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  1. I also live in Gleadless Valley and wouldn't live anywhere else. It's a shame that some people give the area a bad name by committing crimes etc. I have lovely neighbours and there's a real sense of community spirit where I live. What a shame there are idiots around stealing anything that's not nailed down but there are alot of very nice people on the estate as well. I hope that whoever knows something about this crime has the decency to pass the information on.
  2. katekate


    There's lots of foxes in Gleadless Valley and Arbourthorne and some often wander around during the daytime. I also saw a badger once in Arbourthorne. I think its great to see such lovely animals.
  3. katekate

    Blue Badge parking

    I wasn't aware that there were drop off bays at A + E. The woman in question maybe did not know either. She was telling us that broken bone or not if we didn't have a blue badge we could not park there.
  4. katekate

    Blue Badge parking

    Regarding the disabled parking at Northern General A + E. Having broke my foot and it was extremely painful my partner took me to the above department and parked in a disabled spot as I could not walk and he had to help me in. He returned immediately to the car and another driver started shouting at him as she was disabled and wanted the spot he had parked in. He explained that I was unable to walk and I needed help to get into the department and she said 'well if you park there you need a blue badge'. She then got out of her car and started waving her blue badge at him. He told her that whilst he appreciated that she was 'disabled' she was quick enough to jump out of the car to wave the badge at him and was able to walk fine. The parking there is totally wrong, people with broken bones are having to walk from another car park whilst the registered disabled people can park in these spots even if they can walk fine. Not thought out very well.
  5. katekate

    Quasar, City Centre

    Glad you also had a good experience there, I think its a great place.
  6. katekate

    Quasar, City Centre

    We went a week ago for my daughter's birthday. The building is a bit run down but don't be put off by this. We have had several parties there and the kid's have had a fantastic time. The people that run it are absolutely great and go out of their way to make sure you have a great time. You can take your own food and drink which not many places allow now. I remember the first time I walked in there and I thought i'd made a bad decision but it just goes to show how wrong I was. I would definately book again and would certainly recommend it to anyone. Hope you have a great experience.
  7. katekate

    Problem Neighbour

    I wasn't aware that the council could intervene if it was a private property but thanks for the info, I will contact them.
  8. katekate

    Problem Neighbour

    Its sad that some people have to move when theirs neighbours are causing problems and getting away with it. My neighbours rent from a private landlord, the house is absolutely filthy and the front and back gardens are piled high with rubbish. We also have a problem with pests. Their landlord is not bothered how they live as long as they pay their rent. I have considered moving away as it looks a disgrace. I am a council tenant and I keep my home well maintained and the gardens tidy and free from rubbish. There's no reason why my neighbours can't maintain their house and garden, they are young and have no health problems, it's just laziness.
  9. My relative in Wybourn had a similar experience about a month ago. A woman knocked on her door saying she was her carer, she does not have or need a carer. She had problems getting the woman to go away but she went eventually and joined another woman who had been waiting outside the gate. This was reported to the police as my relative said the woman was very pushy and insisting she needed to enter the house. The police were not really interested! Sounds like a similar scenario.
  10. katekate

    Shamima Begum

    What a shame he misses his mum, so do the girls that lost their mum in Manchester. At least his mum is still alive.
  11. katekate

    Shamima Begum

    I think comparing the war to Isis is disgraceful. Yes, a hell of a lot of innocent people were killed but these men HAD to defend our country. Going off and joining Isis is a choice, Begum made that choice. At 15 years old she knew what she was doing. We are all entitled to have our own opinion as to what should happen to her. She is a teenager who went off to Syria and now wants to come back and be able to bring her son up quietly. Well i'm sorry but how many parents of the girls killed in the Manchester bombing would have liked to have seen their daughters have a baby and watch their daughters and their grandchildren live a nice quiet life here. They have been robbed and will have to tend to their graves and think of them 24/7 for the rest of their lives. Personally I would take the child away from her, bring him back here and have a nice family adopt him, he has done nothing wrong and she does not deserve to have him and he does not deserve a mother like her. Leave her there to rot, she made her bed, let her lie in it. If people are offended or do not like my opinion then I don't care, would you feel the same if your child had been killed in the Manchester bombing. I don't think so! If I really said what I would like to happen to her i'd be banned from sf forever.
  12. I totally agree that Tony should be honoured. He is an incredible man and although lives were lost, Tony has suffered as well. He has lived with the guilt that those men died to save his life. I also think it would be great if the people of Sheffield could set up some sort of collection for Tony so that he could have a well earned treat, not sure everyone will agree to this but i think he deserves it so much. Does anybody have any ideas?
  13. katekate

    Used Car Sales in Sheffield

    I've been very near to giving up the fight as its a long process and the small claims system is not as easy as I had been told it was. I will post the outcome when it's all sorted.
  14. I live near Newfield Green and the view from my house was excellent, an amazing view to start the day. Also a thought for those who lost their lives and the man who nearly did as a youngster. He is an inspiration to us all as are many others.

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