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  1. Funny enough the National Grid put out a statement about a month back. Even if everyone switch to EV tomorrow there's enough capacity in the grid. Since the highest UK peak demand 2002 it's declined by 16 percent
  2. I dare say we will follow Australia and California with massive battery storage farms to smooth the supply. Think we lead the world in wind energy with Denmark hot on our heels and I think the new interconnector is now finished. There's also a interconnector to Norway underway.
  3. Yes Star Tribune and Cincinnati Inquirer and Oregonian.
  4. Reuters news agency did a survey last year and BBC. News was scored higher by Americans than any of the US national broadcasters
  5. That article certainly is not the finest price of journalism need a divining rod to make out what it's point likely is. Auntie Beeb is a golden standard news resource,carries a lot of clout world world. After the Berlin Wall came down ,when interviewed most of the leaders of the campaigns for freedom praised the been for letting have a understanding of the free world via the World Service.
  6. Think electric cars are now 20 percent of new car sales, so obviously the push will be on for more charging points . 4 of my pals gave already swapped over.
  7. Hopefully the conversion is subsidized by the power companies. If not it can come out of general council taxes which are there to provide services afterall. Stop being such a stick in the mud. I dare say when petrol cars came in you would have been " but think of the farriers'
  8. A quick look and approx 30 % charge at work and 10%. at public chargers. There's also a push to convert streetside lamps to charging points
  9. I can imagine work places will be required to have charging points.
  10. Got first detector from Sugg Sport and a special scoop for filtering sand. Course this might have been pre bank card days. Family hold were always at the seaside and every evening went to the beach,more or less paid for it within my holiday.
  11. Anyhow ,Putin's boys and toys end thief wargames and go home tomorrow. No one injured
  12. Only the other day the rules were relaxed to allow mobile phone masts to be 20 percent higher.
  13. There's more democracies in the world now than ever. We are more connected and more aware of wars price. What have the 500,000 deaths in Iraq and the 241,000 in Afghanistan achieved exactly?
  14. There's certainly a hefty premium for a slimline one . Biggest trouble would be getting a matching smaller door.They tend not to lend themselves to being cut down
  15. By coincidence ,I have been to the minnie apple ,I was best man at my cousin's wedding. He has sent me the occasional thing from the Star Tribute ,the local regional paper if record He's also a lawyer.
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