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  1. By the sounds of it you were trying to do a good turn and its backfired. I wouldn't bother with them ever again, as for getting any money from them I don't think you've got a chance. Stick with keeping your own garden nice and if there's looks a mess it's their problem. Sounds like you've been a good neighbour, shame you can't chuck all their rubble back where it was.
  2. I use Pharmacy 2U, they provide a fantastic free service. A friend of mine has paid up front for Boots to deliver her meds and the service she receives isn't great.
  3. It wasn't that I don't like it, it doesn't bother me really. I was just aware that several people have complained about the amount of cars there recently. I was just thinking how the system could be made better.
  4. Just read once again about the situation at Blackstock tip with the waiting cars blocking the road. It appears that no matter what they try and do it is not solving the problem and if people can't get their rubbish to the tip some might be inclined to dump it anywhere. I wondered if they could have lorry/wagon at the top of the ramp with a couple if workers so that cars can just drop off their rubbish and drive straight off. When the wagon is full it could be driven down the ramp and emptied by another few workers and then back up to repeat the process. Two wagons would work even better. I know it would make the workers at the tip a bit more work having to sort through all the rubbish but it would probably ease the queues on the road and make it a but safer for us all. Does anyone else think a sort of drop off point for rubbish would work?
  5. That's good that someone has been out to look at the garages. Hopefully something will get sorted but I know what you mean about only half a job getting done. Keep us updated on any progress.
  6. Hi, I'll see if they reply to me and I shall also keep on at them. We always see the police looking around the garages as well and suspicious cars coming and going, I wondered if there may be something drug related going on. Either way it needs dealing with.
  7. Hi, that's a coincidence as they are the ones I reported as well. I don't live round there but my daughter does and the garages are an absolute disgrace. I will certainly keep on at the council to do something about them. My daughter only moved onto the Close a couple of months ago and we've seen people dumping rubbish and there's always lads hanging around in the empty garages. There's also loads of litter along the walkways to the houses and we've picked loads of it up. It would look much nicer without the garages and the rubbish all cleared. It's unbelievable when there's a tip around the corner. It's good to hear from people that still have some respect for the area they live in.
  8. Hi, just yesterday I reported some garages that sound exactly the same, waiting to hear back from the council. What area do you live in? Just wondered if by chance they might be the same garages.
  9. Hi, I have never ordered from a supermarket but have used caterers in the past which have worked out very expensive. Over the past few years I have done my own buffets which are much cheaper and you can choose what you want. I know a lot places have set ingredients which some people dont like. It does take time to prepare everything but it's worth it in the end due to cost. I also go to the Parkway market and buy the proper catering trays which are really cheap and can be reused. The trays help with making it look like a professional job! I have always had good feedback. Not sure if this could be an option for you but it works for me.
  10. Did anyone hear some really loud bangs about half an hour ago in S2 or S14. Sounded like an explosion of some kind. I heard it in S14 and a relative heard it in S2.
  11. Does anyone know if you still get two rent free weeks if you are a tenant with Sheffield City Council?
  12. Been to have a look at the christmas lights on Abbeydale Park Rise this evening and i think they are pretty amazing. Well done to everyone, it looks lovely.
  13. If I need to contact them I usually email them and I get a response in about a week. It saves the hassle of telephoning.
  14. We all have our opinions on this matter and we could all continue to argue and bicker about who was at fault. The court have made their decision and we must respect that. It does not mean we all have to agree with it. I feel so much for the families that lost their loved ones and they will continue to feel that they have been let down. However, they will probably never get the answers they are looking for. My earlier comment about 'moving on' was for all parties involved. David Duckenfield has suffered, he may not have told the truth but he had to live for a long time knowing he had kept that information back. The families of the 96 have gone through hell. I think any of us that had lost someone on that day would have gone on the hunt to find the person responsible the tragedy. Everyone involved cannot continue to suffer, this matter needs to come to come to a close. I respect the families but at some point they may have to accept the court's decision. Let's stop the bickering on here and let the 96 rest in peace.
  15. I agree Fudbeer, mistakes were made by him but he certainly didn't set out to cause loss of life. There's definately many factors to blame and we can't place it all on one person.
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