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  1. I am utterly certain he wasn't doing it for the recognition but just seems a shame. After 30 years if unrest ,murder and mayhem it's now over twenty since the good Friday agreement. Can not imagine a new generation will turn thier back on the peace they have benefitted through
  2. A great man, it's curious he never got a gong from the Queen, whether that's because he as a nationalist would not if welcomed it I don't know.
  3. Well ,two actually. On 2nd look at photo, Staffies Rivelin Valley Road area. They are safe ,someone is trying to find owner
  4. In ages past the ground being separate from the club has led to big troubles, Brighton ,Chelsea and Charlton. As it stands if the owner wants out no serious buyer would not buy the ground back and it would be self defeating for Chansiri to over price it. Life so was so much simpler in the days of Bert McGee and the green In.
  5. Could have been much much worse. Got Barnsley n Rotherham next year we habitually beat them. Now the iwnery has righly had his fingers wrapped and living on a thread with the supporters ,surely the lesson is learnt
  6. I believe it's the correct result In theory you can get a life sentence for a manslaughter verdict. In these loathesome individuals case there are plenty of aggravating circumstances, so they will soon regret appearing so happy with the outcome. As has been reported there are believed to be evidence of attempted witness intimidation, the police hopefully will gathering evidence on that and see those behind it in the dock too. RIP ,PC Harper.
  7. I believe it's a white nationalist in the US. Has falsely been attributed though a story passed thru my Twitter feed last week about it
  8. Gumtree and splock are free to list on
  9. Maybe list on splock or Gumtree too.You should get a few quid for them
  10. A few days before the Fox interview he answered questions in the Rose Garden and said If I wasn't here to stop it, we'd be in some mess," he said with no sense of irony. 144,000 dead 1000 dead yesterday 65,000 new cases per day on average this last week. The projections are for 180,000 to 200,000 dead by voting day
  11. In former years Biden could well be regarded as a Republican ,he's no firebrand. In the Fox interview Trump said this. He will destroy this country, but it won’t be him, it will be the radical left – the same ideology that took over Venezuela… they now have no water or medicine ... the same will happen here. Can you imagine either a Tiry or Labour leader saying that about thier rival,just crazy,delusional. Chris Wallace is a very good journalist, reminds me a bit of Andrew Neil.
  12. Trump has altered it so the hospital numbers are reported to the Administration rather than the CDC ,headed by Dr Fauchi. I guess the numbers go to HHS health n human services department ,headed by his apointee Azar. Azar picked Brian Harrison, a 37-year old former labradoodle breeder who had no formal education in public health or related fields, as HHS’s main coordinator for the government’s response to the coronavirus.[50
  13. In a survey ,just,68 percent if FoxNews viewers think the death and infection numbers are being artificially inflated. 7 per cent of Msnbc and CNN believe the same
  14. The crowd who pulled the Colston one down were predominantly white pulling a statue if a white slave trader down The EDL ( RIP), were exclusively white so the optics if them pulling down one if the few statues of a black notable..would just confirm what most people think. I had the pleasure of being in Barker's Sq., when the EDL were here
  15. Civil rights hero that fellow ,an inspiring life story.
  16. Chinese students turn away from US universities with Britain the big winner https://flip.it/fg.ue5
  17. Well if you failed English comprehension it would be an astonishing revelation. In reality ,it merely shows governments should have plans in place for a possible deliberate release of a fatal virus. A nothing- burger
  18. The British government did not even discuss it with the Bangladeshi one,the learnt about the division in the press. As far as I know she's never been to Bangladesh in her life.. As to the legal fees ,if we had not set fire to the region in an illegal war at untold cost none if this would be happening
  19. I think several hundred people who actually fought for ISIS have returned home so seems she has been discriminated against. She's hardly a sympathetic figure and strikes me as a bit dense from her interview. As the woman are more or less housebound it's not like she was on the frontline with a rpg On balance we are a country of laws rather than dictat of politicians.
  20. Known white nationalists Nerys Hudges was pro repatriation ,If I recall correctly
  21. From memory visting Chinese students put about £180 million into the cities economy,
  22. " Amateur" hardly, he's internationally known and had exhibitions at the Tate.
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