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  1. The wiki has the 3 remaining towers to be demolished 21 Aug this year
  2. It would have certainly suited the government for the 200,000 number to be out there as thier internal critics of FREEDOM day not meeting thier full expectations could be molified ( maybe)
  3. From memory the story was a one day wonder. Makes a great headline. The 100,000 number from memory possible by early autumn. Hasn't it always been a compliant that " the press" are stacked with humanities degree holders rather than science grads. London was lacking in vaccinations but figures today say 93% of people testing have antibodies. Tesco report , at least 80 percent customers masked . Of the staff 4 out of 5 were.
  4. The ,200,000 BBC report. It's revisting the 500,000 will die story really. BBC News - Covid cases and hospital admissions down - is it over? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-58078900
  5. https://edition.cnn.com/2021/07/07/us/maryland-unvaccinated-covid-deaths/index.html
  6. Reminds me if the facist character Jimmy from Fall and Rise of Reggie Perrin. Jimmy is explaining to Reggie what kinds of people his secret army will be against] Jimmy Anderson : Wreckers of law and order. Communists, Maoists, Trotskyists, neo-Trotskyists, crypto-Trotskyists, union leaders, Communist union leaders, atheists, agnostics, long-haired weirdos, short-haired weirdos, vandals, hooligans, football supporters, namby-pamby probation officers, rapists, papists, papist rapists, foreign surgeons - headshrinkers, who ought to be locked up, Wedgwood Benn, keg bitter, punk rock, glue-sniffers, "Play For Today", Clive Jenkins, Roy Jenkins, Up Jenkins, up everybody's, Chinese restaurants - why do you think Windsor Castle is ringed with Chinese restaurants?
  7. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.timesofisrael.com/88-patients-0-intubated-israeli-precision-covid-drug-wrapping-up-early-trial/amp/
  8. If it's question time If you genuinely believe the vaccines are dangerous should the government withdraw approval
  9. Maybe someone had done a ,silent but deadly
  10. I will say it again neither link you put up says what you claimed about viral load. If you want to weasle out and say it was the mask advice coming back ,as far as I can remember no one disputed that. It's a black and white thing.
  11. Birmingham City council have corrected it's count which showed combined burials and cremations about 150 below the 2019 count. The correct count is approx 1,400 higher than year before. 2020- 8316
  12. My ex was an Apple devotee and she went in-store to sort out her account when she got her new phone the original password lost in the mists of time
  13. Yes course it's Chapel Walk , brain fade. For a long time the end of the Moor was ghostly quiet. I would reckon it now has about 3 fold the foot traffic as Fargate. The city centre is still convenient for many but Sheff can't resist e- commerce ,the days of a mass bus ride to town on a Saturday are long long gone. It's a bit perverse that the core shopping st ,Fargate is so badly hit ,yet the fringes of the core The Moor ,Division St right up to West One and the former market area all have much higher occupancy rates. I know at one time Fargate had one if the highest rateable values in England From memory top 20 and the retailers we're telling the council it was squeezing the life out of them.
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