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  1. Last 86 bus from town to Lowedges via Archer Road/Hutcliffe Road is 20:10 on the new timetable so those areas will have no evening buses. Greenhill still has the 76, once an hour. Bradway has a 50% cut to evening service with the axe of the 25 at night and just a once hourly 24 remaining. Lowedges loses 25 and 86 but keeps 24 and 76. Grenoside appears to be a big loser in the bus changes throughout the day with the axe of route 35, the journey time getting longer on the 135 and the cut of the M92 to just 4 trips per day.
  2. because it is expected either TPE or Northern will take over the Liverpool service. The Liverpool-Norwich route is to be split in half with EMR running Derby-Nottingham-Norwich and a different operator running Nottingham-Sheffield-Manchester-Liverpool. This is a decision made by the Department for Transport, despite the public consultation not being in favour of the loss of the direct long distance service. (Sheffield, Manchester and Liverpool will no longer have a direct train to Eastern England as a result).
  3. East Midlands franchise had Stagecoach, Arriva and Abellio shortlisted - Stagecoach and Arriva both disqualified on pension issue. South Eastern franchise competition cancelled due to all three shortlisted bidders being disqualified on pension issue. Department for Transport is getting it wrong in my opinion, trying to offload responsibility.
  4. East Midlands Trains as a company will cease to exist after the franchise changes as it was purely set up to bid for and operate the franchise, however the parent company Stagecoach Group will still be around. In Sheffield Stagecoach will still operate buses (registered as The Yorkshire Traction Co Ltd) and trams (registered as South Yorkshire Supertram Ltd). The East Midlands Trains staff transfer to the new Abellio owned company under TUPE arrangements. The actual national rail infrastructure (track and signals) is operated by Network Rail which is publicly owned and the rolling stock is leased. The passenger trains are run as franchises under contract to the Department for Transport.
  5. The last day of operation for East Midlands Trains, a Stagecoach rail company, is upon us - Saturday 17th August. From Sunday 18th August the new franchise starts, this will be a company known as East Midlands Railway - or EMR. It is being operated by Abellio, the international business arm of the Dutch State railway company Nederlands Spoorwegen. Abellio also run Scotrail, Greater Anglia, West Midlands and Merseyrail trains and also operate buses in the UK. More about them here: https://www.abellio.com/uk EMR will start out running the same trains, timetables, on board service and fares as East Midlands Trains and with the same staff that are to transfer across. The East Midlands franchise has two routes serving Sheffield, the mainline service to London St Pancras and the Regional Express service between Liverpool and Norwich via Nottingham. The Department for Transport has proposed that the Liverpool-Nottingham section is to be removed from the route at some point and run Derby-Norwich instead; with a different operator - most likely either Transpennine Express or Northern - take over Liverpool-Nottingham via Sheffield. A little bit of the plans for the future in this new franchise can be found at http://maps.dft.gov.uk/east-midlands-rail-franchise/ EMR's website goes live on Sunday at https://www.eastmidlandsrailway.co.uk/
  6. That is a reason I'm not arguing that private cars should be charged, rather that the whole thing is a bad idea. Good work is being done to bring life back to the City Centre with new developments and schemes to smarten up neglected parts of town and to promote the fact to potential visitors. City Centre living is also booming with all the new apartments and other residential schemes. The road layout is designed so cars follow the ring road to the desired part of town then straight into a multi storey car park or alternatively a cheaper scrap of land pay and display jobbie just outside the City Centre. Buses and trams need priority and need to be attractive, however the City Centre needs to be accessible to all including cars and commercial LGV/HGVs to ensure businesses are a success - it just needs balancing with the needs to keep the City Centre a pleasant place to visit and therefore managed. I don't think the Clean Air Zone charge is the right tool for the job.
