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  1. It appears there has been some psychological bullying for the past few years which has seen Alex Lees, Will Rhodes and Jack Leaning as well as Azeem Rafiq pushed to the marginals and then let go to play and succeed at other counties. It appears you have to fit in to certain criteria or you are ostracized which in turn leads to loss of confidence and form. Heads must roll for the Racism and the bullying..and not just the Board members but coaching staff as well.
  2. Beliefs-Leaper An April March-Impatiens The Danse Society-40 Years Of Danse Downhill Willows-Downhill Willows EP Echodrone-Resurgence Westkust-Westkust
  3. Woodhouse Junction Signal Box is being demolished today.
  4. Narrow Head-12th House Rock CD Mumrunner-Full Blossom CD Weezer-Weezer LP The Danse Society-40 Years Of Danse CD Veruca Salt-American Thighs LP
  5. Newmoon-Nothing Hurts Forever CD Whimsical-Sleep To Dream CD
  6. Hi Tinsworth, Congratulations on a very interesting video of a lovely building sadly lost. I hope you can follow up on more documentaries of lost history of this area. Fascinating but it leaves a melancholy ache of what has gone. Thanks again and well done.
  7. Agree with OP, my area of Handsworth does not see postie 6 days a week. Our usual guy, who is an absolute gem, is off sick-not Covid related, and deliveries have suffered as a result with stand-ins not being anywhere as efficient. 3 items have now gone missing since March and paypal disputes are the order of the day. Yet Amazon have been terrific and much more reliable in these current times.
  8. Echodrone-The Sun Rose In A Different Place Mumrunner-Valeriana Slow Crush-Aurora Slowly-Reveal
  9. I believe the divorcee issue was used as a smokescreen for the fact that Edward was a nazi sympathiser and was seen as danger to the country in a time of tension between Germany and Britain.
  10. Congratulations to Andrew Gale on being the coach overseeing the record defeat for Yorkshire in 156 years of first class cricket. I always knew he was bad news but he has even surpassed that credential. Its not his coaching skills thats the problem, its his brusque man-management technique that leads to players being undermined, and some leaving the club. Please for the sake of YCCC, resign asap.
  11. I rather like the idea of Jeremy being a caretaker Prime Minister. He would be well suited to wearing a brown overall with a large sweeping brush in his hands.
  12. R.I.P Olga and thank you for giving me and many others the pleasure of spending night after night in the wonderful Buccaneer Bar. Great music and the chance to meet so many lovely people, memories that I hope will never fade.
  13. What an amazing game of cricket, and thanks to Sky Sports, shown on terrestrial TV for us to see. Simply brilliant cricket from both teams, neither of whom deserved to lose.
  14. Agreed, the betting shop has become a glorified amusement arcade which traps the unwitting participant into believing they can take money from it like an ATM. Betting shops years ago where never like they are now. With wall to wall noise, distracting the punters from studying the form thoroughly, and now we have cartoon horseracing as well. I don't use the betting shop anymore, I prefer the silence of a spare bedroom to go through the form of each race and each horse, and yes I can spend hours looking through all the details and still end up with no bet.
  15. I agree with you about the irrational way most punters appear to need to bet, almost like having a fix. I am now in a postion where I never need to bet again for a living. I am retired with pensions and a very healthy bank balance which I do not touch for betting as I have a considerable balance in my betting accounts with 2 online bookies. I now back for the pleasure and not for the need to, but years ago it was for an income as I had no other wage coming in and I succeeded in paying my way and building a nest-egg. Maybe I was lucky, maybe I learnt my craft years ago when I was still working, but I truly believed I was capable of making a go of it and I was right.
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