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  1. Basically what was SYPTE is now part of SYMCA and the mayor is their new boss so as I say, just being pedantic!
  2. Sheffield BID organise the Fringe outdoor stages on Devonshire Green and the Peace Gardens, this is their website https://www.sheffieldbid.com/coming-soon/fringe-at-tramlines-2022#:~:text=While the main Tramlines music,host The Fringe at Tramlines. Various pubs, clubs and bars but events on too. Ones to look out for include Washington https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=tramlines 2022 - the washington Maida Vale https://www.facebook.com/maidavalesheff Bloo88 https://www.facebook.com/events/700094104659833?active_tab=about Green Room https://www.facebook.com/GreenRoomSheff/ Shakespeares https://www.facebook.com/ShakespearesShf Church House https://www.facebook.com/TheChurchHouseSheffield Crystal https://www.facebook.com/crystalbarsheff Frog & Parrot https://www.facebook.com/frogandparrot Dorothy Pax https://www.facebook.com/thedorothypax (feel free to add to the list!) Oh and if you'd prefer to literally get the tram in the opposite direction to Tramlines to see a gig Chantry Brewery in Parkgate has a band on the Friday night! https://www.facebook.com/ChantryBreweryRotherham (they have just opened an on site bar!)
  3. just to be pedantic.... it isn't SYPTE anymore, it is SYMCA (South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority). The organisation led by the mayor elect, Oliver Coppard, which is responsible for a number of things in the region including transport. But yes, they've funded the Zoom Beyond pass giving young adults cheap travel and they are funding a pointless City Centre shuttle bus (including rebuilding a road junction so it can physically run!) at the same time as having to axe important community bus services they can no longer afford to fund! The list of service changes from 25 July is here https://travelsouthyorkshire.com/en-gb/newsupdates/service-changes#sheffield, In Sheffield there is one route (32/32a) withdrawn whilst four routes (73, 135, 208 and X74) have cuts. In addition there is the M17 not listed that has already had cuts and no longer runs on Saturdays or mid afternoon. There are also two routes where the operator is changing (44 and 76a). Not a huge list to be fair and they are clearly making a political song and dance about it to try and get some more money out of the government after they declined to fund South Yorkshires Bus Service Improvement Plan after the budget for the government's "Bus Back Better" scheme was slashed. However potentially there will be huge cuts to services previously operated commercially come October when the Covid money runs out unless passenger numbers recover or new funding is found.
  4. You are right in that the cost of providing the service is shooting through the roof, as is the cost of motoring (and life in general!) I think the important question right now ahead of the Covid money running out in October is why are people using public transport less? Of course it doesn't help that the authorities have been telling people not to use public transport as they will catch covid and die if they do, it also doesn't help that our politicians are regularly shouting about how bad public transport is, again putting people off using it! However more seriously, what needs to change for more people to use public transport? Are people simply not leaving their house as much? Are people now using other modes of transport instead? Is where people want to travel to different to before and not as well catered for by public transport? Or do people simply need reminding what services exist and what reasons they may find for travel?
  5. An issue on a lot of the tendered network as you imply is that the majority of passengers don't actually pay a fare at all, and the reimbursement rates for carrying senior and disabled pass holders is insultingly low. Those rates are set by the government. You are right in that a good chunk of bus patronage is 18-21 year olds, they've gone from buying weekly/monthly commuter passes to paying 80p a ride subsidised by the mayor, it may have generated some extra trips, I'm not sure. The student £1 fare is a promotional deal offered by the bus companies, it started as a way of Stagecoach luring students off First buses back in the days of competition on the University routes and the fare seems to have stuck, I guess these days it is buses competing with Uber for the student traffic. There was an article in the Star recently about the M17 bus (Dore-Jordanthorpe) which is currently running a reduced timetable. The contract to operate this held by Hulleys was due to expire in July/August but they have agreed to keep operating it until October under the current terms but have made clear they have no intention of bidding for the next contract. Operating costs have shot through the roof (cost of diesel, wages and everything else), the bus takes very few fares and the reimbursement rate for concessionary travel isn't enough. At the funding levels the SYMCA is willing to pay it simply isn't viable to operate. Yes, indeed, that has been the system since deregulation - core network run commercially at no cost to the public purse with local authorities funding tendered services to supplement it. I do think it is important to point out that the changes in July are entirely tendered services specified and funded by the mayor though, they are not the commercial services which have Covid funding to support them until October when the issue of patronage being well down compared with pre-covid becomes a problem. that is a very useful website, I use it a lot! https://bustimes.org/districts/263
  6. Actually all the ones changing in July are tendered services not commercial ones but you are correct in that it isn't the council - it is the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority. The issue with commercial services doesn't hit until October when the Covid support money runs out.
