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  1. I researched metal detecting a while ago was well into the idea while doing this research on what kind of detector to get I joined a dedicated forum. I found out it’s more difficult to find some where legal to detect than I ever imagined and fell out with the idea. The interest is still there though the thought of what’s just lying in the ground is fascinating.
  2. I’ve looked back here quite a few times it just seems the normal look now.
  3. Have you considered a replacement good but used engine ?
  4. Thanks for that.Mrs has to go that way a bit later.
  5. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/man-30-shot-dead-near-23892862
  6. Happened around 9:30 last night don’t know if the road is open yet.
  7. It would be nice to see Jabberwocky back I think he just migrated to Face Book I don't do FB so I’m relying on memory.
  8. Hello there welcome back things have changed a bit now my first thoughts are it’s been for the better.
  9. Awww well they lost but not by as many as I thought and they did pick up second half anyway it was good to see it on tv instead of listening on radio.
  10. Just found out this game is on TV this afternoon if you have Amazon Prime.
  11. They’ve all found different places to post. There seems to be changes happening here maybe that will persuade some to give it another try.
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