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  1. the Travel South Yorkshire service change page now has all the temporary CV19 bus timetables to download here: https://travelsouthyorkshire.com/servicechanges/. For tram services visit here: https://www.stagecoachbus.com/news/yorkshire/2020/march/coronavirus-advice-and-tram-timetables For train services visit https://www.nationalrail.co.uk/
  2. I couldn't say for sure, I imagine third parties involved, the few members of staff involved are working from home and up to their eyeballs and nobody should be travelling unless they really need to, those people that do need to travel are alerted by a message on the homepage that divert them to the service change page instead of the journey planner.
  3. For Travelmaster products such as Citywide see their website - https://sytravelmaster.com/ Quite simply they won't have the resource. Normally a timetable change will be planned a couple of months in advance and worked through. This is an emergency situation. Check with the operators you intend to travel with. Links previously provided.
  4. Just to add, if you are a key worker and finding the emergency timetables don't suit you getting to or from work, please feedback to the operator concerned via their website. The timetables are being developed ongoing to provide a service for key workers to commute and people without a local shop to get food & medicine whilst using no more resource (such as staff) than necessary.
  5. So back to the purpose of this thread - public transport information for those that need to travel during the Corona Virus pandemic with the restrictions on going out: General: you should not be leaving your home at all other than: - travel to work in a job that cannot be done from home - to go the shops to buy essential supplies, ie food & drink or medicine, on an infrequent basis - exercise once a day in the form of walking, jogging or cycling from your home. A reduced bus, train and tram service is being provided for those THAT NEED TO TRAVEL as per above. Passengers are asked to - pay for their ticket by contactless means wherever possible (card, phone app or online) not cash. On trains tickets are not available on board, you must buy before travelling (self service machines available at most stations as well as online and phone app options). - be considerate to other passengers and staff by maintaining suitable distance on board - take newspapers and rubbish with you, do not leave it on board, also observe general good hygienic behaviour. - check revised timetable for your journey Services week commencing 23rd March: - Generally a Saturday service is running on the buses, with some exceptions. TM Travel are operating emergency timetables. - A Sunday timetable is running on the trams but with early morning services added and an earlier than normal finish. - A reduced network/timetable is running on the trains Services week commencing 29th March: - Stagecoach buses are running to a Sunday timetable but with early morning journeys added on weekdays whilst First is operating a skeleton service to a special timetable. Some routes will not operate. - Trams running to a special timetable with reduced frequency, starting at roughly the normal time in the morning (6am Mon-Sat, 8am Sunday) but with only a very limited service after 9pm. The Blue and Yellow routes will run every 20 minutes Mon-Sat and every 30 minutes on Sunday. The Purple and Tram Train routes will run every 30 minutes every day. - A reduced network/timetable is running on the trains A full summary of what each bus route is doing can be found at https://travelsouthyorkshire.com/servicechanges/ Downloadable tram timetables can be found at https://www.stagecoachbus.com/news/yorkshire/2020/march/revised-tram-timetables-from-monday-23-march-2020 National Rail journey planner can be found at https://www.nationalrail.co.uk/ More detailed bus information can be obtained directly from the bus operators concerned: https://www.stagecoachbus.com/ https://www.firstgroup.com/south-yorkshire/ http://www.tmtravel.co.uk/ http://www.hulleys-of-baslow.co.uk/
  6. If they aren't given support Sheffield won't have any buses. Simple as. Also remember a lot of the "poor service" has been down to public funding cuts and increasing traffic congestion. Been a few comments recently that since the lack of traffic on the roads, bus punctuality and reliability has shot up and how that could be enjoyed much more if public transport got much better priority measures. Also that if the service can be run with less buses due to less traffic congestion, that is a lot of costs saved in drivers, fuel etc that could be invested in a better service.
  7. For now.. all public transport is operating, but to a reduced timetable. You can find a summary of services at https://travelsouthyorkshire.com/servicechanges/ and more detail is available on individual operators websites: https://www.stagecoachbus.com/ https://www.firstgroup.com/south-yorkshire/ http://www.tmtravel.co.uk/ https://www.northernrailway.co.uk/ Public transport is currently there ONLY FOR ESSENTIAL JOURNEYS. Additionally consider the staff and other passengers by sitting suitably spaced out, do not sit immediately behind/aside the driver and where possible pay by contactless means (card or app) rather than cash. What is being talked about might be similar to what they have already done for trains - the private companies operating the services under contract, so they get paid a management fee but the costs and revenue both go to government.
