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  1. Maybe Irene could offer some free sandwiches and coffees on board with a trolley whilst dressed as Mrs Overall. I'd definitely utilise it then.
  2. Chefs from the Mangla? Really? I wonder if it was the chefs from before it changed hands or after? It was never anything like as good after the new owners took over. I have heard a rumour that Manzil got a new chef(s), maybe this sort of backs it up. If we've got the old Mangla style food on Eccy Road then I'd be a happy man. The old Mangla snap was quite spicy so from what trin said in previous comment maybe they've changed their old recipes. I've just done nearly 4 weeks backpacking in India so I'll be giving curries a swerve for a while in the UK.
  3. If they're male virgins, it'll be 30 seconds of fame if they're lucky.
  4. Think they'll struggle to put bobbies out on foot due to lack of resources and funding cuts. They can be more efficient in a car... although I agree not much good if they're all parked up at the station.
  5. Thought that rubbish was sold in most pubs, apart from your real ale/micropub type places.
  6. I regularly use The Showroom and think its a fantastic local asset. I've made a donation too.
  7. The Express will print any old sh*te weather forecasts to shift their dirty rag.
  8. Friday and Sunday not too bad. Would've liked to have seen Milburn doing a session on one of the nights. For me, the best bands are in no particular order Paolo Nutini, Bombay Bicycle Club, Maximo Park, Magic Gang, Human League, Charlatans and Miles Kane. SEB might be ok for a cheeky dance too. If the weather turns out alreet, it'll be a good weekend. No weekend tickets up for resale on twickets atm...
  9. I reckon they'll be headlining on Saturday or Sunday looking at the other bands on the first release. I'm a tad disappointed at the initial list of bands tbh. I quite like Bombay Bicycle Club and Paulo Nutini but for me not really top of the bill stuff... Was hoping for Catfish and was dreaming of Cage The Elephant...ah well, if the sun's out, we'll have a good time anyways.
  10. So we're back to digging up ancient threads again...
  11. What a tremendous production... really top notch. Great entertainment. The set is fantastic, especially the tree at the end.
  12. If the BBC goes, I'll get rid of the TV. I won't pay for Sky/Netflix/Prime/Amazon etc. I'd probably miss the radio most to be honest.
  13. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/tesco-vegetables-flooding-farmers-b2477549.html
  14. Slightly off topic but which of the micropubs were awful in Hillsborough? I generally much prefer micropubs to the traditional pub. I've not tried any in Hillsborough though, I tend to stick around Ecclesall Road.
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