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  1. While he had been ill for some time and retired in 2018, selling off the Omega, the death of David Baldwin marks the end of an era in Sheffield's hospitality industry https://wp.me/p5wFIX-1pm
  2. Certainly bad for the restaurant trade as you can see here https://wp.me/p5wFIX-1ot
  3. If anyone is a keen baker and wants to eke out what bread flour they have, try Russian potato bread, two parts strong flour, one part mashed potato. It's very good. See https://wp.me/p5wFIX-1nW
  4. Cocktails are mentioned here and the dishes named after customers. The building is to become apartments. https://wp.me/p5wFIX-1mh
  5. The city council honours Foulds with a Sheffield Legends star outside the Town Hall on Monday. Seems you can get one for getting a couple of million viewers on breakfast telly with a trumped up story about a plane crash. Full story at https://wp.me/p5wFIX-1cu
  6. It's really good that we have an upmarket food hall in the splendid Castle House, former home of the B&C Co-op. See https://wp.me/p5wFIX-19U
  7. I don't think anyone has posted a link to this video which looks at both sides of the story https://youtu.be/c5q8uMouXRg
  8. I certainly think Tony got carried away and then found he was in too deep to backtrack. The serious criticism needs to be directed at Dan Walker who failed to carry out basic journalistic checks but rushed to tweet. It has become clear that the BBC knew early on that Tony's story was a load of baloney but kept silent, thus deceiving viewers and licence payers. The Star and Yorkshire Post also knew but kept a conspiracy of silence. The sad fact is the story could have been checked and found wanting by someone with only one day's experience in journalism! They just had to read David Harvey's book.
  9. There are serious contradictions in official accounts of the time of the Mi Amigo cash and the subsequent recollections of Tony Foulds, as here https://wp.me/p5wFIX-19H
  10. I have only just seen this and stopped writing reviews for The Star in 2014 but never took backhanders and it was surprising how many places did not 'clock' me. Derby Tup has posted some bilge in the past and this is some more, I am afraid. You are welcome to read me at that excellent blog www.dawesindoors.wordpress.com
  11. The price of pork hocks (aka ham hocks or shanks) is such a steal, considering how much you can do with them. Here's my m.o. https://wp.me/p5wFIX-17P Who has any other suggestions?
  12. This probably needs a new topic but happy to report that the Omega lives on at the Abbeydale Sports Club https://wp.me/p5wFIX-16U
  13. Readers interested in other even longer dead restaurants may like Pepe’s, Walkley https://wp.me/p5wFIX-112 the Kashmir on Spital Hill https://wp.me/p5wFIX-10Q and Kumquat Mae on Abbeydale Road https://wp.me/p5wFIX-12e ---------- Post added 02-08-2018 at 15:08 ---------- Even more dead restaurants here. Sam N Ella’s https://wp.me/p5wFIX-2D Parkes and Four Lanes Bistro https://wp.me/p5wFIX-30 Polonium https://wp.me/p5wFIX-3m
  14. I can't find a separate thread on Sheffield fishcakes which is odd for a Sheffield forum. Seems the fishcake has gone upmarket at the Stag's Head on Psalter Lane. It comes with watercress and a poached egg, as here https://wp.me/p5wFIX-129 Manager swears by the fishcakes at Tony's of Mosborough, though. And they still do a fishcake buttie.
  15. If you are making hummus with tinned chickpeas there is no cooking involved!
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