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  1. A hellish list. George Galloway. Michael Barrymore. Andrew Neil Nigel Farage Katie Price Priti Patel Miriam Margolyes Maria Carey.
  2. Nice to see Nick Griffin contributing to the forum
  3. Even by Farages standards he was olegenious.
  4. Moved on to Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel And ,Don't Stop Believing by Journey. Varied
  5. Guess not. Fairytale of New York is on now. I did once turn off a CD playing Christmas hits about 7 th Nov once As I said to staff ,if that's playing I .not coming in to spend money and surely you'll be sick of listening to it for 7 weeks !!!
  6. Playing Wham's ,Last Christmas right now in pub in town Bah humbug
  7. Germany ,after testing ,announced it had had the new variant on it's territory before the SA government made it's announcement.
  8. So how do we stop the vaccinated spreading it?
  9. In other news another 157 covid deaths
  10. I think we will be surprised how common heart incidents have been in the past. Someone must have a record of spectator illnesses going back years.
  11. It was Talk Sport who I was listening too who reported the Southampton incident was not heart related. I believe that was being covered by Amazon ,who also report it was not heart related
  12. The CRY charity say 12 people a week under 35 die of cardiac problems undiagnosed.
  13. There was a fatal heart attack couple of years back at Hillsborough.
  14. Seems a serious heart incident happens every 6th game at Barcelona
  15. In the reporting about the dangers of open terraces after the Hillsborough diaster it turned out at Liverpool broken limbs were more or less happening every match.
  16. Southampton incident is not heart related
  17. Anti-vaxxer who glued door locks at Covid jab centre jailed for three months https://flip.it/3O.n0J
  18. Suppress society ,what utter nonsense Too difficult a question surely
  19. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/world-news/2021/12/01/donald-trump-tested-positive-covid-ahead-debate-joe-biden-says/
  20. The pedestrian access for the Humber Bridge was closed for a few weeks back in April
  21. Me neither There was a tour round the old B and C Co Op ,it was revolutionary at the time modelled in a Sears in Chicago. She pointed out the brick work in the loading bay saying that quality of work pretty much will never be used today. I
  22. Bit more on it. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sheffieldguide.blog/2021/03/02/pounds-park-plans-for-new-sheffield-city-centre-park-revealed/amp/
  23. Isn't it widely held there was a big under report at the start of the outbreak ? And isn't the died with covid number up nearer 180,000
  24. So what do we make of the protesters stopping the Hasting lifeboat putting to sea as " they" object to the work in the channel. RNLI confirmed the story that they were delayed and the police have been informed
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