit 2. It needs to be served by that big nasty Stuart from can’t pay we’ll take it away.
  8. *Wallace*

    Bloody Sunday. This Might Be A Lively Topic.

    I heard the sister of a victim on the news this morning she said her brother was killed by a bullet up the backside that went through his body and exited through his underarm while trying to crawl away.
  9. *Wallace*

    will the Blades go up?

    Pretty much sure they will and this season they deserve it.
  10. *Wallace*

    24 hours in police custody.

    This is a particularly good programme a real insight into the process the police go through.
  11. *Wallace*

    Tumble Drier problems

    Any update on this ?
  12. *Wallace*

    Tumble Drier problems

    Have a look at these. https://www.support.emea.zanussi.com/en-ie/Laundry/03_Dryer/Tumble_dryer_stops_after_a_few_minutes_of_the_cycle this second one mentions the float switch. https://www.justanswer.com/uk-appliance/2xfsa-hi-zanussi-zdc3100w-tumble-dryer-keeps-telling-empty.html Seems like lots have the same problem as you,this one helped when they tipped the machine foreword, http://www.fixya.com/support/t12119093-beko_dryer_keeps_saying_water_tank_full
  13. *Wallace*

    Tumble Drier problems

    Also as a matter of just to be sure I would clean any dust filters etc,good luck.
  14. *Wallace*

    Tumble Drier problems

    Ingot a chest freezer from Aldi it says it’s fine for the garage,same model can be got at Curry’s but about £15 more.
  15. *Wallace*

    Tumble Drier problems

    If there is a float cut off switch on the drier where you take the container out I would check that is operating.

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