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  1. Been to have a look at the christmas lights on Abbeydale Park Rise this evening and i think they are pretty amazing. Well done to everyone, it looks lovely.
  2. If I need to contact them I usually email them and I get a response in about a week. It saves the hassle of telephoning.
  3. We all have our opinions on this matter and we could all continue to argue and bicker about who was at fault. The court have made their decision and we must respect that. It does not mean we all have to agree with it. I feel so much for the families that lost their loved ones and they will continue to feel that they have been let down. However, they will probably never get the answers they are looking for. My earlier comment about 'moving on' was for all parties involved. David Duckenfield has suffered, he may not have told the truth but he had to live for a long time knowing he had kept that information back. The families of the 96 have gone through hell. I think any of us that had lost someone on that day would have gone on the hunt to find the person responsible the tragedy. Everyone involved cannot continue to suffer, this matter needs to come to come to a close. I respect the families but at some point they may have to accept the court's decision. Let's stop the bickering on here and let the 96 rest in peace.
  4. I agree Fudbeer, mistakes were made by him but he certainly didn't set out to cause loss of life. There's definately many factors to blame and we can't place it all on one person.
  5. It must be so hard for the families to accept the decision but not sure what else could have been expected after 30 years. I feel all parties have suffered enough and Duckenfield will continue to suffer as will the families of the 96 for the rest of their lives. We can't change anything now and we can't bring those lovely people back so let's leave them to rest in peace.
  6. This has gone on far to long. Let those that lost their lives rest in peace and let this man live his. Those families have suffered and will continue to do so as they didn't get the outcome that they wanted. Whether what this man did was right or wrong he did what he thought best at the time, how many times do we all do that then look back later to see that things could have been very different. I think he has been punished enough and now deserves to move on. I feel for those that lost their lives and the families that have to live everyday with this but it's time now to move forward the best way that they can.
  7. Christmas Fayre on Saturday 23rd November at the Terry Wright Centre at Newfield Green shops on Gleadless Road, Sheffield (next to the library). Lots of stalls offering tombola, raffles, bric a bric, slime making, cakes and much much more. Pop in and support the local community between 11 and 1, you might grab yourself a bargain or win a prize!
  8. Having lost several family members we have used Simpson's and received excellent service and have been able to attend the chapel of rest at short notice. When my dad passed away we used a different funeral director not that far away from Simpson's and I wasn't as impressed with the service provided. Due to bad weather we had to wait a couple of weeks for the funeral and they would not let us attend until two day's before the funeral. I felt this made the whole process more difficult with the wait. I suppose they all have their own way of doing things.
  9. I'm all for school uniform as it looks smart and as many have said it ensures everyone looks the shame and nobody gets bullied because they can't afford certain brands of clothing. However, I do think that school uniform should be reasonably priced or provided by schools. Also schools need to not go over the top - my daughter recently went to school in a pair of flat, black, plain shoes as requested, she was told not to wear them again as they did not cover the whole foot. The shoes were in my opinion perfectly suitable for school but I had to pay for another pair. Keep the uniforms but I think the policies are far to strict. We have to remember that children are in school to learn and if they are wearing suitable shoes they should be entitled to their education.
  10. I really don't like the attitude of the staff there. I do appreciate why schools have uniform but it's very strict at some schools and although they want all the students looking smart its not like it will stop a child from learning if they wear the wrong type of shoes.
  11. I have been to Pinders in Crystal Peaks today to try and get some school uniform but have been told again that the things i wanted have sold out. This is the third time I have been during the school holidays and they haven't had the stock in that I wanted. On all occasions I have had to que for well over an hour. My child is due in school tomorrow and doesn't have the uniform to go in. The Crystal Peaks market was chaos today with the que for this stall going right to the entrance and blocking access to many other stalls and the stallholders were complaining about this. If these are the suppliers of school uniform to the majority of schools in Sheffield then I think the should be looking at moving to larger premises which are more accessible for customers. I did manage to get a pair of school trousers but after trying them on when getting home they did not fit. There are no facilities for trying uniform on and the staff just hold up the clothing to your child and say 'this looks about right'. It seems they are operating a 'one size fits all' type a business but this is not good when children come in all different shapes and sizes. Has anyone else had any problems? I have telephoned the school and informed them that i have been unable to purchase the uniform and their reply was that my child will have to borrow some spare uniform from school. I told them that my child won't be wearing clothing that has been worn by many other students and that if the supplier cannot provider enough uniform then it is not my problem.
  12. Thank you to everyone who followed the original posts about this and for all the advice given. Obviously I can't name the dealer on here but he has been reported to trading standards and also the place that he advertises the cars. If reporting him means it stops one more customer from being ripped off it will be worth it. I thought I needed to post the final outcome on here to be fair to those that followed the thread. Still can't believe I've got the money back.
  13. Unfortunately due to people 'bickering ' on here my previous thread about used car problems was closed but I felt it was important to provide a final update. Today the car dealer has paid in full, one day before the court order was up. What a long battle it has been but well worth it. Anyone thinking of going through the small claims process please remember it is not a simple procedure as it claims to be online. It has been a very stressful 11 months and would not like to go through it again.
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