  7. I've filled the survey in. Posters have been on TM Travel buses encouraging passengers to have their say against it. The publicity suggested it was a public consultation, not an industry one. I agree regarding Moorhead. Forcing buses that come down Pinstone Street to turn left, spin round roundabout and double back is unnecessary extra fuel burned and if the Arundel Gate/Eyre Street traffic is busier than normal the roundabout can gridlock.
  8. back onto the subject of Sheffield network changes, here is a summary of routes that will see change from 1st September: 1a - Chapeltown-City-Herdings: replaced by new route 11 3/3a - Nether Edge-City-Meadowhall: withdrawn. Replaced by 56 at Nether Edge end and 95/95a at Meadowhall end 4/4a - City-Psalter Lane-Bents Green/Ringinglow/Millhouses: withdrawn. Route via Psalter Lane has 218 as alternative. Ringinglow extensions covered by changes to 181. 5 - City-Grimethorpe-Firth Park: change of operator to Powells 6/6a - Millhouses-Carterknowle-Hunters Bar-Hallamshire Hospital-City-Darnall-Littledale/Manor Top; No longer cross City, Darnall side has change of operator to First. 7/7a - Crystal Peaks-Woodhouse-Manor Top-City-Neepsend-Wadsley Bridge-Ecclesfield: Changes to timetable 10/10a - Manor Top-Hallamshire Hospital inner circle: Change of operator to Powells and change to route to serve new housing developments. Timeable change. 11/11a - Herdings-City-Northern General Hospital-Chapeltown: new services replacing 1a and 56. 18/18a - City-Heeley Green-Meerbrook-Norton Lees-Gleadless Townend-Manor Top-Meadowhall-Shirecliffe-Hillsborough: route extension and new timetable. Replaces 38/38a. 19 - City-Heeley Green-Norton Lees-Woodseats-Chancet Wood: withdrawn. Chancet Wood end of route replaced by 76a. 24 - Woodhouse-Manor Park-City-Heeley-Woodseats-Lowedges-Bradway: timetable change 25 - Woodhouse-Manor Park-City-Heeley-Woodseats-Lowedges-Bradway: timetable change. Evening service change of operator to First, withdrawal of evening service at Bradway side of town. 26/26a - Crystal Peaks-Kiveton Park circle: timetable change 31/31b - City-Upperthorpe-Walkley-Hillsborough-Loxley: Withdrawn. Parts of route replaced by 135, 135a and 52a. 32 - City-Fox Hill-Northern General Hospital-Firth Park: Change of operator to First and change of route. 35 - City-Fox Hill-Grenoside-Meadowhall: Withdrawn. Parts of route covered by 32, 135 or 135a. 35a - Chapeltown-Thorncliffe industrial estate: Change of operator to Powells, reduction in service. 36 - Sheffield-Grimesthorpe-Meadowhall: Evening and Sunday service withdrawn. 38/38a - Hillsborough-Shirecliffe-Firth Park-Meadowhall: Withdrawn. Replaced by 18/18a. 43/44 - Sheffield-Woodseats-Dronfield-Chesterfield: timetable changes 44 - Chapeltown-Thorpe Hesley-Rotherham: timetable and route changes 50 - Sheffield-Mosborough-Eckington-Chesterfield: reduction to evening and Sunday service 52a - Woodhouse-Handsworth-Darnall-City-Broomhill-Crookes-Hillsborough-Wisewood-Loxley: Some journeys extended to Loxley. Timetable change. 56 - Nether Edge-City-Wybourn: Timetable and route change, running from Nether Edges instead of Herdings. 57/57a - Sheffield-Hillsborough-Oughtibridge-Stocksbridge: Change of operator of evening service to First. 57a withdrawn. 58 - Hillsborough-Wadsley Park-Wharncliffe Side: new service replacing 268. 61/62 - Hillsborough-Bradfield circle: change of operator to Powells, change to route in Loxley area. 71 - Sheffield-Mosborough-Killamarsh-Norwood: Many early morning, evening and Sunday journeys withdrawn. Bus 50 provides alternative Mosborough-Sheffield and bus 70 provides alternative Killamarsh-Halfway tram terminus for connections. 