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  1. Wasn't the speech pre-recorded? You'd have thought that they would have some flunky to carry out the equivalent of proof-reading before broadcast and say "Hang on a minute - are we really telling tens of thousands to return to work in 12 hours time?`'..........
  2. The one on Langsett Road (Hillsborough Car Wash?) certainly appeared to be open when I ran past a couple of hours ago.
  3. Is it the fact that there is evidence that herd immunity doesn't actually exist, or is it the fact that there is just a lack of evidence to unequivocally prove that is DOES exist - the two are entirely different. Given that this is a new virus the, chances of a significant number of people getting exposed twice are fairly small. Is there a source you can cite that clearly demonstrates that the same individuals have tested positive, recovered, then after a delay, become symptomatic again with a positive test to demonstrate that they have succumbed a second time? If you can cite such a source, then fine - i'll concede. Otherwise, I think that the virus just hasn't been around for long enough to definitively prove that individuals do acquire immunity. The best that can be done is to extrapolate based on what happens in other similar (though admittedly not identical) viruses.
  4. To be fair, there is a lot of terraced housing in Sheffield that still has outside toilets (our last house, and probably the whole street did) and I bet very few are actually used for their original purpose. We used ours as a shed/outhouse, as did many others. I thought that there was a massive effort in the 60s-70s where local authorities basically upgraded all their properties to provide inside toilets in all housing? I guess that a few must have fallen through the net!
  5. Success in B&Q (after a 45 minute wait)! Thanks everyone who took the time to respond to my post.
  6. Thanks, all. He's off to stand in the queue. outside B&Q now. If that doesn't work out then he'll try Derbyshires or Richardsons tomorrow.
  7. Thanks all. Wickes is out of stock (currently saying a month until delivery) and we also saw the ridiculous queue at B&Q yesterday. Tried to get on to their website a few times yesterday to check if it was in stock (and therefore worth queuing) and it wasn't working. Landing page was saying no more click and collect orders either. OH doesn't seem to think that Screwfix sell the right stuff, but will try and check again. If anyone happens to know any merchants that would sell to the public, we would be very grateful!
  8. My OH has a little project going on in the garden* which was going very well, until the post-crete ran out. We are really struggling to find anywhere in lock-down Sheffield selling it. Wickes is saying a month for delivery and we can't even get onto the B&Q website at the moment (and aren't really sure if they sell it anyway). Would be very grateful if anyone has any ideas of where we could get hold of some? Would need 3x 20kg bags. * Don't worry, not burying bodies under a patio or anything!
  9. That's rather harsh, since the OP came on here to get feedback on whether or not it was acceptable. It's a bad state of affairs when someone is "shamed" just for asking a question!
  10. Yes you can, according to the guidance clarified in the Government Briefing last week, summarised here: https://inews.co.uk/inews-lifestyle/drive-exercise-walk-dog-coronavirus-lockdown-uk-driving-rules-guidance-explained-2519644 Most notably (half way down the article), you can now: "Drive to the countryside and go for a walk (where far more time is spent walking than driving)" Guess if you meet a plod you would have to hope they're up to date on the latest version of the guidelines! As someone has already said, some of the paths there can be quite narrow, so maybe better to stick to local streets or parks if that's possible?
  11. Yes, that is the kind of stuff I was thinking of. Would be interested to see how the "average" risk for different age/genders (for low or moderate viral load exposure) mapped on to the list, alongside the big health related killers (cancer, heart disease etc.)
  12. I think the 10 year period is typical for developing a new vaccine (or drug in general) from scratch. I imagine the effort is currently focussed on adapting/repurposing existing drugs and vaccines, which will cut out some of the stages of testing required.
  13. Interesting idea, but I think a significant hurdle would be i) you can't predict survival probability from medical history/personal characteristics alone (it seems that viral load at exposure also is significant, and that could potentially explain the sad deaths of some previously young and healthy patients) and ii) a lot of people simply don't understand absolute probabilities. It's not obvious how to mitigate i). The second issue could be addressed by presenting results as relative likelihoods (e.g. you are ten times more likely to die of heart failure in the next 10 years, or 5 times more likely to be injured in a car accident etc.
  14. Sorry, was that in response to the link to the pdf in post 2728? If so, the full report is linked from here and should work without errors: https://institute.global/policy/sustainable-exit-strategy-managing-uncertainty-minimising-harm
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