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  1. Did you find them? I'm trying to contact Russ. Last I heard he went to Hull - just thought he might want to know about Martin's funeral on Friday. xx
  2. I'm intrigued that the first two or three numbers of Sheffield phone numbers seem to be linked to the district. I presume it reflects which local telephone exchange your connected to. For example these are ones Ive worked out (but just from the 1 or 2 numbers I knoe in each area). 266 is Greystones and 268 is Hunters Bar 258 is Highfield, 255 Meersbrook 234 Walkley 233 Hillsborough Anyone disagree with these or have their own to contribute? I guess it gets mucked up when people move and 'take their old number with them'.
  3. Anyone remember the Mars Bar in Hanrahans? So easy to drink! What I'm trying to remember is what went into it? Malibu? What else?
  4. Just a quick heads-up that the IBS Wellbeing Day will have information about food sensitivity as well as displays by manufacturers of gluten-free foods and probiotics. It's free for anyone to attend and is at The Circle, Rockingham Gate, Sheffield on Sat Nov 16th 2013 form 10:30-4.
  5. There is an IBS Wellbeing Day on Sat Nov 16th 2013, 10:30 to 4, at The Circle on Rockingham Lane. This is a day all about Irritable Bowel Syndrome and how to cope with it. It's run by experts with different approaches and includes diet workshops and relaxation sessions. There's an exhibition of services and products for IBS sufferers - usually means freebies!! Its free to get in, so sounds good.
  6. Hello Orbs, As a hypnotherapist I am fully qualified and trained to use hypnosis to help you lose weight, and I have good results. A hypnotherapist can help you to change the way that you eat for life, not just enable a short fix like dieting does. I would look into your attitudes to food and beliefs about eating to provide therapy targetted at your individual position. The important things in choosing any hypnotherapist are that they are a member of a professional organisation and so abide by a Code of Ethics and that you feel comfortable and able to trust them.
  7. Hello iceblast, I see it's a few years since your post but if you are still having problems then I am keen to help. I am a Hypnotherapist who specialises in helping people to cope with IBS. I have experience in gastroenterology and nutrition research as well as seeing NHS patients with bowel problems. I am fully qualified in Hypnotherapy and am a member of the National Hypnotherapy Society, which means I abide by their strict Code of Ethics. You can see a testimonial from a past client on my website http://www.ibs-hypno.vpweb.co.uk along with my contact details.
  8. Anyone know what the massive military parade going on in Endcliffe Park is all about, Sat 2:45?
  9. Drummer Bronwen runs a trendy second hand furniture shop on Ecclesall Road, opposite park.
  10. Anybody know of pubs open on Christmas Day in the evening? Cheers
  11. Good idea. Yes they're minty black spherical sweets.
  12. Genius jimmy1975. I tried Maxons website and they reckon 2 big supermarkets stock their stuff, so eyes peeled on my next visits. Also Harvey Nics does em of course Plus they have a great page on the history of Black Bullets if anyone's interested.
  13. Anyone have any idea where I can get 'Black Bullets' in Sheffield? They're sold in Newcastle but actually made in Sheffield by Maxons S8, according to the tin. Cheers
  14. Anyone know of decent pub quizzes on Sunday nights in Sheffield? Thanks. Our little team has nowhere to go now it looks like our local is shutting.
  15. Anybody know any pubs open in the evening on Christmas day (2011)? Preferably within walking distance of Ecclesall Road.
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