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  1. I suspect the traffic going all the way from Sheffield to the Airport may be limited but the X57 bus could well prove a popular link from Sheffield to Glossop and Manchester City Centre. The bus is scheduled to run non stop from Hollingworth to Manchester so can divert via alternative routes on that section if necessary. Longest journey time from Sheffield Interchange (less from University, Broomhill or Crosspool of course) Glossop: 55 minutes Manchester City Centre: 1hr35 Airport: 2hr10 You will notice that early morning and late evening the journey to Manchester is quicker by about 20 minutes. The return ticket price from Sheffield is £10 to Manchester City Centre and £15 to the airport, significantly cheaper than the train. You pay your money and take your choice as they say! For shorter journeys from Sheffield into the Peak District the X57 co-ordinates with the 257 to provide an hourly service as far as Ladybower. I would say this addition to Sheffield's bus network is a great and brave investment by an independent local bus business and I hope people support it by using it and the ticket sales are sufficient for it to keep running.
  2. To apply a little pedantry the multi-operator tickets are provided and priced by a private company (Sheffield City Region Ticketing Company trading as Travelmaster) rather than SYPTE but indeed, as mentioned the operator specific tickets will remain frozen at 2020 prices a little longer: FIRST BUS UNLIMITED TRAVEL TICKETS https://www.firstbus.co.uk/sheffield 1 day: Sheffield £4.20, South Yorkshire & Derbyshire £5 7 day: Sheffield £14.50, South Yorkshire & Derbyshire £20 28 day: Sheffield £54, South Yorkshire & Derbyshire £76 For full ticket range and online discounts visit website STAGECOACH (YORKSHIRE, EAST MIDLANDS & SUPERTRAM) UNLIMITED TRAVEL TICKETS https://www.stagecoachbus.com/ www.supertram.com Tram Only: 1 day £4.40 / 7 day £14.50 / 28 day £52 Silver (all Stagecoach bus & tram in South Yorkshire & Chesterfield): 1 day £4.90 / 7 day £17 / 28 day £62 Gold (all Stagecoach bus & tram in West & South Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Gainsborough: 1 day £7.20 / 7 day £24 / 28 day £88 For full ticket range including evening/group offers and online discounts visit the website POWELLS BUS https://www.powellsbus.com/ TM TRAVEL http://www.tmtravel.co.uk/ HULLEYS OF BASLOW http://www.hulleys-of-baslow.co.uk/ also have their own ticket ranges, visit their websites for details.
  3. There is no such thing as Tramlink and Stagecoach Supertram do not run buses, they are a light rail operator. Bus service SL1 and SL1a is operated by Stagecoach Yorkshire as part of the Sheffield Bus Partnership. During the engineering work, ticket holders travelling to Hillsborough, Shalesmoor and Sheffield City Centre can connect with the 57 or 58 at Oughtibridge instead of the tram at Middlewood. This bus is operated by a mixture of Stagecoach Yorkshire and First, also as part of the Sheffield Bus Partnership. In normal times, buses 57, SL1 and SL1a are operated commercially Mon-Sat daytime and under contract to SYPTE evenings and Sundays. Currently Covid restrictions are still in place, many people are still working from home and it is not financially viable to provide public transport services, therefore all buses, trams and trains are being funded by the government to keep some sort of service in existence and to prevent the operators going bankrupt. There simply isn't the budget to pay for more buses than already exist.
