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  1. At around 10pm on Saturday (21 March) police responded to reports of shots being fired at a vehicle on Scott Road in Grimesthorpe. Then, around 10 minutes later, they received a second report of shots fired at another vehicle on nearby Abbeyfield Road. Police said no one was injured and an investigation is now underway. Residents in the area have received a letter asking if they witnessed either incident and, if so, what they saw. Police are also appealing for CCTV footage. A statement from South Yorkshire Police said: “Specialist officers attended the scene and a cordon was put in place while they carried out their enquiries. “If you have any information which might help our officers, please call 101 quoting incident number 821 of 21 March 2020.”
  2. Have you tried forgetting the network then rejoining ?
  3. Dig out your old REM best of album and put This Is The End Of The World As We Know It on repeat I think it will get that bad.
  4. You can renew online if it closed because of Corona I’m sure they will waive the fine it’s not your fault the library is closed.
  5. To be fair he did also say “it’s getting bad int’ it “
  6. Woman in Asda Queens Road told me yesterday they had £2000 worth of toilet rolls delivered they didn’t make it to the shelves as people were dragging them out of the crates a man and woman had a proper old stand up fist fight over the last 2,police were called who said this is the 3rd supermarket fight we’ve been to today.
  7. You could hear the despair in the Radio Sheffield commentators voices.
  8. Stand corrected,I had it in my head it was the half decent gold blend not the bog standard keep it around for tradesmen etc
  9. Pretty much sure that will be for the 190 or 200gr jar.
  10. They did an excellent job round the back of Newfield Green shops last weekend.
  11. Try a dehumidifier if there’s no apparent leaks it could be that simple. Decent ones at screwfix.
  12. I think the best one is the Persuaders as RiffRaff said.
  13. Well first of all I would defrost it make sure any electrical connections you can see are clean and looking ok and give it another try,could also be a faulty thermostat.
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