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  1. As you know various people associated with the President were convicted. Also 7 congressman it now seems requested pardons before he left office ,also the sign of a clear conscience. Anyhow hope Merrick Garland will buck the historical trend of not criminally prosecuting former Presidents .
  2. One of the senior staffers who has denied it happened was taken to task by 3 other senior staffers yesterday for lying to them
  3. People are raving about the place....not in a good way. https://www.just-eat.co.uk/restaurants-blast-shop-norfolk-park/reviews
  4. Can we send Ecclestone to Rwanda ? Loathesome little twerp
  5. I am back. So I rethought what the guy said and yes there is an inspection chamber inside the fence and it's exactly where he said, 2nd lot of removed flags by Leopold st YW are bothered about it being under a container though. Things are on the up!
  6. There's often "bought in error" never fitted ones on ebay I have bought some in last few years and got the glass made up at Central Glass who are excellent
  7. Least he reads them now ,no more coyote fiascos
  8. I only half listened as my loyalties lie at S6 ,we and Derby have kept them guys busy this last year. It was ,a " don't hold your breathe" type comment. They have had plenty to say about the lunatic trying to take over Brum City after his utter car crash interview on TalkSport. The upshot being the more that's said up front and the longer it rolls much less change of it actually happening. Newcastle in the end were an exception to this rule
  9. Think,Price of Football the unmissable podcast, had a bit on this takeover a good few weeks back.
  10. I have seen at festivals and other one off events a waste pipe discharged into a inspection chamber with temporary cover fitted. I can't see any inspection chamber on the paving so that implies one needs digging and the hefty connection fee paying Presumably this project has been in the pipeline since last year ..seems a hell of an oversight
  11. The asbesto thing is a total red herring. A surveyor was there today . The point of conflict is a sewer runs under the site, the inspection chamber is about 20 feet away on Leopold street. Yorkshire water are worried about the foundations or lack of for the shipping containers. As it's currently set up looks like the foundations are small frames of 4 by 2 timber Surely it has to open at some point and that £300,000 initial budget that had blown up to £420,000 will jump a little higher
  12. 4 US ex Presidents were publicly vaccinated and encouraged others too. I ex President hid his vaccination status and undermined health officials at every turn. Johnathon Swans father was an epidemiologist
  13. As your roving reporter.... Unless they rocked up after 6 ish. the answer is nope
  14. The FT had a piece on overseas investment into the UK post the Brexit vote. Go look at that if you think Brexit has been adventageous
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