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  1. Only about 90 hours left of the Trump Administration. Down to the lowest approval rating yet ,29 percent.( Reported on Fox "news" Obama left with a 60 % rating for what it's worth. His denial of basic science has helped the pandemic rack up 400,000 deaths and his justice Department is on a killing spree with Federal prisoners. Those unfunded tax cuts have help drive the national debt up to the 3rd highest in US history and will take decades to reduce.
  2. The woman from the mob who was shot at the doors of the Senate ,has died. Trump just tweeted
  3. Lots of villages missing there idiots today. What a great day, not laughed as much in years. Trump has ,since the start of his Presidency Lost the popular vote twice. Lost the Presidency Lost the Republicans control of the House if Reps. Lost the Republicans control of the Senate. That is heroic as there's not been a single Democratic Member of the Senate from GA. since the 1992 Clinton election. And before the day is out the ceremonial will be over at Congress and Biden can start counting down the last few days until he takes office. The Dems only yesterday put forward national voting reform and Merrick Garland is going to be the new AG.
  4. And if course if rules were waived and an issue arose would undercut trust in vacinne uptake which we can not afford to happen. The nhs will manage this unprecedented situation in good order ,part of this internet age is people's total lack of patience thinking everything is but a click away from solving
  5. So Trump called the Sec.of State for Georgia asking him to find 12,000 votes to throw the election to him He declined. Trump slated him on Twitter. The call was recorded and the Washington Post have the transcript. It shows a delusional fool still in office, and must be legally questional action https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/trump-raffensperger-call-georgia-vote/2021/01/03/d45acb92-4dc4-11eb-bda4-615aaefd0555_story.html
  6. Part of a long article by the NYT. I know faults have been made ,but the reality of what was going on at White House is horrifying Atlas was Trump's choice of advisor after seeing him on Fox TV. Dr. Atlas. He told Mr. Trump that the right way to think about the virus was how much “excess mortality” there was above what would have been expected without a pandemic. Mr. Trump seized on the idea, often telling aides that the real number of dead was no more than 10,000 people. As of Thursday, 342,577 Americans had died from the pandemic.
  7. Not looked that closely ,but with the mentality of the **FREEDOM** crowd ,I would be pretty certain the 2 events are linked. The lack of banners might well be the organisers had recommended that ,and gather in small groups to elude the police
  8. Have you seen that report from a nurse at St Thomas's hospital London who was greeted with a crowd of hundreds unmasked **people** yelling " covid is a hoax." Almost certainly linked to Piers Corbyn who led a rally at the London Eye ,5 mins walk away. He's VERY pleased with himself if you check his twitter. Utterly irresponsible,that's the kindest thing I care to say
  9. Something like 58 percent of Trump's pardons relate to crimes committed in his favour , historicaly it's about 15 percent. Obama freed low level drug users ,Trump freed war criminals
  10. Would not surprise me if he lobbed a few middles into Iran, there's been a build up of US forces there the last 2 weeks.
  11. Any links to that as it sounds very conspiratorial
  12. As our daily infection rate is triple Frances, can't say thier reaction is surprising. I wonder what our redtops would say if roles were reversed
  13. There was an anti lockdown protest again in London this weekend gone. We ought to follow the Aussie route if dealing with the organisers
  14. Flights now banned to Germany Sweden Switzerland Kuwait Italy Dare say that list will grow by the hour
  15. Another terrible one is West St tram stop . Anything like decent rain and a huge pool forms and West St being busy means anyone at the stop or the pavement can get soaked. There's a drain about 3 foot away ,a man and stillsaw could fix it in an half hour.
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