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  1. For me, from a business point of view, Heeley Green would definitely be a good location for such a proposition. High density of potential customers within close proximity and within spitting distance of trendy Meersbrook and Heeley. Before anyone asks, I don't live anywhere near this area.
  2. I like the spear-headed tungsten-carbide tipped bits. They're not particularly expensive and make light work of a sometimes tricky task.
  3. 30 odd years ago, I worked the traps firing the clay pigeons. I was 14 year old and worked alongside a few more lads off the Shirecliffe Estate. Got picked up at 8am and dropped off at 4pm. Got paid £6 for the day... A chap called Brian Hardy ran it with his wife, I think she was called Linda. I seem to remember he had a collection of cars in the garages at the rear of the property. It was a tremendous house with a huge roaring fire in the main reception area, fantastic when you'd been sat up on the tower for an hour freezing to death.
  4. Never been in either of these pubs. Are they quality drinking establishments?
  5. B and Q. https://www.diy.com/search?term=White+tiles+250+x+400
  6. Both takeaways at Parkhead are now closed. Gonna try Makapaka's suggestion next weekend... fingers crossed.
  7. Can anyone recommend a good chinese takeaway doing deliveries at the moment around Greystones? Our favourite, Wok This Way at Ranmoor are closed and fancying some chinese food for dinner this evening.
  8. She was an absolutely tremendous woman. Worked tirelessly for the community. RIP Pat.
  9. Not a classic game, but if you've a couple of hours spare, I'd recommend watching the docufilm Diego Maradona on All4.
  10. The Union at Nether Edge are doing take-out food and beers too.
  11. Forgive my ignorance, but what's a growler in the context of beers?
  12. Do people think the coronavirus situation will have an impact on overseas student numbers coming to our fine City from hereon? We've got a lot of foreign students in Sheffield, and I personally love the fact that they come, spend their money and help create jobs and boost the local economy, but I fear that things may well change... what do other people think?
  13. I agree, great value lovely food. Booking definitely advised at weekends.
  14. I'll use the £2.1 and have half a Guinness please... It won't pay for, but it'll kick start my Friday night drinking project around town.
  15. Ok, well I'm just off Ecclesall Road near Banner Cross so they're leafleting a wide area... Strange tactics, poorly executed and communicated message...
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