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  1. Hello Cols I live in Ontario. In the outskirts of Toronto. We have been to the Banff area. You're right, the scenery is beautiful. I think this is my fourth post. Mary
  2. Col, I have tried the "pm" but I'm told that I cannot use it because I don't have 5 posts. Mary
  3. Thank you to all who posted a reply to my inquiry. Are there any older folks who might remember what the building looked like in 1942? My father remembers being housed in a "castle". The POWs slept on the 3rd or 4th floor and were called to the 1st floor for meals by the ringing of a bell. He remembers that half of the "castle" was in ruins. In the front was an orchard enclosed by a stone wall. The back was a pasture with cows. He cannot remember if this was the Lodge Moor site or one somewhere else. I'm hoping that some older folks can confirm or deny the info above. Thanks again. Mary
  4. I have recently began to write my father's WWII story and have written to the Red Cross in Switzerland for his POW record. In their reply they noted that he spent some time in Camp 17 in Great Britain. Further research tells me that Camp 17 was located in Lodge Moor, Redmires Road, Sheffield, which led me to this site. My father was an Italian captured in North Africa, sent to South Africa, then to Sheffield, before being transferred to Camp 35 in Boughton Park, near Kettering. I am slowly piecing together the years he spent in Great Britain. Can anyone give me any information on this camp or direct me to any website that might be helpful. I would especially like to see pictures of the site, while it was a POW camp or as it looks today. A heartfelt thank you to anyone who takes the time to help. Mary Ontario, Canada
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