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  1. I think this is right. Wages seem to be the same or often lower than comparative jobs advertised 2 years ago when I was last looking.
  2. We used A1 last summer, they were good. Soil was decent quality and not stony.
  3. Martin Johnson optician's in Hillsborough take them, as do most Specsavees I believe. My dad took some old pairs into Specsavers last month.
  4. We went to the cinema a few months back and the chap in front of us had brought himself a full Chinese takeaway 😵 People constantly scrolling on their phones gets me though... the glare is so distracting!
  5. Possibly it's being held back due to the situation in the Ukraine.
  6. There were people sitting in at Dana the other day, they also have one or two tiny outside tables. Also good veggie options available in Crookes are Paesani pizza, and the Portuguese cafe next to St lukes, but they're not fully veggie. In town, there's a great cafe in Fitzallan Square called The Chakra Lounge.
  7. In the last few weeks I've read a couple of Elly Griffiths' Dr Ruth Galloway novels, which I enjoyed. I read the first few in this series a few years ago but they got samey. Also was given three books from Louise Penny's Inspector Gamache series. Very gentle reads, but excellent. Unfortunately they're from the middle of the series, but it's not hindered my enjoyment.
  8. Just finished Anno Dracula by Kim Newman... Excellent - clever and funny. Happily it's part of a series, so roll on book 2 😁
  9. If you pm me your address Top, I'll post it to you. 👍
  10. Yes, I found that too. This one seems to be a bit of a return to form.
  11. Swapped a bag of books with my neighbour, so have a few to be getting on with for the summer. We've had to start initialling them so we don't get the same ones back! Just finished David Baldacci's Walk the Wire which was good if, like me, you sometimes enjoy a mindless page turner with Reacher/Bosch style all-American heroes. I've just started Anno Dracula by Kim Newman, which I'm enjoying so far.. Takes more brain power than the Baldacci, not least because the print is small and I have to wear my reading specs. 😉
  12. Have you asked for a phone consultation instead? Does your practice have a 'sister' practice? Many of the GP surgeries in Sheffield work closely with others, and often you can get appointments at those instead. Ours works like this... It's a drive away, so not useful for everyone, but it's worth asking. My partner couldn't even get a phone appt at our regular surgery, but got a face to face one at the other site. They didn't have capacity for bloods that day, so sent him to the drive-in on Longley Lane. Worked very well, quick and minimal hanging around.
  13. I'm reading Honeycomb by Joanne M Harris now. It's a real joy to read, not only because I love her writing, and the illustrations are gorgeous, but because of the book itself. It's a hardback with really lovely silky pages 😂. It feels luxurious, I've never noticed how much this improves my experience before!
  14. My friend had her purse and phone stolen from her zipped bag, which was under their table. Guy had been sat nearby and got up to leave, dropping small change. Some rolled under her table, and whilst she was distracted helping him pick coins up, he nicked her stuff. 😒 My bag is always on my knee now.
  15. I'm on The Law of Innocence by Michael Connelly. It's yer standard crime thriller so far, but he's a reliable author. Prior to this I read Recipe for a Perfect Wife by Karma Brown, which was short, but good - NY couple relocate to the burbs, wife tries to become an author after finding old 50s magazines and books in the cellar, they nearly fall apart. I also read Once Upon a River by Diane Setter field, which was also excellent. A bit of a mystery set along the Thames in days gone by, with some magic thrown in.
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