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  1. Well you said you was amazed at how much much money, properties and businesses they own so I was wondering how you came about that information.
  2. When the abusers are charged do they also let us know how money, properties and businesses they own?
  3. Don’t worry, by the time it’s completed if ever then all cars will be electric by then.
  4. The statement makes perfect sense, it’s you that is trying to run in circles with your out of context reply’s.
  5. When you are sentenced to a term of imprisonment you are deprived of your liberty for a set amount of time. You are not sentenced to be treated inhumanly. I have done time over 20 years ago and prisons are actually making money from prisoner labour. I remember the caged hen factory at Lindholm prison as well as the Argos returns that were fixed and resold back through Argos although I also remember a few prison staff members getting the sack for pilfering expensive items for themselves. I remember reading that the measure of a country is how it treats its prisoners= https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/the-measure-of-a-country-is-how-it-treats-its-prisoners-the-us-is-failing/2019/02/06/8df29acc-2a1c-11e9-984d-9b8fba003e81_story.html Prisons are not holiday camps and they do rehabilitate people providing they want to rehabilitate. I have numerous qualifications and I have actually done better then some of my peers who have never been to prison. Brutalising prisoners is not the way and the ones that don’t conform get put into solitary confinement anyway.
  6. My bottle says Wiley & Co wine merchants Haymarket Sheffield on it and it is a small flask type.
  7. I actually hold an HGV licence from 2006 and back then the trainer told us there would be a driver shortage as many would be retiring and not be replaced by new ones as the industry was not attracting new drivers plus extra pointless regulations ie 35 hrs of doc driver hours every 5 years without any exam and you could do the same 7 hour module 5 times. I’m not a denier I’m actually someone who gave up the job as the wages were crap. My licence is still valid as I keep it renewed but I have not done the 35 hours and there are any others like me. Also read this= https://www.thegrocer.co.uk/supply-chain/the-real-causes-of-the-hgv-driver-shortage-and-why-we-cant-blame-it-all-on-brexit/659841.article and then you will realise that Brexit isn’t solely to blame. Its about time our Govt started training more people up to fill these jobs instead of relying on imported labour and it’s not just HGV drivers it’s in all industries/professions. I also did mechanics at Castle college and I’m also a city & guilds qualified motorcycle mechanic so if ever you can’t get a mechanic give me a shout but I don’t accept peanuts as payment!
  8. You can’t blame it all on Brexit for the current HGV shortage= https://www.thegrocer.co.uk/supply-chain/the-real-causes-of-the-hgv-driver-shortage-and-why-we-cant-blame-it-all-on-brexit/659841.article
  9. Esso garage on price of wales road garage had some in earlier as I got some top grade diesel but there is a £30 fill limit. Back in 2006 when I was doing my HGV test I was told by one of the trainers that there would be a driver shortage as most HGV drivers would be approaching retirement and that not many people were interested in becoming HGV drivers and that was before Brexit was even thought about.
  10. I’ve got an old bottle that’s small with raised lettering on it from a wine merchants in Sheffield that I found when I excavated an area at the back of my shop in Attercliffe. It’s in my shop so I will take a picture of it and post it on here as someone did tell me to keep hold of it as it is a really nice piece.
  11. From Le Chambre all the way to beginning of Effingham road is due to be demolished and canal side apartments are supposed to be built as there is a canal that runs behind the buildings. It’s been talked about for years but hasn’t come to fruitation yet.
  12. I passed my HGV class 2 rigid back in 2006, I had difficulty getting a job as they were saying I was newly qualified etc and the pay was crap. I ended up getting a forklift driver job paying the same wage and then moved onto building work. I still have my licence but unless the pay is increased and the 35 hrs Cpc training gets sorted ie easier to complete without having to struggle to get it done quicker then I’m not going to get into driving lorry’s. This is the issue I think, the job is not attracting new drivers due to pay conditions, high cost of training etc.
  13. A three bedroom semi detached in shirecliffe on the next road from me went up for sale after the elderly owner died. It Needed slight modernisation and the asking price was £130k. I was a bit surprised and thought it wouldn’t get that but surprisingly within a week the sold sign went up!!
  14. Afghanistan is mineral rich but unfortunately no country has been able to defeat its rag tag bunch of mujahadeen defenders = https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/afghanistan-donald-trump-1-trillion-mineral-reserves-deposits-war-rebuilding-reconstruction-gold-silver-platinum-iron-ore-copper-a7904301.html this is the real reason Afghanistan is a target……
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