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  1. The beer lists are now online, also online you can book onto the Wednesday evening tutored IPA tasting with veteran beer writer Roger Protz. https://sheffield.camra.org.uk/festival/
  2. It's a commercially run service so doesn't involve SYPTE. complain to First initially, otherwise it is up to the government traffic commissioner to take action if First are not running the service as registered. There is of course allowances for delays caused by circumstances outside the operators control such as road traffic congestion, which the council need to address.
  3. reopens on Thursday 17th October. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheHarley2019/
  4. I'd still report it. Maybe contractors didn't do the job correctly.
  5. The timetable with route description is here: https://www.travelsouthyorkshire.com/timetablefinder.aspx?searchtext=65 If it has started at Meadowhall you can get on at Waingate, otherwise you want to be at Sheffield Interchange. The stop on Flat Street is set down only.
  6. All the bus companies have been doing that for a few years now - adding extra minutes running time to reflect being stuck in traffic longer. The trouble is they've done it so many times now the journey times have become so long some people have stopped using those buses, the traffic has got worse and even longer journeys are required.... When the journey gets longer, if you want to achieve the same frequency of service, you need to add more buses to the system. That means increasing the fleet, employing more drivers and facing more maintenance costs. There is no increase in revenue in return for putting those extra buses on and at the current ticket prices operators are already working on wafer thin margins. Add in the poor reimbursement levels for concessionary pass use and you can see why we are at the point where instead of putting more vehicles out there they are reducing the frequency or merging routes - its getting to the point where it will start bankrupting bus companies. When it comes to cross city services, don't forget that isn't always just about operational efficiency/convenience, it is often down to passenger demand - especially if the route passes a hospital. In the case of 81/82 There are people from Ecclesall/Banner Cross areas who want to visit Kelham Island or Hillsborough and there are people from the Stannington/Hillsborough end travelling to Moorfoot and Ecclesall Road. None of the passengers like to find themselves sat on a stationary bus in town for ages. It has been a Sheffield thing for years - people keep berating the council so they make more effort to be seen as car friendly. Unfortunately people won't accept that in a city it is unreasonable to expect to be allowed to have complete freedom to drive or park anywhere you want and sod anyone else. There is still a local bus in the form of the Powells 61/62 from Hillsborough Interchange to Bradfield via Loxley or Stannington. Such buses have to be subsidised by SYPTE as they aren't commercially viable and like most public sector organisations have faced budget cuts as part of government austerity policy and therefore can't afford to fund as much. That said it does still provide some opportunity should there be a problem with the 52a or 81/82 to join that little bus down to Hillsborough and get a tram into town instead. Buy a Citywide pass and you have the freedom to get any bus or tram in the city.
  7. possibly vandalism? Report it to SYPTE - https://www.travelsouthyorkshire.com/contactus/
  8. BBC Sport, SKY Sports, others are available...
  9. these are all problems caused by traffic congestion that the bus operators can do nothing about. It won't change until the council take responsibility, tackle traffic congestion, get more bus priority measures in and properly enforce the ones that are already there. Unfortunately there is a political culture in Sheffield where councilors want to be seen to be car friendly - and its much cheaper & easier to simply criticise the private bus companies.
  10. Online systems may show it as a seperate service Sheffield-Tideswell and Tideswell-Buxton as it is registered with the authorities in two parts - legally a local bus cannot be registered to run that distance without having a lot of expensive extra conditions imposed on the operation that generally only coach companies can comply with.
  11. you are confusing it with the old X18/X23, which is now the 218. The 65 is a very long established local rural service that operates via Grindleford, Eyam and Tideswell.
  12. the 97/98 timetable didn't actually change on 1st September, the reduced summer timetable just continued. It is a route that suffers from a number of traffic congestion blackspots, there can be a lot of delays along Abbeydale Road and out towards the Northern General too. The growing issues of delays on Abbeydale Road is the reason TM Travel rerouted the 218 away from Abbeydale Road. Cars parked in the bus lane doesn't help things here either. The bus operators do take action to improve reliability in the face of regular traffic congestion by scheduling the journey time to be longer, however that means the same number of buses cannot provide the same frequency of service. Once the service is in a significant state of disruption from traffic delays, service reformation has to take place, which generally involves some buses going out of service and running empty non-stop to where the timetable requires the bus and driver to be which may be the other side of the City from where they actually physically are. You also need to take into account when running late the driver may be coming to the end of his shift or be hitting the maximum number of hours the law allows behind the wheel without a break. The issues facing such buses are ones that bus companies cannot tackle alone, the council needs to be addressing traffic congestion, providing more bus priority measures and properly enforcing the ones we already have. Public transport in Sheffield is not expensive, in fact in some respects it is unsustainably cheap. A weekly pass costs £2 per day for a single operator pass or about £2.47 a day for unlimited travel on any bus or tram in the City.
  13. For what its worth I'm already fed up with cuts where I live - the 25 to Bradway no longer runs in the evening (stops 6pm on Sundays and about 8pm the rest of the week), after that time it is just a 24 bus once an hour. This cut seems to be down to the evening service at the Woodhouse end being tendered and Stagecoach losing that contract to First and the funding is only enough for one vehicle to shuttle Woodhouse-City. From what i hear anecdotally the numbers of Bradway people using buses has plummeted over the last few years since the 293 was withdrawn and the 25 route was changed - the journey time into town is now so outrageously slow and buses no longer serve some popular places like Abbeydale Road and London Road, the cut to a skeleton evening service is likely to kill patronage even more... Also the fact you now cannot get by bus from Bradway to Dronfield when they are neighbouring places is also rather poor...
  14. You'll find most of the cuts/changes have been down to SYPTE tendered service contracts coming up for renewal, these are the routes that aren't commercially viable but receive a public subsidy to operate on the basis that they are economically or socially important to the communities they serve. Unfortunately due to government austerity policy, public sector organisations and local authorities, including SYPTE, have had repeated budget cuts. There is also the additional issue of the Senior/Disabled free travel scheme not being properly funded by government, this is hitting both tendered and commercial services. Politicians not addressing road traffic congestion issues make bus journeys longer which also increases operating costs, hitting the viability of commercial services and the subsidy required for tendered services. Many of the commercial services in Sheffield aren't all that profitable - many tickets are cheap and operating costs increasing so efficiencies are having to be made. But anyway, to actually answer your question, if you are talking about a commercially operated service complain to the company that runs the service (eg First, Stagecoach or TM Travel), for tendered services SYPTE, but overall bigger picture lobby your elected representative - why aren't the public sector organisations involved in public transport receiving enough funding and why aren't there more bus priority measures for example. In the example of Grenoside, aside from the bit the 86 serves, being reduced to just the 135 once an hour with extended journey times is poor, especially with the likely risk to timekeeping running a bus all the way from Rotherham involves. So how did it come to that - the 35 and the 32 was merged into one revised route (which no longer includes Grenoside) due to reduced funding available for the 32 and the rerouting of the 135 to partially replace the 31b for which there was no funding available to keep it going.
  15. Although of course we are already seeing huge investment around the Moor and a little bit beginning to happen with the Grey-to-Green scheme on the West Bar-Castlegate/Castle Square corridor.
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