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  1. Did Millhouses have their first event today?
  2. Wow, 3426 at Hillsborough, that must be a Parkrun record!!
  3. Away from posh nosh to budget food... I highly recommend to go and visit the Shawarma place opposite The Cremorne on London Road. You get a tremendous wrap for £2.50. Bread cooked to order in the tandoor in front of you and filled with either meat or falafel and lots of fresh salad. They also do a fabulous plate of houmous and bread to go with it too for a couple of quid. If you're around London Road either lunchtime or in the evening, I would definitely give this place a try.
  4. Can't we just cancel all the Christmas rubbish? Or at least wait till Mid December to bring it up.
  5. Thanks Hayes, we will pop in next time we're in Hillsborough.
  6. Anyone have a clue where I could get my wifes purse zip repaired. Its about 15 year old or something like that. The brand is Aspinall. I've had a quick look online but couldn't come up with much locally...
  7. Sometimes the isolators are located in the back of cupboards or behind the plinths under the cabinets. Would recommend you get a reputable, registered electrician to carry out an Electrical Installation Condition Report. This will give you a snapshot of the current state of your overall installation. It will cost around.£200 but will be money well spent.
  8. What annoys me, is that The Yorkshire Post (also owned by JP) is infinitely better. It has decent articles and content about Sheffield and afaik it doesn't operate any sort of paywall.
  9. I've just managed to read 4 "articles" in full before the paywall kicked in and told me I'd reached my limit ( I reached the limit last week). Not that I'm a fast reader by any stretch... they probably only average about 100 words each.
  10. Funky Gibbon is absolutely correct about £1m per city being nothing in the grand scheme of things. Take away the professional fees etc. and that money won't achieve anything at all.
  11. I'm considering applying for a dropped kerb with SCC who charge a £95 fee. Before I part with any cash, does anyone have any recommendations for companies who can carry out the work? I'm aware of the approved contractor list, but don't know anything about any of the companies on the list. Also does anyone have any rough ideas on costs for the works to be carried out. I'm thinking of a single entry dropped kerb.
  12. When does the promotion finish? Sounds interesting...
  13. Well Tramlines 2019 was a fantastic event. Apart from the downpour on Friday, the weather was great, there was hardly any trouble. The diverse line up was tremendous, something for everybody, sometimes it was hard to decide who to go and see as some bands clashed. The food offer was good and the choice of beers fantastic for such an event. Holding the event in Hillsborough Park is so much better than moving around different locations in the city to see bands. My personal favourites were, in no particular order, Manic Street Preachers, Courteeners, The Reytons, Peter Hook, Tom Grennan. Miles Kane, Johnny Marr and The Rev. Everyone who I went with had a wonderful time. We have all bought tickets for next years event and look forward to it. Tramlines really is incredible vfm. The organisers deserve lots of credit for this event and helping to raise the profile of Sheffield.
  14. I've just been trying to say that sentence.... difficult after a couple of beers...
  15. Three Merry Lads at Lodge Moor, not quite sure if they have a private hire room though.
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