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  1. Injecting the bricks and not the mortar leaves a path for the damp to rise. Damp company my sister used 3 yearS ago injected a paste into the mortar every 6 ish inches. When I queried this I was told that Injecting the bricks was the old way of doing things. None of the damp has re appeared by the way. more info here= https://www.permagard.co.uk/advice/how-to-use-damp-proofing-injection-cream
  2. Yes there are medical reasons to not wear a face mask= https://metro.co.uk/2020/05/19/people-asthma-shouldnt-wear-face-masks-experts-warn-12723945/ 🙄
  3. The part of the land that has a leasehold has rights of way running over it so I could never build on it so I have purchased the land as I needed the part without leasehold on it and have left it. Solicitor says in a few years we can apply to have rather lease removed and that it will be a lengthy process.
  4. Very time consuming as I have a similar situation with a piece of land that I own which has a lease on half of it from 1852. I am the freeholder and the lease was not registered with the land registry.
  5. Just wondered when the work/ jobs section would be back up as I need outdoor building work doing ( shipping container concrete base) and as far as I’m aware construction work is allowed so will the forum allow it anytime soon? thanks
  6. I think poster is referring to fox hill being a car theft hotspot....
  7. Happy to say the money was deposited into my account on Tuesday so we’ll done NatWest.
  8. I got the second email and filled in the seven questions and signed it. Got an email saying I had accepted the agreement so just have to wait now. No timescale given by NatWest so just got to wait I suppose.
  9. Still waiting for a second email from NatWest so will keep you updated on what happens...
  10. I applied for it tonight and received an email from NatWest saying I will receive another email with a link to complete and submit my documents online. im going to see what happens....
  11. I phoned up today and was told my application was accepted and money would be in my account by end of this week.
  12. I’m with LV insurance and due to my shop vans mot running out they have given me business use on my people carrier insurance that allows me to do home deliveries totally free of charge.
  13. What exactly are trading standards going to do? Shopkeeper paid a premium to get loo roll in stock and is passing cost on to his customers so no offence committed. I own a shop by the way and no cash and carry’s had toilet roll, hand sanitiser, paracetamol or ibuprofen just to name a few items but if I got hold of some and paid extra then I would also pass the extra cost on to the customer.
  14. From July this year rules are changing= https://landlords.org.uk/news-campaigns/news/mandatory-five-year-electrical-safety-check-regulations-be-enforced-in-england
  15. I don’t think racism was to blame, interesting article here says the same= https://www.thepostmillennial.com/racism-is-not-to-blame-for-meghan-markles-behaviour/
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