  4. According to the announcement three key points worsening traffic congestion that the council isn't addressing with adequate bus priority measures has significantly increased costs - more vehicles, fuel and drivers are required to provide the same level of service prices were unsustainably cheap weekly and 28 day tickets bought in advance have been subject to smaller increases than those bought on board Not to mention the impact of Covid and resulting lack of income of course.. NEW PRICES: CityBus - any bus in Sheffield 1 day £4.90 7 day £17.10 advance / £18.40 on board 28 day £64.10 CityWide - any bus or tram in Sheffield 1 day £5.40 7 day £18.40 advance / £19.40 on board 28 day £69.00 SY Connect - any bus or tram (including TramTrain) in South Yorkshire 1 day £7.40 7 day £24.70 advance / £27.30 on board 28 day £92.60 SY Connect+ - any bus, train or tram in South Yorkshire 1 day £9.20 7 day £32.10 28 day £120.40 Coming soon - Flexi5 buy 5 day tickets for the price of 4 to be used in a 28 day period - perfect money saver for part time commuters. will be available on CityBus, CityWide and SY Connect. Individual operator tickets these all remain frozen at 2020 prices until government emergency covid support funding ends.
  5. LIVE BUS TRACKING Hulleys of Baslow have now joined Stagecoach, First and TM Travel in showing their buses tracking real time on the map at bustimes.org. Here is a link to the map set on Sheffield https://bustimes.org/map#13/53.381/-1.47
  6. The new timetable is now in operation with a last bus back from Manchester at midnight Friday and Saturday and daytime buses running through to the airport. http://www.hulleys-of-baslow.co.uk/blank-page2616660d#SnakeX57 Live bus tracking is also now available at bustimes.org.
  7. Whilst it is true the old 31 bus did suffer disruption from inconsiderately parked cars now and again, the reason it was withdrawn was the service wasn't financially viable and due to government austerity policies inflicting budget cuts on SYPTE there was no funding available to support it. Changes to existing services 52a, 61, 62 and 135 were able to cover some bits of the route but unfortunately it did still leave some parts of the old route without a bus, although there are alternatives a short walk away. Question is for the wider discussion, the funding that is available to support buses, including any extra money found, what is the priority. For example talk of using taxpayers money to pay for a free bus shuttling around the City Centre - is that need more important than a community bus service in Walkley?
  8. All public transport in the UK, be that bus, train or tram, is currently operating under emergency Covid funding from the government to agreed service levels. In Sheffield South Yorkshire PTE are administrating the funding and service agreement. Whilst Supertram are not operating due to track renewal work they have taken the view it cannot be justified using public money to provide more buses than the services 7, 8, 52, 57, 58, 81, 82, 86 and 135 they are already providing to Hillsborough, Malin Bridge and towards Middlewood/Stocksbridge. These services operated by Stagecoach Yorkshire and First bus will be accepting tram tickets. Passengers on Stagecoach Yorkshire service SL1 can connect with the 57/58 to Hillsborough, Shalesmoor and the City Centre in Oughtibridge. Details of the tram service over the bank holiday weekend is at https://www.stagecoachbus.com/news/yorkshire/2021/may-2021/engineering-work-taking-place-over-the-bank-holiday-weekend-29-to-31-may This is the normal January fares increase, last years prices have been frozen until June. At this point it is only the Travelmaster tickets that are valid on all operators going up, individual operators ticket prices will remain frozen a little longer. Prices have to go up to cover increased costs of providing the service with inflation etc, unless Dan Jarvis is going to find some public funding to subsidise the fares. which are among the cheapest in Britain? The new prices are here: https://www.sytravelmaster.com/post/price-changes-from-7-june-2021
  9. Redcap still closed and still has the job advert in the window. No one is daft enough to work for Sam Smiths I suspect.
