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  1. My cat keeps bringing them back as well and they are big. Our block of houses have got them at the minute and one caught by next door was huge.
  2. Exporting them sounds great but cant understand myself why anyone would want to eat them!
  3. I agree there are rats all over Sheffield. The thing I notice with Graves Park is when I see them there seems to be a few together. Another place i see them is City Road Cemetary. I was once at a burial and there was a huge rat behind the vicar, it then disappeared into one of the broken graves. Also there are quite a few in Asda car park on Queens Road.
  4. I have done before but nothing ever changes.
  5. Has anyone else had enough of Sheffield City Council and their repair service? I dont mean just during lockdown. My home is full of black mould and damp and they've said there's nothing they can do about it as it's due to condensation. Theres wet dropping off the ceilings whilst we are in bed and I'm really fed up with it. Surely in this day and age we shouldn't have to live in these conditions, one ceiling that is supposed to be white is nearly black. My carpets, blinds and some furniture is ruined due to this and they dont care.
  6. Theres definately an issue there with the bin men. They leave lots of rubbish on my road as well that drops from the bins as they are emptying them. They never pick up after themselves so they are no better than everyone else who drops rubbish.
  7. Good idea to have people on community service litter picking. Also agree that kids should be taught not to drop litter by teachers and parents. We all need to do our bit, I am constantly picking up litter from my front garden as I like to keep it looking clean and tidy. My local shops are a disgrace though, the area is in need of a good clean up. I have neighbours who seem to think it is ok to dump rubbish on their front garden and its left there for months, dont know why they just cant put small amounts at a time into the bin. Some people have no respect for their own gardens let alone public places.
  8. Totally agree about the unemployed, pay them to do it. Also a lot of unemployed are not working due to health conditions so just because people claim benefits it doesn't mean they can be used as litter pickers. Also rightly said that parents should teach their kids to dispose of rubbish correctly. Teachers have enough to do and many go above and beyond what they should be doing already. Children should be in school learning, they are not there to pick up litter and after all the school they have missed during the pandemic they need to be concentrating on catching up on their work. I would gladly go on a litter pick organized by school with my kids but not during learning time.
  9. Theres not enough bins around where I live and where there are bins they are always over flowing and not emptied regularly. If we all did our bit by not dropping litter and teaching our kids not to litter from a young age that would be a start. My kids always put their rubbish in their pockets until they get home. I know we all have our own opinions but I dont agree with kids going out picking litter during school time, they are there to learn. Maybe schools could set up an after school group for collecting litter instead where kids and their parents do it together within a group, I'd certainly do that.
  10. I also dont think its the job of teachers to pick up litter around the schools. I remember when I was at school we had a caretaker who regularly picked up litter.
  11. That's awful, hope your brother is ok. I' m not in that area but hope someone can help.
  12. To be fair we're having a rat problem at home at the minute and we've had the environmental health come and put poison down but the rats aren't touching it. I think we've come to a point where the rats are not taking poison like they used to. They told me that the rats should be drawn to the poison but they certainly aren't.
  13. My relative caught the disease from a solid surface so anything is possible really. We all know rats are everywhere but there's a hell of a lot of them in Graves Park. Yes they may be in our gardens at home but if there's nothing for them to feed on they won't hang around for long. Graves Park is the perfect breeding ground for them due to the ponds, litter etc.
  14. As someone who has lost a family member to the disease carried by rats I certainly wouldn't let my children play in Graves Park. On my last visit there were five in the children's play area. I to am an animal lover but these are pests and need controlling in our parks.
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