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  1. Don't think he'd be wanting to travel to London for work though...
  2. Debenhams, middle class??? Really... Ideally we need a wide range of shops to cater for everyone. I would consider myself working-class and would shop in Debenhams and John Lewis, also Primark if I need something.
  3. Woodseats is a good area, the main issue can be traffic, getting to and from there. Plenty of shops and facilities. Graves Park is lovely too. You can walk to town fairly easily in around 1 hour although you might have a bit of a climb if you walk back.
  4. Not really relevant to this discussion though is it?
  5. Maybe there is a better bonus scheme over in Chesterfield, or perhaps availability of overtime? I don't think they'll be paying such a percentage premium over Sheffield rates. Most people know that working for the council as a tradesman doesn't pay well at all, but you do get good holidays, generous sick pay and the best pension around.
  6. Whoever estimated that size of job at £15 needs to go back to college. Can't get much more than 3 pints for that these days. But seriously, if schemes like were to awarded on a fixed priced contract, some big firms would surely go under. I wouldn't be happy about quoting a job at £5k and then asking customer for £25K. I understand things can change and bits can be added on etc. but to cost 5 times more than the original estimate is crazy. When Multiplex, an Australian company built Wembley, they lost £183m on the original £445m fixed-price-design and construction cost. Absolutely bonkers.... https://www.theguardian.com/football/2006/feb/24/newsstory.sport2
  7. Not sure to be honest, could have been a bee I suppose. I didn't have my glasses on and was tired... was just shocked to see something this early in the year.
  8. Just heading up to bed and found a wasp on the stairs. Managed to catch it in a glass and release it outside, it seemed quite big and docile. Thought it seemed a bit early in the year for them. Does it mean a queen is scouting our house for a possible nest location? Is there anything I can do to deter them if so? Any advice would be appreciated.
  9. Does anyone know of any tunnels in Castleton. One of my friends was saying there are rumours of tunnels up to Peveril Castle and other ones linking the church to other buildings. Would anyone have any knowledge or information?
  10. Could you borrow a dehumidifier off someone? I've always got 3 plugged in at our house all the time... they make a huge difference, especially in an older property this time of year.
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