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  1. Sorry if I'm being dense here, but exactly how will transferring the Nottingham - Liverpool part of the line to another operator help to "better meet the needs of customers".? Surely fragmenting a previously coherent service will have the opposite effect? I have elderly parents and the ability to get on a train in Norwich and travel directly to Sheffield with no changes, albeit it slowly, enables them to see their grandchildren regularly. The requirement to change trains in the middle of the journey is not something that is going to benefit them in any way that I can see.
  2. Thanks for this info. I have to admit, am rather mystified by the whole rail franchise system. If a company loses a franchise and does not have significant non rail-related operations (e.g. Stagecoach) does the company simply go out of business? Does the whole of East Midlands Trains (aside from the staff magically transferred to EMR) go out of operation overnight? Seems like a very odd way to run a key national transport infrastructure, but maybe that's just me.
  3. Have just driven through Crookes down to Walkley. Road is open and I definitely saw a bus coming the other way......
  4. That's nothing - we paid £11 for a chicken "wrap" and a measly pile of curly fries. Wrap was stale and chicken to vile to eat. I know you don't expect haute cuisine at these places, but that was beyond a joke. Gravy and chips for £4 from another stall was thankfully quite edible!
  5. According to their Facebook page they have reopened - only closed for a couple of days.
  6. Yes -when it first opened I think the owners were actually Italian and both pizzas and pasta were spot on. Since then it has changed hands and though the pasta seems to have survived the transition, not so for the pizza. My kids actually request pasta from there rather than the pizza, and that's saying something!
  7. Any idea how long it's closed for? Hope they're not doing anything too radical - I quite liked its slightly dated charm!
  8. Not so fond of the pizza, but the pasta is fantastic.
  9. Great video! Found out about lots of places I hadn't heard of -will definitely have to give Pina a try! In terms of what else to include: obviously not in the bar and food category, but in terms of physical pursuits, buth the Foundry Climbing Centre and The House Skate park (which featured in the background at the end of the video) are definitely worthy of a mention!
  10. Sheffield is known in some parts of the world, not necessarily for the things you might expect. I remember asking one Chinese student how he was aware of Sheffield as his response was "The Snooker"! We are also quite well known as the location of the Full Monty, and of course, less positive reasons such as the terrible event at Hillsborough in 30 years ago.
  11. Epirus on Barber Road, Crookesmoor might be worth a look. It's technically S10, but very close to S6. It badges itself as Mediterranean rather than specifically Greek, but there are definitely Greek elements and it's quite relaxed and family frendly -my kids loved it. Sadly no website to link to, but it's on Tripadvisor (with 5 star reviews).
  12. A regular visitor for the same reason as you, and just finding somewhere to get a quick coffee and a snack is sometimes challenging - even Sainsbury's doesn't have a cafe!. Have ended up driving to St James retail park, just for the Costa! The exception is Cafe Familia in the town precinct , which is a great place open during the day.
  13. John Lewis sell Fitbits, so it's possible they might also do the straps? Having said that, I bought a (non-branded) replacement strap for mine online last year and it's been absolutely fine - better than the original, if anything.
  14. Both - it was ram raided (again) last night and appears to be having new doors fitted today.
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