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  1. I've reported 3 things on fixmystreet in the last week, all have been actioned by SCC 😊
  2. I tried Wolf Hall when it came out, but packed it in pretty early (scared myself with the sheer size I think!). However, I'm currently reading Kate Mosse "Burning Chambers" and loving it, so I might give old Hilary another crack. I'm itching to get back to the charity shops and book swaps! However, I've had some decent stuff from The Works for their 3 for a fiver offer, which has helped see me (and my neighbour, mum and two friends) through lockdown so far. Thank goodness for having friends and family who are willing to share 🙂
  3. We replaced a concreted over one with a sheet of metal from a local metal fabricator in S6 (can't remember the name). He drilled a dozen x 1cm holes in it, and it's really helped airflow and massively reduced dampness in the cellar.
  4. There's quite a lot of empty units up there already though. I assume they'll get better returns making flats.
  5. Most GP surgeries are operating on a phone appointment basis. They aren't closed! Ring and get a phone consultation, and if the doc thinks you need to be seen in person, you will be.
  6. Ooh, that's my lunch sorted Mel, thanks for the reminder! I remember making this in the 80s from the Cranks veggie cookbook. I always love it, but then instantly forget it for about 3 years 😊
  7. Not seen any in a shop, but ordered some plain and some SR flour from Country Fresh Foods last week (cffathome.co.uk I think), minimum delivery is £18, but they sell lots of fruits and vegetables and other staples too.
  8. Aw, Bob! So pleased to hear that things are going well for you. Don't feel that you can't post if things aren't going so well, that's when you need it most xx
  9. I've just finished the latest Jack Reacher "Blue Moon" by Lee Child. It was, like every Reacher book, entertaining twaddle, good for some escapism in these lock down times. Much better was The Binding by Bridget Collins. Similar in tone to The Essex Serpent, etc it tells the story of a young man who becomes a binder - someone who takes bad memories from people and binds them into books so they are forgotten.
  10. I've just finished Blood Orange by Harriet Tyce, which was in a 3 for a fiver bundle (so I didn't have high hopes!). Surprisingly enjoyable story about a heavy drinking female barrister whose marriage is falling apart as she deals with an ill fated affair, and defending a domestic violence murder. One of those books where none of the main characters are likeable, but it drew me in.
  11. Eve's Fruit and veg in Hillsborough are doing deliveries.
  12. Not the only one still reading RR! I've just finished a couple of Harry Bosch books by Michael connelly, and am now reading Carpet Burns by Tom Hingley, ex-lead singer of the Inspiral Carpets. It's interesting, but you can tell its not had a ghost writer's input, it's very lumpy, and anecdotes which need fleshing out are left a bit flat.
  13. Hope you're doing well, Bob. It's a hard time for many at the moment, but you're not forgotten 😊
  14. Thanks Phili - the box is on a shelf about a foot away from the TV with plenty of ventilation, out of sunlight, etc. Annie - I will ask them to try that, although I've lost count of how many times I've reset the bloody thing, let alone them. I've not done it quite like that though, so I will give it a try and report back! 😁
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