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  1. I obviously wasn't suggesting that tourists would come here for that reason. However, the more general thread is about the number of VISITORS to Sheffield and their requirement for hotel accommodation, irrespective of why they are here. Ponds Forge hosts frequent swimming and diving competitions, among others, and the competitors and their companions are obviously in need of somewhere to stay close by (and the Hilton might have fitted the bill.....)
  2. I did exactly the same walk on Tuesday and was also disappointed to note that Sheffield was not represented. Even Durham and Northumberland had posters, and they are several times further away! Sheffield does very little to promote itself as a tourist destination, though we do have some assets - our international sports facilities for instance (Ponds Forge and EIS).
  3. “We have started initial work on improving the safety of the site, but the full reinstatement cannot begin until the ground dries out." The "initial work" seems to consist of some temporary fencing and tape, some of which has come down and looks even more of a mess. Such a shame that local people lose use of this facility for months due to a single day event. I would be curious to know what cost:benefit analysis the council undertakes when deciding whether to allow such events to take place.
  4. Has someone finally seen sense and rerouted the 135 in Walkley? Saw one heading up WhitehouseLane last night instead of squeezing up Whitehouse Road.
  5. Another vote for Ottos - the food is fantastic, and I actually rather like its slightly dated ambience. I would rather restaurants focussed on the food and customer service than adopting the latest trend in decor.
  6. Cancelled, apparently, so all for nothing!
  7. This was great -thanks for posting. Watched from 19 minutes and was amazed by how little most of the A61 had changed. Was completely lost after they passed Hillsborough, though.
  8. I actually found M&S non maternity elasticated waist trousers were fine until I was 6-7 months. I also got stuff from Morthercare, but sadly that's long gone!
  9. It was a few years ago now, but I got quite a bit of maternity wear from H&M (on the top floor of the Fargate store). I struggled to find trousers, though, as they all seemed to be designed for women who were 6ft tall! I think I used supermarkets (Asda George) and the internet for this. Good luck!
  10. Same for the 95, sadly. Was never the most reliable service but the new changes have achieved the unlikely outcome of making it worse! I fear that many, myself included, will just end up using cars and taxis more as a result.
  11. There are meterered spaces . around Northumberland Road but these are either max 2 or 4 hours parking and in high demand. As others have said, the Q Park on Durham Road (not cheap, but close), or parking in Crookes and walking or getting the 52 bus are your best options.
  12. Thanks for posting the link. That looks like a recipe for total chaos! Not obvious why there is a double decker bus apparently parked in the middle of the roundabout. Perhaps it tried to navigate round and got lost?
  13. I was a fan of the wood fired pizza oven, that was the main feature of one of its previous incarnations.Presumably this has now gone?
  14. Looked shut when we passed on Saturday night. Must be close to a record for the shortest-lived pub resurrection!
  15. Don't forget sporting events - we do have some olympic class facilities in Sheffield, including EIS and the pools at Ponds Forge. A couple of weeks ago, Ponds Forge hosted the World Underwater Hockey championships (a more obscure one, I know), but I did cringe on the inside watching the groups of young competitors in their international team gear leaving Ponds Forge and wandering uphill towards the mess that is Fitzalan Square and thereabouts. Not exactly an area to make a great impression on international visitos, is it?
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