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  1. bungleboy69

    Best curry house in Sheffield?

    IMO, Balti King is one of the worst places to go for a curry in Sheffield. The food, the ambiance, the staff and the toilet facilities are just terrible. Only my opinion, I know some people who think it's great... Looking forward to trying out Mowgli, Ecclesall Road on Monday.
  2. Just had 2 men knock on our door asking if we were Polish. I replied no. They then asked if any of our neighbours were Polish. Again, I responded no and they were polite and left. I thought this was a little strange and watched them leave through the window. They didn't knock on any other doors, just walked to the end of the road. Does anyone have any similar experiences? Maybe it's innocent, it just seems a little weird...
  3. bungleboy69

    Sheffield Half Marathon 2019

    Did my first ever half marathon in 2h 16m 51s, absolutely delighted...
  4. bungleboy69

    Napoli Centro Pizzeria, Glossop Rd

    If you were interested in good quality Neopolitan pizza then you would definitely know about the ingredients. The specific flour, particular tomatoes, and top quality cheese are all so important. As is the method of cooking in a very high temperature oven. Take a trip to Naples and eat pizza at a few places. Then you'll appreciate the best pizza in the world and the importance of quality ingredients and their provenance.
  5. bungleboy69

    Napoli Centro Pizzeria, Glossop Rd

    This place is definitely worth a visit. Lovely, Neopolitan style pizza served by friendly staff. Closes around 9.30pm though.
  6. JohnnyBoy is reyt, Sports Bar and gym. Don't get how the gym will work with the lack of parking. Apparently the new owners signed up prospective tenants before buying the building. Excellent bit of business...
  7. bungleboy69

    Cats Pyjamas, Ecclesall Rd.

    Looks like this place will be opening as a branch of Mowgli, the indian street food chain. The menu looks interesting, hope they can stay open longer than the Cats PJ's. https://www.mowglistreetfood.com/
  8. Just Trade Windows on Capel Street... Ive used loads of times. https://www.justtradewindows.co.uk/
  9. bungleboy69

    Refurbed Champs...

    Yes, its the old Pomona...
  10. bungleboy69

    Refurbed Champs...

    Just driven past the newly refurbed Champs on Ecclesall Road. You can see it from miles away. All the external building is illuminated really bright. How they got that past planning is beyond me. I certainly wouldn't be happy if I lived opposite or near the monstrosity.
  11. I'd quite like to live on Fargate above the shops, down towards Coles corner would be perfect.
  12. bungleboy69

    Tramlines 2019

    The initial line up has now been announced. Lots of good bands to see. Great value festival, and very positive for Sheffield. Plenty of coverage on Look North which quite surprised me... We just need the fabulous weather like last time...
  13. bungleboy69

    Cats Pyjamas, Ecclesall Rd.

    Looks like this place has closed...
  14. bungleboy69

    "I want to buy your house" leaflet

    We had one through the door a couple of weeks ago in Greystones. The writer of the letter was offering to rent the house for a few months with a view to purchasing it off us at market value a few months down the line. I asked an estate agent about it, his opinion was that he'd heard of similar things before, however he did seem a bit puzzled about the rental element of the letter. Usually they are when people want to relocate due to a certain school.
  15. bungleboy69

    Racism within sheffield

    This on the Guardian website... Tottenham Ladies player says opponent made monkey noises at her https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/jan/06/tottenham-hotspur-ladies-renee-hector-defender-racial-abuse-football?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Copy_to_clipboard

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