  7. There are two parts to this story. July service changes https://travelsouthyorkshire.com/en-gb/newsupdates/service-changes July is when most of the contracts end for buses on the tendered network - these buses are specified and funded by the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority (SYMCA) to supplement the commercial network. They are services that aren't financially viable commercially but considered socially or economically important to the communities they serve. Of course since the last contracts were let the cost of providing bus services has rocketed - cost of fuel, drivers wages, parts and everything else. The bus operators are also still struggling with driver availability coming out of Covid, however it appears on the face of it the mayor simply doesn't have the funds available to pay for these bus services to continue. He has however found money to pay for under 21s to travel incredibly cheaply and also for the new City Centre shoppers shuttle bus. I can't help wonder if the mayor has chosen to pay for those things instead of the axed bus services. Potential October service cuts The commercial bus network is currently operating with government Covid recovery support funding which ends in October. Public transport usage is still well down compared with pre-covid (passenger numbers currently down by about a third) which means many bus services that used to be financially viable aren't any longer and come October when the government support is withdrawn could face the axe. There are two answers to this - people need to buy tickets and use the services or the mayor needs to find funding to add them to the tendered network.
  8. Current Sheffield depots are: First - Olive Grove Stagecoach - Holbrook and Ecclesfield TM Travel - Halfway Sheffield Community Transport - Montgomery Terrace Also operating in our area are: Hulleys of Baslow - depot in Baslow Powells - depot in Hellaby, Rotherham Stagecoach buses from Stonegravels depot in Chesterfield and Stagecoach buses from Mansfield depot First buses from Doncaster depot.
  9. One Valley Festival is back post Covid this weekend! There are actually two events running side by side - One Valley (in the town centre and suburbs) and One Valley Extra (at further out venues). List of venues below. Check their Facebook pages for more information. Note this isn't related to the old 3 Valleys festival that ran until 2018, however it is many of the same venues, each are organising their own things independently. One Valley Cross Daggers (bus 44) 2Underdog (bus 44) Dancing Anchor Spirits (bus 44) Beer Stop at Dronfield (bus 44) 3White Swan (bus 44) 4Dronfield Arms (bus 44) Fox in the Box (bus 44) 5Coach & Horses (bus 43) 6Jolly Farmer (bus 43) 7Hill Top Club 8Victoria (bus 43) 9Blue Stoops (bus 15 or 16) Manor House Hotel (bus 15 or 16) 11Green Dragon One Valley Extra In addition to the normal local bus services shown, a minibus will be shuttling between these venues and Dronfield railway station charging affordable fares. Drone Valley Brewery (bus 43 or 44) 13Pioneer Club (bus 15 or 44) 14Miners Arms (bus 15)
  10. --------------------------------------------------------- Miners Arms Hundall Lane, Hundall, S18 4BS TM Travel bus 15 stops right outside Minibus will also shuttle from the railway station and the other "One Valley Extra" venues https://www.facebook.com/minershundall 2 days of Live Music. Kicking off on Friday with the Genie Lamps at 3pm. Saturday starts with a warm up spot from Milly Ballington followed by Georgie Mills with Ribeye closing the day in style.
