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  1. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-85246166.html
  2. Without seeing the job, I'd say around £8k to £10k, excluding plastering works. As mentioned above, a 3 bedroom semi rewire is around £3500 and could easily be £4500..That would typically comprise of 3 bedrooms, bathroom, landing and hallway, living room, dining room and kitchen. A total of 8 rooms . As a guess, the size would be under 1500 sq. feet. The joists will be straight, the bricks (mainly) soft and easy to chop out and drill through. Routes for cables will be relatively easy, cables will pull on switch drops etc. Your 16 room, 3000 sq ft old house is a completely different proposition. Routes will be much more difficult. A lot longer, requiring more installation time and materials. The walls might be a lot tougher. I once worked on a rewire where the walls were that hard and thick that it took almost 6 hours to drill 2 holes through, and took 4 drills used alternately as they were getting so hot. Best thing to do is get 3 quotes and go from there.
  3. Not quite city-centre, but not too far out on Abbeydale Road, where Chippinghouse Road crosses, is a sicilian cafe called Pronto Caldo. They do a selection of home made italian snacks and pizzas. But the best thing is the coffee. My preference is an espresso and they do the best in Sheffield. Great value for money and a true Italian vibe.
  4. The buildings been sold and will be redeveloped.
  5. If he earns more than £195 per week, I dont think he qualifies for apprentice discount. If he's the only one working in the property he will have to pay 75% of the total bill as he will qualify for single person discount of 25%.
  6. Did Millhouses have their first event today?
  7. Wow, 3426 at Hillsborough, that must be a Parkrun record!!
  8. Away from posh nosh to budget food... I highly recommend to go and visit the Shawarma place opposite The Cremorne on London Road. You get a tremendous wrap for £2.50. Bread cooked to order in the tandoor in front of you and filled with either meat or falafel and lots of fresh salad. They also do a fabulous plate of houmous and bread to go with it too for a couple of quid. If you're around London Road either lunchtime or in the evening, I would definitely give this place a try.
  9. Can't we just cancel all the Christmas rubbish? Or at least wait till Mid December to bring it up.
  10. Thanks Hayes, we will pop in next time we're in Hillsborough.
  11. Anyone have a clue where I could get my wifes purse zip repaired. Its about 15 year old or something like that. The brand is Aspinall. I've had a quick look online but couldn't come up with much locally...
  12. Sometimes the isolators are located in the back of cupboards or behind the plinths under the cabinets. Would recommend you get a reputable, registered electrician to carry out an Electrical Installation Condition Report. This will give you a snapshot of the current state of your overall installation. It will cost around.£200 but will be money well spent.
  13. What annoys me, is that The Yorkshire Post (also owned by JP) is infinitely better. It has decent articles and content about Sheffield and afaik it doesn't operate any sort of paywall.
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