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  1. A regular visitor for the same reason as you, and just finding somewhere to get a quick coffee and a snack is sometimes challenging - even Sainsbury's doesn't have a cafe!. Have ended up driving to St James retail park, just for the Costa! The exception is Cafe Familia in the town precinct , which is a great place open during the day.
  2. bluecanary

    FITBIT bits in Sheffield

    John Lewis sell Fitbits, so it's possible they might also do the straps? Having said that, I bought a (non-branded) replacement strap for mine online last year and it's been absolutely fine - better than the original, if anything.
  3. bluecanary

    Helicopter over Walkley

    Both - it was ram raided (again) last night and appears to be having new doors fitted today.
  4. bluecanary

    Helicopter over Walkley

    Was related to more break -ins in the area, but apparently the Police made some arrests this time. On a less positive note it looks like Asda on South Road was ram-raided again last night......
  5. bluecanary

    History Of Walkley

    I have also wondered this myself - would be interested if anyone knows the answer!
  6. bluecanary

    Good places to eat in Sheffield

    I tried this place for the first time last week and can verify the OPs claim that it was delicious, and (in my rather more limited experience) authentic. Also reasonably priced, which is a bonus. Will definitely be going back.
  7. bluecanary

    Ram raid at Asda walkley

    Sheffield Star have now cottoned on to this - only 6 days after it happened! https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/police-reveal-details-of-another-supermarket-ram-raid-in-sheffield-1-9589310
  8. We are away on that day, so rally pleased to hear that the BBC will be broadcasting this live. Thanks for posting MEC176.
  9. bluecanary

    Ram raid at Asda walkley

    The incident was actually Wednesday night/early Thursday and the store was shut for most of the day yesterday. Would have thought there were more lucrative places to target, to be honest!
  10. bluecanary

    Bins they are a'changin

    Would be interested in getting one too. we have nowhere sheltered to store the current large brown one and it repeatedly gets blown onto the road in high winds, spreading bottles and cans everywhere. As well as being inconvenient, it is potentially quite dangerous. I added this as a note when we requested a replacement bin when the lid got broken off a couple of weeks ago, but have had no response from the council/Veolia.
  11. Apparently this has been granted a £4.8m loan of public cash by Sheffield Council https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/sheffield-ski-village-council-leaders-sign-off-4-8-million-to-pave-the-way-for-new-sports-complex-at-former-site-1-9564264 Sounds like an ambitious plan. I hope it comes off.
  12. If you extend to 10-11 O clock, then you get Walkley/Hillsborough with direct access to the tram. If it's specifically a flat that you're after, then consider Kelham Island - a very up and coming (some might say "hipster") area with the city centre on one side and a tram stop at the other.
  13. Yes, great to see Dan Walker, as a local university alumnus getting involved. he seemed genuinely moved by the campaign.
  14. Saw this on BBC Breakfast this morning: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-46738576 What a moving story - Tony was one of the kids playing in the park that day that the plane reportedly avoided, crashing into the hillside beyond and killing all ten airmen on board. He clearly has been suffering the trauma of this event for the last 75 years, and has tended the memorial ever since. The fly past clearly means a lot to him and I hope it would give him closure.
  15. bluecanary

    Dam Flask - low water levels

    Look North last night reported that Yorkshire Water were planning for a potential water shortage next summer depending on the level of rain/snow fall we get over the next few months. Presumably some of their reservoirs are also in the Peak District. Love the National Library of Scotland map website with the slider. Have just wasted far too long playing with that!

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