73/74 -Crystal Peaks-Clowne: timetable change 73/74/74a - Sheffield-Waverley-Rotherham: timetable change 75 - Batemoor-Meadowhead-Woodseats-Abbeydale Rd-City-Shiregreen: timetable change 76/76a - Lowedges-Greenhill-(Chancet Wood)-Woodseats-Abbeydale Rd-City-Shiregreen: timetable change and introduction of 76a via Chancet Wood. 81/82 - Stannington-Hillsborough-City-Ecclesall-Millhouses/Dore: timetable change 83/83a/83b - Ecclesfield-Northern General Hospital-Pitsmoor-City-Hunters Bar-Bents Green/Fulwood: Timetable change including frequency reduction. 86 - Lowedges-Greenhill-Hutcliffe Wood-Millhouses-Abbeydale Road-City-Shalesmoor-Wadsley Bridge-Chapeltown: Change of operator evenings to First, withdrawal of evening service on Lowedges side of town. 95/95a - Walkley-Commonside-City-Pitsmoor-Northern General Hospital-Meadowhall: change of route in City Centre, extension to Meadowhall to replace 3/3a, 97/98 - Totley/Totley Brook-Abbeydale Road-City-Southey Green-Hillsborough: Change of timetable including daytime frequency reduction. 120 - Halfway-Crystal Peaks-Manor Top-City-Broomhill-Ranmoor-Fulwood: Timetable change 135/135a - City-Hillsborough-Grenoside-Chapeltown-Rotherham: Change of route City-Hillsborough, change of evening/Sunday operator to First, timetable changes. 181 - Dore-Ringinglow-University of Sheffield: Change of route to serve Ringinglow 201 - Stocksbridge-Chapeltown: change of operator to Powells 208 - Sheffield-Tinsley-Brinsworth-Dinnington: timetable and route change 218 - Sheffield-Psalter Lane-Ecclesall-Parkhead-Totley-Baslow-Bakewell: minor timetable change. Hulleys journey to run standard route. 268 - Hillsborough-Wadsley Park-Wharncliffe Side: withdrawn, replaced by 58. 271/272 - Sheffield-Hathersage-Bamford-Hope-Castleton: timetable change M17 - Dore-Totley Brook-Bradway-Lowedges-Greenhill-Jordanthorpe: route change to serve Lowedges M57 - Stocksbridge-Deepcar-Fox Valley: new Mondays only shoppers bus M92 - Harley-Grenoside-Fox Hill: change of operator to Stagecoach. Route change. X5 - Sheffield-Kiveton Park-Dinnington: timetable change X6 - Sheffield-Handsworth-Waverley-Doncaster Airport: Revised timetable and route X7 - Sheffield-Maltby: reduced to run peak times only X54 - Sheffield-Harthill: timetable change X55 - Sheffield-Dinnington: timetable change X78 - Sheffield-Meadowhall-Rotherham-Conisborough-Doncaster: timetable change Also note following the summer rail replacement programme, all tram routes return to a normal service from 31st August. Tram routes are: Yellow: Meadowhall-Carbrook-Attercliffe-City-Shalesmoor-Hillsborough-Middlewood Blue: Halfway-Crystal Peaks-Birley Lane-Gleadless Townend-Manor Top-City-Shalesmoor-Hillsborough-Malin Bridge Purple: Herdings Park-Gleadless Townend-Manor Top-City Tram Train: Parkgate-Rotherham Central-Meadowhall South-Carbrook-Attercliffe-City Buses SL1/SL1a Middlewood tram terminus-Stocksbridge also return to normal timetable and routes. Some useful websites https://www.travelsouthyorkshire.com http://www.supertram.com https://www.derbyshire.gov.uk/transport-roads/public-transport/public-transport.aspx http://www.sytravelmaster.com http://www.gotimetable.com/sheffield
  9. I'm not on miminum wage, but then I'm not on a huge salary either. I commute on a daily basis so don't buy single tickets, I get a pass which is much better value. Kids resident in South Yorkshire get subsidised fares if they have a concessionary pass -flat fare of 80p single or weekly pass for any bus/tram in South Yorkshire for £8.50. Buses have a certain cost to operate - buying the vehicles, maintaining and fueling them, employing drivers - then the costs of the depot and its staff plus customer service support. I would suggest generally in Sheffield ticket prices are very REASONABLE. Now whether you consider them AFFORDABLE is a whole different matter. Given that at the current fares the operators in Sheffield are making very little money, for them to be any cheaper would require public subsidy, which in the current climate of a government still imposing austerity is very unlikely.
