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  1. People have been convicted on circumstantial evidence alone before= https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/this-britain/conviction-will-lead-to-trials-on-poor-evidence-9132822.html
  2. Just an observation but this girl was only 15 at the t8me so was a child who got sucked into the Isis propaganda so what gets me is in the eyes of the law an under 18 year old is a child and it has been said that she was naive and groomed so why doesn’t the victim of grooming title apply in this case? Im in no way a supporter of this woman and I’m not sticking up for her because she is a Muslim but if you look at it from a neutral stand point it does seem that she is being made an example of . From what I have read she has said she is willing to do a prison sentence for her offences so would it not be an alternative that she is sentenced and then rehabilitated and then maybe she could be a person who can go on to show others that it is not wotprth going down the route she took?
  3. They do, my old neighbour was an old woman who had purchased her council house years ago but 6 years after her husband died she told me she had been diagnosed as having onset dementia bless her so she came round to see the kids and said that eventually she would not remember us. Anyway her son got in touch with the council who bought her 3 bed house in Shirecliffe for £75k and gave her a 1 bed flat in Chapeltown.
  4. Rats are everywhere, I have seen them outside the McDonald’s at the bottom of Granville road and also outside the food places at Meadowhall retail park.
  5. Sorry I realise you did but was rushing out so posted in a hurry. There are good and bad in all cultures and I myself take people as I find them. I also realise that some muslims don’t do themselves any favours with the way they go off.
  6. I understand the point you are making and would suggest that if you did get to know a few Muslims you would realise that not all Muslims are a threat.
  7. When all this is over I hope anyone who has committed any type of sexual violence on either side is made to stand trial and receive the highest punishment once convicted…
  8. Definition of Nazi, read number 2= https://www.britannica.com/dictionary/Nazi
  9. Another article about Nazi Idf= https://edition.cnn.com/2024/02/20/middleeast/israel-hamas-un-investigation-sexual-abuse-intl/index.html
  10. Another article here about the Nazi IDF= https://edition.cnn.com/2024/02/20/middleeast/israel-hamas-un-investigation-sexual-abuse-intl/index.html
  11. No it isn’t, they have become what they despise and I stand by it.
  12. Nazi Israeli scumbags are sexually abusing and raping women Palestinian women.= https://apple.news/AMyhFTtFCRFqGzq5skIl73g
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