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  1. Security must be improved it would have been worse if sharp things were thrown around the pitch,or some noxious stuff like happened down south with the Russians.
  2. I think you may have to to get yourself out of this one.
  3. Make sure Bluetooth is off.
  4. You’re lucky I’ve lost most HD channels whichever I set it to,just go with the one you prefer.
  5. Ok ok she’s in the Albanian brothel.
  6. Yes Malware Bytes is just google it it can solve a lot of problems,it may be worth doing a fresh install on her laptop.
  7. Not a disgrace at all goalie is a special player the penalty save in particular.
  8. They have every chance of at least a draw with a bit of luck.
  9. It’s been a bad joke from the start
  10. Well the radio commentary was shall we say interesting.
  11. It could also be installing an update or two.
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