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  1. Do not give your flat up if you can possibly cope, and try to sort the problem out. Current council housing rules are that once you take a tenancy, you cannot go back on the housing register (waiting list) for 2 years, and you took your tenancy last August. And if you make yourself 'intentionally homeless' that may stop you from getting any help. So do talk to your local housing officer, especially as they are already aware of your problem. They will advise you better than us. They may be able to sort your problem, and will definitely be able to advise you what your best plan would be.
  2. Yes, and their Facebook page also says that the one after that will be on 22nd Sept.
  3. Yes, I noticed that too. Quite a few gaps in the rows. Could Tramlines have affected it, maybe sellers worried about any traffic disruptions or road closures later when they were leaving? Lets hope next time will be really good.
  4. I have checked with the organisers at Tesco Infirmary road, after it was mentioned on here that yesterday would be the last for this year. I'm glad to hear that their next one is in 3 weeks, August 11th.
  5. This coming Sunday, 7th then 21st July too.
  6. There was Stock Car racing at Owlerton Stadium this afternoon. Not Muslim, but very loud!
  7. There are pictures and a feature in last night's Sheffield Star, (23 March) in the Retro section.
  8. You will see that I enquired on here on Jan 11th when I saw that the post advertising the event on facebook had been deleted, asking if it had been cancelled. There was no reply. So I took it that it was off, and didn't attempt to go. Fully agree with Avalunche- pathetic PR and advertising!
  9. Your Facebook post regarding this event has been deleted. Does this mean that the event is cancelled?
  10. I live nearby this hidden treasure. The cafe/tea room is excellent and open to the general public. The charity shop is great, some lovely stuff and very reasonably priced. I take my donated goods there, it is so convenient to drop things into them. Well worth a visit.
  11. Before the 52a was extended to Wisewood there used to be the S6a and S6a buses from Hillsborough and the 14 bus from town to Wisewood and Loxley. They were all taken off.
  12. QUOTE. Now there was another shop selling records halfway up Bellhouse Rd opposite Kenyons. On the first floor. Seem to recall the ground floor being furniture. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Yes that was Snelsons. As you recall, records on the first floor, but it was TV rental, washing machines etc on the ground floor. I worked there after leaving school in 1963.
  13. According to an article found through Google, dated June, it has been re-commissioned and is in production. No broadcast date has been announced.
  14. I heard there was a stabbing at Stannington this afternoon.
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