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  1. Strike is over
  2. butlers

    Winter weather thread 2018/2019

    Ladybower is full to overflowing. Derwent dam has water cascading down the dam wall as it is full. Been over 7 inch of rain so far his march
  3. butlers

    Tumble Drier problems

    As Wallace says could be gunk in the float switch. Have search on YouTube often tutorials,it's a 15 min or so job
  4. butlers

    Mannequin or Bust

    Couple on splock
  5. Not been inside the Cube either. The area outside is being redeveloped. If you have a search on the forum there's a whole thread on it. It's not an an attractive place at the minute and before had folk hanging around with alledged drug dealing. For Hallam there's plenty if shiny new accommodation over by London Road/ Bramall Lane. The prime surburb is Broomhill. Good shopping precinct and lots of regular buses to town.Indeed the 52 runs runs right to Hallams door and 10 mins journey time. There's at least 4 letting agent shops at Broomhill. If you go via University listing you might be able to contact owners direct and avoid agent fees too Oh student pad website might be worth a look too The University of Sheffield site is https://www.smartmovesheffield.com/Accommodation
  6. I think the main University site is now called property with us. The "us " being University of Sheffield,cute. They ask landlords to agree a code of conduct and before an advert is listed they check fire alarm system,gas,electric Certificates. If there's a dispute they will also help. There tons of accommodation in city centre about 15000 plus places in last decade or so and more to come. There's a hefty premium though often about £120 a week for ensuite room with 6 rooms sharing a common area plus kitchen
  7. butlers

    Local radio on iphone

    First app. I ever got was TuneIn radio player. I even paid for the better version, gives access to about 40,000 online radio stations. I also use the dedicated BBC listed above
  8. butlers

    Bath shower mixer tap

    I think I have one https://www.screwfix.com/p/swirl-deck-mounted-bath-shower-mixer-tap/28552 That style might not be identical. Be midweek before I can check though
  9. Backloads website might be worth a look
  10. butlers

    Help with repairing a shower

    There's likely an install guide on grohes site, showerdoctor also might be worth a look. If you can find the isolators for the feed pipes that's a plus.
  11. https://m.facebook.com/chamberlainsRemovalsCompany/?locale2=en_GB I have used these guys many times over the last year Never let me down.
  12. Upper Booth Farm might be worth a look. Crowden Clough is there and its a great walk up the stream to Crowden Tower
  13. butlers

    Building work at the station

    I also assumed it was a security upgrade
  14. butlers

    Building work at the station

    Way it is fenced if thought it was something more substantial. Thank you for link will go have a read

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