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  1. Agreed, Mel. After the hooha about people walking out because of the violence and subject matter, I was surprised it wasn't more frightening. The scary part for me was his unravelling, rather than the violence portrayed.
  2. Well! I don't agree with that. Steam Yard for coffee and a bun though, now there is a winner 😊
  3. Yes, Ambulo was like a creche yesterday. I'm a parent, so I cope reasonably well with kids, but the screaming and unsupervised running about quickly wears your nerves down!
  4. Has Ambulo changed hands or is it just struggling? We went yesterday for lunch and were really disappointed. The food was tasty enough, but the portions were tiny for the price. We only saw one overrun waitress, and it took over 30 mins for our food to arrive, by which time our drinks were finished. It's a big high space, with hard chairs and tables, so nothing to dampen the noise, and although less than half full, it was deafening. The whole experience felt really unsatisfactory. Such a shame, as it was lovely when it first opened (apart from the noise!)
  5. Botanical Gardens maybe? Friday to Sunday.
  6. Not sure if the quoted low price is for very low prescriptions, there seemed to be a sliding scale when I was looking at various clinics. I had a very high prescription and a severe astigmatism, just a quarter point away from the limit for surgery. I can't remember exactly what mine cost, but it was around £4000 I think. I had all the extras to so I paid more for the anti-halo drops, wavefront, stronger painkillers, etc. 😁 I had mine done at the Vision Centre at the Hallamshire (years ago, see above!) because after consultations at Ultralase, vision express and the other nationwide one at the time, I had zero confidence in the others. Spin on 13 or so years, and I've never had any problems. I've got slightly short sighted again, but not even enough to bother with specs.
  7. My dad was up in the night a few days ago, and saw several (6 or 7) youngish lads going up and down the road trying front doors. A car was waiting on the end of the road with no lights, but the engine on. Unfortunately, my dad didn't think to ring the police at the time 🙄 but has said he'll call 101 if he remembers any details. This was round the Laird Road area.
  8. I got a lot of stuff from Debenhams, and tops from Wallis. There's the odd bit in town, but meadowhall seemed to have a better selection. Dorothy Perkins online were good too.
  9. My other half works in Leeds, and much prefers Sheffield City centre, mainly because there's hardly any public open/green space in Leeds, they are missing a Devonshire green, tudor square or Winter Gardens where people can take a breath without being confronted with another retail opportunity.
  10. I wish these events were better publicised. We keep saying we'll have a family trip out, only to miss it, or see the one single billboard advert just as the event finishes.
  11. Various supermarkets, according to the council website https://www.rotherham.gov.uk/info/200084/bins_rubbish_and_recycling/714/what_goes_in_each_bin/2
  12. Could it be Dr Who? Filming, not beaming down.
  13. Just read The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood. I've not seen any of the TV series, but thought the book was fantastic. Horribly relevant ATM too. I'm looking forward to the sequel which Atwood says will be set 15 years after the end of the first book. On to Anthony Horowitz "Magpie Murders" next.
  14. Is she in the Everyone's Talking About Jamie film? They are still filming all over the city.
  15. I read about 3 a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I don't watch much telly, so books are the thing for me.
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