  10. Public transport is never going to be viable for everyone, however on corridors where lots of people are travelling in the same direction such as to the City Centre or other key shopping/business/employment district you want people using public transport (mass transit solutions) as it is less vehicles on the road, therefore less congestion, less pollution and less space in those key destinations that has to be given over to parking. For public transport to be attractive, there are elements such as frequency, comfort, cleanliness, accessibility and reasonable ticket prices, however the most important thing is the journey time and that journey time being consistent and reliable. For the journey time to be attractive and reliable, you need to segregate the public transport (be that bus, train or tram) into its own free flowing lane/track away from the congestion other road traffic suffers from. If both car and bus sits in a traffic jam, people would rather sit in the comfort and privacy of their own car. If by catching a bus you avoid the traffic jam and get into town quicker, it becomes an attractive option - thats when the other factors such as price, comfort etc come into play. That is why bus/tram priority measures benefit. Then there is the idea of the clean air charge being imposed on buses. That adds operating costs, therefore increased fares. That starts swinging things back towards car and causes congestion, which causes pollution.
  11. A normal tram service is currently operating on all routes until 9pm Saturday 17th August. Area 4a rail replacement works: 22:00hrs Saturday 17th to Friday 23rd August (Hillsborough Corner/Holme Lane area) Blue & Yellow trams to terminate at Hillsborough on a revised timetable, bus alternatives from Hillsborough to Middlewood and Malin Bridge. Purple trams and tram train to run as normal. Area 5 rail replacement works: Saturday 24th to Friday 30th August (University of Sheffield area) Blue, Yellow and Purple trams to terminate at Cathedral on a revised timetable. Bus alternatives from the City Centre to Hillsborough, Middlewood and Malin Bridge. Tram train to run as normal. A guide to the revised tram timetables and alternative buses can be downloaded from https://www.stagecoachbus.com/supertram/ FULL NETWORK REOPENS FOR THE REST OF 2019 FROM SATURDAY 31ST AUGUST
  12. Buses in Sheffield are not expensive, amongst cheapest in country, prices were slashed in 2012 and still haven't increased back to that level yet! Most expensive weekly commuter ticket, offering unlimited travel on any bus or tram in the city, works out at £2.47 a day. Just over 2 quid? That isn't expensive in 2019! And that is provided commercially with no public subsidy
  13. Council take control? Many of the changes are as a result of them cutting public funding to bus services along with growing congestion caused by the council being car friendly at the expense of public transport operators. The private bus companies are offering the bus possible service given the circumstances. If the council were to offer a better service, you and I would have to pay more tax to fund it.
  14. SYPTE haven't produced and uploaded the 11/11a "leaflet" as yet. Here is the timetables for Herdings on the independent Go Timetable website: http://www.gotimetable.com/servicelist.php?&hub=sheffield&search=Herdings
  15. The 1a and 56 at Herdings is replaced by 11 and 11a, same routes as now into town (one via Hemsworth the other Leighton Road)I think but both will go cross city to Northern General hospital with the 11 continuing to Chapeltown.
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