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  1. yes, Saturday strike off, Monday strike still on. https://www.firstgroup.com/south-yorkshire/news-and-service-updates/current-issues/intended-strike-action-1-july
  2. Current service: Yellow route: Meadowhall to Cathedral (Shalesmoor evenings and Sundays) Tram Train route: Rotherham Parkgate to Cathedral Blue route: Halfway to Shalesmoor Purple route: Herdings Park to Cathedral Bus SL1/SL1a: Stocksbridge to Fitzalan Square Bus BL2: Malin Bridge to Shalesmoor (Fitzalan Square evenings and Sundays) tram tickets also accepted on Stagecoach operated buses on the following routes: 7, 31, 52, 57, 86 (between City Centre and the Hillsborough area). Note the exact route of the tram alternative buses may vary depending which bit of road is closed. This area of works run until Thursday 18th July. More details: https://www.stagecoachbus.com/news/yorkshire/2019/may/st-area-2-rail-replacement-2019 Bus and tram timetables also in the journey planner on the Stagecoach bus app. The full tram network will operate normally for Tramlines festival 19-21 July. Area 3 works run from 22nd July to 25th July with Cathedral-Middlewood/Malin Bridge closed Area 4 works run from 26th July to 9th August with trams running as far as Hillsborough. Normal service runs 10th-24th August. Area 5 works run from 25th August to 30th August with Cathedral-Middlewood/Malin Bridge closed.
  3. just a quick bit of ticket suggestion for those of you that buy First weekly tickets for your commute as the strikes are just over a week away.... If on the strike days you will be travelling on the services of another bus company or on the tram you may be better off buying an all operator ticket from the Travelmaster range instead: Travelling within Sheffield: Sheffield Citybus (any bus) £16.30 Sheffield Citywide (any bus and tram) £17.30 Travelling between Sheffield, Rotherham and Doncaster: (For some journeys the best option may be either by train or alternatively tram to Rotherham then a Stagecoach bus onwards towards Doncaster) South Yorkshire Connect (any bus and tram) £23.50 South Yorkshire Connect+ (any bus, tram and train) £29.70 More details of the above tickets can be found at www.sytravelmaster.com Timetables for all services in South Yorkshire can be found at www.travelsouthyorkshire.com.
  4. Yellow route runs to Cathedral (Shalesmoor evenings and Sundays) Blue route runs to Shalesmoor. Purple/Tram Train runs to Cathedral as normal. Alternative bus network: SL1/SL1a to Middlewood (and Stocksbridge) runs from Fitzalan Square via Shalesmoor BL2 to Malin Bridge runs from Shalesmoor (Fitzalan Square evenings and Sundays) 31 runs to Hillsborough (and Loxley) from Castle Square (evenings, Saturdays and Sundays only) 52 runs to Hillsborough from Cathedral, City Hall, West Street and University (evenings and Sundays only) 57 runs to Hillsborough Park (and Oughtibridge) from Castle Square via Shalesmoor All the above Stagecoach services accept tram tickets between City and the Hillsborough area during the current rail replacement works. Full information is on posters on tram stops. Electronic departure boards along the route show both the trams actual and normal destination. On board staff can advise passengers where to catch alternative buses where appropriate and there are also automated announcements on board advising where to change for the bus. All the revised timetables (both tram and bus) are also in the journey planner on the Stagecoach app and website.
  5. the tram is going to Cathedral with bus connection available to Middlewood, hence Cathedral/Middlewood. Same principal with Blue route displaying Shalesmoor/Malin Bridge.
  6. Depends who the pub company sell it to. It could probably do well as an independently owned free house.
  7. Updates... CAMRA beer festival at the Pioneer Club (Thursday 30th May to Saturday 1st June) Friday night - the band on the club stage is Do$ch, performing rhythm & Blues Saturday afternoon - the Ireland Colliery Chesterfield brass band will play in the marquee Saturday night - the band on the club stage is Flatfoot Sam, performing bar room boogie. The bars: Camra beer bar - around 40 real ales on cask Camra cider & perry bar - around a dozen traditional ciders Bar Stewards bar - craft beer on keg tap, cans and bottles Pioneer bar - mainstream beers, wines and spirts plus bar food. The festival will be laid out over the lounge, concert room, back room, courtyard, marquee and beer garden. Stagecoach bus 44 from Sheffield stops outside the venue or it is 10 minutes walk from Dronfield station. One Valley Fringe (Saturday only) - latest updates see their Facebook events: https://www.facebook.com/events/2083489418635264/ Drone Valley Brewery - the brewery will be hosting an open day with bar, food and music on the Saturday. Stagecoach bus 43/44 goes there. Miners Arms in Hundall - they will be hosting a beer festival on the Saturday with food and music. TM Travel bus 14 goes there from Dronfield Civic Centre and rail station once every 2 hours. It is expected a private minibus shuttle will also operate.
