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  1. I am trying to trace any family member or anyone who may have known the above to assist with my family tree. Emily Bellamy (nee Ellis) was born in 1883 and died at the ripe old age of 95 in 1978. She was married to George Albert Bellamy and they lived in Sheffield. (Wentworth Street, Upperthorpe in 1939) She and George had a son called Thomas Bellamy who was born in 1922 and died in 2011 aged 89. He married Betty Sambrook in 1947 and they also lived in Sheffield. Any replies would be gratefully received.
  2. Wondered if any ex Abrafract employees have any memories to share.
  3. I am researching my great grandfather, Frank Ellis. He was born in 1880 in Sheffield and died in 1951. He was married to Mabel Louise, née Humphries in 1899 and up until his death he lived at Winster Rd, Owlerton. Mabel Louise died in 1924, and he later married Lillian Dunkerley, née Whitehead in 1945. He had a large family and worked in the steel industry as a file grinder. It's a long shot, but any information would be gratefully received!
  4. Hi Lucas. I too am tracing my family history. My great aunt Edith Stodola, née Ellis married Piotr Stodola in 1959 in Sheffield. The information I have about him is scant, but I believe he was born in Poland in 1912 and died in Sheffield in 1998. I can only assume he came over from Poland to help with the war effort. If anyone on here recognises the name, I would be truly grateful for any information.
  5. The Ball in my opinion is the best pub in Crookes, but so often it is let down by having too few bar staff. Anyone else noticed this?
  6. Many, many thanks for your response Moirahyde! I am especially interested in hearing from anyone who knew Lily, as they may be able to provide information re her husband Frank Ellis.
  7. I am currently working on my family tree and wondered if anybody knew a lady called Lily Ellis formerly Dunkerley, who passed away in 1963. She lived on Channing Street and was married to my great grandfather Frank Ellis, who died in 1951. I know it's a long shot, but any information would be gratefully received.
  8. My great grandmother lived at 4/2 Channing Street until her death in 1963. Her name was Lily Ellis.
  9. Just been doing some work on my family tree, and discovered my great grandfather Frank Ellis lived on Winster St up to 1950s. A long shot but wondered if anyone hs any memories.
  10. The main road running past the Law Courts on West Bar, from the old Primark to Shalesemoor has been redeveloped, as no doubt many on here know. I took a walk down today and can't help thinking that despite the intentions to improve the cosmetic profile of the Court, it looks absolutely awful!!
  11. Not sure if this thread is still live, but i would be interested to hear if anyone served in this regiment from 1956 to 1958?
  12. The pavements on Manchester Road, Crosspool are being re-surfaced. I am sure they will look very nice when finished, but i'm not convinced they were in such a poor state to warrant the money that is being spent, when there are many roads in Sheffield that are in more urgent need of repair. Does anyone have any information on this seemingly waste of funds?
  13. I found a large bunch of keys in west bar area this evening. Please pm for details.
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