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    I have a 1 bed flat that I require an Electrical Inspection, Condition Report doing on, please leave details if you can help thanks


  2. Use a brick jointer, you shouldn’t need a gun for brick slips. I did the external insulation on one of my shops and covered it with brick slips and did all the pointing using one= https://www.eurocarparts.com/p/am-tech-brick-jointer-553981370?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIl5DCzNTq7wIVievtCh0tHgeqEAQYAyABEgI9IPD_BwE plasticiser in the mortar mix does help when using a mortar gun.
  3. Contact Sheffield city council private housing standards team ,
  4. So they face discrimination and also practice it themselves! 😂
  5. Forget paper gold, stacking physical gold is my preference. I buy gold bars from Asian jewellery shops when rices are low and sell it when they are hig, they usually have some I. That they have taken in to melt down into jewellery. I ended up with some 1 oz Singaporean gold coins a year or so ago and the jeweller had taken them in against some jewellery he had sold and was going to melt them down. I paid spot price plus £10 for each coin. I did well on silver a couple of years ago too.
  6. RIP Captain Tom, a true Gentleman and inspiration to many....
  7. Sorry here’s the link= https://www.delaneyplumbing.co.uk/boiler-cover-bognor-regis-chichester-west-sussex/
  8. After fixing the flexi pipe I also needed a new expansion vessel so ordered a genuine one off eBay for £40 and waiting for boiler man to come out and fit it.
  9. I have same boiler and this part is conected to the condensate pipe after it enters the boiler so the cover has to come off. Also check the flexi condensate pipe inside the boiler because mine has a tear in it and started leaking!!!!!
  10. Just though I would mention that my dad was released from Hallamshire hospital on Wednesday after battling Covid 19 and pneumonia. He spent 27 days in hospital and 6 of those were in the ICU unit. He is home now but still gets a little breathless but we have been told he will take time to recover. The hospital staff were amazing and we as a family are grateful to them for saving my dad who is 70 yrs old and also has diabetes. I would urge people to please stay safe and wear a mask and sanitise your hands and stay safe...
  11. I have a big hand sanitiser pump at the door and ask all customers to use it, I also get customers to put cash in a tub which I sanitise before putting it back in the tub. i also regularly sanitise door, fridge handles etc.
  12. I’m not refusing on the grounds of disability I’m refusing entry on the grounds of anyone not wearing a mask please will not be served as I don’t want to catch the virus myself. night clubs and pubs can refuse entry if you are wearing trainers or wrong attire so it’s similar to that. Police were in my shop yesterday and even commented that it was nice to see that I was following the mask wearing requirement. On a separate note a person with a disability exemption can go round not wearing a mask and then end up spreading it about themselves by going places without a mask. my dad is doing good and they have lowered his oxygen dependency today so that’s a good sign.
  13. No I’m not because I’m requiring anyone entering my shop to wear a mask and if not then to go elsewhere. people can print exemption cards off the internet and Tesco was giving daisy patterned dresses lace thing exemption lanyards to any Tom dick and Harry. My mrs has lung disease and still wears a mask to protect herself and my autistic son also wears one. I don’t want to take the risk and unfortunately My 70 yr old father was taken into hallamshire hospital on Saturday just gone and has got the COVID virus. He is responding well to treatment and this has made me even more determined to make anyone coming into my shop wear a mask. I’m discriminating against non mask wearers and as a shop owner it is my right. Wether or not someone is disabled doesn’t come into it. We haven’t been able to visit my dad in hospital only via video calling and I urge people to take this virus seriously because it is not a nice experience to go through when someone you love has it.
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