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  1. Andy C

    The Crow

    It is currently the closed 'Sleep Inn' budget hotel on Scotland Street (just up the hill from Shakespeares on the 31 bus route). It will be reopening as the Crow at a date yet to be announced, a lot of work is taking place. Upstairs they are upgrading the guest rooms whilst on the ground floor it is being converted back into a pub rather than just simply a hotel reception. The Crow will be run by the same people as the Rutland Arms on Brown Street so a varied beer range is highly likely and it will probably be a worthy extension to the Kelham Island circuit!
  2. Andy C

    Traffic around meadowhall 28/12/18

    Mostly shoppers but added to by an accident on the M1. A day when the trams and trains look attractive for trips to Meadowhall!
  3. Ticketer isn't yet accredited for contactless on it's handheld device, only on permanently fixed bus ETMs.
  4. Actually the issue is there isn't yet a portable ticket machine on the market that can do both smart and contactless. Two suppliers are developing such technology and Supertram should have new ticket machines that can take card payment next autumn all being well I'm told. For now daily, weekly and 28 day tickets can be bought online with a card either via the Stagecoach bus app or supertram.com.
  5. Andy C

    Sheffield star online

    I haven't read the last 11 pages so I am probably duplicating what others have said. The Sheffield Star website, like most others of the same publishing group, is terrible. Now adverts are a fact of life - they fund the website, you just have to accept that. All the technical glitches are really bad but I presume the budget for the website is probably quite low. My problem is the content. The online content puts you off ever buying the proper printed edition which isn't actually that bad, although clearly they don't employ enough journalists, however online there is lots of click bait headlines and news pieces that is just stuff from Twitter copied and pasted and added to, in some cases with completely made up information (for example a tram train that got delayed at Rotherham due to the driver getting locked out of the cab got reported by the Star online as a derailment!). The Star seriously need to review the content of their website and how it is presented, that way sales of the printed edition may increase too.
  6. The road has now reopened. Does anyone know if any changes have been made?
  7. Andy C

    The Millhouses pub

    Their Facebook page has announced they are currently closed https://www.facebook.com/TheMillhousesSheffield/ The pub is owned by EI Partnerships (fka Enterprise Inns) and leased out to independent operators subject to a supply tie contract so has changed management a few times in the last few years but the wording on the Facebook post doesn't seem to imply the current tenant leaving but some other problem. That said EI are advertising the lease as available.. https://www.eipublicanpartnerships.com/run-a-pub/pubs/pages/millhouses-sheffield.aspx
  8. Andy C

    Haunted pub to become starbucks

    Carbrook Hall , although it has been a pub for many years, wasn't actually built as a pub so I don't think everyone interested in saving our heritage is too precious on whether it stays as a pub or not and therefore take a view that at least with the Starbucks proposal the building receives investment and is brought back into use rather than being left to rot and fall down. Although the plan involves knocking down the new bits of the building and building a drive through, the historical part of the building remains and the council have imposed a planning condition of restoring the room that is of heritage interest, with its ornate paneling etc.
  9. Andy C

    Sentinel brewhouse and eatery

    To be fair them selling to Wetherspoons cheaply was probably a last act of desperation to shift some beer!
  10. I've never witnessed a tram pass a bar signal here. what I've frequently seen is trams with a proceed signal unable to do so because a bus is obstructing the tracks as the driver didn't wait until the junction was clear to set off past the line at the traffic lights.
  11. Andy C

    Pour, Chesterfield Road

    Pour opens 4pm on weekdays, 12pm Sat/Sun. Did you go in the Railway and play the retro arcade tables?
  12. Andy C

    The price of a pint?

    Cheapest would normally be Sam Smiths mild in the Brown Bear should you be inclined to drink such stuff. most expensive normal session beer I would imagine would be in a hotel bar. most expensive beer full stop is a movable feast. It depends on what specialist imported beers are on where. As said though, it's probably unfair to use them as a comparison as the reason they are sold expensive is they are more expensive to produce and source.
  13. Evidence? That'd be a challenge, trams don't have colour signals Someone who says they were in the car behind posted on Sheffield Online Facebook that they witness the car jump the red light. The previous collisions at this location it was proved the tram had a proceed signal and the road traffic had red lights which were ignored.
  14. Andy C

    Pour, Chesterfield Road

    I wouldn't walk it in one go. Suitable staging points from the station include the Rutland and the Railway on Bramall Lane. It is about a 10 minute walk from the Railway to Pour at a reasonable pace. As mentioned there are regular buses from Arundel Gate to Heeley (outside Ponsfords which is a couple of doors down) : 20/24/25/43/44/X17.
  15. This is the beginning of the revitalisation of the area. The Moor and Meadowhall are shopping areas, would it fit in down there? no parking? I can tell you two multi storey car parks along with some 'pay and display on a bit of rubble strewn land' type car parks within 5 minutes walk of the museum and I don't even drive! And for others that choose not to drive into town, pretty much every bus and tram that serves the City Centre goes past it whilst it is also not too far from the station.

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