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  1. A three bedroom semi detached in shirecliffe on the next road from me went up for sale after the elderly owner died. It Needed slight modernisation and the asking price was £130k. I was a bit surprised and thought it wouldn’t get that but surprisingly within a week the sold sign went up!!
  2. Afghanistan is mineral rich but unfortunately no country has been able to defeat its rag tag bunch of mujahadeen defenders = https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/afghanistan-donald-trump-1-trillion-mineral-reserves-deposits-war-rebuilding-reconstruction-gold-silver-platinum-iron-ore-copper-a7904301.html this is the real reason Afghanistan is a target……
  3. Britain has given loads of visas to Hong Kong citizens too so demand for housing will rise= https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/hong-kong-applicants-uk-visas-far-outstrip-those-eu-report-2021-05-27/
  4. Look on EBay, nearest seller is 10 miles away
  5. Dig a square hole about a foot or foot and a half deep and put a float pump in it, when water starts filling the hole it will activate pump and pump it out to wherever you lead the pipe. Did this in my brothers house a few years ago and it did the trick.. I think it’s down to the water table rising
  6. I think there has been a wedding as I saw a convey of about 20 cars beeping horns and been Pratt’s near Sheffield arena at around 11-45pm last night…
  7. Use a brick jointer, you shouldn’t need a gun for brick slips. I did the external insulation on one of my shops and covered it with brick slips and did all the pointing using one= https://www.eurocarparts.com/p/am-tech-brick-jointer-553981370?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIl5DCzNTq7wIVievtCh0tHgeqEAQYAyABEgI9IPD_BwE plasticiser in the mortar mix does help when using a mortar gun.
  8. Contact Sheffield city council private housing standards team ,
  9. So they face discrimination and also practice it themselves! 😂
  10. Forget paper gold, stacking physical gold is my preference. I buy gold bars from Asian jewellery shops when rices are low and sell it when they are hig, they usually have some I. That they have taken in to melt down into jewellery. I ended up with some 1 oz Singaporean gold coins a year or so ago and the jeweller had taken them in against some jewellery he had sold and was going to melt them down. I paid spot price plus £10 for each coin. I did well on silver a couple of years ago too.
  11. RIP Captain Tom, a true Gentleman and inspiration to many....
  12. Sorry here’s the link= https://www.delaneyplumbing.co.uk/boiler-cover-bognor-regis-chichester-west-sussex/
  13. After fixing the flexi pipe I also needed a new expansion vessel so ordered a genuine one off eBay for £40 and waiting for boiler man to come out and fit it.
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