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  1. You don't have to pay for dogs on buses any more.
  2. Thorpe Hesley is advertised, subject to weather conditions.
  3. Tesco Infirmary Rd have confirmed it is going ahead this morning, 22nd, after the doubtful weather.
  4. It is scheduled for this coming Sunday 22nd, posted on their Facebook page and the banner outside the store. The Sunday morning weather forecast isn't good- over 80% chance of rain. The last one that they cancelled due to rain, they only announced at 6am on the day. Wish they would decide by 8pm on Saturday, that would be helpful wouldn't it ?
  5. I keep checking the cricket club's facebook page, and they have made no announcement yet. But a cricket match has been cancelled tonight?
  6. Tesco have confirmed it is going ahead.
  7. I have just seen on the banner outside the store that Tesco Infirmary next one is Sun 4th July.
  8. I only hope that any new date doesn't coincide with Jawbone car boot again, it is much better to have it on a different date .
  9. The haberdashery stall in the Moor market is well worth a try. Just go in the front entrance and it is not far in, on the right, she has 3 units altogether there. I'm not sure if you would get everything you want, she doesn't sell fabric, but all the accessories, I get all my wool, accessories and craft items there. Definitely worth looking. Then there is Grace's fabrics further in the market.
  10. He was also a songwriter, having written many '60s hits including 'Mrs Brown you've got a lovely daughter' and Joe Brown's 'That's what love will do'.
  11. My relative who lives opposite says it was a house fire, quite bad but nobody injured.
  12. No he isn't their son. He comes from Sheffield originally. Actor Samuel West is their son.
  13. Thank you for the info, that will be better if I can get off at Moorhead/ Furnival gate.
  14. Thank you. I haven't been on a bus for the last 3 months, so was a bit bewildered by the change. I think I will wait a few days, it sounds as though it will be easier then. Thanks again.
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