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  1. I'm all for school uniform as it looks smart and as many have said it ensures everyone looks the shame and nobody gets bullied because they can't afford certain brands of clothing. However, I do think that school uniform should be reasonably priced or provided by schools. Also schools need to not go over the top - my daughter recently went to school in a pair of flat, black, plain shoes as requested, she was told not to wear them again as they did not cover the whole foot. The shoes were in my opinion perfectly suitable for school but I had to pay for another pair. Keep the uniforms but I think the policies are far to strict. We have to remember that children are in school to learn and if they are wearing suitable shoes they should be entitled to their education.
  2. I really don't like the attitude of the staff there. I do appreciate why schools have uniform but it's very strict at some schools and although they want all the students looking smart its not like it will stop a child from learning if they wear the wrong type of shoes.
  3. I have been to Pinders in Crystal Peaks today to try and get some school uniform but have been told again that the things i wanted have sold out. This is the third time I have been during the school holidays and they haven't had the stock in that I wanted. On all occasions I have had to que for well over an hour. My child is due in school tomorrow and doesn't have the uniform to go in. The Crystal Peaks market was chaos today with the que for this stall going right to the entrance and blocking access to many other stalls and the stallholders were complaining about this. If these are the suppliers of school uniform to the majority of schools in Sheffield then I think the should be looking at moving to larger premises which are more accessible for customers. I did manage to get a pair of school trousers but after trying them on when getting home they did not fit. There are no facilities for trying uniform on and the staff just hold up the clothing to your child and say 'this looks about right'. It seems they are operating a 'one size fits all' type a business but this is not good when children come in all different shapes and sizes. Has anyone else had any problems? I have telephoned the school and informed them that i have been unable to purchase the uniform and their reply was that my child will have to borrow some spare uniform from school. I told them that my child won't be wearing clothing that has been worn by many other students and that if the supplier cannot provider enough uniform then it is not my problem.
  4. Thank you to everyone who followed the original posts about this and for all the advice given. Obviously I can't name the dealer on here but he has been reported to trading standards and also the place that he advertises the cars. If reporting him means it stops one more customer from being ripped off it will be worth it. I thought I needed to post the final outcome on here to be fair to those that followed the thread. Still can't believe I've got the money back.
  5. Unfortunately due to people 'bickering ' on here my previous thread about used car problems was closed but I felt it was important to provide a final update. Today the car dealer has paid in full, one day before the court order was up. What a long battle it has been but well worth it. Anyone thinking of going through the small claims process please remember it is not a simple procedure as it claims to be online. It has been a very stressful 11 months and would not like to go through it again.
  6. This has been going on for years. My personal opinion is that if a pharmacist refuses to dispense something if it is against their beliefs then then they should not be doing the job or the pharmacy should at all times have someone else available to dispense these items. If you have chosen that career then you should be prepared to put your beliefs to one side. As long as you practice what you believe in during your own personal life then I can't see a problem. There are lots of things in life that many of us dont agree with but when you are providing a service to the public you have to keep your own views to yourself. For me its similar to when Jehovah's Witnesses come knocking on my door. I politely tell them that I dont agree with what they believe and ask them not to call again. I dont have a problem with what they believe as long as they keep it to themselves and dont try recruiting me.
  7. The shop mentioned by 'haddy' above is excellent for phone repairs, very reasonable prices and excellent repairs. We have used them for a long time and have been very satisfied with the work done.
  8. There is a chance of recovering the money it's just that some people will delay payment until the very last minute. The people we are dealing with have previously been in prison for fraud so I suppose them paying up depends very much on how well they want their reputation to be now. Hopefully they might be wanting to turn themselves around and pay up.
  9. Yes I'll get on to them next week. Trouble is alot of businesses are just allowed to carry on and its really unfair.
  10. Let's hope they pay up then! Thanks for clarifying whether I can name them on the forum or not Groose. Whilst I fully understand why, this company is free to keep ripping people off.
  11. I just thought that if someone was going to turn up it would need to be the person that is named on the court order.
  12. One interesting thing about the court hearing was that the defendant didn't turn up but sent his brother instead. His brother is an employee of the company but he was not named on the court order. The judge was made aware of this but carried on with the hearing anyway. I thought that the director of the company had to be there seen as though he was named on the court order. This man is now going to receive court documents through the post saying he has been ordered to pay up and he didn't even attend court. It just seems to be a strange way of doing things to me.
  13. I'm hoping they pay up without a problem, surely they don't want their business to get a bad reputation. Let's say i'll keep their name quiet if they pay up on time.
  14. Thank you. It's not been easy and we still await payment but we've got over one hurdle. They gave the other party 28 days to pay up so I will let you all know if we get the money.
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