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  1. Weren't that utter rabble utterly trounced in a Glasgow byelection It was pleasing to see when the NF were at their height that Sheffield was noticably resistant to their toxic msg
  2. Makes you wonder just what qualifies as far right in his world.
  3. And when it was up It was up. And when it down It was down. And when it was halfway up....
  4. There was a case of developers playing silly buggers near York on about an 8 house development. Made them all 5 feet taller the plans and were overlooking existing housing. Yes...they were made to take em down.
  5. New York is a bit savvier it turns out , diplomatic cars with lots of outstanding charges against them they refuse to re licence
  6. Shame Boris never sorted it. Its been US and plenty of over governments policy for decades . More troubling was the case of the young biker killed outside the UK/US airbase a few years back
  7. Wonder if he will stand down as an MP, there's a chance he could lose it anybow
  8. Guardian 4.10pm Rishi Sunak will this afternoon call a surprise early election for July, senior sources have told the Guardian, a contest that will see Keir Starmer try to take power for Labour after 14 years of Conservative-led government.
  9. The Council and Police and Charitys did a huge effort to reduce the Spice abusers, it was nationaly reported
  10. They were an intetesting set of neighbours. Their 8 year old ? , thrashing his motocross about the garden about 10 am.each Sunday always a pleasure
  11. This would have been 84/85 or so. A lion , was only young mind you. Think the Regulations relating to having Dangerous Animals was tightened up a few years later. Channel 4 did a documentary recently its surprising how many tigers/ lions are still kept as " pets" now
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