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  1. Just noticed I’ve been a member 12 years, where does the time go
  2. Alright guys how’s tricks, Just thought I’d chuck a match thread up for the new season, gonna be a tough game this , Wigan will come out like a house on fire after there promotion season so the owls will have to be on serious guard. Regarding Wednesday what with all the upheaval at the minute they need to concentrate on the job on the pitch and let the powers what be deal with the other difficulties. A tough and blood and guts kinda 2-1 win for the Owls (Here’s hoping:hihi:)
  3. CorkerSWFC

    How Was It For You?

    Last season was crap to be quite honest , even when the new manager came the football didn’t change much, big changes are needed at Hillsborough.
  4. I have zero confidence for this game, the players have simply not been up to standard all season and I can’t see anything changing here. The defence is well you can’t swear can you but I’m sure you can use your imagination. Quicker the season is over the better it’s been a shocker. 3-0 United...
  5. Tried to look online with no joy, Cheers in advance.
  6. CorkerSWFC

    How can we replace Hutch,FF,Lees & Boyd

    Have we ? Did I say we had ?
  7. CorkerSWFC

    How can we replace Hutch,FF,Lees & Boyd

    Boyd has been rubbish when he's played , not the player he once was, Fessi is a mardy arse and should have gone months ago and Hutchinson can't keep himself on the pitch be it red cards or injuries.
  8. CorkerSWFC

    FA Cup draw 2017

    Absolutely gutted we didn't get Chelsea home or away
  9. CorkerSWFC

    Who gets the match ball

    Give them both one , gone are the days of using the same ball anyway.
  10. CorkerSWFC

    Mind the gap it is getting BIGGER

    Putting things into perspective I would like to take my hat off to blades fans tonight, some lovely tributes on twitter respect guys x
  11. CorkerSWFC

    Burton vs Blades 17/11/17

    All the best to Coutsy speedy recovery fella.
  12. CorkerSWFC

    R.I.P Leslie Martin

    I'm trying mate.x
  13. CorkerSWFC

    R.I.P Leslie Martin

    Yesterday my great friend and true gent Leslie Martin sadly passed away outside Hillsborough after the game. He was the nicest guy you could ever wish to meet and he loved Wednesday, you fly safe Les pal I'll never forgot you brother xxx
  14. CorkerSWFC

    Burton vs Blades 17/11/17

    Not sure why it's on a Friday pal, it's Preston v Bolton on sky.
  15. CorkerSWFC

    Burton vs Blades 17/11/17

    I think they will go for it at home pal if you score early it could be a decent game, shame it's not on TV.

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