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  1. My great grandmother lived at 4/2 Channing Street until her death in 1963. Her name was Lily Ellis.
  2. Just been doing some work on my family tree, and discovered my great grandfather Frank Ellis lived on Winster St up to 1950s. A long shot but wondered if anyone hs any memories.
  3. The main road running past the Law Courts on West Bar, from the old Primark to Shalesemoor has been redeveloped, as no doubt many on here know. I took a walk down today and can't help thinking that despite the intentions to improve the cosmetic profile of the Court, it looks absolutely awful!!
  4. Not sure if this thread is still live, but i would be interested to hear if anyone served in this regiment from 1956 to 1958?
  5. The pavements on Manchester Road, Crosspool are being re-surfaced. I am sure they will look very nice when finished, but i'm not convinced they were in such a poor state to warrant the money that is being spent, when there are many roads in Sheffield that are in more urgent need of repair. Does anyone have any information on this seemingly waste of funds?
  6. I found a large bunch of keys in west bar area this evening. Please pm for details.
  7. As a matter of interest, is property you describe in Crookes?
  8. Very nice place to live. Extremely quiet, very well maintained and good quality interiors. Recommended!!
  9. Jeff the joiner is your man! Fitted a door for me. Faultless job at a faultless price.
  10. I also recommend Jeff the Joiner. He's done work for me of the highest standard and at a more than reasonable price. Top bloke to boot!!
  11. I had Jeff the Joiner come and do a few jobs in my flat a couple of days ago. I got his name off this forum, which i find particularly useful when it comes to recommended tradesmen. He did a superb seamless job for a more than reasonable price. His full name is Jeff Smith and his business is called Joinery Solutions. You can contact him on 07861 379796.
  12. I know there have been a few threads posted about the Peninsula, mainly about one of the rental management companies, but i wondered what it was actually like to live there. I.e quality of building. Is it quiet? Etc. Comments would be appreciated.
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