  8. You can download a map of all the bus and tram routes in North Sheffield here: https://www.travelsouthyorkshire.com/northsheffieldnetworkbusmap/ The 32 is basically a community minibus type service that covers some of the areas off the main road where more regular buses such as the 38/38a, 83/83a and 97/98 run. I would imagine the majority of passengers are pensioners on free passes so the service will not be taking much money - it will be one subsidised by the local authority to run and funded to the level of social need - which is basically a daytime shuttle to get folks to the local shops and doctors appointments. Try the journey planner at www.travelsouthyorkshire.com for what you need and it will suggest the best options at the times you want, even if that includes a short walk to a bus stop on a main route.
  9. There is no such arrangement in the concessionary fare scheme and the government doesn't provide any funding beyond bus travel 09.30-23.00. However - Stagecoach BUSES offer that facility in south Yorkshire as a special gesture at their own cost. TM Travel run a special offer of £1 flat fare before 09.30 with a senior pass.
  10. Dronfield Beer & Cider Festival is a new event taking place 30th May to 1st June - the weekend previously occupied by the 3 Valleys Festival. The main event is a CAMRA volunteer organised beer & cider festival at the Pioneer Club, which is less than 10 minutes walk from Dronfield Station and served by buses 14, 15 and 44, featuring around 40 real ales and a dozen ciders & perry along with a guest run bar showcasing craft beer on keg. The Pioneer Club's own bar will also be open for wines, spirits and soft drinks. Food will be available throughout the event and live music, arranged by Saxbob, will feature Friday and Saturday night. Entry to the festival is £3 after 5pm on Friday and all day Saturday; free entry at other times. Drinks will be served into a branded souvenier glass (glass deposit payable on arrival, you can return undamaged glasses for refund when leaving or simply keep the glass). The CAMRA beer & cider festival is open Thursday 30th May 6pm-10pm, Friday 31st May 12pm-11pm and Saturday 1st June 12pm-11pm. On the Saturday (1st June) the "One Valley" pub festival fringe will take place offering festivities across the town, independently organised by individual pubs, bars and shops - why not combine a visit to the CAMRA event with a few hours exploring the venues of Dronfield town? Confirmed as taking part are the Dronfield Arms/White Swan/Smiffy's bar/Beer Stop/Wine World near the station, Blue Stoops/Manor House Hotel/Victoria by the Civic Centre along with the Coach & Horses, Jolly Farmer and Hyde Park Inn. Most of these venues are just a short walk from Dronfield railway station, those that aren't are served by the Stagecoach 43 bus (TM Travel 14/15/16/16a also provide a useful link between many venues and the station). More information on the CAMRA festival at www.dronfield.camra.org.uk. The 3 Valleys Facebook and Twitter accounts will also keep you updated on both the CAMRA festival and the One Valley independent fringe.
  11. most changes in Sheffield are timetable tweaks to help timekeeping due to Sheffield's worsening traffic congestion. There are however significant changes to the Rotherham network, some of which runs into Sheffield. One notable change to the Sheffield network however is that the 31a bus from Sheffield-Loxley is withdrawn and replaced with route 31b journeys due to ongoing issues with badly parked cars blocking the route in the Walkley area. Timetable changes on the 31/31b to allow longer journey times through Hillsborough that have become neccessary since cars have been allowed through the bus/tram gate in the daytime mean a frequency reduction is neccessary.
  12. yes planned engineering works, replacement buses running.
  13. thought that was the sink hole that opened up in the car park that they still haven't fixed..
  14. Apparently the same people as the Crown at Heeley, same format too with a Pieminister food franchise. Pub Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheMillhousesSheffield/
  15. It is currently the closed 'Sleep Inn' budget hotel on Scotland Street (just up the hill from Shakespeares on the 31 bus route). It will be reopening as the Crow at a date yet to be announced, a lot of work is taking place. Upstairs they are upgrading the guest rooms whilst on the ground floor it is being converted back into a pub rather than just simply a hotel reception. The Crow will be run by the same people as the Rutland Arms on Brown Street so a varied beer range is highly likely and it will probably be a worthy extension to the Kelham Island circuit!
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