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  1. And you pal not best of starts for both teams mate
  2. How’s it going everyone not been on here for a long old while, hope your all good guys…
  3. If Wednesday don’t win Saturday some serious questions need to be asked towards the players manager and staff.
  4. Anyone got any tips on where to go in Sheffield I’ve been shielding my lad for months now and he’s finally allowed out Tia
  5. Anyone fancy a go on my Fifa Tournament £10 a go 100 Winner 40 Runner Up computer vs computer all draws and games streamed live on my Facebook group this will me my 147th Tournament in 15 weeks tonight with over 23 Thousand pounds in winnings paid out give me a shout Guys
  6. And you mate I’ve been doing Fifa Tournaments for the last 11 weeks it proper passed the days haha
  7. Alright guys long time no speak, by the time we start again it will have been bang on 100 days, bring back the beautiful game stay safe all ⚽️⚽️⚽️
  8. Heard there’s an abandoned college near by as well mate
  9. Thanx pads I’ll try and share some images when I’ve done it 👍
  10. Well it’s crazy you mention the Wentworth estate because me and a friend are going there tomorrow, looks a decent adventure... Ive been all over, did Hallam tower before it got knocked down, loads of factories down kelham island Braun and others, ski village (what’s left of it) I’ve even done the old pleasure island at Cleethorpes.
  11. Best of luck to the ladies tonight, beat the USA and I reckon they’ll win it with the confidence it will give them...
  12. I’ve been doing urban exploring for about two years now and am running out of places in Sheffield, any suggestions guys on where to visit ???
  13. Bruce knows what he’s doing , he’s had Cattermole twice, at Wigan and Sunderland he’s more than a capable midfielder, I wouldn’t mind giving him a shot especially as he’s a free agent and he’s only 31 thought he was older than that...
  14. Had a brilliant day Sunday with the Wednesday family.
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