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  1. My friend got her result today, it was from Tuesday.
  2. My friend did a home test on Tuesday, no result yet.
  3. Don't risk your job by saying anything as you don't want to lose a job at the current time. Having said that you should be able to say something without even thinking about any come backs on yourself. I suppose its how you feel yourself as to whether you bring this to someone's attention. As a customer I witnessed a member of staff being spoken to in a disgusting manner by a colleague in a local shop and I had to bite my lip and walk away or I would have let rip.
  4. My kids had the test at the Alderson Road walk through site. It was done at 2pm on a Saturday and got the results at 10am on the Monday. I sent a postal test off on Thursday last week and got an email with the result at 11pm on Tuesday night. I think it varys a bit. I wouldn't worry to much about your child getting behind with school work as schools are expecting lots of kids to be off isolating at the minute. Mine have been off for over 2 weeks and are still at home. They were told to isolate by school as they had been in contact with a positive case at school then I came down with symptoms. Just the day before they were due back to school my son was sent home from work with symptoms so we are again isolating. We don't seem to be able to get out of this loop but school have been great and I'm sure school will having something in place to help the kids catch up.
  5. I tend to see them down by the ponds and around the cafe/playground area. They obviously don't come out in swarms across the fields but there's certainly a lot of them about. Well done by the way on your walk for the cancer charity.
  6. I wish they were! Good point about the birds, butterflies etc though.
  7. I totally agree with Bassett one. Its the fact that they are so visible. Yes they are everywhere, but on recent visits to Graves Park I have witnessed rats running out in front of me only a couple of inches from my feet. This is not pleasant when you don't like them. We have also been in the playground when it has been full of kids and we have seen rats just scurrying around in there whilst the kids are playing. It's just not nice seeing them in the kids play area. We've seen them for years in Graves Park but they are certainly more visible now.
  8. Not sure why nothing has been done over the years to keep the rat population down in Graves Park, it's been crawling with them for over 10 Years. I think they have been more noticeable recently because during the lockdown people were spending more time in the park's. My husband used to deliver to the cafe there in the morning's and he would see rats all over the place and that was years ago. I won't go there anymore and I don't think it's a good place for children to be playing. It needs sorting one way or another but don't think the poison boxes are much good.
  9. The rat problem in Graves Park is no worse than it was ten years ago. I used to go back then with my two children and it was crawling with them. When I have visited over the past couple of years and I've been a few times recently, we have spotted quite a few on the children's play area as well as in the other places mentioned on here. There was even one on the bottom of the slide! As for them not being a risk I think they are as children are playing in that play area on a daily basis. They are sitting in the sand pit and touching other play equipment that the rats have been on. I won't be going back there anytime soon, it's disgusting. Yes they are everywhere but as i said Graves Park has been like this for over ten years, if SCC weren't bothered then I can't see them doing much now.
  10. I used the cab at Hillsborough and they gave me good advice and I won my appeal. If you appeal make sure you are well prepared as they go through your claim in detail and pick at anything they can.
  11. By the sounds of it you were trying to do a good turn and its backfired. I wouldn't bother with them ever again, as for getting any money from them I don't think you've got a chance. Stick with keeping your own garden nice and if there's looks a mess it's their problem. Sounds like you've been a good neighbour, shame you can't chuck all their rubble back where it was.
  12. I use Pharmacy 2U, they provide a fantastic free service. A friend of mine has paid up front for Boots to deliver her meds and the service she receives isn't great.
  13. It wasn't that I don't like it, it doesn't bother me really. I was just aware that several people have complained about the amount of cars there recently. I was just thinking how the system could be made better.
  14. Just read once again about the situation at Blackstock tip with the waiting cars blocking the road. It appears that no matter what they try and do it is not solving the problem and if people can't get their rubbish to the tip some might be inclined to dump it anywhere. I wondered if they could have lorry/wagon at the top of the ramp with a couple if workers so that cars can just drop off their rubbish and drive straight off. When the wagon is full it could be driven down the ramp and emptied by another few workers and then back up to repeat the process. Two wagons would work even better. I know it would make the workers at the tip a bit more work having to sort through all the rubbish but it would probably ease the queues on the road and make it a but safer for us all. Does anyone else think a sort of drop off point for rubbish would work?
  15. That's good that someone has been out to look at the garages. Hopefully something will get sorted but I know what you mean about only half a job getting done. Keep us updated on any progress.
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