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  1. I was convicted in 2007 and the judge stated she didn’t want to disqualify me as it would mean a retest and I was a HGV driver at the time. After an adjournment she came back and said unfortunately she had to disqualify me and that meant an automatic retest Now I don’t know if the rules were different back then but I am going to get in touch with my solicitor to look into it because the judge said at the time that under the fear that we was about to get shot I did some dangerous driving to get away from the scene and the judge said she felt it was due to my previous criminal record that the police decided to charge me instead of taking into consideration the fear and duress we was under and the fact that the guy who had threatened to shoot us was on bail for a shooting outside a nightclub in Huddersfield at the time of the incident. I have not been out clubbing ever since that incident as I don’t fancy being in a similar situation again.
  2. Wrong as dangerous driving conviction comes with an automatic retake your driving test as part of the conviction. About 15 years ago I was convicted of dangerous driving whilst getting away from the scene of trouble outside a nightclub. The crown court judge gave me the minimum 3 months disqualification and she didn’t want me to do a retest as she felt I didn’t deserve it as I was getting away from the scene of where a shooting was happening outside a nightclub. After a 30 minute adjournment she came back and said her hands were tied so was giving me a 3 months ban and that I would have to take a retest.
  3. If they are serious then ask them for a deposit. I recently sold a commercial property privately and the buyer gave me a £15k deposit via bank transfer which referenced that it was a deposit to buy the property. I would ask them for a deposit that would be enough to cover the decoration and kitchen costs that is non refundable in the event that they change their mind. You can draw up a contract yourself without racking up extra costs for a solicitor as the actual sale will be done via solicitors anyway and at the moment they are charging high fees for conveyancing imo.
  4. Central glass will sell you single panes as I used them recently = https://www.central-glass.co.uk Takes them a day or two to have it ready. They are behind the Shell petrol station that is at Shalesmoor at the hill that leads up to brook hill roundabout
  5. Whoever does it I would get them to spray it with strong weed killer because if they pull it out and leave the root in it will regrow
  6. Believe it or not they are actually selling for between £55k to £80k now
  7. That’s a bit strong considering houses were only fetching between £10k to £25k in the area before EU migration. My brother bought a 2 bed house on Robey street in 1999 for £11k. Money launderers invest their money in other commodities rather then run down houses in Page Hall!, 😂
  8. I think it was although there are a few council owned homes in the area too. The lure of getting £500-600 a month for a two bed house that previously only got around £350-400 a month was too much of a temptation. The council bought in a selective Licencing scheme in the area but it didn’t make much difference..
  9. I think it will have to be something drastic like the council bringing in legislation that says if you are caught littering or fly tipping twice then you will be banned from residing in the area for x amount of years even if you private rent. Talking and trying to educate the offenders hasn’t worked for the last 10plus years. My parents live there and I know the area very well. A lot of the greedy landlords charging stupid amounts of rents to multiple family’s in their property are to blame as well and the majority of these greedy landlords are of Pakistani descent. I’m Pakistani myself before anyone starts so not being racist/xenophobic etc I’m just stating facts.
  10. I have read your op and understand where you are coming from, she manipulated your mum into letting her have the camera under false pretences and then sold it even though another sibling was interested in purchasing it at market value. If she was going to sell it then the least she could have done imo is offered it to the sibling who was interested in buying it so as to keep it in the family. I don’t think you are being harsh I think you are upset at the way she has gone about things and have realised what a selfish person she is. If I was in your position I would cut her off and still be there for your mother because even though she may always give in to your selfish sisters side she is still your mother and if you cut your mum off then later in life when your mother is no longer around you will end up regretting not being there for her. I have a similar family situation and have cut off from my sister and two brothers. I’m still there for my mum and dad even though they sometimes defend the others selfish behavior. Sometimes you have to cut someone off for them to realise that their behaviour is wrong. I also don’t think your wrong for discussing it on a forum as sometimes you need to let it out and maybe see what other peoples opinions are on the matter just to see if you are maybe over reacting or not. If someone has zero respect for their own dad then what respect are they going to have for others? Anyway I hope you continue to have a good relationship with your mother as she does need you and hopefully you can learn to just ignore the selfish sister and I will say that you and the rest of your siblings keep an eye that your selfish sister doesn’t try and manipulate your mother for her own gain.
  11. I was looking at one of these a couple of months ago the ground rent was £18 a year and the service charge was £940 every 6 months= https://www.cockerandcarr.co.uk/property/regent-court-hillsborough/ I decided not to bother…
  12. A family member has just sold a lovely 2bedroom semi detached house on a cul de sac in Chapeltown last week for £203k. We are Of Pakistani descent and have not encountered any open racism in Chapeltown but being honest there are a small minority of closet racists as is the case with a lot of places and I don’t think you will get shouted at in the street type racism. High Green is a bit rougher nowadays so I would give it a swerve.
  13. I havnt seen anywhere offering outside seating in Page Hall as I visit my parents regularly so maybe you can point out which businesses in page hall are doing this.
  14. They have been saying for the last 20 plus years that they would be redeveloping Attercliffe but it seems only the Don Valkey side has been done in little bits at a time. I have just recently sold two commercial properties on Attercliffe Road near the staniforth road end. One of my properties had a brothel next door and despite complaints from my tenants and video evidence of nuisance the reply from the SYP was that it was a managed brothel!! The punters ringing the tenants video doorbell at 2 am in the morning on numerous occasions didn’t seem to warrant any action. The area is plagued at night by drug users congregating in their cars in the car parks and playing loud music whilst taking drugs and once again the police are not interested. I cashed out and to be honest I wouldn’t invest money in Attercliffe as it is a forgotten area of Sheffield that is used mainly as a through route for traffic. The lack of housing doesn’t help and bot granting licences after 1am for any new late night eateries by the council in an area devoid of any residential housing says it all. The Attercliffe master plan should have been completed years ago but it never really got off the ground and the council have not had a cohesive plan in regards to how 3mpty bits of land have been infilled with different types of buildings.
  15. Years ago they used to inject the bricks but now they actuallyinject the motar between the bricks. The property I sold I had one wall that had a damp issue and I injected the motar with the cream stuff you get in a silicon gun tube about 9 years ago and to this day the damp never returned. I agree that ventilation is also very important factor House at bottom of my road the buyers offer of £142k was accepted but his mortgage valuation guy said it was only worth £132k as it had no central heating and electrics needed upgrading. He negotiated with the seller and managed to get it for £135k so sometimes it is worth a try but I do agree due to shortage of houses on the market houses are getting snapped up for silly money.
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