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  1. I've just tried to make an appointment to see a GP. Got told telephone appointments are the way they are operating now. I wanted a face to face consultation and was told this would be a 4 month wait... Needless to say I'll have to self manage my condition. My mental health is definitely going down the pan.
  2. I thought this was gonna be a thread about bartering for pints of Stones Best Bitter..
  3. My daughter has just told me that people on their street are organising a street party for the Queens Jubilee on Friday 3 June. They are closing the street, the council have given permission, residents won't be allowed to park their cars after late morning. No consultation or anything... personally I'd tell them to do one. Anyone else having a similar experience?? Am I just a grumpy old git?
  4. BJ Mason on Broadfield Road. https://bjmasonmechanic.co.uk/
  5. Sad news that the brewery is to close...
  6. Bit late replying to an 11 year old thread... most of these people probably don't even look at SF anymore.
  7. Obviously thought that this intelligent form of words contributed so much to the debate that they'd post it twice... although think by the second time it was posted, the old brain cells had become somewhat pickled.
  8. I'd love a jumper with a picture of a bad waggon on the front, where can I get one? Maybe the same place you buy them shoes to do protests with?
  9. Some wishful thinking going on there...
  10. Are the shops being discussed the ones just off Barncliffe Road?
  11. I assume you're joking ... Green King IPA is absolutely terrible...🤮
  12. People from all over Sheffield and indeed the UK frequent the pubs where I live. I quite like the mix and vibrancy it brings, as well as helping to financially sustain them.
  13. Sheffield Tap. Sheaf View. Rising Sun at Nether Green. Fat Cat Kelham Island Tavern. Greystones. Brothers Arms.
  14. In a lot of terraced houses there isn't room to open the front door as the sofa blocks it . I've lived in terraced houses now for 25 years and rarely use the front door.
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