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  1. I dont think they've raised the money to buy it have they? I assumed they'd raised money to maybe lease the pub or perhaps only do a feasibility study on bringing it back into use. They will also need a large sum of money to renovate it, I'd imagine at least £300k, probably more. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. Yes, I think you're right. It needs a hell of a lot of money spending on it and no guarantee at all the pub would survive. Would be interesting to see a cash flow projection. The developer certainly won't be happy that permission for demolition wasn't granted. Especially as there us a good chance house prices will drop substantially next year, reducing their profits...
  3. Will be interesting to see how this pans out. Would be lovely if returned to a pub which celebrates its history, serves good beer and food and becomes a utilised part of the community.
  4. Its a real shame we didn't do a scheme like this years ago. More housing around the canal basin instead of offices would've been better.
  5. Great post Jamesogt, Rafters is a fantastic restaurant and I hope this review encourages people to support them.
  6. Maybe pay a solicitor to have a read through the lease with something so important.
  7. Someone with a machete. Helicopter was around too.
  8. They might not remember it now, given it was 14 years ago to the day...
  9. Does anyone have idea what happened earlier today near Hunters Bar roundabout? Looked like a full-on police raid of the place...
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