  11. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jolly Farmer Pentland Road, Dronfield Woodhouse, S18 8ZQ Stagecoach bus 43 https://www.facebook.com/jollyfarmerdronfield we open from 9am to set you up for the day with a farmers breakfast Full indoor bar service is also available from 9am Outside bar will open from 1pm and will be set up with Stancill Brewery ales and Birra Moretti UK Lager with also a selection of traditional ciders We will fire up the BBQ from 1pm too so grab yourself a tasty treat from the food we have on offer while the drinks are flowing. Our entertainment this year will be a DJ entertaining you all afternoon on the beer garden with a mix of old classics right up to current music. There will be something for everyone’s taste. Inside we will be featuring a selection of brewers with a number of different real ales and also a nice selection of fruity and traditional ciders. -------------------------------------------------------------- Green Dragon Church Street, Dronfield, S18 1QB Walkable from Dronfield railway station and bus routes 16/44 or from bus 43 at Dronfield Sainsburys https://www.facebook.com/GreenDragonDronfield Opening at 12pm-DJ Clarkey playing all day Two outside bars only - pub shut inside Lockdown Gin & Vodka bar /Prosecco/Peroni Other bar for spirits , wine ; lager & cask ales Accepting card & cash We have a Pizza Van in the car park We hope to see you enjoying the day & our beer
  12. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Blue Stoops Dronfield High Street Nearest buses: TM Travel 15/16 to the Civic Centre or Stagecoach bus 43 to Dronfield Sainsburys https://www.facebook.com/thebluestoopsdronfield --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dronfield Arms 91 Chesterfield Road, Dronfield Bottom, S18 2XE https://www.facebook.com/dronfieldarms Stagecoach Bus 44 stops close by or it is a short walk from the railway station
  13. Over the Queen's Jubilee holiday weekend many pubs, clubs and even a brewery are putting on events under the collective banner of "One Valley" and "One Valley Extra". Expect beer festivals, live music, street food stalls, DJs and family entertainment. Check out publicity from individual venues for more details but here is a summary of venues I'm aware of: One Valley - Dronfield town and suburbs, many are within walking distance of Dronfield railway station and most are served by Stagecoach bus 43 or 44 from Sheffield. Cross Daggers (bus 44) 2Underdog (bus 44) 3White Swan (bus 44) 4Dronfield Arms (bus 44) Fox in the Box (bus 44) 5Coach & Horses (bus 43) 6Jolly Farmer (bus 43) 7Hill Top Club 8Victoria (bus 43) 9Blue Stoops (bus 15 or 16) 10Manor House Hotel (bus 15 or 16) 11Green Dragon One Valley Extra - real ale orientated venues out of town. A minibus will shuttle between these venues and Dronfield station charging affordable fares to supplement the normal local bus service. 12Drone Valley Brewery (bus 43 or 44) 13Pioneer Club (bus 15 or 44) 14Miners Arms (bus 15) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hill Top Sports and Social Club https://www.facebook.com/HillTopSSC Longacre Road S18 1UQ Nearest bus route is the Stagecoach 43 on Hollins Spring Avenue.
  14. A free guided walk of the bounds of Bradway on Sunday 29 May, 10:30am to 1pm. This is an annual event , originally led by local resident and historian Tony Smith, this has become an annual tradition in Bradway and is now led by Chris Morgan, the Chairman of the Bradway Community Action Group (BAG). Walkers will learn about the history of this small suburb of Sheffield, which used to be part of Derbyshire. You may find corners you hadn't realised were there! You'll hear explanations of things you may have passed many times. Note part of the walk may be on muddy paths. Suitable for families with enquiring minds! Meet at the top of Twentywell Lane outside the Age UK charity shop from 10am (postcode S17 4QH). The event is part of Sheffield Environment Weeks which is lottery funded and supported by Sheffield City Council.
  15. Is that towards Woodhouse - the 52/52a doesn't use West Street in that direction on Saturday nights due to the council often closing Carver Street and Division Street at night https://www.stagecoachbus.com/service-updates/serviceupdatesarticle?SituationId=ID-19/08/2021-12:07:07:261 This website is always useful to have bookmarked - choose the area then click on map to see buses tracking live https://bustimes.org/districts/263
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