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  1. I'm looking for an installer of domestic air conditioning. Has anyone any recommendations?
  2. This is exceptionally true. However, most stores (when they re-open) sell samples of tiles. I had to replace some white tiles a couple of years ago and bought a sample from all the major shops (B&Q, Homebase, Wickes, etc.) and as you say, they were all drastically different, but I did find one which was indistinguishable from the originals
  3. I have a gate to the side of my house which has a brick arch built above it. I'm planning to have the gate replaced and I'm thinking I'd like to get rid of the brick arch beforehand. I've done various jobs myself before now including bricking up a window however I'm a bit nervous about this as the arch is built into the corner of the garage and there are 6 courses of bricks affected so I'd rather pay someone to do this unless the cost is prohibitive. I'd also like the remaining half bricks removed and the new bricks keying in properly so there's no sign of the arch having been there. The bricks are fairly common (I've known them referred to as Milton Buff) so I don't anticipate any problems obtaining matching bricks. I'm looking for recommendations.
  4. Has anyone any recommendations for a good quality fence. Both supplied and installed including removal of some hedges and conifers.
  5. I've found some bricks which look identical on the Jewsons website. Do Jewsons sell to the public and will I be able to buy such a small quantity or will they not want to deal with me?
  6. I'm looking for a small number (about 10) bricks to patch up some damage to a garden wall. The closest match I can find online are called Ibstock Throckley Mixed Buff Rustic Brick https://www.buildbase.co.uk/ibstock-65mm-throckley-mixed-100010352-280083 Does anyone know where I might be able to obtain some of these locally
  7. I'm looking for some recommendations for home CCTV in the Sheffield region. I need some advice on what exactly I need but my expectation is 4-5 cameras and I'd like a decent 5K or 8K IP based system from someone like Hikvision. Can anyone recommend any local installers?
  8. I have a Roland LX17 (digital, but upright style / size) piano which I need moving as I'm moving house shortly. It cost around £4500 and is upstairs in my current house, with quite tight stairs, so I'd rather get someone "proper" to move it rather than rely on a removal firm or a man and van service. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  9. Not knowingly but I guess it's possible I clicked it by accident last time I was logged in. I logged in just now to see if it was back yet and was pleasantly surprised to see the banner gone, but never mind
  10. I notice that the banner at the top, which said Classifieds was currently unavailable, has been taken away. However, the Classifieds sections do not seem to have been reinstated. Can anyone advise what is happening?
  11. Shape Seating have a showroom in Bakewell with a fantastic range of office chairs. You need to make an appointment to visit but they will spare you all the time you need to make sure you find the right product for your needs. I couldn't recommend them enough.
  12. Well... I'm not a big fan of Sony or of bridge cameras, but must admit the RX10 III looks a lovely bit of kit! And seems to have excellent reviews to match! I would definitely echo what blue9iron says - get yourself to Harrisons and make sure you're certain what type of camera you want. Even if you don't understand enough to choose a particular model or even a brand, at least figure out whether you want an SLR, a bridge camera or a compact... My preference would always be SLR but I accept they can be cumbersome, too big/heavy for some people to manage, or simply too complex for you to want to learn. Equally it can be tempting to think you want a nice compact camera because you can take it everywhere, but then find them to be fiddly and confusing to use as settings are sometimes hidden behind complex menus rather than just having a button for it! Bridge cameras can be a good compromise and the RX10 III definitely looks like one of the best out there... for me the deciding factor is what feels most comfortable to use and be sure it won't be a hindrance to taking it out with you. Harrisons are exceptionally helpful, especially if you can go mid week when it's quieter they will spare all the time you need to make sure you understand what you want or need. They'll let you play with as many cameras as you want for as long as you want, and won't try to pressure you into a sale. Even if you don't buy anything or after their advice you decide your choice is something they don't actually sell, it'd be worth your time calling in
  13. One thing to consider if you're looking at hollow rather than solid doors, is you're unlikely to be able to trim 6'6 (1982mm) down to 1900mm vertically
  14. I'm looking to have a 2-bed semi detached house repointed. Can anyone either: 1) recommend anyone to do the job 2) give me any indication of a price - I accept every job is different but if anyone has had a 2 or 3-bed semi detached or a terraced/town house it'd give me a ballpark expectation
  15. When it started the plans were for an Aldi, Costa Coffee, Home Bargains and a Frankie & Benny's. Not sure if any of that has changed since.
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