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  1. He was also a songwriter, having written many '60s hits including 'Mrs Brown you've got a lovely daughter' and Joe Brown's 'That's what love will do'.
  2. My relative who lives opposite says it was a house fire, quite bad but nobody injured.
  3. No he isn't their son. He comes from Sheffield originally. Actor Samuel West is their son.
  4. Thank you for the info, that will be better if I can get off at Moorhead/ Furnival gate.
  5. Thank you. I haven't been on a bus for the last 3 months, so was a bit bewildered by the change. I think I will wait a few days, it sounds as though it will be easier then. Thanks again.
  6. Andy C, please can you tell me if the Carver street stop is the right stop for me to alight for The Moor, from the 52A. Where does this bus stop next, after Carver street? Thanks.
  7. Sorry, silly me! Must have been the excitement- of course Sunday 28th June .
  8. Tesco at Infirmary Rd have posted on Facebook that they are hoping to start theirs on Sunday June 29th, only 50 cars allowed and usual precautions etc.
  9. Sorry it wasn't more helpful. Iceland actual order/delivery was very good though, as others have said- its just actually getting your slot that can be hard. Try 11am every day just after they've allocated the priority slots, and then just as and when you can. That's what I'm doing this week. Good luck.
  10. I got an email that told me my priority slot was 9am to 11 am today (Wednesday) but you're not guaranteed a slot. Didn't get one, so tried later to get any slot, and it says nothing available up to next Tuesday. But it says more slots coming soon. Last week I tried on the off-chance on Friday about 5pm and got a slot for the following morning. I think it must be just by chance, so just try whenever you can?
  11. I saw sense and didn't even think of going in the end. Things are changing so fast, decisions have to be made daily. My decision was to stay home.
  12. Will this still be going ahead, given the present situation?
  13. Do not give your flat up if you can possibly cope, and try to sort the problem out. Current council housing rules are that once you take a tenancy, you cannot go back on the housing register (waiting list) for 2 years, and you took your tenancy last August. And if you make yourself 'intentionally homeless' that may stop you from getting any help. So do talk to your local housing officer, especially as they are already aware of your problem. They will advise you better than us. They may be able to sort your problem, and will definitely be able to advise you what your best plan would be.
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