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  1. I've just finished Blood Work by Michael Connelly, which was a fairly good LA crime caper. It's a good few years old now, so for a while I got frustrated by the slow pace caused by a lack of mobile phones, and waiting for crucial info to be faxed 😂. How quickly these things feel dated! I'm moving on to Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman off the telly. Its been a massive bestseller, but it's decidedly average so far. It's also a hardback with massive print, so I think the publishers have tried to make it feel like a blockbuster, without the actual word count. Sneaky.
  2. Not really, we don't know why it collapsed. No point just filling it in, if there's an ongoing problem.
  3. https://www.nhs.uk/nhs-services/dentists/how-to-find-an-nhs-dentist/ You might just have to ring several to find an appointment, but there's advice here.
  4. Thompson and Thomas at Fairlawns at Middlewood, s6 are very good Linda. I know a few nervous patients who go there.
  5. I saw an advert today on Indeed for staff for the new Lidl, so they're getting ready!
  6. Never even heard of him before today, so I'm interested to start it!
  7. Had a walk along Beeley Wood today, and someone has wrapped up and left half a dozen Terry Pratchett books to help yourself to, all the way up the path to Oughtibridge! I picked up the only non Pratchett, William Kotzwinkle "the bear went over the mountain".
  8. Just finished Westwind by Ian Rankin, his earliest novel it think. Its a decent story, but very dated in part - one of the cars has (gasp!) central locking, much to the astonishment of the protagonist!
  9. You're right Nightrider, its dreadful at the moment. The thing to remember with this part of the Loxley Valley is it is BROWNFIELD, not green field. It has been an industrial area for a long time.
  10. The gulleys and drain covers outside GeeVee are in very poor repair. I've reported it a couple of times, but nothing gets done.
  11. I've got a carrier bag full of crime novels and thrillers if you can make use of them Taxman. They've been round our reading circle, and are destined for the charity shop next. Just PM me an address and I will drop them off.
  12. The first couple of Ben Elton novels were excellent - Gridlock, and Stark in particular. I've just finished "The girl who takes an eye for an eye" which is David Lagerkranz's second 'sequel', to Stigg Larsson's Dragon tattoo series. Very weak, with the characters all being everso slightly wrong... There was none of the dramatic build up of the originals, just rattling through a plot about the separation of identical twins for a nefarious psychological test.
  13. Patricia, the missing woman has now been found
  14. Our GPs have started calling the younger "at risk" group now too. The receptionist did mention that there's none currently available (in our surgery group at least) for general public who aren't elderly/at risk.
  15. What was the problem that's keeping that scaffolding there at the junction of Chapel Walk/Fargate? It's been there forever, and you rarely see any work going on. It's such an obstruction, I'm surprised the Council has let it go on so long.
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