  8. These businesses need government support if they are expected to keep providing a service. They will either return to normal after all this or they will have already gone bankrupt and ceased operating.
  9. Growler is an American term for a specific type of beer carry out container. No pubs are doing take home now. Breweries that were delivering themselves are no longer doing so. Those breweries with an established online shop that uses couriers to deliver MAY still be doing so, I'm not sure yet.
  10. Some pubs were just selling off what they already had tapped then closed, others have adapted to operating as an off licence. It isn't simple at the moment, they have to do off sales with social distancing and extra hygiene measures in place. There is also the question on whether there is enough custom wanting to take beer home. The Kelham was open 2pm to 5pm on Saturday with a grab and go system with one or two pint cartons ready filled. Today they have been closed to have discussions with all the staff from the pub and Blue Bee Brewery. This was all on their Facebook page. Shakespeare's did takeouts up to Friday night and are now closed until further notice. You can get cans and bottles from supermarkets but they have limited choice when it comes to the nicer beers and very few of our local breweries have listings with the big chains!
  11. Hulleys are running a Saturday service. TM Travel are running a reduced service - timetables at http://www.tmtravel.co.uk/ Powells mostly normal. Trains running a reduced service. Summary of all service at https://travelsouthyorkshire.com/servicechanges/
  12. Here is the latest I've seen looking through Twitter/Facebook - remember opening hours for off licence or food takeaway are generally reduced compared to normal pub hours as special arrangements may apply to maintain safe social distance. Beer and food purchased should be taken home to consume, don't sit in the car park or beer garden, the pubs are closed for on site consumption! Please check on individual venue's social media for more information including opening hours and arrangements. Turners Bottle Shop, Abbeydale Road Beer Central, Moor Market Kommune, City Centre - delivery only, via Citygrab Red Deer, City Centre - delivery only, 3 mile range. Punch Bowl, Crookes - takeaway food, order by phone Castle Inn, Bradway - takeaway or delivery meals and drink. Menu posted on Facebook. Coach & Horses, Dronfield - operating as a bottle shop, plus draught beer to take home whilst stocks last. Gardeners Rest, Neepsend - beer and snacks (Crisps etc) to takeaway, knock on the door for service. Hallamshire House, Commonside - operating as a bottle shop Ecclesall Ale Club, Ecclesall Road - operating as an off licence Blue Stoops, Dronfield - food and drink to takeaway Raven, Walkley - drinks to go Fuggle Bunny Brewhouse, Halfway - Takeaway beer available on Fridays only Stancill Brewery - 5 pint bag in box available for home delivery Sheffield Brewery - minikegs and bottles available for home delivery Abbeydale Brewery - cans available for home delivery, order online Walkley Beer Co - operating as an off licence Beer Stop, Dronfield - delivery available White Swan, Dronfield - pie dinners and drinks available for delivery Triple Point Brewery - operating as a beer/merchandise shop to take home, bag in box beer delivery also available via Boozehound Archer Road Beer Shop - bottles, cans and cask beer to take away.
  13. With Boris Johnson's announcement on Monday night that hasn't ordered pubs, bars, restaurants etc to close but as advised customers to avoid enjoying social interaction in such places, a number of venues are adapting their business by offering takeaway and/or home delivery for both food and beer. Lets share details of those we know on here! To start: Castle Inn, Bradway - home delivery in the local area for their full food menu along with bottles of wine and 4 pint beer containers. Two Thirds Beer Co, Abbeydale Road - carry out beer available Beer House micropub, Ecclesall Road - carry out beer available Kommune food hall & Hop Hidout beer shop - takeaway and delivery available (food delivery is via Citygrab app, beer is online orders direct with Hop Hideout) Peacock, Barlow - pie dinners available to takeaway or delivery. Sheffield Brewery Company - bottles and minikegs available for delivery or from brewery shop Bradfield Brewery - bottles and minikegs available for delivery or from brewery shop Bar Stewards, Gibralter Street - bottles and cans available to take home Shakespeares, Gibralter Street - bottles and cans available to take home
  14. Will be reopening under new management soon
  15. I popped in Shakespeare's after work tonight for the Torrside tap takeover and enjoyed quite an interesting variety of beers including an imperial stout on cask, a smokey Rauchbier on cask, A Belgian style IPA on cask and an IPA aged in Islay whiskey barrels on keg. Also tried a 3.9% dark mild, old skool malty ale, poured on gravity direct from the cask in the cellar. That's my Monday of Sheffield Beer Week done... I think Tuesday's choice will be a little crawl taking in events at the Rutland Arms, Lost Industry Tap and Triplepoint.
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