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  1. Meadowhall is not for me, I only go if I really need to which might be twice a year. I much prefer going into town, I just feel cooped up in MHall. I like to be out in the fresh air so town suits me fine. I regularly visit Chesterfield town centre as well which is lovely.
  2. I totally agree, theres lots of people that have medical conditions and put off going to places where there are no toilets. The original poster mentions 'dirty and 'filthy' people - I am not dirty or filthy but have a medical condition!
  3. I have a bladder and bowel condition which generally means when I have to go i have to go! However i also like walks in the countryside and on numerous occasions have had to pee somewhere, it's either that or pee myself. On the other hand I've never had to poo anywhere and I hope I never do. It's very difficult when you need the loo and you're in the middle of nowhere but the decent thing would be to pick up your mess.
  4. S2 has its ups and downs like every other area. A lot of the downs are due to lack of community spirit in my opinion as things have changed a lot since all the neighbours knew each other etc. I think it's great that someone is trying to make things better and try and get the community back together. Let's not knock it until he's tried it! Shame you're not in S14 or I would have joined you myself! Good luck.
  5. Hi I agree with the above poster totally. Ensure your daughter replies to all court correspondence as you need to keep a paper trail to refer back to. I really hope you get to the bottom of it and your daughter does not have to pay anything back but don't hold your breath where the court is concerned as they can only act in a legal manner whether you think it is right or wrong. Best of luck and keep posting to let everyone know how you get on.
  6. Oh of course, I forgot there was a library there. I can see your point about it being attached to the doctors, good reason for keeping it closed at the minute.
  7. If by Gleadless you mean the one at Newfield Green (I'm not sure if theres another in Gleadless) it is now open limited hours - Monday 1-3 and Thurs I think is 10 -12.
  8. Went to Graves Park yesterday and only saw one rat by the pond, I was very surprised as I normally see quite a few. A lot of the bushes have been cut around the pond so maybe this has helped. Lots of the rat boxes though are still full of expanding foam.
  9. Yes it's great that so many have been vaccinated and that things are moving very quickly. I was just wondering why the letter to my husband had stated that I am clinically vulnerable when in fact I'm not so really he's jumped the queue.
  10. Not sure if this is in the correct section so apologies in advance if it's not. My husband received a letter from the NHS saying that as he is the partner of a clinically vulnerable person he should book the covid vaccine which he did and he has now had the vaccine. I rang my gp and queried this and I have been told that I am not classed as vulnerable. A friend aged 33 has also had her vaccine on the basis that she is the carer of her daughter who has slight adhd. Has anyone else come across similar situations. It just seems a bit odd in the way the vaccines are being offered.
  11. My cat keeps bringing them back as well and they are big. Our block of houses have got them at the minute and one caught by next door was huge.
  12. Exporting them sounds great but cant understand myself why anyone would want to eat them!
  13. I agree there are rats all over Sheffield. The thing I notice with Graves Park is when I see them there seems to be a few together. Another place i see them is City Road Cemetary. I was once at a burial and there was a huge rat behind the vicar, it then disappeared into one of the broken graves. Also there are quite a few in Asda car park on Queens Road.
  14. I have done before but nothing ever changes.
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