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  1. Barnsley is a big place with lovely bits and not so nice bits... You might have to learn the accent though, in some areas you might struggle to understand people... Best to come up and have a drive round the areas you're considering. As a previous poster mentioned, I'd recommend Ecclesfield. I lived there a few years ago and loved it. An ideal location for your requirements.1
  2. Surely they make you use more electricity? Don't you have to power a device that sits somewhere in your house showing what you've used? Even if it's battery powered, you're still using more energy...
  3. Rockers, what were your symptoms of alcohol intolerance? I've noticed recently after only a couple of pints I'm sneezing, can go a bit pink and my chest the next day is very wheezy and I cough quite a lot. I'm thinking of either going for some tests, or just stopping the booze altogether...
  4. I'd look to amend the title of your thread to get more attention...
  5. Not read the rest of this thread, but they had Stones on draught at the Norfolk Arms at Ringinglow last neet... I didn't try it... went for the Acorn Gold and Belgian Blue.
  6. Heeley covers a multitude of areas... some are absolutely lovely, some not quite so lovely...
  7. I've been working on a job at Woodseats today and tbh thought the shopping area seemed a bit scruffy. I lived on Woodseats till 2001 but the variety of shops is nowhere as good these days. I know all retail areas have suffered to some degree over the last few years. I still think its a good part of Sheffield to move to, with the main problem being the traffic through the shopping area. I'd heard there were proposals for radical new transportation solutions to alleviate this though...
  8. I thought all the trains had been modernised now? Weren't the old pacers scrapped?
  9. I definitely don't want either of them. Cancel them please, and birthdays. But I'm a grumpy old git.
  10. There was a huge spike in Covid cases after Tramlines. I've not used my season ticket this year for football as I personally don't feel comfortable going to that sort of event. With a bonfire, you gets lots of people closely pushed together, especially when loads leave immediately after the fireworks. I would imagine there is plenty of space at Meadowhall, but I wouldn't go there even without Covid circulating.
  11. It's not just about no rules to stop it, it's about common sense, social distancing, even outdoors at a bonfire is impossible... this virus hasn't gone away, contrary to what some people seem to think. Whilst this virus still presents a problem, potential mass gatherings will always be an issue for people who hold responsibility.
  12. It's down to covid. Would you feel happy with your conscience if you were responsible for a tremendous super spreader event and the possible resulting deaths. These events are difficult enough to run in normal times, but at the minute it's virtually impossible
  13. I really like the bread from Forge Bakery on Abbeydale Road, it would be great if they had a stall in the market, although I feel the market perhaps doesn't attract enough of their target audience, and I don't mean to sound snobby when I say that... but I might be wrong. They used to have a stall in Sheffield Station and it seemed to do a roaring trade... The ciabatta and focaccia they make are delicious...
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