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  1. As the 80th anniversary of the tragic crash of the US Flying Fortress approaches, will the true story of Phony Tony, the old man who hijacked a monument, finally be told by the BBC and local newspapers? https://dawesindoors.wordpress.com/2024/02/15/will-there-be-tears-from-tony-again/
  2. Lovely green translucent leaves are bursting out on Sheffield's beech trees. You need a couple of carrier bags full, some gin, sugar and a slug of brandy. By the summer your noyau will be ready, see https://wp.me/p5wFIX-1w1
  3. One of the benefits of immigration has been the abundance of excellent Italian restaurants. North Town on Abbeydale Road, however. comes from an established Irish-Italian family. See https://wp.me/p5wFIX-1ES
  4. There do seem to be quite a few: Dim Sum on London Road and the iconic Zing Vaa on The Moor have gone, now the New Hing Lung takeaway, closing through retirement. See https:// wp.me/ p5wFIX-1Em
  5. It's pricy but it's good, Native fish restaurant on Gibraltar Street. See https://wp.me/p5wFIX-1Dq
  6. Anyone planning to try the afternoon fish tea at Neon Fish? See https://wp.me/p5wFIX-1BC It's where Marco at Milano used to be. We now have two posh fish restaurants in Sheffield and the fishmonger cooks for you at Mann's on Sharrowvale
  7. Anyone been here? See www.dawesindoors.wordpress.com
  8. Another new business in Dyson Place. IberiCo, the Spanish deli on Hickmott Road, is relocating https://wp.me/p5wFIX-1yX
  9. Top class fish restaurants in Sheffield are like buses. You wait ages for a proper one and two come along together, first Native and now Neon Fish https://wp.me/p5wFIX-1za
  10. If you haven't been this relatively new little complex makes a welcome addition to the Ecclesall Road - Sharrowvale area. See https://wp.me/p5wFIX-1xu
  11. While he had been ill for some time and retired in 2018, selling off the Omega, the death of David Baldwin marks the end of an era in Sheffield's hospitality industry https://wp.me/p5wFIX-1pm
  12. Certainly bad for the restaurant trade as you can see here https://wp.me/p5wFIX-1ot
  13. If anyone is a keen baker and wants to eke out what bread flour they have, try Russian potato bread, two parts strong flour, one part mashed potato. It's very good. See https://wp.me/p5wFIX-1nW
  14. Cocktails are mentioned here and the dishes named after customers. The building is to become apartments. https://wp.me/p5wFIX-1mh
  15. The city council honours Foulds with a Sheffield Legends star outside the Town Hall on Monday. Seems you can get one for getting a couple of million viewers on breakfast telly with a trumped up story about a plane crash. Full story at https://wp.me/p5wFIX-1cu
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