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  1. Went to Envers last summer, I think it was. It was excellent. We should have gone last Thursday but unfortunately the snow put paid to it
  2. Been into Sheffield Market today, the olive stall is back under the same name. The old man wasn't there but it could have been his son, they look very similar. I hope the old man is ok, I didn't ask as it may have been rude
  3. Hi folks, I'm looking for a Chinese restaurant in the city centre that can cater for 10-15 people and is accessible for disabled people. No takeaways please
  4. Have been to the City Hall since, I dunno, maybe Bottom Live around 2006 maybe. Off to see Midge Ure in April so I'm hoping I can get scanned in ok
  5. What, so you have a problem with him/her doing what they want?
  6. This the thing, Ivanhoe Road at Malin Bridge is only about 100 metres long, but you have to be pretty fit to reach the top without stopping
  7. So why don't you like her? Whatever have they done to you?
  8. We used to get the neighbours caravan for very little during the Sheffield Shutdown. Most of the street would be there, it was like a home from home
  9. I can't remember most of what I did as a young lad except I was hardly ever in the house and there always seemed to be something to do. Two of the six weeks were always at Ingoldmells anyway. There wasn't much there at the time in the early 70s. Possibly 3 arcades, a few shops and the little park thing on the left near the park. East Gate caravan site had a shop, club and ablutions hut and that was it. You could hear the RAF practicing bombing runs down the coast in the middle of the night
  10. Sheffield Trophy Centre – Proud sponsors of the South Yorkshire Ability Counts League
  11. 4 cars to a house seems a bit out of scope to be honest. When I was at university hardly anyone had a car and those that did tended to be from Sheffield.
  12. Thanks, will check it out sometime
  13. Which one is that please? I'm only aware of the one on London Road, is that the one you mean?
  14. Yeah, that's a shame, he was really good. I don't mind paying a bit more for quality stuff and he was bang on
  15. He has a fantastic stall, perhaps not the cheapest but the best quality I've ever had and he'll often let you try first before buying. His seafood salad is excellent too. I wonder if he's still there, since Covid will have been a threat to many businesses.
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