  10. There are plans for the area, some of the smaller schemes such as "Grey to Green" are already underway http://www.greytogreen.org.uk/phase2.html Victoria Quays is slowly coming to life too with the likes of the Dorothy Pax bar, True Loves restaurant, Victoria Junction cafe and A&G Passenger boats. The bigger plans I guess are in the queue behind the current Heart of the City developments - the Moor is done with work now taking place between there and the City Hall. The majority of the markets/shopping has relocated to the Moor, the focus in Castlegate in future developments is likely to be different. There was a piece in the Star about the Castlegate regeneration last year https://www.thestar.co.uk/business/surge-developments-create-one-norths-best-regeneration-zones-sheffield-1891114
  11. The entire network was redesigned, timetables co-ordinated where multiple operators run together and cheaper multi operator tickets introduced when the Sheffield bus partnership "Buses for Sheffield" was launched in 2012. Frequency is generally based on demand. The vast majority of bus services in Sheffield are operated on a commercial basis with no public subsidy. Then gaps in the commercial network are filled by tendered services with a subsidy, these provide buses to areas or at times where running a service isn't financially viable but the provision is judged as socially or economically necessary. The budget for such services has unfortunately been cut over recent years as a result of the Conservative government's austerity policy. In the case of bus 52/52a, each run every 10 minutes with the times co-ordinated to provide a bus every 5 minutes. Likewise with bus 120. However with Sheffield's traffic congestion buses can run late, these routes also suffer having to run something of an obstacle course around the City Centre now that Leopold Street/Pinstone Street is closed plus of course there can be spikes in demand at certain times associated with places like schools and hospitals, it is easy for buses to get delayed and bunch together as a result. Sometimes buses on the 52 o 120 when late will be terminated short of the scheduled destination and jump onto its next trip on time to fix bunching, the 52a is harder to do that with due to many trips extending out to Wisewood or Loxley where service is less frequent. All buses are tracked with services operated by First, Stagecoach and TM Travel shown on a map for passengers too. First and Stagecoach show this on their apps, all three can be seen together on the independent bustimes.org website. The effectiveness of bus priority measures in Sheffield does need improving. The City planners do need to take on board the needs of bus provision much more in their thinking in areas such as the City Centre regeneration and giving planning permission to new housing estates.
  12. The free concessionary travel scheme for pensioners and the disabled funded by the government offers free local bus travel 0930-2300 Mon-Fri and all day weekends and bank holidays. Anything above and beyond this has to be found out of local budgets. Currently on top of the free bus travel during the above hours SYPTE fund out of the local transport budget - free tram travel for pensioners and the disabled - free travel all day for the disabled - half price local train travel for pensioners and the disabled. - discounted travel for young people on buses and trams For free train travel more money would have to be found from somewhere to subsidise it. This would mean cutting something else, possibly a subsidised bus service that pensioners rely on. All the journeys made by train in South Yorkshire can be made by bus, albeit not as fast.
  13. The problem isn't just gaps in/lack of priority measures. In some areas the bus lanes/gates are only in operation for limited hours - some of the times when there is traffic congestion for example Saturday afternoon, afternoon school run time and early evening they aren't in use and the buses have to sit in the same queues as the cars. Enforcement is poor. There are regularly parked cars blocking bus lanes. There are also examples where traffic lights can give priority to trams or buses but the council has switched that off. It has become a serious issue in Sheffield (lockdown aside of course) of buses becoming slower and less reliable due to traffic congestion, with longer journey times this also means more buses are required to achieve the same frequency therefore costing more to provide the service. Slower journeys are less attractive to passengers and if someone has a choice of sitting in a traffic jam in a car or bus, they will choose car. If a bus bypasses the traffic jam and offers an attractive and consistent journey time they may consider the bus. More people on buses instead of cars = less traffic congestion and better environment.
  14. Cineworld at Valley Centertainment reopens Wednesday 19th May https://www.cineworld.co.uk/cinemas/sheffield/8079#/buy-tickets-by-cinema?in-cinema=8079&at=2021-05-19&view-mode=list If you are getting there by tram the Yellow route tram service (Middlewood-City-Meadowhall) is now running the full timetable (every 12 minutes in the daytime and every 20 minutes at night) and the Tram Train service (Sheffield-Rotherham) sees the evening service improved from 17th May with a half hourly service all the way through from 5:30am to midnight. Info at supertram.com.
  15. Dempseys plan to reopen 21st June when hopefully Covid restrictions will be lifted and they can operate a nightclub style venue. https://www.facebook.com/DempseysSheffield Queer Junction is opening at a minute past midnight in the early hours of Monday 17th May complying with the Covid guidelines (table service etc). https://www.facebook.com/queerjunction
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