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  1. U.K. Signs Post-Brexit Trade Continuity Deal With Switzerland= https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-02-11/u-k-signs-post-brexit-trade-continuity-deal-with-switzerland
  2. mafya

    Ram raid at Asda walkley

    Two more Ramraids on supermarkets= https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/two-more-sheffield-supermarkets-raided-overnight-1-9586857
  3. Most of the aggression, sneering, belittling and abuse on this thread comes from the remainers.
  4. mafya

    Safe areas for a single mum

    S5 is a big district, I have lived in shirecliffe S5 for 13 years, never been burgled or had any of my cars/ vans broken into and I have left the window open on my van overnight on a couple of occasions and nothing has been touched. there are parts of S5 that are rough but it depends which part you choose. if you see anywhere just post up the part of S5 and someone will tell ya if it’s rough or not.
  5. He can go to hell himself the jumped up little oink! 😡
  6. I think a last minute deal of some kind will be agreed as no deal is not in anybody’s interest...
  7. The decision by Nissan is more to do with fueling and EU emission rules and not solely down to brexit. Interesting article about it here= https://www.ft.com/content/10862888-288c-11e9-a5ab-ff8ef2b976c7
  8. mafya

    Child Genital Mutilation

    Forced marriages and Arranged marriages are two different things, engage your brain before posting. 🙄
  9. https://news.sky.com/story/goldman-sachs-commits-to-uk-despite-brexit-fears-with-1-2bn-deal-11479456 https://fintech.global/despite-brexit-uncertainty-the-uk-fintech-industry-is-still-attractive-to-investors/ https://www.fusethree.co.uk/sme/london-continues-to-attract-the-highest-amount-of-investment-despite-brexit/
  10. mafya

    How to clean a radiator?

    I bought a house with off colour radiators once and I used T Cut on them to Get them looking a bit better. T cut removes oxidation from car paintwork so I tried it on the radiators and it bought them up like new.
  11. mafya

    Remember the six million .

    My Bold= Your actually wrong there because they don’t deny it happened......
  12. mafya

    Remember the six million .

    About 17 million were killed in the holocaust so it’s not only the Jewish victims we should be thinking about although it seems the focus always seems to be about the Jewish victims.
  13. mafya

    NI contributions

    Go here and check your record= https://www.gov.uk/check-national-insurance-record it also tells you how much you need to make any non full years count. I have just paid towards 6 years where I had gaps in the contributions.....
  14. mafya

    DWP letter....Is it a scam????

    Don’t give any details out as it is a scam to get hold of your details. It happened to someone I know and with the info they got off him they used it to divert his benefits into another bank account.
  15. Trump the draft dodger being invited to a war memorial! 😂

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